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Rated by
David J.
did an outstanding job from the sales pitch to the completed work. The look of the windows combined with energy savings from all three parts of the job have" surpassed our expectations.
did an excellent job with the installation! I would definitely recommend
Rated by
Ronald D.
"I contacted
last year in preparation of our home being built. With the technology at the price that it is along with the rebates that are being offered it's" a great time to jump in. I started to work with
Love. It is very easy to become "friends" with her. She is very laid back, easy going and listens to you know matter how much you talk (I talk a lot.) I like to get my hands dirty with items like this so I did a lot of research on the various inverters and panels that are on the
. Even though I changed my mind a half a dozen times,
was there to support my final decision. I ended up going with Enphase Micro Inverters and LG G3 panels. For those who do not want to worry about the minor details,
and her team had come up with multiple proposals to fill my needs. She gave me multiple options based on budget and performance.
also works with a "Green Loan" company so if you don't have any equity in your home for a loan (Like me and my new home) you can use that to help purchase the system. Once I received a closing date I had Circular come out three days after my move in. They had the job complete within hours and the panels look great!!! With Enphase Micro inverters you get an app on your phone (Or you can log into it through a web browser) that tells you how each panel/inverter is doing. I noticed that one of my inverters was not functioning correctly. Circular came out with a new one in hand but we found it was just a faulty connection. Quick and easy fix. CPS takes about a month to do the final inspection before they allow you to turn on the system. So for about a month we had a dormant system on the roof. So
has a program where they will pay you the estimated amount of energy you would have produced from the time of installation to the time of system start up. Another plus in my book. Overall the system has been performing great!!! Now for some numbers. The total cost of the system was roughly $16,500 (I don't have the proposal with me but it's close to that) The CPS Energy rebate was near $6,500ish. This gets paid directly to the Solar Company. Now my cost is about $10,000 When we do taxes our rebate will be about $3,300 for the Solar Credit. So technically our out of pocket cost was around $6700ish. For the month of January we had a dormant system (See above) as we were still waiting for CPS. So we had a normal electric bill. For a 1200 SQ FT house it was $98.75 (Mostly heat it was a cold month in San
) For the month of February we had solar for about 3/4 of the month as CPS turned it on early that month. The bill was $22.28 For the month of March we had full solar with 9ish cloudy days (You produce a little solar but not a lot) My bill was $11.25 The entire month of energy cost us 11 dollars. That's fantastic!!! The other benefit we have noticed is the side of the home with the panels remains much cooler on the warmer days. The panels absorb the light/heat of the sun so it does not hit your roof. In turn, some of the home stays cooler (Plus a much cooler attic.) All in all we are very happy with the system and hope you find this information useful.
Rated by
Philip S.
"It took 4 1/2 months from application to approval of completed project, but we were kept apprised of the completion of every step. Because of the weather, we haven't been able" to get an accurate picture of our return on our return on our investment yet but should have some preliminary results as we start getting more sunshine and the attendant warmer weather.

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Angie's Answers


Are you talking about powering your home solely on solar (i.e. no back up power source or off grid).


The power, once convered from DC to AC via the inverter, is suitable for use by the home. 


Most solar application are in supplement to the current powering of the home and will spin the meter back in the day but are not the primary. 


OK - that should strike Atlantic Plumbing off your vendor list !

You say female pipe to copper pipe connection - I hope you are not saying they connected copper directly to galvanized or black iron pipe. If so, there should have been a dielectric union put in there to prevent corrosion, which could be part of your problem.

Also, generally a bad idea to use teflon tape for hot water tank connections - too much thermal cycling, loosens it up over time. Should use plumbers dope for that application.

It sounds to me like a connection problem - if the tank itself was leaking it should be flooding the top of the tank or more likely running down through the insulation and dripping out the bottom.

