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and his son do really great work and it was really nice not having a salesman and then a different crew to do the work. They do all the work themselves and did a fantastic job. The price seemed pretty steep but it's pretty much the going rate and the end results were worth it. The new doors are good quality and the veneering looks almost as good as factory cabinets. It looks like a brand new kitchen. They took care of the house and cleaned up after themselves each day. Very happy to work with these guys and I was very satisfied.
- Karen B.

I was in the process of getting my house in shape to put on the
. Several of my kitchen cabinet doors, which are made of some type of laminate, had suffered water damage which one refacing contractor deemed terminal. He recommended that I try
, as he might be able to repair rather than replace the doors.
came that day, gave me a reasonable estimate, and sent a crew over that afternoon to remove the damaged doors to attempt a repair. He called the next day to report success, sent his people back to remove the rest of the doors for painting, and reinstalled them all on day 3. I could not tell that there had ever been any damage. Saved me thousands of dollars. House sold before it even formally went on the
- Michael M.

Cabinet Refacing reviews in Raleigh


I received quotes from three outfits for
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
my kitchen cabinets.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
came in with the most reasonable estimate.
Dealing with
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
is an old-style experience of craftsmenship and professionalism. He made a number of suggestions, some of which actually saved us money. I was very impressed by his thoughtfulness and expertise in the way that he evaluated the job and the way that he performed the work. He completed the job on time and on budget. His work transformed our kitchen. We are delighted by the work. High quality work, efficient and professional. Hard to imagine a better company or a better outcome.
- JON T.

While they were here they went out of their way to make sure everything was done perfect. The kitchen looks great. I would have graded them better if they had returned my phone calls once the job was finished. The drawer is not working properly and I have attempted to contact them about what can be done to fix it. As of January 28th I still have not heard back from them
- Mitchell G.

Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
first provided an estimate for refinishing my birch cabinets with a painted and glazed finish.. They discussed finishes and the procedures for the job. They then did a test door to ensure that it could be refinished per the estimate as well as confirm color and finish choice. The door was returned to my home for review. It looked great. We then scheduled the work to be done. They scheduled to pick up all the drawers and doors to finish off-site just like the test door a week before the cabinet frames would be refinished. They also assisted with getting new hinges and drawer pulls.
The first day onsite the crew covered countertops, floors, ceilings, appliances etc. Since my kitchen is smaller they finished midday and then proceeded to begin the refinishing process. The process took two days and great care was taken by the crew. They reinstalled the doors and drawers and then did an inspection of all of the work. The final day (day 3),
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
did a final review of the work, discussed my experience and I then made final payment.
The cabinets look beautiful. I plan to use them again for other work in my home given the quality of the work and the professionalism of the crew.
- Leonard T.

In early Sept, 2013, after a great deal of research and homework and having read his glowing reviews on Angie's List, I entered into a contract with
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
. The work to be done consisted of painting my kitchen cabinets, which had their original finish in very good condition, replacing the cabinet doors with new ones, new granite countertops, replacing an exterior door from our garage to the outside, and installing a new range hood and and tile backsplash which I had purchased. Paint color and pattern for countertop material had been selected well in advance. Also, the vanity in an adjacent guest bath was to be painted in the same color. How
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
that seemed at the time. I had had a number of meetings with
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
and felt confident in our discussions that the job was one which would present no problems whatsoever to him, his workers, or to me. The start date of our contract was Sept. 23 and the work was to be completed by Oct.11. It is now Nov. 27, the day before Thanksgiving, there is plastic hanging over where my cabinet doors should be, and the original drawers that I am forced to use in order to function in my kitchen have no finish on them. Since my cabinets had to be emptied for this project, we have been without its use most of the time since early Sept.
A week late, the painters came in, primed my cabinets with a roller and painted two coats of paint on them, leaving them with what
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
called and "orange peel" effect, meaning a visible rough texture and feel, certainly not acceptable. The new doors were delivered directly to him to be sprayed in his shop and the same thing was done to them. This entailed re-sanding the entire cabinet frames in the kitchen and bath creating dust everywhere even though the kitchen was draped in plastic.
In the interim, the countertops were installed, without benefit of a template having been made. They were uneven,seamed in the middle of the sink and the seam didn't even match, to say nothing of the backsplash, which was not on the same level where they were joined. I was told by
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
that I had gotten the "B" team which were not supposed to be installing. At this point, this was not of great comfort. The next day, another crew arrived to make a template and replace the just installed countertops. In removing the backsplash, the wall behind was so damaged that it necessitated having someone come and completely redo the drywall before the final countertops were installed.
Sometime during this period, a worker was sent to replace the exterior door and in so doing, failed to pre-drill the holes in the frame, splitting it beyond repair, making it necessary to replace the entire door yet again.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
's comment that
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
's Law seemed to be in effect was, again, no comfort.
In case this is beginning to sound a little like a
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
dog story, believe me when I say that this is all well documented and my family and friends are appalled at what was happening here.
To wrap this up, after waiting 5 days, anticipating that the repainted doors and drawers were finally going to be installed and the job completed,
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
arrived with one of each to show me and say that he knew that I wasn't going to like them. After one look, I agreed that they were poorly done and totally unacceptable. At this point, he offered to refund my initial paymentand leave the job unfinished. After asking him where this left me, his reply was "I don't know". I accepted his refund and have been left with a kitchen disaster that I would not wish on anyone and a stress level that is beyond description.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
is as nice a person as you will meet, his manner is pleasing and helpful, and his communication, for what it's worth, is excellent. His results, however, on our project were a complete (or rather incomplete) failure. Why this is the case is an utter mystery to me and my family. In all good conscience, I feel it necessary to alert anyone who is looking for a good contractor, as I was, to be very careful in your choice and by the way, Happy Holidays.

