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San Jose Carpet Cleaning Articles

Doggone dog odor all gone from carpet

Carpet cleaning service told homeowner she "had probably made the spots worse by trying to clean them with detergent."

How much should carpet cleaning cost?

Keeping your carpet in top shape - or dealing with tough stains - means occasionally hiring a professional to come in and perform a thorough clean. But how much should a typical cleaning cost?

Clean or replace carpet? 5 things you need to consider

Is your carpet in bad shape? Are you unsure whether you should clean it or throw it out? Consider these 5 tips to asses your carpet and make the right decision.

Help! I spilled mercury on my carpet

Do you know what to do if mercury or a different hazardous substance spills in your home? Angie Hicks provides tips for removing mercury from carpet.

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San Jose Carpet Cleaners Reviews

"Shampooed a living room, dining room, stairs, hallway and two bedrooms that all needed it very badly. They were punctual, got the whole job done in about 2.5hrs, and paid special attention to problem and high-traffic areas. The carpets looked great.
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
, Is a courteous and thoughtful person. He is thorough, I really like the way he does business. Efficient.
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
was very instrumental last year and came to my rescue as a down pour seeped into my living room from the outside walls. It flooded my whole sunken living room. Ruin the rug, and I called
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
, who by the way was going on vacation with his family.
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
dropped what he was doing and came immediately to our rescue, he set-up his machines and must have pumped out 1,000
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
of water. He then committed to tear-up all the old carpet, and we moved it outside so as to dispose of it later. I will never forget this. He is a life saver.
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
arrived promptly at the appointment time and went right to work. They did a great job of cleaning our carpets and got some stubborn stains out that we had been unable to remove ourselves.
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
also told me what to do if the stains reappeared and said he would be glad to come back out if needed. In addition to our carpets,
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
cleaned several large area rugs and didn't charge me for it. He was friendly and professional throughout the work and completed everything promptly within two hours. I will definitely use
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
again and would recommend them to anyone.
"Very professional! Very nice! My carpets look beautiful and new!! I would highly recommend Wizard. They care so much about doing only an excellent job and that you are 100 plus percent satisfied.
", and urine, etc. from your pet...." So I said that my pet wasn't allowed on any carpets, but I understand, I just didn't want to pay anything extra for the use of this special equipment, that I just wanted "the basic deal," no frills, I was confident there wouldn't be loads of pet areas for him to treat, etc. He shook his head "No, in this situation, we just refund your money." I replied, "Wait a second. I don't want my money back. I want you to clean my carpets." He agreed but said he had to retrieve the special lighting equipment from his truck. He hopped in his truck and sped away! The man did not clean my carpets! I have a holiday party scheduled soon and I have stained carpets. I emptied my rooms and jumbled everything in my kitchen and tiled hallways and I had no service. I am livid, outraged, incredulous that this small business would mistreat me in this manner. I have never had to write a scathing review before, but I feel compelled to warn all Angie's users against calling these people. Do not call
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
for anything. You might get stiffed, as I did.
Signed: Very Dissatisfied
"My appointment window was between 9 and 11 am. The technician arrived before 11. I purchased the $79.00 Deal on Angie's list which included 4 rooms of carpet cleaning , up to 800 square feet.
Here is the only statement regarding pets taken directly from the coupon:
"Extra charges may apply for heavily soiled carpet or pet relate issues."
There is nothing that states that pet treatment is MANDATORY if you OWN a pet.
Initial Call (11/14/13):
When I called to make my appointment , I was asked if I had pet and I said that I did, but the pet has never been in the carpeted area. At that time, I was NOT told that, because I owned a pet, I would be REQUIRED TO GET THE ADDITIONAL $147.00 PET TREATMENT even if the pet has never been in the carpeted area of the home. No additional pet related costs were mentioned.
In addition, because I stated that I had cleaned the carpets previously with the rug doctor and that that there was some soil and stains, she stated that we were possibly in, "Category 2", and there could be an additional cost of approximately $27 to $97. At that time, I told Adoria that we had a strict budget for the job and would not want it done if the cost over budget. She then stated that she would make a note of it and that she would DO THE JOB HERSELF AND KEEP THE COSTS DOWN.
However, some other technician showed up to do the work. She did not mention this in the message she left me when she called the day before my appointment, 11/23/13, to confirm nor did she mention it when I called her the morning of the appointment. She just sent someone else.
When the technician arrived:
Because he heard a dog barking in the garage, he politely refused to do a general cleaning ( $79.00 for rooms, $3.00 per stair, $6.00 landing) . He politely insisted that he was obligated to do the pet treatment because I OWNED a dog. I explained to him that the dog was not allowed in the carpeted area of the home, sleeps in a kennel at night and is kept in the garage when we're not home.
While the technician was there, I called Adoria to clear up the matter concerning the PET TREATMENT. I don't remember the conversation verbatim, but she basically said she had nothing in her notes that indicated that I had a pet. Yet, the technician, who stated that he was a PET SPECIALIST, said that she contacted him the night before to do the job. She also stated that I could refuse their services that day and talk to them at a later date about rescheduling.
I suggested that the technician take a walk through with his detection tool to check the carpet. He insisted that the spots his flashlight illuminated on the carpet were from the dog even though I told him that the dog is always supervised and has never been in the carpeted areas of the home.

