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Called me 6/11/14 to schedule delivery of the furniture, which we set up for 6/12/14 between noon and 3:00 p.m. They said they would call a half hour before delivering.
On 6/12/14 I sat home and waited. Around 3:30, I called them, and was told the driver was running "very late" and would be here around 5:00. More waiting...
At 6:00 p.m., still no call or delivery, so I called, but found their customer service department closed at 5:00 p.m. I called back and pressed the number to be routed to the dispatch department. After a solid 5 minutes of ringing, I got someone. He called the driver and reported there was a problem on the truck and that the driver was going back to base. I would get no delivery today, but the dispatcher apologized and said he would set me up for priority delivery the next day, 6/23/14 between 9:00 a.m. and noon. Again, he promised they would call when the driver was on his way.
6/13/14 I sat home starting at 9:00 a.m. At 11:30 a.m., my phone rang and it was
. They said their records showed I was not home the previous day and the furniture was not delivered. I explained that there was no delivery attempt, and that I was expecting my delivery by noon. The customer service person asked who had given me that info, because my delivery was not scheduled at all. She routed me to a supervisor.
The supervisor was apologetic and said my delivery was accidentally put into the "to be scheduled" pile instead of the "hot" pile. He said he would go down to the loading dock and personally make sure the furniture got onto a truck, and would call me back to confirm and give me a delivery time.
A half hour passed. I called back and asked for the supervisor, who said he had "forgotten" to call me, but that a truck was on its way in, and my furniture would be loaded on as the first delivery when it left again. He said I should see it within about 90 minutes.
About 2 hours later, the delivery finally arrived. There was damage to the box, and one of the drawer handles was protruding through the cardboard. I opened the packaging in front of the driver and found a handle had been broken off a drawer, but I saw that I could bend it back into place and pop it back on, so I accepted the delivery.
As a final injury added to the poor service, the truck's height caught my cable line, which reaches my house from the other side of the street. His vehicle ripped the cable off the side of my house, so I had to spend the next morning waiting for Comcast to come and repair it...
- Jay S.

I never write reviews, and as I write it has been over a month since this experience because I honestly wanted to forget about it. This is one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had, and I consider myself a reasonable person. A couple weeks prior to my move I scheduled moving services for a Friday and was given and arrival window of 12-6pm. More than one week prior I called back in to
because I learned that at my new residence I had a specific window of time I could use my elevator. I let
know that in order to move on that date I would need to move early in the day. The woman on the phone said it is not a problem. She told me she would take care of it and that I should expect the movers at my residence at noon.
On the day of my move waited until 2:30pm before calling in to
. For the next 2.5 hours I was looped through many people, told I would receive a call back right away. After waiting more than 30 minutes (twice!) for a return call, I called in again. One time the phone was answered "What's up," and the other time I was forwarded on again multiple times. I finally got in touch with someone in the field who said he would be at my house between 5:30 and 6:00pm. After asking numerous people to connect me with a manager, getting redirected and disconnected, someone put me in touch with my case manager of sorts who had initially booked my move. It then got even worse. It was now about 5:00pm and she told me the movers would be there within the hour. I let her know that wouldn't work, as my move would take multiple hours, the drive time between old and new residences is over one hour, and I could only use my elevator in the new place until 8pm. It was like she did not hear me. I asked to speak to a manager, she got off the phone and came back not with a manager but this time letting me know the movers could be there in 45 minutes (at almost 6pm). It was the most absurd conversation. I finally had to say "it it IMPOSSIBLE for me to move tonight" because she kept saying "are you sure you don't want to do it tonight?" It was infuriating, the end of the day, I had no movers, my house was torn apart, bed torn apart, food packed away and my husband at a location near our new home (over an hour away) without a car.
This company is truly a joke. When they could not get me scheduled to move the next morning I decided to go with another company (who was awesome!!) On top of the mess of the move, I had paid $167 for a permit for the moving truck to park in front of my home. The permit lasted only one day and was booked way in advance of the move, so I had no permit the day I ended up moving, and lost $167. I had also paid $50 for a
coupon which I did not use. I have not been reimbursed for either.
That night I had to unpack food so I could eat, my husband took a 2.5 hour train back to our "old" home, and I had to unpack bedding, toiletries and clothing to get us through to our future move date. I have already warned two friends (who are moving this month) to be sure not to book with
- Jodi G.

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Real Estate reviews in San Jose


Prompt, capable and friendly. The experience never felt like felt a rushed "coupon job." Would definitely use again.

