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Rated by
Owen K.
"I called
and left a voicemail regarding fixing my lawnmower and my suspicions about it being a carburetor . He put me on the schedule that same day for early" the next week. He sent a text message the night before reminding me he would be over. He called about 45 minutes before his arrival to let me know his GPS put him at 40 minutes away. He showed up as scheduled. He cleaned the inspected the lawnmower , cleaned the carburetor, sharpened the blades, and did something so that it would start on the first pull!. Very happy and satisfied with the entire experience.
Rated by
Rebecca C.
"He arrived right on time. He completed a very thorough tune up of my lawnmower. The previous tune up was years before. He showed me how to clean out my air cleaner after every use" of my lawnmower. I so enjoy when they not only do a fantastic job but they teach you something as well. Passing on that knowledge..... it's priceless!! Super service right at your own home!!!
Rated by
Maria M.
"AWESOME!! My husbands riding lawnmower had been giving us problems starting up, for quite some time. It would never start when the key was turned. It wanted to start, but would crank" and crank and never really get going. We would end up lifting hood and literally hand crank turn the engine to get it going. My husband, who is much stronger than me, put up with that for years!!! It was always very difficult (AND FRUSTRATING) for me. I was finally at my wits end with the darn thing, when I made the decision, to try and get it serviced or just buy a new one!!! Our biggest dilema is that we do not own a truck or anything to tow it in for service, and of course buying a new one is very costly!! I turned to Angie's List for HELP!! I literally typed in "at home lawn mower repair..." and
immediately popped up!!! There was NO ONE ELSE like his service listed. I checked out his website and boy was I impressed!! Even though he is based out of New Braunfels, having him come service the lawn mower would be so much more economical than purchasing a new one. I called at 7:00 PM, got his voice message, left a detailed, desperate message and waited. When I didn't get a call back I called him back a couple of days later. Once again, I got his voicebox. This time, I gratefully got a call back. I explained my situation, and got an appointment for the next week! I was happy with the quick appointment was spring and EVERYONE was doing the same thing I was....trying to take care of their homes, so I completely understood his being EXTREMELY busy, but managing to squeeze me in!! I was ever so grateful for the narrow window he gave me for my scheduled appointment, 11-1, only a 3 hour window compared to say, the ac man who wants an 8 hour am OR 8 hour pm window!!! Your whole day is spent waiting around for service!! NOT WITH
!! Made my appointment. I even got a confirmation/reminder call the day before my service!! Service day came and
was right on time. Very professional and very informative. I will admit, I was a little surprised to see a car pull up instead of the big
van pictured on his website.
explained that the truck was being repaired, but he still had all the parts & tools he needed to service our lawnmower. He immediately got to work and began the overhaul and servicing. Ony a short time later he showed me that over time the spark plugs move a bit and the connection can be hampered. With minor adjustments, the mower was cranking right up like it was SUPPOSED to!! He then went onto general servicing, oil chg, filter chg, replaced chipped mower blade, filed down another savable blade, leveled blades for more even mowing and other minor adjustments...all in all... Our mower was PURRING LIKE A KITTEN DRIVEN RIGHT OUT OF SHOWROOM!!! I was able to jump right on turn the key and VROOOOM! She starts right up for ME!!! (The way she should start up, with the turn of the key!!!) I am so happy with
service and would highly recommend his service to EVERYONE!!! WHY??? 1)He came to MY HOME!! 2) My appointment was pretty quick! Not like those service centers that make you wait to even talk to them, then take WEEKS to make repairs on even small tools/appliances. 3)Very professional...he knew EXACTLY what he was doing!!! 4) SHOWED me everythg that needed servcing or replacing BEFORE he did it. 5) Cost was pretty reasonable for all he did, especially the nominal service call to get to me!!
even has a 10%off your first visit coupon avail on his website. I had mine all printed up and ready to go but forgot to use it in all the excitement!! don't forget to use YOURS!! I have his business card on my fridge and will not hesitate to call him again should I need to, as he repairs ALL types of household appliances!! THANK YOU

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San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
’s is now my go-to place for garden tractor repairs. Their card earned a place on my refrigerator, a space reserved for the best of the best.
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
was knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. When my tractor suddenly lost steering control, he accurately diagnosed the problem over the phone, sourced a repair part for my 15 year old machine, brought the part with him and had me mowing again in less than a week. Compared to
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
, where repair appointments routinely took six weeks and I had to supply the repair parts, just one call to
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
’s solved my problem. The price was fair and the service was exceptional.
Their card notes they also service washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, riding mowers and small gas engines. The next time I need help with any of these, I’ll call
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
Highly recommended!
- Michael V.

San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
has worked on our lawn mower in the past.. It's a large
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
. When our daughter's
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
Recycler suddenly stopped working, we returned to this great and timely service provider who we originally found on Angie's List. It's a family business and they take pride in their customer service.
It turned out the mower needed a part that enabled to spark plug to fire up. They also installed a new spark plug. We took it in on May 8 and, as promised, it was ready on May 12. During the summer season, it gets a bit busy.
The phone number listed on Angie's List, 210-349-1617, is correct. Sometimes it takes time for them to get from the shop to the front desk. They will answer your call.
- Karen W.