AT THIS POINT I WAS VERY DISAPPOINTED AND A BIT PEEVED WITH THE SITUATION. I TRULY FELT THAT I WAS INTENTIONALLY MISLEAD. However, I decided to proceed with the cleaning because my carpets needed to be cleaned and I had already waited two weeks, plus paid $79.00 for the voucher.
During the cleaning process :
I asked the technician why he did not vacuum the carpet first and he stated that there was no need to vacuum because the machine he was using would extract the dirt. However, the coupon states that the deal includes: vacuuming, pre-spray, agitate deep clean, hot steam extraction, carpet grooming, and post cleaning inspection.
After the cleaning process:
The technician stated that my carpets were not heavily soiled so the $27-$97 charge for Category 2 that Adoria had mentioned did not apply.
I asked the technician if he was going to groom my carpet and he stated that my type of carpet did not require grooming.
Suggestions to avoid inconsistencies, misleading statements, miscommunications:
1. The coupon/voucher needs to clearly state that, IF YOU OWN A PET, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $147.00 FOR A PET TREATMENT, NO EXCEPTIONS !!!! This gives the customer a choice BEFORE they purchase the discounted coupon.
2. The technician needs to be made aware of what services the coupon includes and the terminology used so that he/she can discuss them with the customer.
3. When I pointed out that the voucher was unclear and misleading with regards to MANDATORY pet costs/services, I was told by Adoria that her company does not control what is printed on the voucher/coupon. She stated that the specific wording is chosen by Angie's List. Both Angie's List and
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
need to work together to ensure that the coupon is NOT misleadingor vague with regards to pets.

My Ratings:
Price - I gave this a D because you are lead to believe that you can get your carpets cleaned for $79.00 and then, after the voucher is purchased, you are hit with MANDATORY pet fees.
Professionalism - The technician was polite, but he politely inferred that I was being untruthful when he insisted that the spots on my carpets were caused by my dog. Thank you Adoria for answering my phone call on the day of service and taking the time to discuss the situation and calling the day before to confirm the appointment. However, the omission of MANDATORY costs from the coupon content is not consistent with professional behavior/policy. During our conversation, Adoria did mention that she would possibly send text messages to customers informing them of mandatory pet fees. That is a start, but I still think it should be explicitly stated on any deal coupons and mentioned during appointment setting. Also, It would have been great if Adoria had followed through on her commitment to do my carpet herself or, at the very least, let me know beforehand.

