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Horrible overall experience. I will never shop at this store again and now believe all the unflattering stories I have heard about this brand.
Everything started off fine. I arrived when the store opened on Saturday morning. Plenty of parking and a delightful salesperson that let me wander around on my own as I requested. I immediately found what I wanted and ordered it. I was asked if I wanted it delivered that day and I did. The whole process took less than 1/2 hour and I commented on how easy everything went and how pleased I was. The salesman advised I would get a phone call soon with a window for the delivery and I left the store very happy. By 1 PM not having heard about the delivery I called the customer service/delivery number I was given. I spoke with a young woman who advised I was scheduled for delivery between 4 and 8 pm. She advised that the delivery person would call between 1/2 to an 1 hour before making the delivery. I confirmed the phone number for them to use. Based on the estimated delivery window our plans for the evening were rearranged.
Around 6 pm I went to use another phone and found 3 calls from an unfamiliar number that left no messages. When I looked up the number it belonged to Jeromes. I called them and explained I was waiting for a delivery and that I had 3 phone calls from them without any messages to a number I did not give them to use but I was assuming someone probably the delivery person was trying to reach me and would she please look up the order. That young woman told me the calls were probably from their automated system trying to notify me of the the delivery time. I told her I was confused since I was already advised of a delivery between 4 and 8. When she looked it up she told me I was wrong the delivery was scheduled for between 8:30 and midnight.. When I questioned why I was given wrong information I was informed that I should never have been given any information during the first phone call as they are not permitted to give times to customers until the truck actually leaves. I explained I was very annoyed as I would have told them to hold the delivery until the next day and I wouldn't have had to cancel and rearrange plans that now needed to be changed again. Also who wants a furniture delivery at midnight, not me and I am sure my neighbors probably wouldn't like it either.
Trying to make a long story shorter I decided to take the delivery as she advised it would probably be around 9 pm based on the fact there were deliveries scheduled after mine. However the automatic calls continued to the cell number and finally realizing that that was the number they were going to use no matter what I asked I was annoyed but it wasn't tragic and I just kept that phone on and with me. .
I got a call about 10 minutes prior to the delivery. The delivery person arrived and checked where the chair was to be placed and then brought it in. As it came through the front door I saw it was the wrong color.
When an error like this occurs how can it be my fault?? The delivery people seemed to think it was. To them I either did not order the right color or I wrote the order wrong!!!! I was quick to educate them that I knew what color I ordered and that as a customer I don't write the orders. Then they proceeded to blame the salesman and wanted to see my original receipt which I produced. They looked up some numbers and said the salesman wrote the wrong stock numbers. They called their dispatcher or contact person and the blame game continued. They took pictures and continued with the person on the phone way too loudly. I actually could hear them from inside the house with the door closed. I live in a very quiet neighborhood and respect my neighbors. I had to go out and tell them to
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it down. Finally they came back and advised that this wasn't their fault. Turns out according to them it wasn't the salesmans fault either. They claim the box the chair was in was incorrectly marked with the wrong color.
Mind you this delivery or almost delivery has now taken more time than it took me to find select and pay for the chair. I was put on the phone with their contact person who advised how the situation wasn't their fault and that they could deliver another chair today. By this time I was angry as I had wasted a whole day and had nothing to show for it. I had no intention of wasting another day waiting for a chair especially Mothers Day . I told the person on the phone I wanted to cancel the order . I was informed that I would get a call from the store today and that I could cancel the order at that time.
I called the store this AM and asked to speak with my salesman,
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. I was connected. I explained who I was and that I needed to cancel the order. Well
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immediately says thats not his job but he will connect me to customer service. I asked him if he wanted to know why I wanted to cancel the order and he advised I could tell customer service, once again not his job. Obviously he didnt care or want to offer any assistance. Well the number he connects me to rings off the hook and no one answers. I call back and reach
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. I ask her for the name of the store manager. She dosent give it to me is evasive and tells me she will connect me with sales and they can put the call through to the manager. Well no surprise the number she connects me to rings off of the hook and again no one answers. I call back for the third time explain I am getting more annoyed by the minute and she promises to put me through to someone, unnamed, who will assist me. I get the sales department this time and I breifly explain this is my third call and I would like some assistance. This unnamed, but very nice gentleman, says he will walk my information, that he has taken, to the customer service people in the store and he is sure they will call me ASAP. That was over 3 hours ago and still no call. I really don't expect one.
Obviously this store has no respect for me as a customer and no intention of offering me any assistance. I am in
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. I want this order cancelled and my money refunded. Whats the
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that is going to happen anytime soon??!!
The takeaway for me from this unsatisfactory experience is don't shop at Jeromes. I should not have ignored the stories I have been told that appear to be so true. This store is fine as long nothing goes wrong. Once it does they have a "screw you" attitude and the worst customer service ever. They will not let you talk to anyone in charge. They are not interested in assisting you and could care less about losing a customer. They will not return calls or give you the name of anyone in authority. In my opinion all they seem to care about is getting money in the door and protecting their management from the likes of us lowly customers who may need assistance..
I am going to give up on them. I will work with American Express to make sure the charges are reversed and I do not pay for merchandise not delivered. I will also share my story and lack of satisfaction with anyone who wants to listen.
One last thing, minor, that bothered me. The delivery person had money attached to his clipboard. I guess that is a reminder to tip him. If that is the message I resent it and find it very tacky. I tip well for good service and need no reminders.
- susan M.

