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After consulting with an interior decorator, we contacted
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
for an estimate to remodel our master bathroom.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, one of the owners, was prompt in getting back to us and coming over for an estimate. The estimate we received was well thought out and for the most part detailed. After interviewing two other companies, we decided on
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
This was our second remodel, but our first major one. Everything was changing in the bathroom except we kept the jacuzzi tub. We received guidance on choosing colors, etc. from the decorator and basic measurements from
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. It was up to us to locate all the materials we would need for the project and order the amounts, with some recommended sources offered by
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. We ordered and replaced main, decorative and floor tile for the shower walls and tub enclosure, tile (replacing carpeting) for the flooring, new cabinetry and hardware, countertop and sinks, new faucets for the sinks, tub and shower, lighting, two mirrors to replace one large mirror over the cabinets, an overhead fan and two new vent fans.
Here is where I'll say that in retrospect we would recommend using a designer who can give precise measurements as to how much of each product, especially the tile, you will need, providing an exact design prior to beginning your project. Our decorator gave us a VERY rough drawing of her concept, but nothing that was exact. My husband took many measurements himself and when it was time to install we still had to order more tile, incurring additional shipping fees.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
's job is to do the work of construction. It's important you know WHAT you want before you begin. This takes a lot of time and planning.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
works in tandem with a design service which might be a good place to start for major remodeling.
Before the work began we needed to have all of our materials in place. On the first day we met with
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, the subs who would be in charge of various aspect of the work, and most importantly our project manager,
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
is a jewel and was my lifeline to calm during the remodeling process. We were given an approximate time frame of 30 days to complete the project.
The demolition of the old bathroom was completed quickly.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was in charge of lining up the subs to do the work when needed. She was my "go to" person throughout the project and communicated with the subs and workers if a concern came up.
The sub for the tile worked with me as to the exact design of the decorative tile and shower niche. He didn't rush and we worked out a pleasing design. However, when the deco tile was installed it was off-center. When I noticed that, I realize that was the time to say "stop," and call
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. When she saw it the next day she came up with a solution for the problem. Tile had to be removed and new tile replaced, but the tile folks covered the cost. We needed to order more decorative tile twice, which had to be shipped and cost additional shipping fees. In the end, the tile is absolutely lovely and we're very happy with the quality of installation.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
kept in contact with me by phone, text and stopping by once or twice a day to see the progress. She lined up each sub as needed: electricians, plumbers, tilers, painters. I knew who was coming when. We were home most of the time, but there was a lock box to give access to workers in the case we were gone.
I was most impressed by the sub,
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, who oversaw the tiling, painting, installation of the custom cabinet and the mirrors. He, too, reassured me that little glitches are par for the course, worked his best to bring as close to perfection as we could get in quality, and to let me know that our satisfaction was a priority.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, too, did everything she could to be sure the work was done well. If a concern came up, she addressed it promptly. After the completion of the work there were two or three items that needed correcting. She saw to it that they were taken care of right away. The vent vans did not work properly as the electricians didn't connect the exhaust hoses to the vent vans. They were responsive to correct this when requested by
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, but still left some old hardware connected in the attic.
The project was completed on the original projected date. Installation of the shower enclosure was a separate transaction, so we had to wait for that before moving in to our lovely new bathroom.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
told us at the beginning that would be the case, but did slightly miscommunicate as to who was to contact the company providing the enclosure. This was easily worked out with
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
. We're very happy with our updated bathroom. The price quoted here was for
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
only. The materials (tile, cabinets, mirrors, etc) were our cost apart from the work, including the shower enclosure.
While remodeling is a fun, yet messy, undertaking, I would say that
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Construction, under
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Badger's guidance, made it a positive experience.

Since the house is so old, when
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
took out the old tile, he found the 2 x 4s to be rotted out due to previous termite invasion. So, they had to replace the wood. We had picked out some mosaic glass tile in shades of blue for the job, but
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
recommended some slate-looking tile at a very good price, which he obtained for us. He used the mosaic for accent. So, basically, I did not know what I wanted but
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
assured me I would be happy. So, I went with his recommendation. We bought the plumbing fixtures. I had old calcium stains on my cast-iron tub which would not be removed with anything I had tried.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
did a beautiful job of putting in the tile and accent, as well as a niche for my shampoos. They also built a little "soap shelf" in the corner. It was all their idea, and I was so happy with the final product. They also cleaned out all the ingrained stains on my tub, AND in my toilet, as a little "
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
". Their price was excellent, and I was indeed very happy with the final job, as
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
assured me I would be. He did not ask for any money "up front", and would take final payment only upon my satisfaction. I want to get my other
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
remodeled next year, and I want
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
for the job. High satisfaction.
- Kitty O.

I sent an inquiry using their web site and was contacted by email a few days later (
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
7). The wanted to set up a weekday appointment on
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
15 during working hours, which I felt was unnecessary given the small scope of work required (the balcony is ~6x12 ft). I replied on
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
8th explaining that i'd just like to get a ballpark estimate of the cost, explaining in detail that the tile and decking would need to be torn out and replaced. I told them that for estimating purposes they could assume we would use the same material that was there already (slate). I gave them the dimensions, and sent them about 8 detailed photos for them to reference for their estimate. I was emailed again on
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
9, and was told that they received my request with the photos and would "try their best" to get an estimate to me.
After not having received any word for over two weeks, I emailed them on
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
25 asking when or if I could expect to receive an estimate, and that if they did not intend to provide one, to please let me know so I could move forward and look for other options.
Today is August 9 and I have still not received a reply to that email. I am moving forward. I consider this company to be rather unprofessional in their lack of response. A remodeling company as experienced as
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
could have put together an estimate for a job this small in 15 minutes. Perhaps that is the problem, and that they considered the job too small for them. If that were the case, I would have appreciated a response to that effect and would have accepted and understood it. But please don't pretend like you're going to provide something and then just leave a potential customer hanging.
- Kevin H.

The whole process went very well. The plumber worked with us regarding when the water needed to be off and kept that time to a minimum, and the guys working on the installation were prompt and efficient, explained things as they were going along, consulted with us as to the height and placement of the grab bar and plumbing fixtures, and kept very clean the areas where they were bringing materials in and out. The work was done in two days - it is beautiful, and much safer now for an older person taking a shower, and will be much easier to keep clean.
- April B.

San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
provided a very detailed cost estimate and there were no surprises as far as unforeseen problems or cost overruns. Subcontractors and project manager were hard working, professional and concerned with doing top quality work. They made sure everything was to our satisfaction. There was miscommunication on some days about when workers would be at the house. Sometimes they did not arrive at all, and sometimes they came on days when we had not planned on anyone being here. However, the end result is that the kitchen is beautiful and the quality of the workmanship was outstanding.

