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The hired staff, particularly the manager
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
and attendant
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
are nice. My animals seem happy to see the staff when I bring them in each day. The facility is clean, and I never picked up a kennel smell. The shop area has unique dog harnesses and apparel I haven't found in other stores.
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
(the owner) is also willing to order a size if they do no have it. Several of my neighbors used The
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
for boarding and recommended them highly.

Ok, now for the negative part of the experience. I started using the day care service shortly after they expanded evening hours to 6:30 pm on weekdays. For background: I currently have a job where I have relatively flexible hours as long as I put in 40 hours minimum weekly. I get most of my work done after pm when the staff I consult for leaves and I have fewer interruptions. It is also one of those positions where "the work is done when the work is done" and most of the stakeholders I need to contact aren't available until after pm when they finish meetings, clinic time with patient, etc. Working 9:30-10 am to 6-6:30 pm fits my position well. At age 40-ish I learned punctuality is not my strong point, but I try not to be ridiculous. I really liked my prior daycare, which was open until pm and closer to my job in Downtown
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
. I changed to The
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
because I got a second dog over the summer, and the fee for both dogs was about the same as the other center charged for one. Though Animal Den is 10 miles further, I thought the trade-off for the lower price was having to leave work 15-20 minutes earlier.

Because of the character of my job and the distance (having to pass
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
Field during summer & fall home games, for example), I was late picking up my dogs about twice a week. In most cases, I was less than 5 minutes late and I normally called to inform staff. One or two other owners (Visla owner and a guy with 2 Bernese Mountain dogs) were frequently arriving a the same time. I was normally home 10-minutes before pm, even if late and letting the dogs relieve themselves before heading to the house.

On 11-30-11, I called, and let the staff know I would be late, and rang the door bell when I arrived 8-10 minutes after closing. The shop was dark, and
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
, the owner had me wait another 5-10 minutes before bringing out the dogs. She told me to not be late because "she can't keep her staff " (one staff actually stays later to tend to boarding animals which are in cages/kennels). No verbal or written notice that I may receive "penalty" for continued lateness on the other dates I dropped off the dogs. I asked if there were other arrangement which would let me bring the dogs fewer days and keep them home on dates I tended to be late. The only options were 14 days consecutively, or monthly consecutively, at $13.64 for two dogs or $16.00 daily for each dogs. No options to pre-pay for a set of days and use them flexibly. She allowed me to pay for a full monthly pass on 12-5-11 and did not say anything else about lateness being prohibited or that she did not want my business anymore.

On 12-12-11, I arrived 3 minutes late. At the time, the shop was completely closed and all lights out and the night staff member's car was in the lot. Over the next 12 minutes, I called, and rang the bell twice. No one called me. No one came out. I came in the next morning to get my dogs, and
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
repeated, "you don't have to pay for boarding now". When I got home, I re-read the contract. Not only is there no language about late day care pick-ups, the agreement only pertains to boarding. Nothing in the New Guest Agreement stated
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
had the right to keep a dog overnight as a penalty for lateness without any attempt to contact the owner, then charge for boarding.

I sent a letter describing my recall of the events, requesting the remainder of my monthly fee, and advising the owner I would seek charges for replacing her services if I needed to pursue the issue in court. The letter
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
sent to me stated that I was well aware of their hours, and it didn't matter if I was one minute or eight minutes late. Her staff had other things to do than open the door when I was late. She refunded my money after deducting $30.00 for boarding fees and stating the contract allowed her to charge me $50.00 each time I was late. My daily fee for day care was $13.64 a day, really? Her comments lead me to believe she instructed the staff to not give me my dogs! As luck would have it, one dog got an eye infection requiring medication 3x/ day, so I had to pay a dog-walker to perform a service I already bought from The
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
. She also stated that though I paid for 30 days or monthly, it doesn't include weekends. As stated, the agreement does not contain anything on day care, so one would not know this otherwise.

