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Laura M.
"We have used them twice -- once for a chipped microwave carousel that had an enlarging crack (we had priced a new one at $75 and they replaced it for free) and yesterday for a water" heater that would not ignite after the gas was turned off and back on during construction (needed a new ignition kit, which they replaced for freee). In both cases, we received same-day service and were very pleased with the companies they used. I've heard a lot of complaints about other home warranties (taking days to get service, etc.), but I've been very pleased with this one.
Rated by
Jody H.
"Until this instance, I loved my home warranty company. I have been telling all of my co-workers and friends that this was the best company. They were always responsive, and explained" my benefits and costs prior to any services performed. But now we have hit a snag. My A/C unit stopped working two weeks ago and I called a service request to
. They sent out a technician within three days to look at my unit. The technician fixed the problem, but during the process he noticed a crack in my furnace which deadlined the furnace completely. His company contact
to find out if they could go ahead and fix the furnace as well.
never called back. I finally called them two days later and they asked to see my home inspection report from when I purchased the house (4 months ago). I provided them with the document and they said they would call back the next day. They did not call back andafter another two days I finally called them. The man I spoke with informed me that the crack in my heater must have existed prior to my purchasing the home and so they would not cover it. The inspection report does not mention ANY CRACK at all, though it details with photographs every other issue the inspector encountered.
says that the crack 'surely existed' prior to my purchasing the home, even though it is not mentioned in the inspeciton report, and so they will not cover it. There is NO PROOF that this crack existed, there is no documentation that this crack existed, and it is extremly probable that this occurred after I purchased the home. The company obviously wanted the inspection report thinking it would help them deny the claim. When the inspection report did not support their theory that this issue existed prior to my purchasing the home, they decided to base their denial solely on their UNSCIENTIFIC ASSUMPTION that this MUST HAVE EXISTED. With no proof at all. It makes no sense. They essentially told me that I should have known, via psychic powers, that this was/would be a problem when I bought the house, and so they won't cover it. I want Angie's List customers to know that this company is great for small things, but the first time you bring them any substantial issue they will simply deny to fix what they claim to cover based on ridiculous assumptions such as you should have known this was going to be a problem. I am having my inspection company contact
to explain what they already wrote in their report, that this was not a known problem at the time of the purchase and if it had been a problem it would have been documented accordingly. I will update this review once things reach a final conclusion, but I fear it will not get better. I have already told three people in my office, and my sister, all who are looking for a home warranty company, to not purchase from
(I work with the military who are always moving in and out and always looking for home warranty companies to cover their homes when they purchase, sell, or rent out a home). Good luck to anyone looking for a home warranty company, but pass this one by.
Rated by
Erika A.
"I called
(AHS) this morning to ask whether our failed pressure regulator was covered under our contract, and, thankfully it was. I was told that Immediate" Response Plumbing would be calling me within 24 hours and that there would be a $60 charge. The plumbing service called within 15 minutes and I am expecting the plumber within the hour! I am so very pleased since other estimates I'd received before finding out that the problem was covered by AHS were $375 and $340 and the soonest I could get service was tomorrow. Kudos to AHS and Immediate Response Plumbing for their responsiveness and professionalism.

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Year after year home warranty companies have topped the Angie's List most complained about category list, with nearly half of member reports in this category rating these companies unfavorably. The key behind this appears to be an expectations gap between the companies and their clients regarding what is covered and whether service calls on covered items are entirely free.

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If you need home warranty advice, review these tips to understand how they work. Start with a reputable company and understand the contract.

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Angie's List
Warranty Companies - Home

A home warranty, or home service contract, provides service, repair or replacement on a home’s major systems and appliances for a usual term of one year. They've also topped our list of most-complained about categories for three years running.

Angie's Answers


First, call your insurance company and tell them you do not want any proceeds paid to the contractor under your policy as you are not going with them.  This way they can not collect money on your behalf.  Insurance will typically have you sign a form for release of funds anyway but this is a good extra step to make sure your signature isn't forged.  Second, call the contractor and tell them you will not be needing their services afterall.  Did your husband pay a deposit?  If so it may be non-refundable.  Then follow up with a certified letter. 


An email as well doesn't hurt but some states don't yet recognize email as a form of communication for legally binding documentation.  This may have changed and I'm sure more states do recognize them as I haven't followed that topic elsewhere as much as I used to.  The contractor's office should be local.  A sure fire way to ensure they got the message is to deliver the letter to the office of the contractor and have someone at the office sign a duplicate stating it has been recieved and read.  There's no arguing whether they received it or not by doing that.


Hopefully you've learned your lesson about high pressure sales techniques and storm chasers looking for a quick buck.  Some people find out a much harder way.  While these guys may be legitimate you should always do your homework on a contractor before signing the contract.  Unless you have water running out of the house and the work has to be done on the spot it's not so much of an emergency that it can't wait until the next day.


Todd Shell

Todd's Home Services

San Antonio, TX

Consider going to library an reading Consumer Reports rating on home insurance companies in your area.  For affordabilty elect the highest deductable you can stomach.  This will lower your premioum, I went thru Costco, they and Sam's Club can be a valuable resource for home and car insurance. Shop on line with your needs to save money.  Unless you have major assets forget large policy. For your gutter and roofing needs see my blog.
Jim Casper 

Home Warranty reviews in San Antonio


Repaired A/C Unit. My A/C is 17 yrs. old and it crashed in the middle of the Summer. The Contractor was able
to repair it and it is still working very well.
- Rudy C G.

