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Richard S.
"I called
to help me prepare our home for sale. Our realtor's photographer was coming and we wanted the pictures to look great in an effort to sell the" house fast & for top dollar.
was great about "shopping" the garage and closets for furniture and accessories that we already had to keep costs down. She was also tactful about the items that needed to go or be cleaned/dusted! I was impressed that
actually rolled up her sleeves and physically re-arranged furniture with me. I think we both worked up a sweat! She also told me exactly what stores to go to and described exactly what sort of accessories to buy to put on finishing touches... again, sensitive to what everything would cost. The photos of the house look great and more importantly, my family loves the way our house looks now. My only regret is that we didn't ask her to come when we first moved in! Overall,
is very personable, easy to work with and understanding / non-judgmental of how the house looked "before." I had never used an organizer/decorator/
before, but I will definitely call her again when we get to our new place!!
Rated by
M M.
"My husband, dogs and I live in a small house. We had acquired so much stuff that I was embarrassed to have anyone over. I tried over time to declutter on my own, but didn't really" have the time. A friend told me about
and I gave her a call. WOW! Everything turned out great. I chose to stay and help, but
doesn't require it. I can see how it was helpful because we got through much more and I could make decisions about what to keep, trash or give away. Over several visits, we worked on my living and dining room, my kitchen, my guest (junk) room, my master walk in closet, my main bathroom, and my laundry room. Usually, each room took about an eight hour day. Some days we did two rooms. She rearranged furniture to be more pleasing and usable, and remembered what I liked. At the end of each day each room was spotless and beautiful, with sparkling baseboards, blinds and fans. She helped me figure out our style, and was even able to tell that I didn't really like or use something we had in my home. Over time, she found me lamps for my bedroom, a storage, a mirror throw pillows, sofas. She would send me photos while she was on a client shopping day. If I liked it, she brought it to her next visit and I reimbursed her. She is usually able to return the items if it doesn't work out. She has a good eye for detail, and can work with any reasonable budget. If you're looking for your own TV home makeover day, this
's your woman.
Rated by
Jean S.
"It went rather badly. She was hired to help us organize our house. She took us to the container store where we purchased about $500 of supplies she said we needed. None of the supplies" were useful for our lifestyle. She did not make an attempt to understand how we use our rooms and what storage we need near each room. She stopped with no warning both times we had her at our house for personal calls and lunch. One time she brought a sandwich but liked what we were going to have better and we made her a panini like ours. The second time she seemed to expect it. I was raised to be gracious to visitors in my home and I was. However, she was not on a social visit but rather was there to do a job. Frankly nothing got accomplished between our trip to the store and lunch. One of the products she insisted we needed was a group of plastic strips with sticky bottoms which were cut to size to make different spaces in some drawers. They had all fallen apart within two weeks. What a waste of time and money.I can't remember all of the other mishaps we endured since this was quite some time ago. The only reason I decided to write this is that she won't leave us alone. The most recent call was to tell us that Elfa was on sale and that she gets a discount. Since my lack of interest has not entered her consciousness, perhaps this will suffice. Please don't think that all organizers are like this We found a WONDERFUL group called "Living Order" that actually does what we needed. our house is now livable and this group repurposed things we already had. What a difference!

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Professional Organizing reviews in San Antonio


organized all my papers from the desk, classified them in folders, giving me an diagram on how to keep it that way.
we had accumulated pictures and all kinds of decorative things and didn't have a clue on how it would work together in each room, they absolutely made it look great!
the cleaning was very detailed and organized also. I would absolutely recommend them.