It went amazingly smoothly.
The initial appointment for the free estimate was made and kept. Mr.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
showed up on time and we discussed exactly what I needed done. He provided me a written estimate of the job and proposed start and completion dates.
The work began on the estimated date with a meeting of the job supervisor (
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
) and myself. The contracts were signed and the initial payment made.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
then met with all of the subcontractors. A complete walk through was conducted with all the subcontractor supervisors to ensure that each group understood exactly what was expected of them and the schedule of work.
A problem was found almost from the start when the electrical panel was determined to be commercial grade instead of the expected residential. There was no way to have seen this before the wall was opened. Also the location to which the panel was scheduled to be moved to was changed because the wall I had chosen to put it on would not work. This was my design fault, but LSSC,
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, and RJ Electric worked around the problems and quickly found a better location for the box.
The work was completed on time and was amazing!
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
made sure I was happy with the results and I have to hand it to
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and his crew. The house is more than 80 years old and was NOT level by any stretch of the immagination. Getting the doors to hang correctly in an uneven wall is an art, and they did an amazing job.
A month later, I had the entire foundation replaced and those uneven walls ended up being strait again. When the doors didn't open or close any more LSSC sent out their home repair guy who re-hung them and made sure they worked.
I could not be happier with their work ethics or performance. They will be starting a large job for me next Monday. I feel so confident in their work that they will take the roof off the house, re-frame walls, and put a new roof on while I am out of the country and only able to contact them by e-mail. That is how comfortable you will feel working with
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, and
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
- Deatra T.

San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
charged me over three times the
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
rate for his services. Like most con artists, he was very charming at first. Initially, he amazed me with all the work he completed for the first phase of construction. However, as soon as I gave him a large check to order materials for phase two, he disappeared with my money and wouldn't return my phone calls. He didn't bother to show up and the work site and I never saw a complete work crew again (only one guy sitting in my garage smoking cigarettes all day). I ended up having to pay another contractor to finish the work and have lost over $20,000 due to his breach of contract. I am now
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
him for breach of contract. I would never recommend him to anyone. Stay away from
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
, he is a criminal.
- SAM D.

San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
began work on day one preparing walls and then putting tiles on kitchen walls; day two returned to put grout between tiles. He suggested an appropriate color for the grout and also for caulking. He did the legwork by picking up materials at the local hardware store. I called him on day 3, he responded by phone almost immediately to my concerns on minor grout work that needed to be cleaned up. He then finished job by applying sealer to the tiles and making suggestions on care, cleaning of tiles and also care and cleaning of countertops, cabinets and appliances.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
was professional, courteous and willing to perform any follow-up that was necessary. He was positive on all interactions and discussions.
- Hector P.

We called for an estimate and it was actually some time (about 10 days) before they had an opening for an estimate.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Cantoya came to do the estimate and walked through the garage with me. Some things that I wanted done were likely to cost more than I intended to spend so I appreciate him givimg me a ballpark idea on the spot so I could make those decisions to drop them from the scope of work. I received an estimate a little less than a week later. I thought the price was high, but I decided to go with them anyway because we were having the cabinets delivered and I was anxious to get started and finished. They put me on the schedule failry quickly (again, a little less than a week later). They arrived promptly and began the work.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
Badger was our Superintendent and she did an excellent job communicating with us. She came to our house when they were working and kept me informed by text (my preference) about when things were scheduled. There were some touch up items that needed attention and she responded and sent the carpenters/painters back almost immediately to complete. They completed demo and sheetrock repair on the first day and then began painting and fininshed
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
second day. After a day off, the electrician came and installed the light fixtures, but requested to wait until the next morning to complete the outlet, due to the extreme heat. The electrician arrived promptly, was professional, friendly and did an excellent job. The plumber took longer to arrive. We had expected that he would go into the wall, attach to an existing water source and place a valve in the wall near the bottom of the refrigerator. Instead, he tapped into the
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
to our washing machine dropped an exposed small copper pipe to the floor, brought it out the existing dryer vent, and then just ran it across the baseboard to the fridge. This is not obtrusive and out of the way, but it is a fairly
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
plan that we felt we could have actually done ourselves and saved that money. (We had some mixed feelings about this and is up in the air, as it's kinda six one way, half a dozen another as to whether to tear our the wall or have it as it is.) It looks okay and is not in the way, but seems a little less than professional. All in all, the work is good, but the price in retrospect seems a little high. I would likely use them again, but perhaps get more estimates.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
did an outstanding job managing our project. She is enthusiastic young, dedicated and should have a bright future in the industry!
- Jay N.

I am very particular and not easily impressed. And i am sure i wasnt the easiest client to work with. I made several changes during the course of the project and asked alot of questions.
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
and his crew went above and beyond to make sure I was completely satisfied with the end product. The quality of the work from every aspect of the renovation was top notch. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend
San Antonio Kitchen And Bath Remodelers Provider Name Locked
- Thomas R.
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7813 Rainey Meadow Ln
San Antonio, TX
35 years of experience, self employed in business for 27 years. well rounded at home...

Berry Contracting

10630 hallow pass
San Antonio, TX
Berry contracting offers a variety of deck options for the residential home owner. from...

Better Home Improvements

139 Caddo
San Antonio, TX
All work guaranteed, call us and ask about our senior and military discounts.

Bexar C&R Construction

5039 Sierra Madre
San Antonio, TX
*great refrences *free estimates *insured *quality service *experienced craftsman *all work...

Bexar County Contracting LLC

113 Tolcarne Dr
Hutto, TX
We are a registered and insured general home contractor and remodeler. we specialize in taking...

Bexar County Paint and Plaster

PO Box 380724
San Antonio, TX
Bexar county construction is a small family owned remodeling company based in san antonio tx....


San Antonio, TX
Owner-operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fees....


New Braunfels, TX
Construction company

Bill Kulesza Homes Inc

12718 Cranes Mill
San Antonio, TX
Family owned by bill & rebecca. additional emails -,...

Bill Kyle Custom Homes Inc

600 Bluff Creek Rd
Center Point, TX
Additional dba - 7kconstruction.


2115 Madison Falls
San Antonio, TX
This year is our 20th anniversary in business 1990 to 2010

BizRenew & Homes, Inc

124 Sherwood Dr
San Antonio, TX
Business & home remodeling , renovations, painting makeovers. specializing in crown moulding...


San Antonio, TX
Owner-operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges.

Blue Canyon Contracting

Canyon Lake, TX

Bob the Builder Construction and Home Improvements

1730 Romero
San Antonio, TX
Home improvements, we have a staff of six, sub-contracting is available if necessary.


San Antonio, TX
Texas license # 4769: trcc #3772. additional contact: scott thomas, cody engle, kelly wilnes

Boerne Painting & Remodeling LLC

32880 IH10 West
Boerne, TX
Remodeling and painting contractor. owned & operated by john caudill. additional email -...

Bolt Electric LLC

15715 Knollrun
San Antonio, TX
Honest, christian owned and operated electrical service. licensed and insured electrical...

BookCliffMarble & Remodeling

San Antonio, TX
Checks and cash only, no credit cards. owner operator, ex military, military discounts and...

Boulder Construction

107 Hill Country Ln
San Antonio, TX
With over 35 years in business, it is always a pleasure helping our customers fulfill their...

Bowden Construction

PO Box 2607
Canyon Lake, TX
We are a small business that believes in doing the job right.

Boyd Construction Co

3119 watercastle Ct
League City, TX
We have 47 employees in two states with 16 employees here at your service as well as a on duty...

Bradshaw Designs

346 Terrell Rd
San Antonio, TX
Six employees. charges on hourly basis. contact office for additional information.

Braner Custom Cabinets

Cibolo, TX
Custom kitchen cabinets including islands; entertainment centers; custom computer cabinets,...

Bravo Remodeling

203 Main Ave
San Antonio, TX
Hire an award winning remodeler for your window, siding, or roofing replacement project! we...


