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The technician arrived on time and serviced the sprinkler system within one hour. Very efficient worker and he completed the work so that the system would allow watering for the whole yard on a timer. Very satisfied with the work
- michael M.

A site visit was made to discuss what we were looking for which was ; Concept drawings to improve the "
appeal" of our front walkway stairs and porch.
The ANL rep took photos and described their design process and what they would provide in their "deliverables". After several weeks they sent me one design concept video with several design sketches utilizing pavers for the walkway and stairs with a wood deck for the porch. Although the design concept was attractive, I mentioned several issues and asked for an edit. They made the changes and sent me the revised sketches. No follow up by ANL after this point.
The overall effort was okay, the sketches and video were average (as a retired engineer the 3d video was nice but I've utilized it for modelling with much higher complexity, resolution etc..)
This exercise might have been more productive with a Landscape Architect ... several concepts would have provided instead of just one, also some follow up by the ANL designer would have been nice. My opinion is that the company is better suited to providing a turn key service for designing and constructing a completed design/plan versus conceptual development of new ideas.
- Robert L.

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Landscaping reviews in Portland


They were busy this summer, but it took several weeks to get them to the site, even after sending the contract and 1/2 down. I was getting worried with no communication back to us on a date. Finally did come and did a great job of taking out the old concrete, and putting in the changes we requested for the walkway and widening the driveway. Repacked the new driveway, removed several roots that were the issue for the break up, added gravel, and rebar. Issues we had are two: 1. the poor communication on a date to the work. 2. when they did pour the concrete they were short by several feet of the lower driveway and had to request more concrete. It was 2 and 1/2 hours before the final truck of concrete could get there and by now the upper portion was setting. There is a line across the lower driveway where you can not only see the match of the last poured and the earlier, that is 6 inches wide and very visible. They did work hard to try and even this out. And did come back a couple of days later to try and steel brush the seam to blend it better, but again it really did not work. They should have been able to better plan the amount to make this work out. I would give them a "B" overall. Hard workers, good workers, just the planning was bad.

Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
was a consumate professional and an absolute delight to deal with. He set up a schedule with us and followed it to the "T". His crew were congenial and very diligent workers.
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
is a profectionist for any lawn installation and a wealth of information concerning lawn problems and solutions. His many years of experience and expertise certainly paid off on our excellent installation. I was impressed when he arrived a few times after installation just to check on the lawn and make sure we were satisfied. In addition to our installation he also installed a lawn for a neighbor with the exact same excellent results. Anyone needing a restoration or installation of their lawn would be well served by
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
- glenn V.