I do not excuse being late. It is a bad habit and I try to do better. When I figured the
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
's hours weren't working for me, I started looking for other arrangements, but didn't find one by 12/5, and continued. However, The
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
staff, while friendly, are not my friends or relatives doing a favor for a flaky acquaintance. This is business and I paid for a service her up front for full months, on time. I deserved the professional courtesy of at minimum, a phone call to work out arrangements to get the dogs at the night workers convenience, or consent to boarding. I deserved verbal and preferable written notice of a late pick-up policy and reasonable applicable fees for day care, not overnight boarding if it wasn't spelled out in the service agreement. I also deserved to not be insulted by having the staff member's sitting in the parking lot & still refuse to give me my dogs if this was not part of the agreement.

My prior day care had a fee for pick-up over 5 minutes late, up to minutes. After 15 minutes, they have to board for safety reasons because the facility is cage-free and day care staff leave from 7:15-7:30. All of this is spelled out in the website, in the attendance agreement and at the temperament test appointment. They also have an option of 10 days to be used within a 60 day period. This is how one does business, and my dogs will be going back to that day care about once a week, plus a dog walker on my other long work days.

I am not sure if The
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
started as boarding only, and hasn't had the long-term day care experience, including the reality that customers will be late sometimes. The contracts and business practices for day care may need to be figured out, including whether staying open until 6:pm really works for them. The center well kept, but not in as nice an area as some of the other local dog day cares (but not actually a "bad" area, just industrial). So maybe being open after dark is a problem? I also suspect the owner was a dog service person before a business person, and may need to expand her ideas on customer service. I don't mean put up with truly unacceptable customer behaviors, but pick
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
in favor those that involve staff & pet safety and folks who do not pay. I suggest taking less of a punitive "my way or highway" stance; communicate better with her customers; avoid passive behavior or punishing actions toward the humans w/ check books; and following a clear contract applicable to the services given.

In summary, Consider The
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
for dog day care ONLY if you work very consistent, early hours on M-F and can get to the center before 5:pm- the closing time before
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
2011. They will care for your dogs well, but you have to work only by their terms. They seem to be in a huge rush to get out if you pick up after 6 pm. They offer very little flexibility about packages. If you need flexibility on days used, or need to pick-up after 6 pm, save yourself hassles and go elsewhere. They do not have accommodations if you happen to be late, and will not tell you up front it is a problem. You risk having your dog locked in without notice, and without being given the terms upon will prompt The
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
to take this step. You will be asked to pay for boarding if this happens, too. You risk being treated in a very unprofessional manner by the owner and, like me, having your dog confiscated for your "bad" behavior. Keep in mind if you purchase a 30 day pass it is actually only about 20-22 days because you cannot use the day care services on weekends. Read the New Guest Agreement very carefully if you only want to use day care as it does not speak to this service at all. You have to demand the owner or a manager give you a verbal explanation, and a written amendment to the New Guest Agreement spelling the out fees, and policies for day care services. Maybe if the customers demand a separate clearly explained contract for day care, they will make one.
- tamara R.

Although a bit pricey overall, I'm quite pleased with how they treated my
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
cat. She was sick, they took her in, figured out what was wrong, provided medication and did follow-up to be sure she was OK. She had to spend a few hours there until they could get a specimen from her.
- Jennifer H.

When we dropped off our two cats, the staff was thorough and got all the information needed about our cats. They seemed to care about the animals. The facility was clean, even with all the cats who had "house priviledges" at the time. The cats are allowed out of their cages daily if they get along with the other cats. Our one cat was ready to get out and explore as soon as we put him in his "condo". They have different types of accommodations so you can pick whatever works best for your cats. I emailed while we were gone, and received a prompt and thorough reply. When we picked up our cats, the explorer did not seem to want to leave. He was in the outdoor area with other cats watching for whatever was beyond the fence. We will definitely be using
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
Place again.
- Barbara F.

