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I met with
, he did not try to follow up with me. After 2-4 weeks of waiting to hear if he was still in business, I contacted Angie's List to help out. You can check my e-mails online to verify dates. Angie's Rep. said they made contact with
they would contact me within a very short time. I sent another e-mail to
and he said he would call me today Monday,
21 late in the afternoon, but nothing happened. I would have been willing to wait but I don't know what happened or why he was so far behind schedule since I did not get any calls from him and never got a date as to when he would complete the renderings. I requested a full refund from Angie's List and I got the company line that it's been more than 30 days. The problem is that by the time
first met with me and by the time he said he would have the renderings it's automatically over 30 days so you're in a catch 22 no service, no refund. My advice would be to check vendors out carefully before they advertise through Angie's List. By the way, the item below says where was service performed but it was not completed so what address do I check?

Started to re-do sheetrock in my home. He showed up with his wife,
and his two children. They placed paper on our Oak parquet floors and plastic over the carpet. I even gave
some mirrors that I didn't need.
and her children were very polite and friendly. On the first day of work, a young kid (about 17 years old) showed up with a 4" spatula to start removing the popcorn. He had never done this type of work! After more than one week, he was less than 1/4 of the way done removing the popcorn. Then several men showed up. They didn't know each other. They had never worked together. They continually called me because they couldn't get in contact with
Moss. I went to Home Depot and purchased materials they needed on several occasions. Mr.
stated that he was working in
and that he didn't receive call up there. He said for me to deduct the cost of the material from what I owed him.

One particular Friday, the men called me and said that they wanted to get paid that day and that they were waiting for their money. I called Mr.
and he showed up about an hour later. I gave him his 3rd draw and part of his 4th and last draw. I did this for 3 reasons: 1) Mr.
asked me for the money so he could pay them; 2) I was afraid there would be violence involved if these men didn't get paid and 3) I explained to Mr.
that I needed the work completed. The project was already in it's 8th week! I was paying rent and losing too much money. The following week, there was ZERO progress. I sneaked into the back yard and found some of the men smoking pot and drinking. I called Mr.
and I had to fire him. I filed a complaint with BBB. I was owed a refund of about $4,000 for unfinished work and poor quality on what was already completed but had to be re-done. As of
, 2014, I have never received his refund. He said 'I know I owe you the money, but I don't have it. As soon as I get some money I'll pay you back". I'm still waiting. I found out from the workers that he went downtown and hired them on some street corner! I noticed that he is advertising on Craigslist and I want to be sure other people don't get ripped off. I still have not had some of the work fixed because I'm on a fixed income. I still have the contract and a signed paper where he wrote what he owes me. He told me he was a licensed contractor - but I found out that anyone can go to the city and get a contractor's license. It doesn't mean anything as far as I can tell!
- Robert M.

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San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
contacted media Angie's List messaging shortly after I bought an Angie's Big Deal and asked if one date was good, but I told him that i would probably need a date in May and he sent back for me to contact him in May, as you can see by the below exchange, which I copied directly off the Angie's
list message section.

San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
& Home Remodeling 4/7/2014Hi
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Does the 30th accommodate you?

San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
early part of May

San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
& Home Remodeling 4/7/2014Get
back to me in May. Thanks
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked

San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
6/4/2014Luke, I
would like you all to finish insulating and paneling my office. It is half of a
shed in my backyard which 11x10x7, I have the paneling and the insulation, what
material would you need to put up the paneling, nails or liquid nails. And
anytime next week or the next, you pick the day. Thanks,

San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, are you
going to be available this week for the above work? I spoke with you on the
phone last week.

I called him on 6/9/14 after I got no response via the message board, I explained I was ready for the work to be done and would like to discuss a date. I told that I sent him a message
explaining the type of work I needed and went over it again on the phone. I asked
him if he would need any other material to complete the job, he told me no and
he would get back to me. I sent him another message on the message board on the
Monday and then called him because I hadn’t heard from him, he answered, we
agreed on a date and he asked me to text him my address and phone number, which i did, then he texted back
asking for my name. Which I assumed he would have gotten from the Angle's list
website. He then texted me back a time he would be here.
He arrived about 10 minutes late and I took him to the back to show him the area I needed the
paneling put up and showed him where the material was. He asked me why I didn't
want to put dry wall and I explained that it wasn’t necessary I just wanted the
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
because it was just a work room for me. I had cleared out all
of the work areas so they would have complete access, and I also put up all the
insulation. He informed me he might need some 2x4's and I told him I only had
one small piece of a 2x4, he took it and said no more at that time. They
started work and I left them to it, not wanting to
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
. About an hour into
the job he asked me if i could get him 4 92" 2x4's and I said yes and went
to Home Depot.
I periodically watched through my window as they were working,
and noticed they had no saw horses, and were either using some 5
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
to cut the paneling on or cutting right on the lawn. They had brought about half the panels
out and laid them directly on my lawn. At about the 2 hour and 45 minute
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked

it started to rain a little and his helper came out of the shed to retrieve
their saw that was on the ground, they left the panels laying on the ground,
which cause some bubbling on the surface that I later noticed. At about 10
minutes before time was up I walked out to see the progress. I was disappointed
to see not much had been done.
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
explained that to do the job correctly he
would have needed some trim and some other things to make it look better and to
do it the way he wanted, I explained again that I didn't care what it looked
like I just wanted the insulation and 2x4’s covered. I again explained it was a
work area and not a living space, just as I had before he started. He got
about a third of the work done, and is was kind of shoddy with bad cuts on some of the paneling.I told him I was disappointed and asked what it would cost to finish the job, when he told me another $500.00 I said no
that was too much in addition to what I had already paid him.
To tell you the truth, if he would have been upfront with me about not being able to finish the job, and worked out a price before he started I would have probably done it. But his lack of communication and treating the job and the Big Deal as no big deal is why I must give a bad review.
When I told him I would have to give him a bad review based on lack
of communication and the amount and condition of work completed. He told me he would just
take down what he did, I said no and please leave my property. He said if I
gave him a bad review it would get ugly. I asked him if he was threatening me
and he said no, that he would rebut the review, I told him that was his right.
I explained he should have communicated to me at the beginning of the job that
he wouldn't be able to finish in the amount of time allotted in the Big Deal.
I was flabbergasted at the lack of professionalism and the
threatening stance he took with me. I escorted him from my property.
I have decided that the Big Deals aren't worth it unless the vendor is offering a
definitive service, i.e. insulate two door, clean a/c ducts, but this undefined
work for a specific time can result in disappointment.

- David L.

San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Hennigar do wonderful work. This latest job was a deck extension, which turned out beautifully.
They left the job site clean and in good order each day when they left.
While removing construction waste from our site, they volunteered to haul additional bulk items we needed to dispose....More /> They also did a great job repairing and repainting our shed. They also mounted a large fan for us.
Last year, the Hennigars put a new metal roof on our house and built a huge
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
over our patio and deck. All had great craftmanship. They truly take pride in their work.
Quality work at fair price, and really nice folks, too! I highly recommend Hennigar Contracting.
- Michael P.

The drywall repair was fine, however; the job took less than 45 minutes to complete and when they finished. I asked about the additional time and if they could do something else. I was told that was all I had asked them to do and that it was by the job not necessarily the amount of time it took to complete the job.
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
then went on to tell me he could give me an estimate for some other work that I had mentioned earlier. Needless to say my husband and I feel that we were ripped off and did not receive the service time we paid for.
- Linda W.

It took several calls to make an appointment. He came and measured the kitchen counters. He left and we never heard from him again. We called several times with no response.

San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
showed up when he said he would, was prompt in getting back to us with an estimate, and saw the job through from start to finish. We went into this project with a limited budget, a list of "have-to-do's" and a longer list of "want-to-do's", knowing that we could not afford to do everything on our lists.
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
made some great suggestions that allowed us to stretch our budget to cover all of the have-to's and more of the want-to's than we thought would be possible.
The most labor-intensive part of this project was removing Saltillo tile that had not been originally installed properly. Removing the tile was more difficult than expected and there were rain delays in doing the exterior repairs but
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
honored his quote and - most important - did not cut any corners to make up for lost time. The painting and the installation of the new tile went smoothly and we are very, very happy with the results.
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was doing the work, he came across a few things that we had missed when we originally walked through the job with him. He made recommendations and priced the extra repairs fairly. Catching the things we missed and being proactive in making repairs before they became big problems will probably save us a small fortune down the road.
we've been through this type of remodel several times in the past with other contractors. While we've never had a truly bad experience, we have seen the difference between just doing an adequate job and doing the job well.
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
takes pride in his work and that pride shows in the finished project. We'll definitely be calling him for both small and large jobs in the future.

- Therese S.

