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"Following an unbelievably negative experience with a competing mattress company in San
(I should write up a review on THAT experience), I popped into the
" store on a whim one afternoon after work. I was on my way to Costco and found myself on DeZavala by mistake, noticed the store's delivery truck parked in the store parking lot, and thought I'd go in and give them an opportunity to secure my business. Geoff, the owner, was very customer service oriented. He listened to my tale of woe and reassured me that his store could make timely delivery of a new mattress set to me. He took me into his warehouse and showed me the mattresses he had in stock, then talked to me about the construction of the sets he sells. I selected a queen set manufactured by King Koil, he wrote up the order and scheduled delivery for Saturday afternoon, only two days after I visited his store. Saturday afternoon I received a call from Geoff's delivery team - they were right on time as projected. They were in and out of my bedroom in probably 15 minutes or less. Very clean and polite - complete opposite of my previous experience. I LOVE my new mattress. Geoff's guidance on selecting the proper firmness was right on target. I feel that my set was a very good value and I wholeheartedly recommend this store.
Rated by
Daniel L.
"All the mattress stores we visited were high pressure to "close" the sale. Factory got our business because we liked their store/salespeople the best of all the places we" visited. Still like the store and sales people but things went downhill after the sale. There were problems with the delivery (missed delivery window, eventually delivered damaged merchandise, missing parts) and it took a while, but
more than stepped up to the plate. We got all the parts and the damaged merchandise was all replaced and they Very pleased at this point. THANKS ALL!gave us two nice pillows as compensation for the problems. We are happy customers now! Everyone has problems and bad days -- the question is how do they address those days.
Rated by
Bruce W.
" Although my husband and I are pleased with our new mattress, we are very dissatisfied with the adjustable base. But more importantly, I feel I was intentionally misled by
" about limitations on their 100-day Comfort Guarantee. First I’ll describe the two main problems we experienced with the adjustable base, and then I’ll address my concerns related to
’s Comfort Guarantee and how I feel they misrepresent their guarantee. The primary reason we chose an adjustable base, as opposed to the less expensive fixed base, was because
claimed that sleeping with the bed adjusted to what they refer to as the “zero-gravity” position (head of the bed slightly elevated, and the foot of the bed raised so that the feet are just above the heart) would promote better circulation and breathing, and therefore better sleep. Within about a week of sleeping in this position on our new Tempur-Pedic bed, I began experiencing lower back, hip & leg pain.
assured us that I was just going through an adjustment period & that any discomfort should subside. When it didn’t,
refused to exchange the adjustable base for a fixed base despite my physical issues; they claimed that any problems I was experiencing were due to another cause and had nothing to do with the bed, and that the timing with our new bed purchase was purely coincidental. I have since been seen by three medical professionals concerning these problems. Fortunately, I didn't need surgery or other significant medical treatment to correct my problem; instead, the only treatment I needed was physical therapy to correct an imbalance in my core muscle strength. However, I've been told that sleeping with the bed adjusted as previously described most definitely aggravated my previously asymptomatic condition to the point of causing discomfort and pain. Furthermore, I’ve been advised to NOT resume using the adjustable base as previously described, even after proper core muscle balance has been completely restored, as that sleeping position puts unnecessary pressure on my lumbar vertebrae. Another reason we chose the adjustable base was to facilitate reading in bed at night, but once again the adjustable base failed to meet our expectations. In our previous bed, we would use pillows to prop up our backs while reading, and use our bedside table lamps for light that was adequate for reading while still being low enough to aid the transition to sleep. We also used our bedside tables to hold other things within reach or sight while reading, such as bookmarks, eyeglasses, clock, and perhaps something to drink. This prior setup had worked very well for us, but we thought that the adjustable base would make it even more comfortable and effortless. We couldn’t be more disappointed! Raising the head of the bed for reading not only creates a dark shadow over your reading material, but also prevents you from being able to access anything on the nightstand. This is because when you adjust the base into position for reading, the head of the bed moves up and forward while your hips remain in the same location on the bed as when you are lying down, causing the head of the bed to completely block any direct light from the bedside table lamps. (To help visualize the impact of this, lie down in your current bed, and then sit up in bed without moving the position of your hips; look back to see your new position, roughly in the middle of the bed lengthwise, relative to your bedside table.) When we expressed our dissatisfaction about this to the salesperson,
’s response was that this actually isn’t a problem since most people use their ceiling lights for reading in bed at night, not their bedside table lamps. I beg to differ!!! When discussing our experiences with family and friends , we’ve found not a single person who uses their ceiling lights when reading in bed. There would be two problems with doing so: 1) you couldn’t simply turn off the lights and go to sleep when you’re ready, since you would need to first get back out of bed to turn off the ceiling lights; and 2) ceiling lights are generally brighter than the optimal level recommended when trying to transition to sleep, since they are designed to light up an entire room, as opposed to providing light for a single task such as reading. Now I’ll address our concerns regarding
’s 100 Day Comfort Guarantee. As background, I personally conducted the vast majority of our research about beds, including store visits, without my husband, in order to limit his time commitment. While researching Tempur-Pedic top mattresses and bases at four different San
locations (including multiple visits to two of these locations), there would come a point in the conversation where the salesperson would mention their Comfort Guarantee. Consistently in every case, each salesperson explained in detail that, if I wasn’t happy with the bed after 30 days, I could return or exchange it and would only be responsible for a minimal ($79) transportation charge for the return or exchange. Nobody specifically told me that the base was covered by the guarantee; however, its coverage was implied by omission. During the two months I spent researching Tempur-Pedic beds, nobody verbally explained up-front that the adjustable bases I was considering were excluded from the guarantee. This is a curious omission, given the much greater financial consequence of this limitation compared to the relatively minor transportation fee, which in contrast was always explained very carefully as if it were considered an important risk for me to understand. My husband was with me during the final visit when we purchased our bed, and the salesperson had my husband make the payment while I was picking out pillows which came free with the bed purchase; it was only at this point, when my husband was signing the receipt without me present, that there was any indication that the adjustable base was excluded from the guarantee. If I had been aware of this exclusion, I wouldn’t have purchased the adjustable base. Later when
refused to exchange the adjustable base, I complained about the lack of up-front verbal communication about this exclusion; the salesperson apologized for the “misunderstanding” and assured me that he would bring up this matter with the local store managers. Out of curiosity after the fact, I decided to visit three additional San
store locations in December 2013 to determine whether or not the salesperson had done what he had promised. I posed as someone shopping for a Tempur-Pedic bed with an adjustable base and listened very closely each time to how the guarantee was explained. As before, it was described in such a way as to lead me to assume that the adjustable base is included in the guarantee. The salespeople consistently stated that the bed (not just the top mattress) could be exchanged or returned. I was told that I would receive money back (as opposed to a store credit) if I exchanged it for a less expensive model, or if I decided to return the bed instead, I would receive "all of my money back." This is clearly an unfair sales tactic! It is reasonable to expect that a customer would continue to trust what he or she had been told during the prior sales pitches and not necessarily understand that the exception printed on the purchase receipt negates all prior verbal statements regarding the guarantee. I resent being misled into believing that the guarantee applied to the entire bed, not just the top mattress. Based on the consistency of what I’ve experienced over the past six months and at so many store locations, the only reasonable conclusion I can draw is that
has formally adopted this deceptive sales practice to intentionally mislead its customers into purchasing the much more expensive adjustable bases with the mistaken assurance that it can be returned or exchanged. When you purchase a bed from
, they give you a website link to provide feedback on your experience. In late December 2013 I posted my feedback, which contained the same information as described above. The feedback screen includes a place to indicate whether or not you wish to be contacted by
to discuss your experience. I indicated that I wanted to be contacted and provided my phone number. When 2 weeks had passed without being contacted, I submitted another feedback form saying that I'm still waiting to be contacted. More than 2 weeks have passed again, still without any response from