Would I use this company in the future:
I was hoping to establish a rapport with a carpet cleaning company so that I could use them in the future.
My intent is not to bash your company. My intent is to give you insight on my experience as a customer so that you can you can use it to make improvements as you
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
Based on my experience concerning the
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
's unadvertised/unmentioned MANDATORY pet treatment fee policy, I would not use this company again.
I like to be told everything up front so that I can make an informed decision regarding the company I select to provide a service.
I don't mind paying for excellent service, but I don't want to be made to feel as if I were lured in with low initial costs and then blind-sided with so called MANDATORY FEES on the back end.

12/10/13 Response to Provider's 12/4/13 comment

1. Adoria, I did tell you that I had a dog that was not allowed in the carpeted area during our initial phone converation. To avoid discrepancies like this in the future, I suggest that you consider sending written confirmation to customers indicating what items were addressed during the phone conversation. You mentioned a list, but there is no record of that actually being used. It's just basically the customer's word against yours and, in this case, you are basically stating that the customer is wrong.

2. As I told you on the phone during our initial conversation and explained to the technician on-site, we were 100% sure that we had no pet issues because the dog has never been in the carpeted area of the home. I told both of you that he's monitored 100% of the time he's in the house and otherewise he is kept in a crate or in garage which is where he was when the tech arrived.

3. You stated below that the voucher was for general issues after pet issues are addressed. WE HAD NO PET ISSUES. Whatever your ultra-violet light detected was not pet-related. THERE IS OBVIOUSLY A FLAW IN YOU DETECTION TOOL. We didn't inherit the carpet, we had it installed ourselves. So, as I repeatedly stated, THERE WERE NO PET ISSUES.

4. The VOUCHERS need to clearly state that the $79.00 ( or current price) is for general cleaning and, if you OWN a pet, you will have to pay an additional fee, because any spots detected by your ultra-violet device will be ASSUMED to be pet-related, even if the customers states and is 100% sure that they are not pet related.

5. The voucher states that the carpet would be pre-vacuumed . Can you explain to me why the technician did not pre-vacuum my carpet ?
Also, the voucher states that the carpet would be groomed. Can you explain to me why the technician did not groom my carpet ?

6. No one is more concerned about the indoor quality of my home than I am and we are keenly aware of the costs and concerns associated with pets. That is why we have taken the preemptive approach of not allowing it in the carpeted areas of our home.

Because it seems that your company is not going to be making any changes to address the issues that I ( and others) have brought up, we have concluded that your company is not a fit for us. ==============================================================================================

San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
was very professional and friendly and did excellent work on the carpet and especially put a lot of effort to clean our natural stone kitchen floor.
We had initially called them for carpet cleaning but
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
demonstrated us the kitchen tile cleaning on one tile and we are so thrilled with the result that we went ahead with the kitchen floor cleaning.
Two thumbs up for
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
and his work ethic.
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
called 1/2hr ahead & arrived punctually as promised; he was both friendly & professional. He explained that
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
uses a special deep-cleaning brush which helps to lift stains & brush the carpet fibers enabling a deeper clean without soapy residue--boy was that right! We have a couple of old spilled
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
-cola stains that rarely are removed even with concentrated cleaning--this is the best my carpets have looked since they were new!! I'm very impressed & would definitely use
San Jose Carpet Cleaners Provider Name Locked
again--highly recommend them; I'm delighted.
"Providers did an excellent job. All areas are very clean. They were prompt and finished the work within a reasonable time. My only issue is the cost of the service. I seems to me to be a bit high. If it were not for the discounts, the total service would have exceeded $500.00. Even with the cost, I will use there service in the future.
"They showed up on time and they were friendly.
We have small home, a little over 800sf. One of the rooms was excluded from the cleaning, so they did not have a large area to clean. The price for this house cleaning was $180, but the cleaning was not good. They missed several spider webs, they did not dust thoroughly, the oven was not cleaned properly and they did not move the refrigerator to clean behind or besides. 2 out of 7 promised windows were not cleaned at all. All that missing and yet they charged $180?? The carpet cleaning was good.
We called them back and asked them to do it right. They came back, hastily went through the house again, still missed dust and webs, cleaned the 2 missing windows sloppy and left.
We will not use this service again.


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