As time was of the essence to get everything out of the house so it could be sold, we didn't have much time to look for companies that specialized in estate sales (nor were there many reviews to be found online, including Angie's List). My wife only had the opportunity to talk with 2-3 estate sales people and ended up (unfortunately) going with
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
From nearly day one, we started having issues with this company. After the first few issues happened, I started writing down the dates of each occurrence. Below is a summary of those problems. I have tried to put the following in order of most serious to least serious issue. These occurred over roughly the two months it took them to prepare for, and execute, the estate sale.
Because we lived out of state, I installed an alarm system in the house. One day, we received a text message that the back door (that leads right into the garage) was opened at 9:35pm. When the alarm company called us, we had no choice but to dispatch the police, as the alarm panel had not been disarmed prior to the back door alarm (meaning no one was in the house). Earlier that day, the estate people left the house at 3:21pm and no one entered the house between 3:21pm and 9:35pm (we know this because the alarm system sends us txt messages any time any alarm event is triggered or any time the alarm panel is disarmed). When the police arrived, they found that the back door was opened (but not forcibly opened). This door is locked from the inside with both a dead bolt and another type of lock/latch. There is no way to open this door unless you were to pry it opened, so the only way this door could have gotten opened was if someone failed to lock the door. The police not only found this door opened, but also found that the door leading from the garage to the kitchen was not locked. The estate people were told multiple times to keep that door locked when they left for the day. Our house was left completely vulnerable because they did not lock these doors (and I should note here that this house is not in a very good neighborhood. Several homes have security bars on their windows). Because of this company's failure to secure our house, we not only wasted the policemen's time, but we also had to bother our neighbor when it first occurred, and lost sleep (the police didn't show up until ~11:45pm our time, so we didn't get to bed until around 12:15am).
The next day, my wife spoke with one of the estate people and told them about the alarm the previous night. In the most tactful way possible, she told them that they forgot to lock the back door. The woman said that both she and her business partner checked the door and it was locked. There is NO WAY that door was locked. We know it was CLOSED, because otherwise it wouldn't have reported the alarm at 9:35pm. It would have given the estate people some indication on the alarm panel that the door was opened when they armed the system that day. Our best guess is a
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
of wind caused the door open (it's a light door). Rather than acknowledge that they made a mistake, the woman my wife spoke to had the nerve to say "are you calling me a liar?" That was her response to a very serious situation like this - complete denial.
On more than one occasion, the estate people turned off the front porch lights (there was no reason for them to have even touched these lights). Luckily, our neighbor kept a close eye on our house, and each time this happened, he let us know and took care of turning them back on.
On one occasion, they failed to lock the side gate (we had a chain and lock around both gates on either side of the house because of the neighborhood the house is located in).
During the estate sale, we noticed a nice dresser had a piece of wood chipped on the top left corner (approx. 1" x 2"). When we pointed it out to them, they just started rambling on about how good a piece of furniture it was, how surprised they were it hadn't sold, etc. etc. Just anything to get off the topic of the chip missing. On their website, it showed this piece with NO damage whatsoever. They never explained how this happened or took responsibility for it.
During the estate sale, I found the "plunger mechanism" on the back screen door (that pulls the door closed) was torn away from the screen door. They didn't bother to mention it to us. Given how they denied everything else up to this point, I didn't even bring it to their attention. It was the last day of the sale anyway and I just wanted to be rid of them.
On one occasion, they failed to lock the bottom lock on the front door (they only locked the deadbolt).
We left a key in a small matchbox in the kitchen (for the door leading from the kitchen to the garage) and told them to leave it there each night. On at least two occasions, they took it with them (we know this because we had our neighbor checking on our house from time-to-time and the key was not there). The water heater was in the garage, so if something had happened to the water heater, our neighbor would have had no way to get into the garage. On one occasion, my wife spoke to them about the key to the kitchen door. They claimed they left it there, but when our neighbor had gone to look for it, it was not there. Miraculously, the next day, it was back in the matchbox.
On one day, they showed up at 8:57am (even though the sale was to start 9am).
A couple showed up the second day of the sale just after closing. The estate people allowed them to quickly walk through the house. They saw two bookends and offered $40 for them (asking price was $60). The estate people refused the offer. The next day, all the items in the house would have been discounted 30% (making the bookends $42). So rather than take a sure sale, they took a
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
to make $2. That's looking out for your client!
On one occasion, our neighbor found they had left the heating fan on in the small bathroom.
When we received all the receipts and payment from the estate people, we noticed that the shipping costs on the envelope was $19, but on the itemized list they provided us, they charged us $30.
On one occasion, they left some items sitting on the front porch overnight (including a filing cabinet).
In the very beginning, I saw that they had posted pictures of my father-in-law's car on their estate sale website. We had told them MULTIPLE times that the car was NOT to be part of the estate sale. It took them several days to remove most of those pics. It took a second call to have them remove all of the car pics.
One day, our neighbor in San
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
called to tell us that the estate people had left some metal posts lying in our front yard and asked if he could have them. From his description, we thought these were posts that belonged to us (from the back of the house) and that the estate people had brought them up front to get rid of. We told our neighbor he could have them. These posts turned out to belong to the estate people (and were iron posts they used to hang the estate sale banner on). The estate sale was still 12 days away, yet they left these lying in our yard. The following day, the estate people called my wife to ask about the posts. My wife explained the mix-up and offered to pay for them. They told her they were $40 a piece ($80 to hang an estate sale sign on????). After my wife explained everything to them and the call ended, she gets a call about 30 minutes later from our neighbor. He proceeds to tell her that these two people came over to HIS house and berated him for taking these posts (even though my wife had JUST GOTTEN DONE EXPLAINING THE MIXUP TO THEM!). VERY unprofessional. They knew what had happened, but still felt the need to confront our neighbor.
They didn't include receipts for the sign hangers (the ones that supposedly cost $40 each).
- Stephanie H.