I purchased this deal because I could not find anyone to do a small handyman job. Very pleased with
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
from beginning to end. Prompt reply to my first call, they were friendly, professional, and always left the work area very clean. We were completely satisfied and they delivered on the work promised. We have since hired them to design and install a custom island in our kitchen. Remove a wall, install Sheetrock. Do electrical work,paint kitchen /dining room and install tile. We love the design , the color selection,and quality of materials and craftsmanship. The remodel was completed on schedule. We feel relieved that we have found a contractor that we can trust and rely on for more of our home remodeling projects! Out of all of my Angie's list deals this is the ONLY one we have really been that impressed with. Thank you
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Anita B.

Overall it went quite well. Beware of add-ons by sales professional. Plumbers had to be called back on several occasions due to incomplete or inferior work. We decided on
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
due to referral from neighbor. They were 40 to 50 % higher than the other companies we let bid on our project but wanted the "extra help" they promised. We don't feel at all that the "extra help" was worth the huge difference in price. We let them bid against 2 other companies to remodel our kitchen and their bid was almost double the other companies. The finished product is very beautiful and we love our new bathroom. The project manager,
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
, was outstanding. We would not recommend
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
due to very high cost and unprofessional salesman.
- Randy H.

Because my townhome was under contract for sale and I was 1 wk from closing, it was necessary that everything be addressed as quickly as possibly The water/mold damage from my neighbor's leak was undetectable to either of us until that bedroom was empty of heavy furniture which was against the wall concealing both the small area of mold on the wall and any odor, all water had gone under the flooring in both units. My neighbor experienced the most inconvenience during all the mold remediation as they were without a kitchen, everything was gutted except for the upper cabinets. My home was by then empty, with all my belongings in storage. I began looking for contractors to start the build back as soon as possible after the all clear was given by EPA. I needed to have everything done correctly , especially the structural work , firewall, etc.. I found few contractors who could even schedule appointments for the estimate quickly and most who came honestly told me that they could not start the work for 1-2 wks and most likely wouldn't be able to have everything done for 2-3 wks minimum. Part of the problem became apparent early on when contractors who did come to see both units , as the work to rebuild the structural portion and firewall would need to occur from my neighbors side and would involve removing his remaining upper cabinets and wall. He was going to do his rebuild on a longer timeline than mine and planned to do much of the work himself with assistance from family member who is a contractor. He also was very reluctant to have his upper cabinets removed and of course wanted them replaced without any damage to them. When
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Sheets came to give me an estimate on May 22nd, he was the 3rd contractor who stressed the importance of doing the structural work correctly with the required permits, the need to take down my neighbor's upper cabinets , to correctly anchor both our firewalls . And all acknowledged that the approach through neighbors kitchen would save tear out of my bathroom which had not been necessary for the mold remediation. And because bathroom tear out wasn't necessary for the mold remediation, my insurance was not going to pay for that approach and any build back for it. Mr.
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very knowledgeable and understood the urgency in having my build back completed as soon as possible. He advised that he was available to start the following week and that he could have the work completed in 10 days. After making the decision to hire him and realizing that his estimate and what my insurance was allowing for completion of the work was approx. $5-6 K apart, I discussed this with him and he promised he would work with both me and adjustor to get my work done on my available funds from insurance. And when over the following days it became very apparent to me that the approach through my neighbors kitchen was going to cause more
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and not going to be the most expedient way for the work to be done.......I made the very painful and expensive decision to have all the work done through my bathroom . And that meant tearing it out and complete rebuild . We were able to save the tub, toilet, light fixtures, towel bars, med cabinet,but though care was taken, unfortunately everything else had to be replaced. Mr
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew started work May 29 and everything was completed by June 6th. I am now trying to get my insurance adjustor to work with me on reimbursement for the added cost of the approach through my bathroom in order to get the structural /firewall done correctly. I do not regret the decision to go this way as I did not want to be responsible for possible damage to my neighbor's upper cabinets. And because my neighbor was not going to hire his own contractor and preferred to do his rebuild on his own timeline, I know that my decision saved me valuable time. My realtor and my buyer;s realtor worked out a short term lease for my buyer, who was moving from out of state. She was living in the back part of the home during the build back and was able to select tile and paint colors, flooring colors. She is very satisfied with the build back and we are closing the sale June, 10th, 2014. Mr.
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew were on site everyday during those 9 days except for Sunday, I know that everything was done correctly and I would not hesitate to use Mr.
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
Sheets again for any building or remodeling. And he prepared for me an itemized list of the bathroom tear out and rebuild costs, explaining why that approach for the structural work was most reasonable and expedient for my situation. I am very hopeful that my insurance adjustor will see fit to reimburse me for a reasonable portion of it . Mr
San Antonio Remodeling Contractors Provider Name Locked
saved my sale and I will always be grateful!

- Frances P.
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