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Mattress Buying reviews in San Antonio


My husband and I walked in looking to price
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
and talk about a future headboard. We were shown a floor model with a few minor scratches not really noticable. The owner gave us the best price and saved us hundreds of $$ compared to the big retail stores. We will go back as his prices for
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
are unbeatable.

I had a situation that required I buy a mattress quickly. I spoke with the owner, Geoff
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
, and he was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of a mattress. He answered all my questions and added some valuable information regarding materials. He was patient and did not hurry me in any way. He encouraged me to test each of several mattresses and to do it a few times until I was certain of the mattress I wanted. He showed me a top of the line one which, while fantastic, was above the amount I wanted to pay. He did not “high pressure” me in any way and told me to take my time before deciding and even informed me that he would write the exact information on any mattress for me to take to competitors so I could made exact comparisons. I did not bother, as I felt I had everything I needed to know and have been to other mattress stores in the past that was not close to this friendly and competent. The one I purchased, a queen mattress, suited my needs and is very comfortable. When I informed Geoff of the need to get it home quickly, he made arrangements to have it delivered and set up the same day at no additional charge. Based on this experience, I will purchase my mattresses from Geoff in the future and have no doubts about recommending him to others.
- Charles H.

We had a very good experience with this company.

It's not really easy shopping for mattresses, but
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
made it easy. He spent the time we needed and he went out of his way to take care of us.

I won't ever shop at one of those big box stores or at the big Mattress chain store. There's no one there you can really trust.

I definitely recommend
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
and San
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
Mattress Warehouse. We will definitely go back, as now it feels like i know someone in that business, which i think is valuable.

- Michael P.

I was scheduled for neck surgery and really needed a new mattress.I saw
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
at Mattress Firm he had me take a test to find the best mattress for me. After trying the suggested mattress I wanted to go to sleep right there in the store. I bought it and arranged for a delivery date. He worked with me so that
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
would be delivered before my surgery. After my surgery I found that I needed the lower box spring he went out of his way to get me a lower box spring ASAP.
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
really helped me when I needed it most. I am very happy with my new mattress and will look to Mattress Firm when I need to replace mattresses in the future.
- Leslie C.

When I can't find something, I go to them and see what they can do about my problems. My son's bed came with 4 slats. It's a queen size bed and the slats didn't fit by almost half an inch. I went over to
San Antonio Mattress Discounters Provider Name Locked
and had one of their people pick out some wood for me. We cut them to the size that they needed to be, came home, and put them in his bed. Now he has 6 slats in his bed. They are the proper size and they don't fall out anymore. It doesn't matter what I go over to the store for, they always have very helpful people that take care of my needs. It is a very good company. Their price was very reasonable, but I don't remember how much I spent. I have never bought anything from them that I didn't feel comfortable with the cost of it. They have very good sales people that are attentive to the customers. Sometimes I have to wait for them because they are working with somebody else. I understand that and I wouldn't hold it against them. There is no doubt that I would use them in the future.

The salesperson was helpful in helping us decide which mattress to purchase. He was not pushy and patiently answered all our questions. The mattress was so comfortable to sleep on that we ended buying our son and daughter new full and twin mattresses as well. The only thing we ended up exchanging was changing the king-size foundation to a low-profile one because the bed was too high with the pillow top. They allowed us to try out the full-size foundation first at our home because the low-profile one was not available when it was ordered.

Fine. The salesperson was courteous and straightforward. The mattresses are a good quality, and we also got a cover for blocking fluids (it is for a 3-year old's bed).
- Theresa & Bobby E.

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