I was having a party, and needed extra help. I am grateful for
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
for making it happen without me having to take time to supervise or manage. I just said "Christmas lights" and she had a crew out to hang up lights.
I said I needed help with the party, and
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
provided a great young woman who arrived on time before the event to do everything else: she helped set up, ran to the store 30 minutes beforehand to get more candles, adjusted lights and music appropriately as the night went on, checked the bathroom periodically, interacted with the other vendors (caterers, flowers, etc), helped an elderly guest move a chair to where they wanted to be, etc.
It was well worth the money to have that extra person to just do whatever I said.
There are times when it's ok to do it yourself or manage other people, and then there are times when you just want it Done. I'm a convert and will definitely call again.
You know how you feel like "how did people ever pick a contractor before Angie's list?" It's the same feeling knowing I can call
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
to make things happen.
- Stephanie S.

My daughter contacted this company for my house cleaning needs. They have been working for me for 3 years now providing a weekly service. I had a stroke and they have not only helped cleaning my house but assisted doing many other things for me such as running errands and washing clothes. I can only say this company is the most OUTSTANDING, RELIABLE, WONDERFUL, WELL ORGANIZED company...I love the fact that they are very easily reachable and I don't have to be chasing them. They provide an EXCELLLENT service and I would never let them go!!

I called
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
just two days before a party for 24 people, hoping they might help me find someone to assist me in the kitchen so that I might be a more effective hostess. Before
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
even called me back, she had contacted
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
to see if she would be available, merely on the strength of my phone message.
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
showed up exactly on time. She was able to read my mind and do all I needed of her without constant prodding from me, thus freeing me up to entertain our guests and circulate, setting up for a "break the ice" game we played and other activities.
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
was cheerful, efficient, professional and everything I needed to make the evening a success. I will gladly turn again to
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
if I need a service they provide. So good to know
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
is out there.
- Lynette P.

During the visit, she walked through the rooms I wanted to focus on and suggested approaches or arrangements that would work better and make life easier. She was not a perfectionist and urged me not to be one. I found her good-humored, friendly, and realistic. After an hour during which she shared many ideas for solutions to my needs, we concluded that her services were not appropriate for me now. I was not ready yet because my mother had died very recently, and I was still emotionally attached to the things I had inherited. My need was for a less expensive "personal assistant" who would help me sort through my mother's and my own papers and belongings and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. She supplied me with the name of a trustworthy person, contacted her in my presence, and helped negotiate an hourly rate satisfactory to me. I recommend
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
. She is very honest and gives good value. She is a "systems person" and will not take a client's money if she is not the most appropriate person to handle the needs.
- eleanor S.

From start to finish this cabinet renovation was a joy. Sales staff made an appointment promptly and was very helpful in assisting me with my plans. The carpenter was quite expert and created a spectacular installation that forever changed my idea of the perfect kitchen. I recommend the
San Antonio Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
staff and their products without hesitation.

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