Absolutely horrible.

I went in the store to order a couch and have it delivered to my home. I went in on a Sunday and asked for the delivery to be made the next Monday night. The sales associate said delivery was scheduled for Monday between 5pm to 8pm. i haven't moved into the place yet because of plumbing issues but I wanted the couch to be delivered so I could have a place to sit while they plumbers worked in my house.

The day before the scheduled delivery date, I received an email stating the delivery was schedule between 4pm and 8pm, which was fine with me. I called the delivery department at 4pm to ask if the delivery would be closer to 4 or to 8 and they said 8pm. At 7:45 the delivery department called to say the drivers were running late but they would arrive before 9pm. At 9pm I called the delivery department to ask where the truck was and they said it should be at my house any minute. I told them if the driver's were not there by 9:30 to forget it as they were way outside their delivery time. At 9:30 I called again to tell them not to come and they asked if I wanted to reschedule and I said yes. They told me they couldn't give me a time frame at that point and they would call me the next day (Tuesday). At 10pm the drivers called to say they were outside my house and I told them I was not there and that I rescheduled for the next day.

The next day... at 9am the delivery department called and said the estimated delivery time was 2-6pm (they start deliveries at 12pm). I told them at that time that I would not be available after 4pm and I felt that since they missed my delivery from the day before, they should make it a priority to deliver my couch that day (Tuesday). The woman on phone told me that the driver did not have very many deliveries that day and it shouldn't be a problem for them to make it by 4pm. At 3:30 I had not received a call from the drivers so I called the delivery department again. After being placed on hold for 10 minutes they finally told me the drivers would not be there for an hour and half. At that point I became so frustrated I cancelled my order. I contacted both the customer service and the delivery department and the staff was completely unsympathetic. They said they have "all day" delivery which means between 12pm and 12am. Why bother giving a delivery window when they just make their customers wait around all day. Clearly my business was not a priority for them.
- Mallory C.

I really appreciated how the staff did not try to pressure me into buying anything and how no one followed us around the store trying to make a sale. My husband and I were given our space to browse and were asked nicely if we needed more information or wanted to take a look at any catalogs if we did not find what we were looking for. Our furniture was delivered the week after we visited the store and I have to commend the two gentlemen that brought the furniture up into our condo. They were respectful of our no shoes on the carpet policy and handled our purchases with care. They put our bed together in no time flat and beared with me while I took my time deciding where to put the bed frame. They were respectful and cleaned up after themselves and arrived on time. Definitely the best delivery men that I have ever worked with. I will definitely shop at
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in the future.
- Tracey L.

