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David T.
"Having just purchased a 10-year-old home, I hired Herb to help with several of the smaller jobs that arise on such occasions and which I did not judge to require specialized attention." Having had many bad contractor experiences before, I negotiated very specifically with Herb and we worked out what I believe were mutually agreeable terms. He was game for such negotiations and did not seem to be affronted by my desire to have clearly-agreed terms on the front end to avoid misunderstanding that would lead to animosity on both sides on the back end. Herb repaired a toilet, traded out some old halogen lights with new
fixtures, installed curtain rods, a medicine cabinet, a shaving mirror, and a recessed in-cabinet trash receptacle. These were small projects that many people could do themselves; for those of us either incompetent or simply preferring not to undertake such tasks, Herb is an affordable and competent handyman. Consistent with some other reviews, Herb has not always arrived promptly on time. He has, however, always called to give a revised estimate of when he would arrive. If your time is precious, this might be a problem, but it didn’t bother me and he has never been substantially late. The most he ever overshot his schedule time was perhaps forty-five minutes, in my experience. Complaints in other reviews that Herb is slow in his work are not unfounded. Much of the work he did for us took significantly longer than I expected. Still, I hired him because I
’t really know what is involved in such work and so am not in a position to judge. In all fairness to Herb, I have rarely found that these kinds of jobs go as quickly as I thought they should, regardless of who was doing the work for me; which is to say, this sense of frustration on my part is by no means unique to Herb and so does not necessarily reflect poorly on him. One of the curtain rods he installed proved to hang too low, so the curtain dragged the floor. He reinstalled it and did not bill for the work. He may have made up for that time elsewhere, as other work that I expected to be quick and
dragged on for hours. A trip for supplies seemed to take a remarkably long time given that the job (installing some under-counter lights, which had been purchased previously) seemed straightforward, unlikely to involve complex or hard-to-find parts, and there is a Lowe’s five minutes away from the house. Still and again, I am not competent to judge, as I really do not know what is involved. For small jobs that do not require specialized knowledge or equipment and are not (literally or figuratively) heavy lifts, Herb has demonstrated competence. He is genial and pleasant to have around the house. (That alone is worth a good deal; I have had any number of tradesmen who were surly and I just did not like having around.) I was particularly pleased that he told me up front that he would not be able to perform certain tasks for me, rather than just attempting but then doing them badly. His price, in my experience, is unbeatable.
Rated by
Rusty H.
"They replaced about 8 feet of sewer line, added a clean out, replaced the trap where the line goes to the street sewer. Dug out all around the pipe in question; removed the roots that" had initially caused the damage. They then filled everything back in, packed it in and replaced the concrete. They also replaced a few extra pieces of sidewalk that the city was demanding I replace and charged less than the city or some city-recommended concrete contractors charge for the same thing. Very happy with the overall service.
Rated by
Michelle W.
"Scheduling This part was amazing! I had to change the appointment a few times and I couldn't be more pleased with how that went with
(he does the scheduling)." The work Everything went well. Two men came to do the job and they were punctual, professional, and very nice. They worked well together and with me and I am pleased with the results. The cost Plumbers are expensive. They work hard and get paid for their labor. [I'd like to see more of this for less skilled workers.] The cost was reasonable and
explained it to me in detail on the phone. Thanks again
. PS: I wish I knew about Magic the last time I hired a plumber (
2014) when a man came in for a kitchen sink clog, was here for 15 minutes, and charged me a bundle for unacceptable work.

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Angie's Answers


From the sounds of it, you have a clog between the floor drain and the connection to the city sewer (unless you have a septic tank).  The lower flow rates of sinks / showers / dishwashers probable don't cause a backup like the washing machine does.  A couple of suggestions.

1.  Snake the drain line with a spade tip snake, twisting the snake as you advance it.  This should clear the partial blockage.

 2.  If feasable, have your washing machine discharge into a utility sink and put a strainer on the drain to catch the clothing fibre (fibres and grease from the sink probably made the clog in the first place not to mention a garbage disposal).

3.  Replace your floor drain with one that has a backflow preventer (looks like there is a ping pong ball in it).

 Good Luck

It is not uncommon for a plumber to have to go get the parts necessary to repair and complete the job.  It is very hard to determine what the problem is over the phone and it is not until the repair process begins that the parts needed to resolve the problem is discovered.  It may also depend on if the plumber is using hourly rates or per job rates.  I would hope the time to get the parts would be minimal and the charge would be as well!
FYI: CPVC and PEX are two different materials and installed differently.  PEX is not intended to be glued but instead has special crimp fittings.  PEX is a brand name of one product that is manufactured slightly differently by others as well so it is important that the same brand fittings are used to match the pipe material.

Mobile homes used CPVC for years and some still do.  It works fine but is not as strong as a properly soldered copper pipe system.  Is the contractor installing this new plumbing a licensed plumber?  I'd be surprised if he is since he's using CPVC and not PEX (or similar) or copper.  PEX pipe is even cheaper than CPVC when run by a knowledgable plumber.  It doesn't require nearly as many joints since it comes in rolls and can flex through spaces easily.