Unless you are a do it yourselfer, sounds like you need to find a new plumber with good reviews and rating in your area - Search the List (in green banner bar). This should be an easy fix - should have him put in dielectric couplings (about $5-10 each depending on pipe size) if current connection is iron to copper, and even if not, have him redo connection not only for cold but also hot water - if one was done poorly, probably both were.


Solar Panel Installation reviews in San Antonio


I had a great experience with
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. I did my homework and compared three or four different solar companies before making a decision.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
design proposal was my favorite. I especially liked the LG panels, knowing that LG is a company that will back its warranty, and I didn't feel any sales pressure. They answered all my questions with plenty of detail and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I have plans to live in this home for the foreseeable future, and solar made an excellent case as a long term investment. If I had to give advice to anyone considering solar I would say be patient, take advantage of the federal rebate as well as the utility company rebate and work with a company that has good communication and transparency.

- Daniel C.

The installation took only a couple days. The workers were very polite. It was not their fault that the installation was delayed by more than two months. It seems the demand was higher than the supplier could produce for the solar panels. After about 2 - 3 months I noticed my electric bill was actually higher than the previous year!
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
stated this was a colder period of time as the prior'years. I mentioned that our heating was performed by natural gas.his only response was again cooler!

The Company did come out and reposition some of panels arrays AT NO expense. (I had previously mentioned that I could not noticed even a small decrease in my electric bill.) Time will tell if the repositioning will help.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
is a competent company which I would recommend!

- Eugene K.

San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, our salesperson was very professional and knowledgeable about his product. I had already done a fair amount of technical research on different PV systems, and
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
only provided accurate, non-inflated information about the system he was selling. He was honest about the tax credit. Do your own research so you won't have any surprises about this issue.
They handled all the paper work, and took care of all the required permits, and even handled the process with our home owners association. BTW, don't let your
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
tell you they won't let you put panels on your roof. A recently enacted TX law prohibits HOAs from disallowing roof mounted PV systems. They weren't the absolute cheapest, but the panels they sell (ET Solar) are some of the most efficient available with a great warranty. The inverter (Power-One) is also a very reliable inverter with a 10 year warranty (the good inverters have a warranty of this length. Two other things were the reason I chose them. 1) Their production guarantee is linear, instead of stepped, so the power level guaranteed doesn't drop steeply at a given point in time, but instead gradually decreases with time. 2) They also offer a reduced labor charge for removing your panels if you ever have to replace your roof after PV installation.
They were quite backed up with the rush to grab the last of the CPS rebates for this year, but once we were next in the queue, the work went very quickly. The panel installation took about 3 days total, and electrical was done in one. My only gripe is that the installation has a ground short (GFI) when it rains or drizzles. which means a connection somewhere isn't as tight as it should be. I hope to have this issue resolved this week or next, and will provide an update.
As stated in other reviews, you must pay half of the system cost, minus the subsidy, at the time of installation. They then let you finance the balance, at 14.5% interest IIRC, or you can choose 1 year, same as cash at zero interest, as long as you pay off the balance in one year.
I was able to set up a monitoring system for my inverter so that I get real time updates of power production. Short of the GFI issue, I'm pretty happy with the system. Time will tell if it is producing the amount of power it should, but it looks like it will be on track once the GFI issue is resolved.
- Aaron M S.