They are a family owned business. We have nothing but good things to say about them. They set up office interiors. They do all the design work and they worked with us to decide what type of furniture would work functionally based on our budget. They did the installation and everything. We are a pretty small company and we went out and got bids from 4 different office furniture suppliers. They met all the criteria on all the things that were important to us. We couldn't be happier with what they delivered for us. We had a limited budget and were on a specific timeline that was accelerated. We were really, really happy with the service we got from them. They would have done more if we hadn't already made arrangements in terms of our moving. They were extremely helpful. We ended up getting refurnished furniture but it looks brand new. They were very responsive and very punctual. They were on time for everything. They were very professional. If we end up expanding in the future, we will definitely contact them.
- Diana P.

They were helpful, customer oriented, professional and their furniture is of a high quality. The price was very fair for the quality of the merchandise.
- Susan P.

Salesguy, very nice; said get a pillowtop. Free sheets & mattress pad, but $48 bill for pad.
San Diego Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
June 8 was great, polite, waited for vacuuming under old beds, etc. Bed too high for us &
San Diego Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
rolled down too much. On June 11 called about an exchange policy & things got a little combative with a 2nd person who turned out to be the mgr. Explained the terms of the "Comfort Exchange" i.e., must be greater or equal as no refunds. June 15 I spoke to Mgr & Aztec Appl Owner & picked out new model that is $200 less than first. Were not given the details of the comfort exchange or the mattress warranty in writing at time of the original purchase I would like the $50
San Diego Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
fee waived(Aztec Appliance Owner agreed) & $78 bedframe (haven't asked for this yet). Mgr finally emailed me the comfort exchange policy & said the mattress warranty is available only from the mfg. Update: We had to pay $50 for the bed frame. Suggest that the company provides exchange & warranty information before sale.
- Holly K.

We went to at least 6 different kids furniture stores on Miramar Road and ended up with
San Diego Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. The Miramar showroom is very nice. Had a decent selection on girls' bedroom sets. We went with the Pine Heart set and my little 2 yr old loves it. We were able to pick up all that furniture the same day with no problems.

Despite website showing regular business hours, did not answer phone for more than one week at any time of the day. Also did not return messages. After assuming company was out of business, because I heard many other people had complained as well, I purchased same furniture from his former business partner (which I found out later). The day after I took delivery, he called me and informed me that he would refund my purchase minus a 25% "restocking fee" for canceling the order. I believe he was scamming me, and very likely others with this restocking fee charge, having waited until the very next day to call after I had taken delivery from his former partner. Several other red flags with this company/owner
San Diego Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. (1) Unlike most furniture companies, they charge in full, in advance, rather than taking a deposit. 2) When the owner did return my call, he blocked his number on called ID because he doesn't want anyone to be able to actually reach him.

The best customer service I have ever had. The store manager,
San Diego Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
Knight, greeted us enthusiastically upon entering the store, was wonderful for the 2 and a half hours while we tried out mattresses, was very low-pressure, and actually encouraged us to go and check out other mattress stores. She worked with our unusual setup, and cut the prices drastically for the whole package. I can't say more about this wonderful young woman, with an overall pleasant and extremely helpful demeanor. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a very positive attitude. She definitely earned our business. She even stayed past store closing to work with us and complete the sale. Definitely browse the mattresses at the Miramar Rd. Location of
San Diego Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
. Also, the store was very bright, clean, and pleasant to be in. We will be getting our delivery in a couple days!

The salesperson,
San Diego Designer Furniture Provider Name Locked
, was very helpful & friendly. He pointed us in the right direction & we found the perfect bed. The customer service people at the desk are not so friendly or helpful. The girl who rang us up didn't seem to know how to use the computer, she said we could pick up our bed anytime after the following Tuesday. After I got home I noticed that the pick up/delivery date on my receipt was for 4 months in the future. I called back & they said that my bed was due to arrive on Tuesday & it was just a typo. I asked if I should make an appointment & they said no, just pick it up Tuesday afternoon or later. We arrived Wednesday to pick up the bed & the same girl was at the front desk. She said that we could not pick up the bed because it hadn't arrived yet. She asked us to come back in an hour so there would be time for them to unload the truck. We came back 4 hours later & she told us the same thing. The price & sales are awesome, customer service stunk, C+.
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