There are some groups raising a fuss about BPA and other chemicals found in plastics that don't like the use of CPVC, PVC, or PEX pipe.  I haven't seen the results of any lab tests to confirm or dispute their concerns.  As far as durability goes it's fairly safe as long as it's properly installed and secured.  It is not as susceptible to hard water damage as copper.  It absolutely must be insulated along it's entire length to protect it from contact to other materials as well as freezing.  Also, the fixtures in the house need to be grounded electrically since the pipe itself provides no electrical protection against accidental shock or electrocution.  In a copper plumbed house the system is grounded so static electricity, a short in a wire near a water line, or lightning strike will carry the current out through the pipe instead of through the water to you, ideally.

If it's installed correctly you should be fine but make sure the contractor knows what he is doing and follows the proper procedures to use CPVC pipe.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
It is usually cheaper to remove part of the ceiling below and patch it after the leak has been repaired.  Remember that water can travel before settling in one area, causing the spot you've seen.  Just because it is below the toilet does not mean that the toilet is the problem.  The cheapest option is to pull the toilet and check the floor around the wax ring to see if it has been leaking.  A new wax ring only costs a few dollars.  When was the last time you caulked the shower in that bathroom?  The water can leak around the corners or at the door (if you have one) and travel along the floor joists until it pools in a lower spot on the ceiling below, then seep through.  It could also be a seal at the drain of the tub or shower. 

I get a few calls a year for this sort of thing.  It's usually something simple but can be a nightmare to diagnose, especially if the problem is intermittent.  Start with the simple possibilities and use deductive reasoning to narrow the possibilities.  Before you do a lot of damage it may pay off to hire a reputable contractor to help you make sure you've exhausted all of the imple and more obvious possibilities.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

Plumbing reviews in San Francisco


Found that the dispenser was damaged inside. Could not fix. Had to come back the next morning to fix leaking under the sink due to the work on the dispenser. Re routed the water line so that we would still have water to the refrigerator but the join leaked so I had to turn it off at the valve. The rerouting meant that I could not push back the sliding shelf that holds the supplies. Had to remove it to be able to close the cabinet door.
- Rosilyn Y.

It went really well. Estimate was accurate and
San Francisco Plumbers Provider Name Locked
was on time and worked hard. Final bill had an error and my refund check was sent promptly. Great experience!
- Sandy B.

Unfortunately, their estimate was cookie-cutter and sky-high: for each of the three issues, their solution was to replace a part at some expsnse: $350 for the kitchen hot water problem to replace a an angle valve and the faucet itself, $250 to replace the leaking drain basket, and $350 to replace the bathroom faucet. I decided to get another estimate or two and didn't end up coming back to
San Francisco Plumbers Provider Name Locked

What makes me so confident that they were estimating for more work and material than needed? Another plumber fixed the kitchen hot water issue simply by replacing the angle valve, and the other two problems were handled in minutes without any parts being per placed whatsoever.

Unfortunately, I think Msgic Plumbing looked at a single, middle-aged woman and thought they saw a good
San Francisco Plumbers Provider Name Locked
- Catherine D.

They did the job we needed, which turned out to be nothing more than replacing a shower head. The interesting part is that when I described the problem, they automatically thought the trouble was likely to be the valve controlling flow from the city line into the house. Their repairman spent much of his time exploring that while I talked to the tenants. Those talks revealed that the shower was the only flow problem in the house... which immediately told me that the valve the repairman was investigating wasn't the problem. So, it got fixed and works fine; I'd hesitate to call them again, though, because I feel like this question about flow throughout the property should have been one of the first questions we were asked to get the problem localized - and replacing that valve would have been a Big Deal, or at least bigger. That's the issue with professionalism I graded them down for.
- Ron K.

Everlast Construction did not show up on the date of the appointment. I had to call to re-schedule the following day.
The inspection of the foundation revealed no structural issues. but, there may be evidence of a mold problem.
The inspector was very professional and polite.
- Ann W.

The plumber who came from this company seemed extremely knowledgeable and thorough, unlike others who simply announced that I needed a new water heater without even looking at my tank. However, I was promised that for $30 I would get a written quotation on the replacement, by e-mail within two days. After six days I phoned, and after some brief phone tag I received a quotation on the phone for the proposed work. A small (30
San Francisco Plumbers Provider Name Locked
) water heater replacement was quoted at $2,600. That is not ten, twenty or even fifty percent higher than the next highest bid. It is double! I expect that
San Francisco Plumbers Provider Name Locked
does indeed do higher quality work than some others, but I am having trouble justifying paying twice what others charge for a new water heater. I will likely speak to some friends for referrals before proceeding.
- Neil L.

I was given a window of 9-11. At about 10:30, they called to let me know they were running late. At about 11:30, the plumber shows up. He diagnoses the problem with the toilet and lets me know that a part needs to be replaced. He doesn't have it, because our parts our universal. He heads off to the local plumbing supply store (actually one block away). While he is away, I think about his explanation as to what was broken, apply a bit of Krazy Glue, and, voila, that problem is solved (the filler still needs to be replaced). At 4:00 (note, we are talking about 4 hours after he left, and email shows up in my mailbox, telling me that the $250 part is in available and I can call to arrange a time for installation. And, oh, by the way, the filler is $120.
Late. Plumber just left and never came back. Quote emailed to me for $250 for a problem I had fixed with a few drops of Krazy Glue.
I will get my filler fixed, but not by
San Francisco Plumbers Provider Name Locked
- Robb F.

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