26022 Echo Mountain
San Antonio, TX
Brc homes, llc is family owned and operated in san antonio tx. we give free initial estimates...

BRC Homes, LLC

26022 Echo Mountain
San Antonio, TX
Brc homes, llc is family owned & operated in san antonio tx and believes 100% in customer...

BRC Remodeling Group

4216 Centergate
San Antonio, TX
B.r.c. remodeling group is a licensed, bonded, insured, general contracting company located in...

Briggs Bath Remodeling

San Antonio, TX
Briggs bath remodeling is a full service company that is involved in all aspects of...

Briggs Renovations

2615 Shadow Clilff
San Antonio, TX
Full service provider

Broadshield Custom Homes & Contractors

215 W. Bandera Road
Boerne, TX
Broadshield custom homes & contracting hires and trains its own employees plus looks and...


San Antonio, TX
Bryco plumbing has over 20 years experience in service and repair. we are on the direct...

BTS Floors & Remodeling

2397 NW Military
San Antonio, TX
The foundation to any great project lies in the quality of the materials. at bts floors and...

Buffalo Contracting Services LLC

167 Cyril
San Antonio, TX
With 24 years of residential and commercial remodeling experience in the san antonio and...

Builder’s Mark Home Improvment

7678 N I-35
San Antonio, TX

Business World Contractors, LLC

127 E Grayson St
San Antonio, TX
Business world contractors is a family-owned and operated painting and general contracting...

BWD Remodeling & Construction

P.O. Box 64129
Lake Hills, TX
Home repair and remodeling business with specialties in flooring, both tile and laminate and...

By Referral Only

7623 Heathridge
San Antonio, TX

C & C Construction

San Antonio, TX
The result of remodeling should be a lasting dream…not a nightmare that never ends. since...

C & D Flooring LLC

236 Spring Meadow
Schertz, TX
Local & family owned. additional email -

C C Carpet

7600 Ambassador Row
Dallas, TX
Additional dba - c carpet inc & cc services. additional email -

C&J Kitchens Bath Cabinets Granite

San Antonio, TX
Home construction/remodeling. our construction experts are dedicated to completing your...


San Antonio, TX


San Antonio, TX
Family owned & operated. leave message on voicemail if i can't answer at that time - don't...

C.B. Gates Construction

San Antonio, tx

C.J.P. Inc.

9805 Tower view rd
Helotes, TX
We specialize in revitalizing your home and adding a modern and up to date look with quality...

Cabinet Giant Kitchen Cabinets by Cabinet Giant

7600 Gardner Ave
Kansas City, MO
Cabinet giant is the right place for your online kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities,...

Cabinetry Choices Inc.

4722 Paula Dr.
San Antonio, Tx
We have found out that we have beat major competitors pricing from 30-50%. with that said, we...

Cactus Construction

822 W Cypress St
San Antonio, TX
We are a small remodel company, we can handle small remodels to additions, to new home...

Caldbeck Construction

San Antonio, TX
Residential and commercial building remodeling. specializes in historic restoration. ...

Caldwell County Construction

1663 N. Magnolia Avenue
Luling, TX
We are a licensed and bonded general contracting company. all work is performed under a...

Caleb Custom Homes Inc

602 Everest St
San Antonio, TX
General contractor . commercial . residential . remodeling . renovations . decks . docks ....

Calvert's Electrical Service

3843 Barrington
San Antonio, TX
Proven ability to design and build complex electrical systems following all federal and...

Camilo Garcia Construction

417 Menefee Blvd.
San Antonio, TX
Camilo garcia construction has been in the construction business for over 10 years and has...

Canchola Remodeling & Construction

612 Ellor
San Antonio, Tx
Canchola remodeling is a small family owned business that offers various services to the san...

Cantu Construction

4722 Chedder
San Antonio, TX
We are a small business operating usually with two employees,additional employees hired as...

Cantu Construction Co.

3127 Lasses Blvd
San Antonio, TX
We are a small consrtuction co.with 30+years exp. no job to big or small we do it all we are...

Cantu Remodeling and Construction, LLC

138 Hampton Run West
Boerne, TX
Construction, additions and remodeling. top quality down to the details. no job is complete...

Cardenas Remodeling and Framing

San Antonio, Tx
I have been remodeling homes for over 20 yrs. i offer easy payment plans that will fit your...

Carnival Custom Painting

10004 Wurzbach Rd
San Antonio, TX
Carnival custom painting is celebrating our 22nd successful season of custom painting,...

Carpentry & More

1239 Clearwater Dr.
New Braunfels, TX
We do most of the work are self.if we need subs then we do have them.


5025 Evers Rd
San Antonio, TX
Carrillo tile, inc. gives free estimates for tile installation for bathrooms, kitchens,...


San Antonio, TX
I provide clean, respectful service. i rely on my references to build my company. i always...


PO Box 49078
Austin, TX
Casaposh is an interior design and interior decorating business serving san antonio, austin,...


26006 Cuyahoga Cir
San Antonio, TX
Cost determined by job. additional dba: mt mackenzie enterprises, inc.

Catrina's at the Ranch

31300 IH 10 West
Boerne, TX
We now have 2 stores, catrina's at the ranch and la catrina on 1604 in san antonio. we...

Cazares Construction Company

San Antonio, TX
Our company has four employees that at least one of them is always at the job site to see it...

CC Construction Production

9827 Potranco Rd
San Antonio, TX
We provide fair prices and quality work. we can handle all repairs or remodeling in...


4335 W. Piedras Dr.
San Antonio, TX
Cchrs is proud to partner with only the best and most qualified subcontractors to offer a wide...

Centex Foundation Repair

1120 East 52nd
Austin, TX
Additional website - additional dbas - centex foundation repair, centex...


319 Goodrich
San Antonio, TX
At cgs co, we pride ourselves in our work that we specialize in. our company strives to find...


1875 E. Borgfeld
San Antonio, TX
Chambliss plumbing is a family owned local plumbing business, founded in 1990 by kevin...

ChAmp Bell Systems

P.O. Box 1987
Canyon Lake, TX
Local electrical, service, remodeling and repair company. licensed, professional and insured....

Champagne Custom Homes LLC

1617 Angolo
New Braunfels, Tx

Champion Floors

3820 FM 3009 Ste 124
Schertz, TX
Champion floors a truly family owned & operated company for over 25 years. we've built our...

Champion Plumbing

3450 Dove Park Ln
San Antonio, TX
We offer competitive menu pricing, prompt and courteous service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a...

Character Builders

598 Spanish Oak Esplanade
Canyon Lake, TX
Specializing in adding character & curb appeal, pre-sale & pre-lease remodeling, repairs and...

Charlie D's Painting & Remodeling

222 County Rd 99
Alvin, TX
I have been in business for approximately 15 years. i offer senior citizen discounts. i accept...

Chavira Tile & Service

1411 Lee Hall
San Antonio, TX

Chris Carson Contracting Co.

25 FM 3351
San Antonio, TX
We are a full service construction company that manages residential and light commercial...

Christian Man Construction

6911 Falcon Rock
San Antonio, TX
We are a christian base company and belive in helping others in time of need . we do some...


