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Anthony & Mary B.
"I wish I would have found
, the mason, 20 yrs ago. He was knowledgeable and helpful in recommendations about the fireplace. Even with his tight schedule, he" is going to try and work us in. One of his employees did the two hour job the next date. Great Job!
Rated by
Carol E.
"Bubba came to our home and gave us a bid for the work we needed done. He arrived the day of impending rains just to put a new cap on the chimney so there would not be any leaks. He" came the next day to repair the mortar and screen. He was pleasant and his work was exemplary. We would highly recommend Bubba. He had done extensive flagstone walkways, etc. for the previous owner of our home and after 10 years, the work he did still looks great.
Rated by
Solveig T.
"I only called Fireplace Doctor because Angie's list was running a special and since I just bought this house last year I wanted to know if the chimney was clean. I thought we" were scheduled for one date and they didn't show up but called and came the next day. Two young men came and pointed out some minor repairs they thought should be done. I cannot fault the young men for their politeness and sociability - but I am not sure they were very experienced. My husband hired them to fix the flaws they reported to him and again they came and did some work sealing around the roof/chimney and one place in the brick work inside the chimney. Again, they were polite and clean but after they left the ash pit door which leads outside to the back patio would not stay closed. I cannot say for sure that anything they did disrupted the door but one followed upon the other. My husband fixed the door himself. I don't think I will be taking advantage of Angie's specials in the future.

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If you have a wood-burning fireplace, be sure to have it cleaned and inspected regularly to reduce the risk of fire. But be careful who you hire because chimney-repair scams are common.

Photo by John Griffin
John Pilger of the highly rated Chief Chimney Services in Smithtown, N.Y., says shady chimney companies target homeowners in his area.

How to avoid chimney repair scams

These scams lure homeowners via phone solicitations, door-to-door sales pitches or ads offering too-good-to-be-true prices.

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Chimney sweep and fireplace inspection, cleaning
Chimney Sweep, Chimney Repair

Regular chimney inspection and cleaning helps prevent fires from creosote buildup and saves money on repairs. Here’s a look at what’s involved and the costs.

A chimney inspection covers every part of the structure, interior and exterior. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member David G. of Portland, Oregon)
Chimney Repair, Chimney Sweep

Chimneys, fireplaces and vents need to be inspected at least once per year. Even an unused chimney needs to be checked for possible animal nests or damage.

The exposed portion of your chimney receives more weather abuse than any other masonry on a building, says Bard. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Jane L. of Philadelphia)
Chimney Repair

By paying yearly attention to your chimney crown to catch issues early, you can save yourself costly chimney repairs and extend the life of your chimney.

Angie's Answers


Most all professional chimney sweeps now utilize the National Fire Protection  211 Standard for chimneys, fireplaces , Vents and solid fuel-burning appliances for chimney inspections, which determines when and whether he has to access the roof.

There are 3 levels of inspection  The most commonly performed are Level 1 and level 2  are listed:

Level 1            Done as Annual Inspection

                      Routine cleaning of the flue

                      Direct replacement of a similar appliance

Level 1 inspection is recommended for a chimney under continued service under the same conditions with the continued use of the same appliance.

IN A Level 1 inspection, your chimney service tech should examine the *READILY ACCESSIBLE portions of the appliance and the chimney connection. HE will be looking for basic Soundness of the chimney structure and flue as well as the basic appliance installations and connections. HE will also Verify that  the chimney is free of obstruction and combustible deposits.

* Readily accessible Means that no special equipment is required to gain such access, ie.Ladder


LEVEL 2            Upon sale or transfer of a property

                       After an operating malfunction or an external event is likely to have caused damage to the chimney

                        Addition or removal of one or more connected appliances, or the replacement of an appliance withone of a different type, a different input rting or a different efficiency.

                        Prior to relining or replacement of the flue lining


Level 2 insp. are required when any changes are made to the system. Changes can include a change of Fuel Type, changes in shape or material in the flue,Replacement or addition of an appliance of a disimilar type, input rating or efficiency. Building fires, chimney fire or other seismic events as well as weather events or obvious construction defects would be indicators that a level 2 is warranted.


Level 2 includes everything in a level 1 PLUS the *Accessible portions of the chimney exterior and interior including attic, crawl spaces and basements. it addresses proper clearances from combustible in accessible locations.There are no speciality tools required to open or access doors, panels, or coverings during a level 2 insp.  The level 2  insp should also include the visual inspection by video scanning equipment or by other means in order to examine the internaql surfaces and joints of all the flue liners inside the chimney structure. No removal or demolition or any permrnantely attached portions of the chimney or building structure or finish shall be required in a level 2 insp.

*ACCESSIBLE means if you can get to it with special equipment do it but you dont have to take apart anything for said access. Use of ladders and cameras just no demolition.




***THE REAL ANSWER to this question lies with the accessibility of the top of the chimney and roof type.  Most professional sweeps want to examine up close the top of the chimney for cracked masonry crowns , which is very common, Flashing issues, top view down flue, and for prefab chimneys to insp the condition of the Chase cover and cap.

Note that the use of a special tool (ladder) to gain access to the chimney is under a level 2 inspection, which can be additional costs since it is a much more thorough inspection.

It is possible to sweep and do a level 1 insp. without accessing the roof. 