- Nelson & Betsy L.

Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
responded to my inquiry immediately, gave me a fair price, provided a professional estimate, gave some suggestions for a better outcome, did an excellent job, and delivered the work within a few days. I was very pleased and look forward to using
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
again if the need arises.
- Michael S.


Very pleased and satisfied with everything. We had originally got a price from Home Depot on
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
our cabinets of 10,000.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
did the same job for $3200 and they are beautiful! They are heavy duty, quality doors---not cheap looking.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
was always on time, if not early. He was professional, kind and courteous. He finished a day earlier than expected and once again, THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! While
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
was here, I asked him how much he would charge me for putting up some crown molding in my kitchen and he said he would do it for FREE! I would most definitely recommend him and would use him again. As a matter of fact, I want him to come back later this year and put up some wainscoting and chair rail for me.

- Patti U.

Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
ordered doors/drawers - takes about 2 weeks to get them in. Installation was total of 3 days. Excellent quality at a great value to other contractors. We had 3 other vendors and all were 2-3 times higher for same
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
. We did not need to replace the cabinets as they were in good shape and we were going to paint them white anyway. Did not need that expense .
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
is the only way to go when you do not need new cabinets..
- William K.

Here we go again:

The vinyl siding is buckling around the entire house. Pieces have literally fallen off of the house ~ there was no storm or wind.

...More />

Two professional painters have been through my house and both agree NO primer was used on ANY sheetrock prior to "painting." I use that word very loosely. The whole interior, front porch, formerly finished garage and doors were never painted properly. Whomever wrote the review about the painting was very lucky. Flat paint was used in all of my bathrooms. The sheetrock is buckling underneath from the tub/shower water and moisture. You can still see the tape around the top of my kitchen at the ceiling. The moulding used in my house is nowhere near the quality of what was in my old house.

I have had to replace the appliances because they were substandard to what was in my home prior to the fire. The
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
is dented and some of the dishwasher cycles do not work. No paperwork came with the microwave and it was so large I couldn't fit pots underneath it to cook on the
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked

The hardwood floors are buckling on the first floor, have scratches on them. In the downstairs bathroom there was a pretty bad leak and the hardwoods and mouldings are ruined, which Mr.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
was well aware of. Mold is growing around the pedestal sink and it is starting to fall through the floor.

I had a nice hall closet and pantry. Not anymore. Now I have an inside utility room with almost a 12" hole and a dozen wires or more just hanging out.

My master bath is a garden tub, but is surrounded by a single, plastic surround. At least 12-14 inches are not covered; hence, walls are getting ruined and flat paint is not helping.

Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
refused to do a walk through or fix any repairs under his warranty because he stated I owed him an additional $80,000. He has had more than 90 days to file a
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
and has not done so. So, he refuses to honor his one year warranty.

The kitchen linoleum is coming up approximately an inch at the door jam and the wood floors are cracked at every jam. Under the sink the trim was never nailed down properly. One nail. It's coming off.

I have never seen such a mess after a construction site in my life. Me and friends have picked up truck loads full off construction garbage, including shingles, rotten wood, glass, thousands of nails, the double sink from my kitchen was on the back porch. Empty food containers, drink containers, thousands of cigarette butts, plastic, you name it and evidence of alcohol and marijuana use on MY property was also discovered and disposed of. Not acceptable.

The floor where the fire started is now sinking in spots and you can see it on the ceiling on the garage below. No floors are even.

They painted over mold on my front porch and it looks worse than it ever did.

The finishing work is disgusting. The gaps are anywhere from 1/4" to 1" in some places. Those who have come through here to see the work to fix what has been destroyed are actually in shock. If my house is not finished properly, it can be condemned as unsafe.

don't be fooled by Mr.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
' charming personality and just because his son,
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
Lands, who works for Mr.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
, is a
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
cop, doesn't make him honest. He just unlocked my door one day and let someone in my house while I was upstairs with the flu.

The light in my son's closet does not work. Electrical outlets were not placed where I requested. They disconnected the lamppost wiring and garden pond from the house and REFUSED to reconnect it.

The stairs were not replaced and creak like they are 100 years old. Wet carpet was on them for two years. Squirrels lived on the steps with nuts for goodness sake, and Mr.
Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
refused to replace them.

I had better closet shelving in my apartment than in this house. There is no closet shelving in two of the closets.

Trees were cut down but stumps were left. Shrubs removed or destroyed were not replaced.

There are holes in every bathroom around toilets and sinks and where the washer and dryer hookup is where mice and rodents can easily come into my house. The outside water connection comes off in your hands and is literally coming out of the side of the house.

After looking at pictures (which survived) of my original house, I have received estimates ranging anywhere from $85,000 to $120,000 to return this home to a home worth $240,000, including providing the balcony drawn up on the plans which apparently my house can't hold the weight of, as well as metal shelving taken from the garage. There are NO light sockets in the garage. I told him I didn't need as many as I had because I used to run a business from there.

Raleigh Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
reused items from my home on other clients and charged them full price.

He did not pay his subs and sent them after ME to be paid. I guess he is very proud of himself doing this to someone he has known since we were 13 and knowing I am a single mom of an autistic child. If he will do that to me, what do you think he will do for you? Just food for thought.

I think you get the gist of what's going on. I would be HAPPY to have someone come through this house and see how bad it really is. I don't want him or his crew to touch ANYTHING in my house to screw it up even more. I want a refund to have the repairs done properly and safely.

Thank you for your time.

- Stephanie A.
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