Schertz, TX
Sole proprietor


San Antonio, TX
General contractor

Citibuilders Inc,

P.O. Box 702016
San Antonio, TX
Design-build, residential and commercial construction, new construction, remodeling

City-View Construction

8735 5 Palms Dr
San Antonio, TX

CJ Woodworking

Saint Hedwig, Tx
We are a full service general contractor. while we self perform much of our work, we do sub...

Classic Copper Works

9337 Spring Cypress Road
Spring, TX
Classic copper works uses time honored german copper smith techniques handed down from father...

Classic Electric Co.

5150 Broadway St
San Antonio, TX
100% satisfaction guaranteed honest dependable hardworking family buisness free...

Classic Electric Co.

5150 Broadway
San Antonio, TX
We are a small electrical company that has a lot of positive reviews that can be seen online...


5139 N LOOP 1604 W, #105
San Antonio, TX
Look to clear choice remodeling & design for high-quality work that reflects our enduring...

Clearwater Outdoor Design

17 Ranch Ter
Boerne, TX
Small, family owned construction company specializing in pools, patios, pavers, and outdoor...

5801 Clearwater Drive
Minnetonka, MN
The designer kitchen you buy online ■ creating a better kitchen remodeling experience ...

Coastal Kitchen & Bath

6301 N Navarro St
Victoria, TX
Coastal kitchen and bath can assist you in your next residential or commercial project from...

Comfort Custom Woodworking

#13 Pankratz Rd.
Comfort, TX
Custom woodworking,remodels,custom cabinets,custom furniture, new construction

Comfortable Flooring

San Antonio, tx
We are a small business, located in san antonio and have been in business since 2000


6627 Topper Run
San Antonio, TX
Owner-operated. uses subs for electrical, plumbing & labor. cost is determined by the job....

Concrete Jungle

22515 Hazy Hollow Cove
Spicewood, TX
We are a small team (8)of hands on professionals dedicated to the realization of our...

Consensus Building Concepts

9901 IH 10 W
San Antonio, TX
Additional phone number: (210) 558-2832. also does business as: spgc building & remodeling....

Copano Custom Cabinets

218 Trade Center Dr
New Braunfels, TX
Copano custom cabinets builds and installs all of its cabinets. our cabinets come with a...

Cornerstone Homes

921 Lakeview Blvd.
New Braunfels, TX
We follow the drawings and blue prints to the exact measurement,we do not allow for neglict or...

Covenant Building Services

4 Aubrey Ct
San Antonio, TX
Covenant building services is a unique collection of highly experienced builders united by a...

Covenant Works Construction

2424 Gold Canyon Dr
San Antonio, TX
Covenant works construction is a small family owned construction company in the greater san...

Cowboys Painting And Remodeling

San Antonio, TX
1 other employee. may hire sub contractors. charges by the job. no travel/trip charges.

Crane's Quality Siding & Windows

16711 Mt Everest St
San Antonio, TX
My name is larry crane. i was born and raised in the contracting business. trained by my...

Creative Home Remodel

8203 Mystic Chase
Boerne, TX
Creative home remodel is a complete remodeling service co. we offer licensed and insured sub...

Creative Renovations

314 Whisper Wood Ln
San Antonio, TX

Creative Solutions-N-Home Remodeling LLP

520 Queretaro
San Antonio, TX


New Braunfels, TX
6 employees; uses subs for pitching. cost determined by hourly rate & by the job. travel...


11818 Warfield St
San Antonio, TX
Cross construction company is a full service remodeling company with twenty three in-house...

Crossroads Construction

San Marcos, TX
We are a small, family owned business that provides contractor services. we specialize in the...

Crown Construction & Remodeling, Inc

San Antonio, TX
We are a general contractor providing free estimates on projects ranging from small repairs to...


8400 Blanco Rd Ste 302
San Antonio, TX
Crownhill builders has been in business for 35years

Cruz Enterprises, Inc.

13907 Edge Point Dr.
San Antonio, TX
We are a family owned and operated plumbing company. my name is david cruz and i am the...

Culligan of the Texas Hill Country

1612 Water St
Kerrville, TX
Culligan of the hill country has been your water treatment experts for well over 50 years! our...


PO Box 312602
New Braunfels, TX
9 employees. no subs. charges an hourly rate. license number: m11612.

CW Floors

2103 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, TX
Family-owned & operated. additional web - additional dba - san...

D & R Quality Fence & Remodeling

17155 Benton City Rd
Von Ormy, TX
We are a family owned business, very prestige in what we do, committed to providing our...

D Michael Designs

10740 Hillpoint Dr
San Antonio, TX
D. michael designs is an architectural / design / build firm that can smoothly take your...


P O BOX 834
Spring Branch, TX
Turn key kitchen and bath remodeling

D&G Painting / Remodeling

14303 Briarbend Dr.
San Antonio, TX
D&g painting / remodeling is a 11 year old company that strives to keep the best employees and...

D-MAR Professional Remodelers of Texas

501 County Road 266
Mico, TX
We built our business with one goal in mind: to deliver to our clients the best service...

D.A.P. Construction

111 Deer
San Antonio, TX
D.a.p. construction is a general contractor.


5719 Aids Dr.
Leon Valley, TX
We do custom cabinetry at a fair price.

Darryl's Handyman Services

Bexar County
San Antonio, TX
Handyman service operating in san antonio, texas providing general property repair and...

David Lee Contractors Custom Bulidi and Remodeling

4839 Gus Eckert Rd
San Antonio, TX
Additional dba - advent custom homes.

Davill Kitchens of San Antonio

San Antonio, TX
New cabinet sales.

Days Of Noah Contractors

San Antonio, TX

DC Tile & Home Remodeling

7800 IH 10 W
San Antonio, TX
Dc tile and remodeling has been providing exceptional home remodeling services throughout the...

Dekora's Vazquez Remodeling and Gnrl. Contracting

4422 Brideman
San Antonio, Tx
My business is comprised of 7 employees all skilled in all areas. customers pay 1/3 down and...

Del Sol Contracting Company LLC

1000 Cincinnati Ave
San Antonio, TX

Delmer Construction & Remodeling

2611 Eisenhauer Rd #507
San Antonio, Tx
Delmer construction and remodeling has been in business in san antonio and surrounding areas...

Dennis Marbach

New Braunfels, TX

Dennis Remodeling

1011 Hedgestone Dr
San Antonio, TX
Owner operated. uses subs for trades. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...

DH contractors

303 Hickory Rd
Poteet, TX
Family owned for over 13 years.

Diamante Coatings

8334 Timber Cabin
San Antonio, TX
Stucco evaluation, stucco renovation, painting, waterproofing , masonry repair,


4249 Industrial Ctr
San Antonio, TX
Additional contact name - tony rish, jon lafferty, mike dugi. additional dba - dn diamond.

Dianne Clay Interiors

15119 Forest Country St
San Antonio, TX
Dallas market trips are available at cost plus 25%.

Diaz Tile

650 Freiling St
San Antonio, TX

Dio Electrical LLC

PO Box 380858
San Antonio, TX
Full service electrical and construction contractor.


San Antonio, TX
We are a private membership club. we have over 700 manufacturers catalogs that members can...

Discerning Carpentry

3111 Parker Lane
Austin, TX

Discount Tiles & Bath

171 Culebra Rd.
San Antonio, TX


San Antonio, TX
Remodeling and small to large repairs.

DL Tile & Granite

11220 Gordon Rd
San Antonio, TX
Tile installation and natural stone fabrication and installation. general contractor for...