Also most professional sweeps have equipment that allows us to sweep the chimney with a rotary system that is operated from inside at the fireplace opening and achieve a much better cleaning than pushing brushes down from the top and without getting on the roof. We also video scan the flue from the hearth so the homeowner can be a part of that inspection or "chimney-oscopy". They see the live action of the top of the chimney and conditions that exist inside their system so when they get their report they know they are not some stock pics that could be used to sell repairs but the actual pics of the conditions they viewed in their system. And we do not have to access the roof.

If the chimney access requires multiple ladders or is a "brush with death", there could be extra cost, and the sweep would make an onsite decision regarding the ability to safely reach the top of the chimney or have to use a lesser option of binoculars or rely on experience to determine whats going on up top based on visible symptoms,  if access is too dangerous or not possible.


So don't discount a sweeps knowledge or ability on whether he gets on the roof or not. Check him out on referral sites , company web site, credentials, training and experience. Get referals and check on liability insurance and you should be able to find a sweep that can meet your need. If you are in North Carolina check us out at For the last 25 years we have been sweeping and inspecting chimneys, certified formerly by the CSIA for 15 years and current member of the NC Guild. give us a call  9197822879


Chimney Repair reviews in San Antonio


San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
and Construction is the only contractor I would trust with my roofing and repair needs. They have always been honest, professional and above reproach in workmanship. I glanced at the first write up and thought to myself, how could anyone be so bigoted about people that are just trying to feed their families like all of us. I'm sorry but I feel that some of the illegles as you call them are more willing to work and work harder than some of our own"Born is the USA" I probably know their whole crew as much as I've had them here to fix hail or wind damaged stuff and they have always been total gentlemen, polite,courteious, respectful, punctual and with much concern about our satisfaction. The Insurance agent recommended an outstanding company for you and the Board of Insurance that you talked with gave you very false information.
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
and Construction has always checked the papers from my insurance company as well but they have nothing to gain by checking it but the insurance companies have everything to gain if they leave out a much needed repair.
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
& Construction has always found that the adjusters from our very reputable insurance companies have left out what they thought they could to cut the cost of repairing our roof properly or our siding. No, you don't have to show them what your insurance company estimated your repairs to be but that would be your loss if they didn't cover everything so what have you gained by with-holding information-NOTHING! Good luck with that. How's that working for you?
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
and Construction has always been at it's best for my family and I will
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
use them for all of my repair needs because they care about their customers and they have always gone to battle for me against my insurance company to get me every repair my family deserved. After all the insurance companies are getting the big bucks, it's in their best interest to save as much money as they possibly can. Your money, by the way. Remember, who gains and who loses, it's not elementary, it factual.
- Saundra H.

San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
communicated very well during every phase of the project. His crew was prompt and performed wonderfully. The original date was rained out but he made sure to give me a call and let me know what was going on and then re-scheduled for another date.
- David F.

I called
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
and within just a few days, their representative,
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
, came to the house to take a look at the work to be done and I had a bid on the project the very next day.
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
came to the house on the appointed day and time.
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
talked with me how they would tackle the challenge and they got right to work. I was amazed. They had the porch cover and the wraparound demolished in less than two hours!! By the end of the first day, the porch debris was moved to their trailer and the chimney was deconstructed. They rebuilt the chimney on the second day and came back on the third day to finish the painting. They were finished by 10:00 in the morning! The whole experience was painless.
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
was very kind in answering my questions and confirmed for me that the rot that was destroying the porch cover had not reached into the roof of the house. The whole back of the house looks completely different! In the future, when I need work done, I know who to call!! Excellent work.
- Becky A.

The owner was professional and friendly. He discounted the jobs since there was more than one and we did all the jobs at one time. We had an extra thing for him we wanted to be done (install of gas logs) which wasn't on the original request but he did it gratiously and made time for us

My husband was extremely satisfied with the quality of the work and the time in which it was done!!
- Kathryn M.

Went great. We called and made an appointment. They showed up when they said they would and went right to work. They cleaned out the chimney thoroughly, identified a crack in the fire box and repaired it, then installed a new chimney cap on the the top of the chimney. We were thrilled with the work and were even more thrilled that it did not cost very much to get all of that work done.
- Susan M.

The shed looks good as new. The work went very well. They had done some work for our neighbors in back of us and we got to tour their back patio that they did for them. It was beautiful work. We admired it so much that we asked them to come over and give us an estimate. They were out here in 100+ degree San
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
heat working away. They were up on the roof and everywhere. They did it with a smile and they were happy. They did it very well. The price was very reasonable. Their price was lower than another bidder. They had to stop early one day because it got too hot but they were back the next morning all burnt to death, bless their hearts. They took care of things. They came when they said they would be here. They were very professional and knew what they were doing.

San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
's service was excellent. Estimates were done in a timely manner and calls were returned by
San Antonio Chimney Repair Services Provider Name Locked
promptly and professionally. Workers arrived promptly and worked hard the whole day. They were friendly and answered all questions knowledgeably. They seemed to be highly experienced and did all jobs efficiently and professionally. The finish work was excellent, and they cleaned up completely after the job. I'm picky about work done on my house, and was thrilled that they did such an excellent job. They told us what they were going to do, and then did it the way promised. Cannot say enough good things about them and their work! We plan on having them do some more projects on our house.
- Madeleine F.

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