The HVAC technician was on time, very polite and very thorough in his
explanations as to what was wrong. Unfortunately, my policy does not
cover the needed repair as the item had been installed improperly during
manufacture and AHS doesn't cover such items.
I'm surprised at the low ratings given to AHS. I have had them for more than 10 years and have had them respond to repair my clothes dryer, refrigerator ice maker, replace a complete home furnace (paid $400 for a $2800 unit), fix an electrical problem and they have worked on my swimming pool equipment on 3 different occasions. All jobs were done professionally, on time and without any drama. Rock solid in my book. I now have AHS covering my residence and a rental property I own. I wouldn't be without them.
- Kathy B.

we've been customers of AHS for many years now. The quality of the contractors they hire has gone down rapidly while their prices have sky-rocketed. The workers do sub-par work and cut corners. This summer, they came out to "fix" an A/C compressor that was not properly cooling the house. They added Freon, but did no diagnostic work!! So, when I asked why a 2-year-old compressor would need 1lbs of Freon this year (and last year too, by the way), the contractor became sarcastic and finally agreed to put in a dye pack. Which he then did not come back to read until I called! He didn't show and didn't call three times! By the time he came back out, the dye couldn't be found. After pressuring him to put a little more effort into diagnosing the problem, he finally agreed to put in another dye pack. This time, I made him set up a time to come back read the dye pack. He did, but couldn't find anything wrong. He offered no solutions. So, despite the fact that Freon does NOT leak out of a perfectly good A/C unit, he was prepared to just walk away and come back next year when the unit needed another 1lbs! I called AHS and was able to get a different company only after speaking to two different people (the second of whom was helpful). The first person had troubles understanding that their strategy of not diagnosing the problem would result in a unit that would need to be replaced, likely very soon, and it would be AHS who would pay for it. The second A/C repairman (Continental Air) was much better. The contractor found the pin-hole leak in under 20 minutes. He said it wasn't difficult to find and the delay only came with having to climb into the attic! Most recently, I had to have a leaky toilet fixed. So, they sent out a plumber, to not fix it. The plumber had to come out a second time to finally get it right. Then, came a leaky pipe in an exterior wall. The plumber cut a 2' X 2' hole in the wall, then said they couldn't work on that type of pipe. AHS sent out another plumber, who was unable to fix it as well. I found my own plumber and got the leak repaired. The next hassle came when I asked AHS to fix the hole in the wall (which is covered by the warranty). The first plumber didn't document that he cut a hole in the wall! So, I had to track down the plumber to get him to change the invoice. Then, I had to get the new invoice to AHS. Then, they sent out the most unprofessional contractor I've encountered thus far to repair the wall. The warranty says "rough finish," but nowhere in the contract does it define "rough finish." The customer rep at AHS couldn't even define it. The contractor decided it meant to slap a piece of drywall up and use the minimal amount of spackle to set the seam tape. She did not put any spackle (mud) over top of the tape and refused to apply any of orange peel texture. On top of that, she got spackle on my carpet and left a trail of drywall pieces from my front door to the bedroom where the hole was. At this point, I have carpet that needs to be cleaned and a poorly patched hole in my bedroom in my less than 3-year-old home! AHS needs to get it together! I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. They advertise themselves as the #1 Warranty Company in America, but I suspect they have the most customers because they're associated with big name banks and they're available nationwide, not because they provide quality contractors.
- Teresa H.

We asked Angie's list for help: I am happy that AHS has chosen to amicably resolve this matter and reimburse us on what we did in good faith with the contract but more importantly with the customer service rep that directed us in the process. I accept their offer to reimburse us the $170 ($230 - $60 service charge)

I do not accept their documentation of the record. I highly encourage AHS to start recording conversations as do many other companies for "training and review". This would show that we verified with Summer, the customer service rep that she told us to call our own provider. That we were assured by her that we would be reimbursed and that she promised to call us back in "20 minutes". Our phone remained ready the entire evening and she never called. We confirmed with her that we could schedule our own provider, at least twice on the phone. We did not ask her to keep searching for a provider for us. She never said there were any conditions on that scheduling. We did not choose to call her back because the hold time was well over an hour as we had already done twice that day. It's unfortunate that Summer did not document this in the records correctly. I feel AHS should hold her accountable for what she directed us to do vice holding the customer accountable for acting in good faith and spirit. I sincerely feel AHS should simply reimburse up to the level they already would have provided a service provider anyway in situations like this.

I would grade this company a "C" overall with a "D" for punctuality and "D" for responsiveness. Because they chose an amicable solution to reimburse me after my complaint to Angie's List, I am obligated to grade them with a "B".
- Beth and Steve M.

The information on the report was 100% different to the information in the report they sent me. Another company did an inspection stating there were leaks in the heating and AC which did not appear in
San Antonio Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
's report and they denied there was anything needing attention. The
San Antonio Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
that was purchased was their Premium Account which said that all preexisting issues with or without knowledge of those issues will be covered. The Warranty is still in place: they will not honor it.
- David W.

I am submitting this report in the hope that it will spare others the headaches and frustration this company gave me. In case I have not made it clear enough: DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

I have had this warranty for 2 years on my 30 year home, but have had this warranty before on a brand new home we built in 2000. We purchased our existing home in 2006 with the warranty included and have extended it each year. It paid off in the first year of owning the home when the upstairs AC condensing unit developed a leak that could not be repaired. As a result, a new outdoor condensing unit and indoor furnace/blower unit were installed. Without the warranty, the cost of the job including labor would have been over $4000, but I paid just over $300 that included a service fee and a few additional items not covered (clearly outlined in the warranty). If you have a new, or more especially an older home, I STRONGLY recommend any homeowner to check and get a quote. Depending on many factors, you may have to have someone come out to confirm the "warrantability" of your home and covered items, but it is so worth it.
- Jason H.

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