Schertz, TX
I will be on every job site. i hire and subcontract if need be. i except cash, credit cards,...


6817 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio, TX
We provide services and materials for all your tile needs and instalation. we've been serving...

Don's Home Repair Service

P.O. Box 27445
San Antonio, TX
I have 35 years as a craftsman involving all types of construction. we specialize in home...


20770 US HWY 281 N
San Antonio, TX
Double diamond custom homes will build on your lot in and around san antonio. we have been in...


6146 Ridge Oak
San Antonio, TX
This is a electrical company master owned and operated. we strive on customer satifaction at...


19240 Redland Rd
San Antonio, TX
We are a third generation full service construction company. we specialize in design / build...


32600 US HIGHWAY 281 N
Bulverde, TX
Dunis studios is one of the nation's leading manufacturers of handmade ceramic tile. all of...

Duo Construction

San Antonio, Tx

Duo Construction, LLC

1210 Edris
San Antonio, TX
Locally minority owned and operated business in san antonio, tx. dedicated to providing our...

DV Painting

P.O. Box 28239
San Antonio, TX

Dynamic Solutions Remodeling

San Antonio, TX
A professional solution to your home or business needs ... craftsmanship you can trust. your...

Dynasty Builders

6018 deerhorn
San Antonio, TX
Dynasty builders is a family owned residential remodeling company that keeps remodeling...

E & H Construction

4923 Lambeth Dr.
San Antonio, Tx
I have been in the trim carpentry business for over 20years with excellent references and...


San Antonio, TX

Eagle View Roofing & Remodeling

PO Box 761391
San Antonio, TX

Eastco Enterprises Inc. General Contractors

26782 Bulverde Rd
San Antonio, TX
We offer 24 hour / 7 days a week service for emergency services from water extraction, dry...

Eave Pros Roofing & Property Restoration

9310 Broadway
San Antonio, TX
Eave pros roofing and property restoration is a family owned business. we are fully insured...

ECO Plumbing

410 Nopal St
San Antonio, TX
We are a small plumbing business who is owned and operated by a husband and wife team that...


15024 W. FM 471
San Antonio, TX
5 employees. work performed with integrity & honesty, no short-cuts or half-measures. ...

Ed Feehan General Contractor

2029 Gusty Point
Schertz, TX
General contractor with 5-10 workers specializing in many different fields. free estimates...

Eddy's Remodeling and Home Repair

We have not been open since 11-1-12, Sorry
San Antonio, TX
Eddy home renovation and repair is a licensed and insured service provider, and was...


San Antonio, TX
Providing affordable, professional interior and exterior painting services.

Elegante Design & Remodeling

5886 De Zavala
San Antonio, TX
We offer a first time complimentary design service.we strive to be unique and different on...

Elite Handyman Serv

110 Valet
San Antonio, TX
Here at elite handyman serv. we put customers first by being on time hnd having very high...

Elite Remodeling

15911 Gino Park
San Antonio, TX
With over 10 years of residential and commercial construction experience we are confident that...

Empire Home Improvement

new braunfels tx
New Braunfels, TX
Custom kitchens n bathrooms counters tile woodfloors


Boerne, TX
Design consultant on staff. we install all types of flooring as well as bathroom and kitchen...


15238 Delachaise St
San Antonio, TX
We maintain 1500 rental properties. over 10,000 completed jobs. 100 satisfied home owner...


San Antonio, TX
We do all kind of construction repair, finishing, additions, new construction, residential and...

European Panache

10618 Gulfdale
San Antonio, TX

Everlast Contracting Co

833 W Euclid Ave
San Antonio, TX
Additional services - interior & exterior painting, remodeling, additions & code upgrades,...

Evolutions By Camco

San Antonio, TX
We do not require a deposit for our services. you have the option to purchase your materials...

Exquisite Renovations Inc

7710 Stephany taylor dr
Austin, TX
Cost is determined by the job. additional website -

Extreme Plumbing & Drain Service

27902 Bonn Mountain
San Antonio, TX
We are family owned and have been serving the san antonio and surrounding areas for over 15...

Extreme Remodeling

602 E. Carson St.
San Antonio, TX
San antonio and surrounding areas in texas

exxtreme coatings of tx

735 Inspiration Dr
San Antonio, TX
We do not ask for initial downpayment.inssured 100% we not go by zip code we do it...


10006 COUNTY RD 5735
Castroville, TX
Owner-operated. uses subs for electrical and plumbing. cost is determined by the job. travel...

Fair Oaks Window Decor and More

29704 Saddleback Circle
Boerne, TX
Custom made plantation shutters for your home. nearly half of what you might pay at home...

Fedor Construction Specialties, Inc

12311 Wipple Tree Cove
Austin, TX
We are a full service kitchen and bathroom remodeling general contractor. we utilize in-house...

Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery

303 N Park Dr
San Antonio, TX
If you've been dreaming of a new kitchen or bath, let the experts at ferguson bath, kitchen...


San Antonio, TX
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges.

Fey's Home Improvement

643 Tschoepe Rd
Seguin, TX
General remodeling contractor

Finishing Touches Tile / Granite

10221 Dugas dr.
San Antonio, TX
Finishing touches was estabilished in 1993 by steve paz, and started out as most small...

Fitzgibbons Contracting

107 Lonestar Blvd
San Antonio, TX
Fitzgibbons contracting is a one-stop shop for most minor or major repairs for your home. we...

Fix it Home Improvement & Remodeling

12211 Dry Creek Dr
San Antonio, TX
All work is completed in timely and professional manner. we are family owned, members of the...

Floors, Etc...of Texas

Central, TX
Custom interior finish installation and remodel

Flowmaster Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services

2507 Athel Ave
San Antonio, TX
Flowmaster offers free estimates, senior and military discounts, great pricing, fast and...

Four Seasons Remodeling and Design

236 King William
San Antonio, TX
Four seasons remodeling and design is a full service san antonio based construction and design...

Fox Granite

3300 south 5th street
Austin, TX
Fox granite is the ultimate 1 stop shop for natural stone countertops. we stock our own...

fox renovations and construction

p.o. box 2594
Universal City, TX
New home construction and renovations or additions to existing homes


Kerrville, TX
Foxworth galbraith is a 112 year old firm providing lumber/building materials to local home...


San Antonio, TX
Remodeling, repair, renovation and specialty contractor. quick, efficient service covering the...

Francisco Rodriguez Painting

1518 W Wildwood Dr
San Antonio, TX

Fred Siller Custom Tile Installs

San Antonio, TX
Owned and operated by the siller family san antonio, killeen, and abilene tx. turn key...

Freedom Acoustics, Inc.

2134 Petersburg Dr
San Antonio, TX
Receive high-quality professional construction services, from freedom acoustics, inc based in...


Universal City, TX
3 employees. uses subs for various job. cost is determined by the job. no travel.

Full Spectrum Remodeling & Construction

7526 Rainlilly Cove
San Antonio, TX
Full spectrum remodeling & construction is a family-owned business specializing solely in...

FWR, General Contractors, LLC

910 Oblate Dr
San Antonio, TX
Fwr general contractors is a full-service general contractor based in san antonio, texas. over...

G &C Painting & Remodeling LLC

4950 Woodstone Dr
San Antonio, TX
Our mission at g & c painting & remodeling is to serve your remodeling needs with master...