We were very nervous about leaving our older dog who we have never had to board at a kennel before. The fee was only around $32 per night for both dogs--we got a discount for having them board in the same kennel. The workers were sympathetic to our concerns and explained that we could leave both of their beds and as many toys as we wanted. They said they take the beds away in the morning and take the toys away at night, which seems reasonable. We were told that they get three breaks per day in the "potty area" for about 20 minutes each. The kennel also offers playtime in a pool/play area where the dogs can play fetch or swim if they so choose. That service is $10 for one half hour (it was $10 for both, not each). When we dropped them off we waited for them to get nervous and anxious as they do at the vet, but they were enthusiastic and trotted off quite happily with
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
to their kennel without even looking back! When we picked them up they were clean and happy. We got all of their toys and bedding back (other than one that was apparently shredded by one of the dogs). There were no surprise fees and it was a relief to have the dogs back not smelling like "kennel" as happens with many places. Overall it was a very pleasant experience. They were clean, professional, and affordable. The only criticism/suggestion that we have is that when a dog owner calls they should be allowed to talk to the person who is actually caring for their dog, not just the front desk employee. We would have liked to know in greater detail how they behaved during the visit and whether or not they were comfortable enough to play or swim during the extra play times that we paid for.
- silent T.

I have used this kennel several times, most recently to board my two dogs while I was in Hawaii for 10 days. I chose this kennel the first time I used them because of their friendliness and also because of their cleanliness. Although it may seem off putting to some, the fact that the kennel runs an outdoor play area that is all concrete is a plus. This is because concrete can be effectively cleaned, as opposed to gravel, grass or dirt which can hold on to harmful viruses, and also to smells. This kennel does not smell like a kennel! The staff is pleasant and professional. They were understanding when my partner needed extra time before leaving with one of our dogs who had never been boarded before. And when our flight home was delayed by a day, they were accommodating in agreeing to keep them an extra day on a very busy weekend. They also provide group and individual play time (based on how well your dog gets along with others). Dogs can have their own toys and beds. The only thing I would change about the place is to have some shade put up in the play yard. However, the kennels themselves are inside are climate controlled. The fee I paid ($20/day for each dog, plus a bath for each on their last day - can't recall cost) was very reasonable for 10 days.
- Barbara D.

They took very good care of her and I could tell they paid kind attention to her. The staff was very reassuring from start to finish. The clinic, however demonstrated administrative problems. First, we were double-charged for her boarding. Once they figured out the problem,they said I would have a credit on my account of just under $200. I had to ask if I could please have a refund of my money. Maybe I am an unusual client, but I don't generally keep that kind of money on account for future services unless I'm retaining a lawyer. Apparently, only the vet himself can put credits on cards, so they had to send me a check in the mail. Secondly, inconsistent with the paperwork at drop-off, they added on an undisclosed $50 office visit charge. I expressed my concern about this unauthorized charge and was told that the doctor would call me on Monday. He did not call. I called periodically (4 times) and was told he would call me "at his earliest convenience." That never happened.
- Andrew M.

They have a great facility and they have a lot of extras that a lot of places
Sacramento Animal Boarders Provider Name Locked
t offer. They even have a newsletter that is sent out to the clients they have to keep them inform of different things going on at the facility. I also like that there are various packages to choose from that offer personalized care. This is a very trusting place for pets.
- Todd R.

They have a brand new modern faculty. They have an outdoor area with a pool. They interview all of their clients and they place the dog with other dogs for a minimum of three hours to see if they are too aggressive because they won t take them if they are. It truly is a wonderful place. It was thirty five dollars per day.
- PAT E.

Our dog has a good time and loves to go there. I am very impressed with the place and I would highly recommend them to other people. They are professional and very caring towards the animals. They are reasonably priced as well and I am happy with all of their little extra services.

They are organized, careful, have a senior discount (10%), and well trained staff. They are available with a hospital facility day or night. They are also do pet boarding. Our dog actually likes to go, which is for us the sign of a good boarding facility. The groomer is also excellent but hard to schedule sooner than 4 weeks in advance.
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