Overall – I got a design I’m happy with, and she was useful in getting the project moving forward and gave me good references for contractors and nurseries. She had good plant ideas and flexible schedule. **BUT** her attention to detail (what I mean by that is listed below), and how she engaged with me as a customer ultimately left me disappointed. I would not work with her again. However, she did deliver a reasonable result, which is why she gets a passing (if not exemplary) grade.
Pros - started out great...
-Happy with the design – did fulfill her design contract by providing 3 varying designs, taking into account the different inputs
-Flexible on times & meeting places, and worked with me on preferences for lots of edibles and relatively easy-care plants.
-Provided links to ideas for sheds, and advice on how to
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
off the grass and bamboo.
-Interested in being involved in talking with landscape contractors (presumably on an hourly basis, this was not clear). Did not take her up on this, though she took it upon herself to talk over my project with the people I planned to speak with, and stopped by to see the shed in construction on her own initiative.
-Lets you know about patio sales/swap meets to help you build your backyard furniture.
-She was happy to take care of the plant ordering, delivery, and placement for time + plant bid (this is not cheap). I did exercise this but primarily as path of least resistance to keep the project moving.
-Did respond to emails and at least one phone call on many clarifications needed on design & plant list (see cons).
Cons - finished not so well...
-Took multiple passes to get all the errors on design, planting plan & plant list worked out. The errors would have cost additional time/money had we operated from them as provided in 2013. But she did follow up & correct (but that shouldn't have been necessary - making more work for herself). Therefore - Quality for design = A, Quality for having a workable plan with correct plant lists & abbreviations = D. Giving her a B for quality overall.
-“warranty” for plants covers little as far as I can tell – you’d pay for the new plant as well as her time to obtain & deliver the plant. Do not depend on the warranty, other than plants should be alive when they are delivered (see pear tree discussion ).
Details provided below. Note, I work a corporate job in engineering (17 years), so I know how to manage email, work from the latest available file copy, and expect that plans are correct and consistent. When addressing corrections, she generally indicated the problems were because I was not working from the latest file. I’ll be
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
– I let this pass because I was focused on getting the right final result, but as a reason for my finding multiple file errors & mismatches, it was not credible. I provide this context because I expect any response from the provider to say that I was working from the wrong files or had mismanaged my email, or had poor communication skills. And she is entitled to feel that she gave me more than we contracted for - she certainly gave a lot of advice and references for which I was grateful, but she also created a lot of extra work for herself with correcting mistakes that added hugely to that "extra" work that she feels that she gave me.
6/13 - Final design – had to be reworked because in our final approval, she had worked from the wrong design (not the one I’d actually signed off). She had to go back & check for the signature on the design to confirm, and she did do the corrections and re-laid out the planting beds. In our conversation about it, I recall that she indicated that she’d normally charge for reworking the plan, but in this case, she wouldn’t charge me (as a favor?). Given that it was her mistake, I felt that she needn’t have even mentioned charging for it – it came across as though she felt put upon by me, though it certainly wasn't my fault. Fortunately, I was not working on a deadline so the delay was not a problem.
Getting electronic copies – took a few rounds of back & forth to get full set of plans. She thought she’d sent a full set, but neither I nor landscape contractor got all 3 files (2/3 instead). She did “resend” (or send for the first time, depending on your perspective).
Additional clarification on final design needed because some abbreviations in planting plan did not match to planting list. I quote from my email to her: “I can't find what "LA" is (against south fence, right next to espalier pear). Or "BH" by the garage. And is "C" the same as "CA"? There are C's in the list, and CA in the plan?” She did correct & clarify with a new set of plans & list, excusing this as “inevitably there are errors on the planting plan”. OK, a couple I can handle, fine. She's an artist, right?
9/13 - Labled “
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
” Japanese maple as “goodblood” – she did respond to a phone call clarifying whether she’d really meant Goodblood – which was helpful (though shouldn’t have been necessary), since I was at the nursery with my truck, trying to buy the tree for fall planting.
1/14 – I had decided I needed to review the plan & list matching because I bought a
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
based on the plant list – which then wasn’t on the planting plan. It took me over an hour to go through the design & compare to the plant list, so I’d get the right # of plants. Found 13 (not a typo, THIRTEEN) instances where either the plant listed in the planting list was not on the design, or the number of plants listed needed differed from the design. She did apologize, and later indicated it was an “old list” – but it was the most updated that I had been sent. A new list was sent.
2/14 – besides 1 more plant on the list but not on the design, finally get a match between plant list for ordering and design. We use this list for ordering.
4/14 – plants delivered and match the order list. Yay. Then, I was told she’d been expecting that I would have left a check under the mat for her, and she indicated she should have “reminded” me (implication was that I should have somehow known to put a check under the mat without her asking for it). No such request made in advance. Check mailed the next business day.
5-7/14 – Back & forth on a dying pear tree. It was flagged as having issues ~3 weeks after planting, being wilted. She asked questions on watering, back & forth with contractor. Emailed again 6/22, some more Q&A but not resolution. Finally in
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
I ask about what replacing under the warranty means, and how to do it, because the plant is dead . This is when I find out that time & materials in warranty turns out to be an unrealistic $500 to replace one espalier pear tree (which is $80 at a local nursery – in explaining the cost, she indicated such a plant was $180, and it'd take 4 hours of her work). She also indicated that she expected, because my partner is a contractor, that I would have understand what her warranty meant. Given that I've seen my partner bend over backwards to make a customer happy - including replacing a countertop gratis just before the 1 year warranty was up - this doesn't apply. She needs to provide more clear examples of when exactly her warranty applies, or remove references to it entirely. And I own up to it - given the number of differences we'd had, I should have questioned her much more closely about exactly what her warranty meant, and written it down. That's my lesson and my mistake. And I will separately purchase and deal with the plant.