Gallos Plumbing Service Co.

11210 West Ave
San Antonio, TX
Gallos plumbing service has offered san antonio exceptional workmanship at a reasonable price...

Galvez Works

12010 Warfield Dr
San Antonio, TX
I am a general contractor that has been serving san antonio, austin, shavanno park, terrell...

garza tile and more

1315 sw.19 th. st.
San Antonio, TX
I do remodeling kitchens/floors/showers/roofing/and repairs also


San Antonio, TX
Fabricate and install countertops

Generation Custom Homes

1100 NW Loop 410, Ste 700-137
San Antonio, TX
We are proud to be a women owned home building with over 16 years expierence in residential...

Generation Custom Homes

P.O. Box 1415
Helotes, TX
We are proud to be a women owned home builder. we believe this gives us a unique perspective...

George Plumbing Co Inc

12 Burwood Ln
San Antonio, TX
Additional contact name - clay saliba.

Gideon Enterprises

1119 Button Bush
San Antonio, TX
Electrical contractor: 2 employees; do not use subcontractors; licensed by the state of texas...


7411 Silent Cloud
San Antonio, TX
Specialize in all types of tile and flooring, painting remodeling of all living areas. 10%...

Glamour Custom Painting

San Antonio, Tx

GMD Construction

PO Box 762083
San Antonio, TX
Gmd construction is a general contracting service that serves bexar, la salle, atascosa and...

GMG Construction of South Texas

203 E Formosa Blvd
San Antonio, TX
I have been in the construction industry for 12+ years. residential and comercial. all...


P.O. BOX 830622
San Antonio, TX
Free estimates, we have a 10% discount to military and senor (60 yrs) costumers, we accept...


Comfort, TX

Granny's Guy

1420 Shertz Parkway 160/164
Schertz, TX
Granny's guy is a full service handyman and home remodeling company with over 27 years...

Green Home Renovations

8207 Sam Snead
San Antonio, TX
Green home renovations has 6 employees we have full-time sub-contractors. we accept major...

Greenville Custom Homes

880 Lakeside Dr.
Lakehills, TX
Over 20 years experience in construction. providing hands on, individual attention to every...

Grout Tile & Stone Masters

107 Oakbluff Cove
Austin, TX
Family owned. additional dba - grout, tile and stone masters of austin llc. additional contact...

Guarantee Plumbing and A/C

San Antonio, TX
Guarantee plumbing & air conditioning, inc. of san antonio tx is locally owned and operated...

Guy Chipman Construction, L.P.

215 Elizabeth Rd.
San Antonio, TX
I have over 33 years’ experience in the construction and design industry. i truly enjoy...

Guys Unlimited 4 Rent

6774 Country Field Dr
San Antonio, TX
10% discount if angie's list client on all labor fees.

H & R Home Reconstruction

345 Mary Louise
San Antonio, Tx
We offer all types of home repairs , replacement of roofing and tile, also have a wide verity...


San Antonio, TX

H&L Remodeling and Landscaping

411 sandbar
Canyon Lake, TX
Checks or cash, auto payments are also ok.

Handy Hands; Handy Man

San Antonio, TX
Our primary focus is providing general handy man services to senior citizens, widows, special...

Handy Services

1818 Creek Knoll
San Antonio, TX
Handy services is a san antonio company specializing in home repair. we have been in business...


San Antonio, TX
Pay by check or cash. 3 workers plus myself military and senior discounts

Handyman Heroes

San Antonio, TX
Family owned and operated.

Handyman Matters

314 E Nakoma
San Antonio, TX
Handyman matters san antonio handyman matters provides home and business owners with the...

Handyman Matters - Northwest San Antonio & Boerne

28720 IH10 West
Boerne, TX
Handyman matters of northwest san antonio & boerne provides professional services to owners of...

Handyman of Homes

San Antonio, TX

Handyman Repair Services

13214 Larkfield
San Antonio, TX

Hargro Inc.

16631 Calico Creek Dr.
San Antonio, TX
Free estimate given. at start of project, a 30-40% down payment is required, with balance due...


PO BOX 791553
San Antonio, TX
Harolds plumbing inc. is a family san antonio based company. receive a 10% discount off labor...

Harrison Contracting

6531 Beech Trail Dr
Converse, TX
I have roofing crew that are second to none. they do the best job everytime. i try to match...

Hawk Home Improvements Inc

9268 US Hwy 181 N
Floresville, TX
I use the same sub-contractors. i'm always on the job site working with them and over seeing...

HDH Contractors

7722 Ashmole Lane
Houston, TX

Helotes Discount Carpet Inc

7814 Mainland
San Antonio, TX
We have happily served san antonio's flooring needs for over 26 years!


San Antonio, TX

Hendrick Quality Craftsmanship

12426 Autumn Vista St
San Antonio, TX
Hqc is a carefully crafted team of gifted custom furniture and cabinet makers who put their...

Hendricks Construction

3824 Wegner Rd
New Braunfels, Tx
Remodeling homes, carpentry, inside plumbing,deck building and gazebos. billing by invoice,...

Hercules Bath and Kitchen Refinishing

4922 Ali Ave
San Antonio, TX
I've got 15 years experience in the refinishing industry and i specialize in residential homes...

High Tech Home Warranties

PO Box 24881
Raleigh, NC
We are a one stop shop for all home improvements and home warranty needs. we are local almost...

Hill Country Creations

119 Ridge Trail
Boerne, tx
Hill country creations specializes in helping our customers design and build new and retrofit...


PO BOX 2239
Kyle, TX
Hill country home services is a fully insured partnership that is locally owned and operated...

Hill Country Imrovement's

263 East Garden St.
New Braunfels, TX
We are s very good local company. we make sure that our customer's and their happiness with...

Hill Country Remodeling

39360 I H 10 W
Boerne, TX
General construction.


San Antonio, TX
Owner operated. uses subs for roofing. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may...

Historic Builders

PO Box 2236
Fredericksburg, TX
Quality custom home building & design; discount for senior citizens, military hon. vets.,...

Hobbs Construction

138 Atascosa Road
Bandera, TX
Owner operated. no subs. charges determined by the travel charges.


611 SW LOOP 410
San Antonio, TX


20740 US HWY 281 N
San Antonio, TX


12871 I-H 10 W
San Antonio, TX


San Antonio, TX

Home Depot

1360 N IH 35
New Braunfels, TX
We're here to help you do more. provide the know-how you need. give you the resources to get...


San Antonio, TX

Home Improvements By Robert Brehm

2011 Encino Cliff
San Antonio, TX
Self employed

Home Remodeling

1045 Denver
San Antonio, TX
We are a general remodeling and renovation company, locally owned and operated since may 2003....

HomeArama Inc

9815 Broadway
San Antonio, TX
Additional contact name - j f israel.

Homemade Design

41 Monument Ave
Boston, MA
Homemade design (hmd) is america's leading online interior design service providing a...

Homestead Construction

323 Wyatt Ranch rd.
Bandera, TX
Owner/operated with crew, 1/2 down deposit on most jobs and final payment after completion....

Homestead Painting & Remodeling

203 Leafy Ln
San Antonio, TX
I have been in business for 25 years in the san antonio area painting and remodeling with a...

Honduras Professional Painters, G.C., Inc.

PO Box 40102
San Antonio, TX
Small general contractor with a focus on customer service excellence. we have been serving san...