I called GoPro Moving on May 27 to get an in-home estimate on a move for the end of June. I was given a one-hour window from 4-5PM that Friday. I left work early to be ready at home during that window. The time passed by with nobody showing up and no call. Unfortunately, GoPro closes at 4:30PM on weekdays, so by the time I called nobody was in the office to help me. I was connected to an after-hours person who could only tell me that the office was closed.
GoPro is open on Saturdays so I called the following morning to find out if I had the right date and time.
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
confirmed that somebody was supposed to be at my house on that Friday, and offered to follow up with the owner to find out what happened.
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
was professional and apologetic, but I declined the offer to let them
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
my business. I would have had to reschedule an estimate at a date and time that was convenient for them, rather than me, which would require me to take more time off of work.
GoPro is very well reviewed here and elsewhere, and I was thinking that I would use them because they are a local business located very close to me in San
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
. However, if they can't get the logistics right on the sale, then I do not have much confidence that GoPro will show up on the date and time agreed for the actual move. I recommend confirming your appointment on the day of your estimate and asking for the contact number of the estimator. This is something that other moving companies provided to me (along with the estimators' e-mail addresses).
- Jonathan R.

It all went well enough for me to use
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
again when I put the house back in order. The guys were on time, polite, and took care with my furniture. (My crew was
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
, Rudolfo.) No dings in the doorways as furniture got moved around. It all went where I needed it to go. The team was efficient and hard-working.

Because of my great experience with
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
several months ago, I decided to use them again for my second move. This time 45 minutes away.
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
M. were the crew that helped me this time.
I received a courtesy call an hour prior and the team arrived 5 minutes early. They were very professional and worked well as a team. There was obvious synergy between the guys. They were extremely careful with my items. I couldn't believe how well everything fit into the truck. It was like playing Tetris with boxes and furniture! They are definitely the experts in moving!!
When we arrived at the destination they were careful with my new floors and wore booties and layed out a roll of carpet to walk on. They carefully unloaded everything into my garage and the rooms. They cleaned up quickly and left my driveway/garage cleaner than when they arrived!
I have already recommended
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
to my friends/colleagues and will continue to do so. I will definitely be using
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
the next time I move. Hopefully I'll get the same amazing team:
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
R and
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
Thank you for making my move a smooth one!!!
- Timothy Y.

From my first conversation with Sandy as she prepped me, told me to get at least 3 estimates and directed me to the government websites which regulates the industry, to
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
who was so professional at providing a quote,
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
who kept me informed to the 4 wonderful men (
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
...) who actually made the move happen - all has been above expectation and quality. I cannot speak highly enough of each and every member of this team. When the team arrived in Buellton, there were issues which they handled with aplomb. My 95 year old dad and 86 year old mom had complete trust and faith in them and though there to sign the papers, they were never inconvenienced. You could not expect anything better than
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
- Susan K P.

San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
and crew were impressively quick and professional. They arrived early in the morning and promptly got to work. Our house was emptied much faster than we expected, and at the destination they were able to unpack and get us set up very quickly.
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
, and
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
went above and beyond and were a pleasure to work with.
The estimate provided for
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
's moving services was not the least expensive, but the estimate is given as a "not to exceed" cost, so we knew that we would not go over. Other companies we received estimates from gave rough estimates. In the end, the total cost ended up much lower than the original estimate.
- Latasha T.

I moved to
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
from out of state and so I opted for a local company that was strongly recommended on Angie's List. These guys were great, they really were and I SO wanted to give them an "A" rating but here's my deal.... As much as I really liked them, very professional, very careful and very nice but.... they smoke. A lot. In my driveway at both pick up and drop off. The smell follows them into my house and I hate that smell. When we arrived in
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
, they continued to smoke. A lot.
At the gate of the truck and oh wait... what's in the truck? My stuff.
Maybe it's a CA thing but I can't handle it. If I use them again I will need to find a way to politely request "non-smokers".
- Wendy P.

I priced out a few moving companies from those listed on Angie's list. I
ended up going with
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked
because they gave me the best
deal and had the best ratings of the reviews I read. While my experience
with them wasn't as great as what I'd had with my previous movers, I was
nonetheless pleased with the resolutions reached with the company in the
I'll break down my review into sections: Positive experiences and
negative experiences. Even though there were things that were negative
about the experience, let me say that things also could have been a lot
Positive experience:
- I needed to move on short
notice -- I first contacted the company 3 weeks prior to my move date
(on Feb 16, 2013 for a a March 9th move). Some other companies were
unable to accommodate short notice. So thumbs up to
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked

for accommodating me!
- I only needed to move ~2500lbs, which is very little -- only personal items and 1 dresser/night table/end table set. Many companies wouldn't move that small an amount of stuff across country.
- The owner, Ran, was accessible by phone, and gave me an approximate quote over the phone, and a more detailed one once I sent him my list of things to move. The quote process went well.
- He emailed me a receipt for the deposit check that I mailed him. He also provided receipts every time I made a payment.
- On Moving Day, Ran showed up promptly at the agreed upon time and date.
- Communication with Ran himself during the packing and loading was
very easy. Communication with the crew was more difficult (they spoke
very limited English).
- I asked him to reuse boxes and packing material (packing paper) from a previous move. He totally accommodated me on this, and then gave me a discount for providing the packing materials!
- he communicated that he would transport my stuff to his warehouse in MD, and that it would be picked up by another carrier who would bring it to California (see related negative comment about time tables below). He also explained that I would pay the balance of the moving costs to the second carrier.
- Although Ran was not immediately responsive to emails that I sent inquiring where my stuff was, he often respond next day to these emails with the schedule as he knew it.
- on the day of delivery, Ran called to let me know that the driver was coming. He also called the next day to find out how the driver did. I really appreciated his follow up.
- after I had unpacked and found broken/damaged items, he asked me for pictures of the damaged items. I sent them to him 3 weeks later (so I could finish unpacking and checking the rest of my items). He then sent me forms for claiming the items. It probably took me another month to fill out the claims form and send it back (I had moved for new job that was pretty demanding). He sent me a proposed settlement, and forms to indicate the amount. I disagreed with the settlement and we were able to arrive at a agreeable settlement very quickly.
Negative experience:
- After Ran sent the email about the deposit check, I didn't really
hear from him again until the morning he showed up to move me. Because
it's a small company and he goes out to supervise and help with moves
personally, I understand that he may have been pressed for time, but I
would have preferred to have an email to confirm he was still coming on
the agreed upon date.
- Communication with Ran's crew was very difficult, since they didn't speak very good English.
- I specifically asked one of the crew members to pack my shoes in the
provided shoe boxes, and Ran reinforced/re-explained my request. Well,
when I received them on the other end, none of the shoes were in shoe
boxes, and the shoe boxes had been put, EMPTY, into another box for
transport. This was NOT what I had asked for! And if you weren't going
to use my shoe boxes, you should at least wrap each pair of shoes
separately (this is what my previous set of movers did, since they
didn't trust the shoes boxes that I provided). However, Ran's crew
members just tossed all of my shoes, unprotected in any way, into one
big box, even though I asked them to be careful. This might not matter
to everyone, but it happened to matter to me, and I was unhappy
receiving them this way.
- Another crew member didn't wrap all of my
breakables individually. Two pairs of ceramic ramekins were wrapped
together, and consequently all 4 of them broke. Some ceramic soup
spoons were sitting in a plastic silverware organizer, but instead of
taking them out and wrapping them separately, the entire open top
silverware organizer was wrapped with all of the silverware still inside
it, and in the expected jostling of the moving trucks the jostled
silverware broke the ceramic spoons. Cups arrived with stress fractures
probably due to the jostling they received, though they were
individually wrapped. One mirror arrived with a small chip and another
mirror arrived with significant damage (it can no longer be used).
Some items weren't protected well (a musical keyboard stand was not
wrapped at all and arrived significantly scratched; a step ladder
lost one of its rubber feet because it wasn't wrapped, etc). Previous
movers put plastic cling wrap over EVERYTHING, including these items.
- miscommunication about the time table. I was lead to believe that my
stuff had a high probability of arriving in about a week. In
actuality, it took about 3 weeks to arrive, which was still within
contractual limits, which was 21 business days. Although I knew
that it would have to be transferred to another carrier to bring my
stuff across the country, I thought that Ran had scheduled for that pick
up to happen the next business day after he picked up my items.
However, in reality, it took 6 business days (9 actual days) just for my
items to get picked up from his MD warehouse. Then another 7 business
days for delivery of those items (another 9 actual days) in California.
While there wasn't any other company who could get my stuff to
California faster for the same price, had I known that Ran would have to
wait 6 business days for my stuff to be picked up from his warehouse, I
would have tried to have him pick up my stuff earlier since I'd have
preferred to receive it in California closer to when I arrived there.
But since I wasn't aware of the actual time table, I couldn't make an
informed decision about it.
- communication with the 2nd
cross-country mover: the cross-country mover wasn't provided a copy of
my contract so he didn't know that my contract with
San Jose Real Estate  Provider Name Locked

specified that there was to be no charge for them bringing things up an
elevator. However, once I showed him the contract, he dropped that
charge from the balance he tried to charge me.
In the end, Ran worked with me to try to provide a good moving experience. He was able to work with me on the moving and packing estimate, and he cut me a break for having my own moving materials, and he worked with me to come to an acceptable resolution for the broken items that ended being more than the industry standard in damage insurance. Also, Ran was very professional during his communications with me, and was accommodating when possible. While some things could have gone smoother, Ran did his best to make up for those things. in general, I was satisfied with the outcome of the move.
- Crystal N.
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