San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
came out and repaired our riding mower. I wish I could remember the service man's name, but he was awesome. I don't know much about riding mower's but he explained quite a bit to me, and even gave me a "tutorial." The mower we had was acquired when we purchased our house a few months ago, and so we had no idea what to expect. Not only did he get it running for us, but it's in great shape now. It needed a new choke cable and a carburetor cleaning. He was here for two hours! THANK YOU,
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked

- Keith H.

This service was definitely worth the it. There's no way I can take my riding lawn mower anywhere so I have to have it serviced at my house. The gentleman was helpful, answered all my questions and my lawn mower starts without any problems. I will definitely use this service again.
- Jeanette A.

My riding mower was not running rough earlier this year so I found someone to come to my house to repair it. It was then running
well; I ran it to keep the battery charged, but as we haven't had rain, I didn't need to use it. After recent rains, my grass grew
and I tried to start the mower, to no avail. I replaced the fuel filter, air filter, and the gas. Still nothing. I couldn't get it to start, and the battery went dead, so I left it on charge overnight. Still dead. I replaced the battery, but it wouldn't start. I tried contacting the person that earlier, but couldn't reach him. So I searched the Internet for someone that would come to a home to do repairs. I found
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
’S Mobile Lawn Mower Repair last week and called him. As I had back surgery last May, and have problems off and on, I was having Physical Therapy twice a week, plus other appointments, so my time was limited. When I called
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
last week and explained my problem, he asked what day would I be available. All I had free all day was Wed. He said he would be here by noon.. On Tues, the 8th, I had an epidural injection in my lower spine, and I was feeling very little pain. I decided to check the tire air pressure as I knew it would be more difficult to push the heavy mower up my driveway with low tire pressure. I rolled the mower out of the garage and decided to try to start it. To my surprise, it started, but ran very rough. On Wed. I put my back brace on when
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
called me to let me know he was on the way, as I wanted to observe as much as possible. But I wasn't sure my
back would hold up. I was able to drive the mower to
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
trailer so we didn't need to push it. He took the carburetor apart, soaked
it for at least 10 minutes, then inspected every part he thought might fail. He replaced several gaskets, then started the mower.
For a minute it ran very smoothly, then started chugging. He rechecked several things, then started it, and it ran again for only a few minutes before chugging again. He took the carburetor partly apart again, and checked whatever he thought was a problem.
He reassembled it, we started it, it ran ok for a few minutes, then it began chugging again. He took it apart again, and found a small jet had popped out of the carburetor. After he reinspected every item, and found no problem, he focused on the jet. It is a very small part and it has a tiny compression O-ring that keeps it tight inside the carburetor. Using a tool that resembles a dentist pick, he carefully removed the O-ring and found it was deteriorating. It was not keeping the jet tight against the carburetor. As he had never had this problem in all the years he's repaired engines, he didn't have an O-ring that small. He said he would keep the carburetor so he could find the correct O-ring, or jet, if necessary, and replace it as soon as he could. We rolled the mower in front of my truck and I covered it with the mower tarp in case of rain. He returned Fri afternoon, the 11th, and said he was sure he had repaired the problem. He installed the carburetor, started the engine, and we allowed it to run in different speed modes to see
if it chugged or ran raggedly in any way. After about 10 minutes I told him, I thought it was enough. What impressed me about
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
his honesty and integrity. He did not charge me for the second trip, nor additional time. He said as he had never encountered
that problem, it was a learning experience for him and he would not charge me for it. I told him I'd call him in Feb/Mar to
schedule a tune-up, blade sharpening, etc.

- LOU G.

Took my Homelite Chainsaw to
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
shop. When I walked in Mr.
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
told me that they don't work on Homelite chainsaws any more. I asked him why, he explained that there were some difficulties on getting parts. He asked what the problem was with the saw. I explained that I had difficulties because of the Ethanol in the gasoline and that I had used a commercial product to clean out the carburetor. I was able to get the saw to start but could not get it to stay on. I also explained to him that it seemed to take a special tool to adjust the air/fuel mixture on the carburetor. He acknowledged that it did. He took the saw and tried to start it. He made some adjustments to the air/fuel settings and the chainsaw started. He fine tuned the adjustments and said that was the best he could do. The chainsaw seemed to be running fine. His charge was $5. I appreciate the fact that he helped me out with a product that would have been useless to me with out his help and that he did not try to
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
me because of the limited and more expensive options that I had to consider.
- Ruben C.

A great experience!! Prior to using
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
, I called 3 small engine repair services and personally visited
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
for repair of my Craftsmen weed wacker. The 3, (three) I called refused to work on any Craftsmen wackers and the fellow at
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
recommended I purchase a new one!
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
said "bring it in". I did and in truth
San Antonio Lawn Mower Repair Shops Provider Name Locked
said it would be repaired however, it would take 2 weeks as he had many customers before me! Well, he called me the next day and said it was ready!! Super service even though I has to drive across town! The weed wacker works very well and I was even given an education on the proper care and maintenance of my equipment! If you need small engine repair I Recommend ARAIZ'S!!!
- Lloyd D.

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