Hott Shott Plumbing Service

9465 Amber Dawn
Helotes, TX
Small company that prides itself on customer satisfaction. 98% of work is referrals and...

Houser Custom Homes & Consulting, Ltd.

PO Box 592177
San Antonio, TX
Houser custom homes & consulting,ltd. we have been doing construction-related work in san...

Hull Co.

1242 Loma Verde Dr.
New Braunfels, TX
When you call hullco, i will answer the phone, i guarantee my work, i do my own work, if a...

Hyatt's Roofing & Remodeling

9538 Autumn Shadows
San Antonio, TX
Family owned and operated.with over 25 year's experience hyatt's roofing & remodeling has been...

I Do Floors Plus

4646 perrin creek dr.
San Antonio, TX
I do floors plus is a family owned business, we provide professional installations and serve...

Ibarras General Remodeling, Inc

1644 Perez Street
San Antonio, TX

Igwt Plumbing Co

146 Sage Dr.
Universal City, TX
we are a familey owned co. work is by the job not the hour. we are a full service plumbing...

Ill Fix It

152-1 Dentwood
Boerne, TX


18314 Indian Laurel
San Antonio, TX
Imaginations offers consultations with a fee, estimates & provides and oversees...

Imperial Custom Builders & Remodeling

1150 N Loop 1604 W #108-445
San Antonio, TX
Imperial custom builders & remodeling it's a contracting company that started building custom...

Improvers Remodeling

PO BOX 18181
San Antonio, TX
Military discount: 10%

Innovative Efficiency Builders International

4334 Eagle Nest
San Antonio, TX

Innovative Kitchens & Baths

17313 Bell N
Schertz, TX
Specializing in remodeling, manufacturing & fabricating of kitchen and bath products


11888 Starcrest Drive
San Antonio, TX
Innovative remodeling is locally owned, with over 40 years experience in residential...

Inspired Design by Julie, LLC

400 South Ave Ste 301
Springfield, MO
With more than 14 years experience, julie loves all aspects of design from traditional to...

Insulation Works

7523 Perseus Sound
San Antonio, TX
Family owned and operated, complete installation of energy efficient services; we are...

Integrity Builders Construction and Remodeling

522 Tres Caminos
San Antonio, TX
Specialize in interior remodeling, additions, and exterior replacements.

Integrity Services

16119 Watering Point Dr
San Antonio, TX
We offer free estimates. licensed and fully insured.

Interior Exterior Painting

11745 Spring Dale
San Antonio, TX
We are a private family owned buisness providing our community with a reliable contractor. we...


San Antonio, TX
Ironman painting & construction general contractor since 2003. -licensed building, home...

IT Stone LLC

1207 Triplett
San Antonio, TX
We are distributors of natural stone materials and fabricators of granite.

J & E Home Improvement

714 Balgzell Ave
San Antonio, TX
We offer the best performance and the best price you can find. example while painting exterior...


Adkins, TX

J Guerra Contracting

Pearsall, TX
We are a familly owned business with experience in home building and remodeling.. no job is to...

J.D.F.Co. Constructors

P.O. Box 311235
New Braunfels, TX
We are a full service g.c. are normal billing is 1/3, 1/3,1/3.

J.E.M. Custom Construction, LLC

210 Alicia Ave
San Antonio, TX
J.e.m. custom construction, llc was established in 2007, previously known as j & m custom...

Jacobs Ladder, LLC (Painting)

17460 IH35 North
Schertz, TX
Jacobs ladder, llc is a veteran and family owned professional painting company that...

Jacodydez Star Co.

Elmendorf, Tx
22 years experience, foreman/supervisor on major projects.

Jaime Medina

8507 ludtke
San Antonio, TX
Jaime's interior home remodeling and repairs

Janus Custom Homes

PO Box 1465
Helotes, TX
100% family owned and operated. nahb certified graduate builder. nahb certified green...

Javier's Tile & More

23242 Hickory Shadow
Elmendorf, TX
We offer free estimates.we been in business for years.when job is done we'll haul trash.

JB Handyman

2424 Roundabout ln
Round Rock, TX
Discounted 4 hour and 8 hour blocks... or free estimate on larger projects....

Jeff Dempsey Construction

10718 Dreamland Dr.
San Antonio, TX
We do all our work in-house and don't sub-contract

Jemco Contracting, LLC.

27606 Fels Mauer Blvd
New Braunfels, TX

Jennings Construction

7359 Cherrybrook St
San Antonio, TX
Jennings construction is an llc owned and operated by master carpenter timothy jennings. tim...

Jesse's Home Improvement

1254 Austin Hwy
San Antonio, TX

Jesse-James Contracting & Remodeling

3822 Deerfield Dr
San Antonio, TX
Jesse-james is a full-service residential contracting & remodeling company serving our area...

JL Hearn Plumbing

110 Millridge Rd
Universal City, TX
Jl hearn plumbing has the experienced plumbers you need whether you need residential repairs,...


PO BOX 33594
San Antonio, TX
We offer competitive pricing and will match any offer. discounts to our new and repeat...

JMK Contracting LLC

1811 Shipman Dr
San Antonio, TX
Additional address - 431 edge vale dr, san antonio, tx 78229.

JNJ Services

San Antonio, TX
Our business was founded upon providing personal "handyman" sevices. we are locally owned and...

Jo Flores Contracting LLC

623 Sunglo
San Antonio, TX
Our company has earned the trust of our clients by providing quality workmanship, a fair...

Joe ramirez Construction

138 Vaughan Pl
San Antonio, TX
General contractor no job to small or to need to have several companies we do it all a...


San Antonio, TX
3 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no service fees. no travel charges.

John Lipscomb Plumbing

PO Box 1361
Poth, TX

John Travis

26026 Serenity Ridge
San Antonio, TX
Registered architect with over 40 years’ experience in remodeling and new construction.

John's Home Repair & Improvement

9615 Echo Gap
San Antonio, TX
Home repair and improvement.

Jones Flooring

Boerne, TX
Jones flooring is a independent contractor that is primarily a installation company, although...

Jose's Custom Framing

PO Box 831243
San Antonio, TX
If you mention that you saw our ad on angies list you will receive a 10% discount off your...

joslynn general construction R&B

6450 Tahoka Rd
San Antonio, TX
6 yrs of great business,we are a subconracting company

Joy Custom Homes

4222 Knollpond
San Antonio, TX
Joy custom homes offers free estimates on all remodel work and will be happy to answer any...

JR's Handyman Service

San Antonio, TX

Juan Villa Construction

6006 Plumbago Pl
San Antonio, TX
General remodeling company offering fair prices for high quality workmanship. over 20 years...

Julian's Tile Work & Home Repair

10727 Shaenleaf
San Antonio, TX
Family owned & operated. no sub-contractors. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may...

Justin Sudsbury

Somerset, TX
Owner operator. uses subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges apply. no service...

JVG Tile Service

San Antonio, TX

JVJ Company

2611 Cloudy Mdw
San Antonio, TX
Our motto has been and will always be "we don't just offer quality, we also offer...

K & M Contracting

13090 Cir N Dr E
Helotes, TX
Family-owned for 30 years. we're a small local company that takes price in quality into...

K Norman Remodeling

215 Hatcher Ave
San Antonio, TX

K Wiatrek Construction LLC

918 County Rd 206
Falls City, TX
Family owned business since 1978

K&S Builders

8539 Donegal
San Antonio, TX
I am an owner operated handy man service. i have a partner and we perform almost all the work...