They arrived on time and did the requested trimming of our out-of-control tall hedge of
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
, cleaning up completely afterwards. While they worked, they noticed that I was weeding in the yard, they asked if I would like them to weed-
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
around our
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
bushes. I accepted their offer and they did it for no charge.
We have used
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
for years. They are always prompt about returning calls and able to schedule the requested work within a short time. After they trim shrubs they clean up completely. Their prices are reasonable and the guys who do the work are always very pleasant. I will happily continue to hire them for our yard issues.
- William C.

They were great from beginning to end.
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
Hicks, the designer, listened to my ideas and was able to add her expertise to come up with a beautiful, functional design for my small backyard. In an effort to reduce costs, I had dug up and moved some of the existing plants I was hoping to keep prior to their starting. They came in on the day promised and started excavating for the stone work. From what I could tell all the work was done by hand and the site was throroughly cleaned up each day before they left. I had a couple of rhodies a friend wanted so when they dug them out they tied them up for easy transport and set them aside.
I really wanted a flagstone patio and was a bit taken aback at the cost but decided to go for it anyway.
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
, met me at the rock place (
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
Rock-wonderful place) to look at different options and also to pick out the larger stones that were to be used as a step. Her patience with my questions (and apprehensions) from beginning to end was greatly appreciated.
I had an existing irrigation system that needed to be redone to fit the new design. They converted much of it to drip to minimize water loss and changed the location of the sprinkler heads to the grassy areas only. They also converted the front beds next to the house to drip so they wouldn't be spraying water directly on the foundation.
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
(project manager) even reprogrammed the system for more efficient/effective watering.
Every step of the way I was impressed with the professionalism and quality of their work. The man that cut and laid out the stone is a real artist, very meticulous and thoughtful in the layout.
I knew going into it that this project would be rather costly but to have one company do it all from start to finish (and do it well) was worth the cost. Also I feel like I can call them if questions come up, I'm not just cut loose after the check cleared.

- janet W.

Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
provides amazing services. She is very well versed in her subject matter and believes strongly in creating sucessful landscapes that will thrive in their environment.
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
will work with you to provide a plan that will suit your space, and your needs while at the same time focusing on things that will grow and thrive in the Pacific Northwest.
While I love the plan she did for me (she does plans, not installation, but does have suggested contractors that she works with for install) what I found the most helpful was the Garden Coaching. What a revelation to have someone come over and walk around your property with you and identify what you have- and what should be done with it. That shrub that looks horrible? Because it's planted in shade and it needs sun. What the heck kind of tree is that? Does it need to be pruned? What kind of thing would work well in this odd spot and so on. And if that was not enough,
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
also sent a follow up email with a PDF of suggestions, AND she makes an MP3 recording while you do your coaching session that she sends you so you can refer to it after. This was great, so I could pay attention during the session and not have to worry about taking tons of notes while she was there. I was blown away by this service.
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
is helpful, patient, and very knowledgeable, and her communication was VERY prompt - you will never wonder if she got your email or phone call, she was always right on top of getting back quickly.
I can't say enough great things about
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
and the services she provides.
(ps- for cost of service above, there are many options to choose from, and
Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
did a few different things for me so it's hard to post ONE price, but $120 was for my coaching, which I felt to be the best part)

Awesome! They did a great job cleaning up - there was nothing I would have had them do differently. They worked very hard and got a ton done with 2 people working 4 hours each. The job they did was bid to take A LOT more time from some other companies I had bid on the job. I will definitely hire them again.

Portland Landscapers Provider Name Locked
and his wonderful crew were efficient, timely, hardworking and very skilled. We were very impressed with everyone's professionalism, courtesy and care that they took working around our existing landscape. We are VERY happy with our new patio. This is a top notch company, I would highly recommend them.
- Patti K.
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