7/30: Contracted for the job through owner,
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
8/6: Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
- Measured windows.
8/15: Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
- Took pictures of windows. Advised another worker would come by to assess the job of replacing the window, no one ever came by.
8/21, 8/23, 8/24, 9/4, 9/5: All dates promised by Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
for work to be accomplished and no one ever came by.
8/26: Contractor salesman arrives and advises windows would cost $6,000 more than quoted. At that time I advised to forget the whole job as nothing had been done to date. Salesman reaches owner, Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
, and he states that salesman is incorrect and that he would discount me some additional work.
9/11: First official day of work, Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
shows up and begins removing radiant
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. 1.0 hour total work.
9/18: Second official day of work, Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
with assistant. Advises attic has mites and he
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
have to spray. Also advises he was returning in a few days to measure the roof for brackets to hold panels and needed additional funds. He did not return and no funds were provided. Nor was it our intention to provide additional funds.
9/24: Scheduled day of work, but no one ever came by. Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
did call that he was delayed in another job.
Conversations about the job were with Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
Request to come start/finish the job were made on various occasions.
Request to cancel the contract were also made on a few occasions.
Coordinated with a paralegal to assist. In conversing with him on 2 instances, he claimed that he was going to refund some of the money but he was due some for the work he did accomplish. The paralegal gave him 10 days to respond and contacted him twice, he never provided her any status. An e-mail was sent to him that while we had hoped we could resolve this, we were going to pursue assistance through BBB complaint resolution and informing Angie's List.
While I agree if work had been done, he should be paid for it, but the only effort he began was the removal of the radiant
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
. my contract states: RADIANT
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
Remove old and install (spray). FREE.
If Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
believes some funds are due him, then I would also like to impose a credit request for all the no show dates, where I had to reschedule my VA Medical appointments, and/or hire someone to be on standby in the event Mr.
San Antonio Solar Panel Installers Provider Name Locked
or his crew did show.

- Albert S.

They said they were going to be at our home at the time they did, and they arrived earlier than expected. They showed us exactly what we needed to do and how our system works. We appreciate their time and would definitely recommend this company to everyone who wants to purchase Solar Panels.
- Monica G.

They were VERY friendly on the phone. They were knowledgeable, including details about the tax-rebate information. I was scheduled punctually and the employee came out with some information. No high-pressure sales techniques at all. He looked around in the attic and recommended 2 solar-vents, since I have a pretty big attic. Since I didn't have the $1300 or so to spend, he said that installing one now would help, and I could consider adding another later. Nice that he didn't push the second one.
He gave me all the info I needed for the tax rebate, and within about 45 minutes the solar fan was installed. He was neat, cleaned up well, and the thing seems to be functioning well. It's hard to tell if there is definitely a difference, but the fan definitely spins like mad during the daytime, so I guess it probably does help.
I was very happy with the service.
- Jason P.

I previously used their services two years ago, but recently called them back becuase there was some water in my tubes. They came out the same day within three hours. They looked it over and didn't find any cracks. They cleaned it up and made sure the other one was fine. They did advise that I may have a roof leak. I have been happy with their services.
- Andrea T.

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Global Efficient Energy\Energy Stars

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Fort Worth

Green Energy Solutions & Design

8603 N. Loop 1604 W.
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Green Homes South Texas

7113 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio

Guy Chipman Construction, L.P.

215 Elizabeth Rd.
San Antonio

Halo Roofing And Construction Inc

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Hansen Screen Company

4023 Naco Perrin Blvd.
San Antonio

Hardin Heating and Cooling Co

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Heat Busters

1220-G Airport Freeway

Hesco Electric LTD

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9999 Perrin Beitel
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San Antonio

Homestead Construction

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San Antonio


1545 N Business IH 35
New Braunfels

IES Texas Solar

1731 S. San Marcos
San Antonio

Insulation Works

7523 Perseus Sound
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Jesse-James Contracting & Remodeling

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PO BOX 33594
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Kelly Custom Homes

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kyle construction co

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Mr. Handyman of NE San Antonio

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My Utility Brokers

9344 Tarryton Ave.


201 Cole St

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New Braunfels

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2917 Vail Ave.


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15702 206th Ave SE

Roof Doctor

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606 S Missouri Ave


5123 N. LOOP 1604 W.
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Solar San Antonio

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PO Box 2183




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Top Notch Electric

5496 W Old US Highway 90
San Antonio

US Certified Contractors

13187 Research Blvd

Woolsey Construction

144 Landa St. Suite 851
New Braunfels

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