KAN remodels

360 wind crest
Canyon Lake, Tx
Kan remodels residential homes in your neighborhood! call us for questions about your home's...

KBH Home Repairs & Remodel

6347 Tally Gate
San Antonio, TX
Ownwer operated.

KC Walls & Floors

5007 Round Table Dr.
San Antonio, TX

Kelly Construction

Canyon Lake, TX
We have serviced the canyon lake are for over 10 years

Kelly Custom Homes

San Antonio, TX
Kelly custom homes is a san antonio based custom home and remodeling company that has been...

Ken Poletti Construction LLC

27332 Autumn Glen
Boerne, TX
General contracting for residential and commercial new construction and remodeling. repair....

Kessler Painting Contracting

8402 Copper Bluff
Converse, TX
Kessler painting contracting offers several payment options for your convenience which include...


San Antonio, TX
Uses subs.

Keystone Construction & Remodeling

9310 Mechler Lane
La Coste, TX

Kirk Kirkevold

P.O. Box 63120
Pipe Creek, TX
We are a complete restoration and remodeling specialist for all your home service needs. over...

Kitchen Design Studio

405 Breesport
San Antonio, TX
Additional dba - european natural stone. family owned.


Seguin, TX

Kiwi Custom Design

124 West Ridgewood Court
San Antonio, TX
Licensed residential building contractor

Kleinpeter Property Maintenance and Remodeling

11601 Donna Ave.
Denham Springs, LA
Residential and commercial property maintenance & repair. no job is too big or too small. we...


San Antonio, TX
Km builders inc., located in san antonio, texas, has been working with homeowners for 30 years...

Koby Rule Construction Inc

PO Box 35
Bulverde, TX
At koby rule construction, inc. our goal is to offer a full line of construction services to...


2539 Rim Oak
San Antonio, TX

kyle construction co

115 cypress ln
Boerne, TX
License #23704 i give free bids, insured,and bonded , i do work also for no-profit such as...

L & J Remodeling

PO BOX 10927
San Antonio, TX
25 years experience, use plumbers, electrical license technicians. additional email -...

L.A.B. Contracting

2615 Rawhide Ln
San Antonio, TX
We have licensed subcontractors for any work that may require licensing for permits. we have...

LAG Enterprises

306 Demya Dr
San Antonio, TX
Licensed home builder and genral contractor for 25 years. we provide all services for...

Lake Handyman

393 Flintstone Drive
Canyon Lake, TX
Lake handyman is a sole propriter company.i do all the work myself and do not hire outside...

Last Call Plumbing

800 Schneider Ste Q
Cibolo, TX
Plumbing residential and commercial services

Laszlo's Construction

6522 Camp Bullis Rd
San Antonio, TX
We are a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company, where we make our own custom cabinetry. the...

Latigo Building and Restoration Inc

408 N Llano St
Fredericksburg, TX
Latigo is in the business of building new houses, commercial building, and restoring vintage...

Lawn Stars

6912 Chimney Rock
Canyon Lake, TX
Lawn stars is a canyon lake based lawn care, landscaping and pressure washing company serving...


11115 LINK
San Antonio, TX
Residential and commercial plumbing


San Antonio, TX

Leon Builder

3576 Red Oak
San Antonio, TX
From custom new home building to as simple as a remodel/renovate job, leon builder has the...

Leon R Ojeda General Construction

3204 W. Cesar Chavez Blvd.
San Antonio, TX
License - #h12990. additional services - driveways, driveway repair, exterior & interior...

Level Construction

Hazy Hollow
San Antonio, TX
Level construction’s sole aim is the satisfaction of our clients. we do this by making an...

Leyva's Construction

640 Birmendorf Dr.
San Marcos, TX
I have one employee; depending on job i may hire more. subcontract.

Lindner Family Construction

302 Orchard Rd
San Antonio, TX
We are a small remodeling contractor, we cover small handyman services to home remodeling. we...

Lone star carpet

807 McPhaul
Austin, TX
Family owned and operated since 1987. complimentary in home estimates, showroom available or...

Lone Star Construction and Remodeling

115 Hahne Rd
Bandera, TX
We are a full service construction and remodeling company, we take projects from inception to...

Lone Star Remodeling And Renovations

202 N Loop 1604
San Antonio, TX
Lone star remodeling and renovations is design/build remodeling firm. we handle both the...

Lone Star Repairs & Remodeling

244 Roadrunner Ave
New Braunfels, TX
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges. no...

Lone Star Roofing & Construction Inc

4733 Whirlwind
San Antonio, TX
Additional dba - lone-star roofing & construction inc, lone star roofing & construction....

Lone Star State Construction, LLC.

10740 Hillpoint Drive
San Antonio, TX
Inc5000 company - 2nd year, winner of 14 super service awards in 2013, winner remodeling...

Lonestar Hardwood

San Antonio, TX
Hardwood and tile installation

Lonestar Maintenance & Construction, Inc

955 Curry Rd
Seguin, TX
Lonestar maintenance & construction is a locally owned company based in the san antonio area...

Longfellow Builders & Co

136 Mt Tabor Ave
Danby, VT

Lopez Contracting

3822 S Mittman St
San Antonio, TX
Free estimates. cost will determine on the amount of work and how much has to be done. billing...


PO BOX 700934
San Antonio, TX
7 employees. uses subs. cost is determined by job. no traveling charges.

Loviolette Enterprises

120 Faldyn St
Bastrop, TX
Classic restoration of your home. full service.


201 SW LOOP 410
San Antonio, TX


San Antonio, TX


San Antonio, TX


2211 IH 35 S
San Marcos, TX
Store #0159


17280 IH35 N
Schertz, TX

Lucio Construction LLC

5504 Bandera Rd Ste 707
San Antonio, TX
Lucio construction llc is a general contractor / remodeler serving the san antonio, tx area.


8611 Kingsburry view
San Antonio, TX
Call for a free estimate!!!

M & M Construction & Remodeling

2012 Market St
Laredo, TX
Remodeling all over texas for 30 years.

M E Plumbing

160 Castlewood Dr
Seguin, TX
Founded by michael edwards in 2005, m.e. plumbing, llc has grown from a single-man...


San Antonio, TX
Welcome to m.l garcia roofing and remodeling company. family-owned business founded on the...


San Antonio, TX
5 employees 4 subs depends on job

Madera Remodeling & Custom Cabinetry

1212 Basse Rd
San Antonio, TX
Remodeling is a great investment in your home, and will be enjoyed every day. with a kitchen...

Madrigal Construction

2915 Wacos Dr
San Antonio, TX
Hi, my name is jessie madrigal, and we are a small construction company that dose big work. we...

MAGCO construction

7542 Hyatt
San Antonio, Tx
I am owner and emplow up to 4 skilled employees depending on job size and amount of work at...

Magic Construction

327 Mahota Dr.
San Antonio, TX
Always free estimates ! financing available web page


327 Mahota Dr
San Antonio, TX
Senior and military discounts payment plans available all medical feild and law inforcement...

Marble Masters LLP

12310 FM 725
Seguin, TX
Southwest texas's premier installer of cultured marble products. production, installation &...

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