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Matthew B.
"I'm somewhat disappointed in these guys. The good news is that they were easy to work with, their bid seemed reasonable, they showed up on time to do the work, finished on time," and much of the floor area looks as good as I expected. They did indoor concrete grinding and their dust collection equipment seemed to work pretty well; there was only a light coating of dust left behind. The disappointment is that although they masked the baseboards with blue tape, they managed to get a fair bit of epoxy on the baseboards nonetheless. In some cases they splattered epoxy above the tape, but there are lots of places where epoxy seems to have leaked under the masking tape. The baseboards will pretty much need to be repainted entirely. There are some other areas where the finish of the floor itself isn't up to expectations, it looks like they didn't vacuum all the grinding debris, which was then epoxied in place; that issue isn't really fixable by me. Those areas are small in comparison to the total floor area, but it seems like a problem that could have been prevented with a little more care.
Rated by
Jason L.
"My basement had horrible carpet. I decided to remove it to do some alternative kind of flooring (tile or pergo or something) and when I tore it all out, I realized that the concrete" underneath was really uneven and covered in cracked self-leveler. I realized pretty quickly that I was going to have to level the floor, and if I was going to have to do that I figured finishing the concrete would be a neat solution. I quickly realized that the concrete was beyond my capabilities though and I called Back Custom Coatings.
showed up on time and came and looked at my basement. He told me up front that it was going to be difficult to get it level and that it was going to cost quite a bit to repair it because of the time and effort of repairing it all. He actually recommended that I get an estimate for having it re-poured to see what the difference was. He sent me two estimates, one assuming nothing went pear-shaped, and another assuming everything did. I got other estimates from other companies as well; however, I liked
's demeanor and honesty so much that the other companies didn't give me a good feeling. I called
back and told him I wanted to proceed.Him and his brother
showed up a few weeks later (they're busy guys, also a good sign) on time and got straight to work. They had everything done in a few days and it turned out better than I had hoped and came in at the lowest quoted price. My basement looks like a new house. It actually makes the upstairs look like it needs to be updated. Everything about these guys is great. They obviously care about what they are doing and the results are incredible. These guys are artists. I can't recommend them enough.
Rated by
Leigh Anne R.
"FIRST COATING: It started slowly - the 3 person crew was late...then had a generator that ran out of gas and had to leave multiple times to get supplies, which I find absolutely unacceptable" and unprofessional. The floor prep is key and was done with a diamond grinder; however, they made a big mess with the silica from the concrete that was not properly cleaned when they left (and silica is very dangerous to breathe in and is a carcinogen). The white dust was EVERYWHERE. Why? Well, I was told they would start at 8am or 8:30am, but they actually started after 9am. The continual delays caused them to work to 10:30pm -- and it was past the 10pm cutoff for leaf blower noise and there was zero visibility, so they just didn't finish cleanup. One of the key selling points of this product is the 1-day timeline and it was irritating to have one of the installers ask whether I'd like them back for a 2nd day. The speedcove application (which is the floor/wall rounding and waterproof
) took longer than expected -- perhaps 2-3 hours and the guys seemed to have a lot of trouble with 45 degree miter cuts for corners -- a photo will be added which shows how they did the corners - sloppy holes and caps -- not sure why Angies didn't post it. A 2nd truck and a 4th guy arrived later in the day and they eventually started putting down the coats. First the base coat was applied, then body, then chips, then scraping the chips, then the top coat, sanding, and a 2nd top coat, and aluminum oxide...Overall, the floor looks OK, but had two major defects and some minor gaps in the speedcove adhesive: First, I discovered three dark brown spots on the floor - one was approx 2" x 4" in size. I was told by Jenci that this was uncured staining, due to UV, and that it would eventually clear up. I called and talked to the head tech at BASF and he told me it was not that at all, but in fact that they put too much catalyst down and it was causing the floor to burn. One cannot fix the burn
-- only way to mitigate is to re-do 3 coats -- allowing you to re-apply the
to cover the burn. In addition, and most disturbing, I discovered that there were HUNDREDS of holes in the floor -- all the way down to the concrete. They holes were from the spikes on the installers shoes. I measured them with a highly accurate dial gauge and they were between 20 and 55mils thick on the sample of perhaps 10 I tested. It is not clear whether there were top coats on top of the holes (clearly no base and primer coat) -- the top coats are clear...The first top-coat was estimated as 15-20mils thick by Jenci and the second was stated to be 10-15...
thickness in areas of holes is: 55+20+15 = 90mils - slightly short of 100mils as quoted initially. Later, in email, I received more detailed thicknesses by
from Jenci: "The primer, body and first topcoat are applied at approximately 15 - 20 mils each and the last topcoat is applied at approximately 10 - 15 mils. The flake thickness varies depending on the size and type of flake, but generally, it adds about 20 - 30 mils. This is a broadcast system and contains variations in the final product." That's 75mils min. thickness by Jenci latest #s - I wish this information was more clear initially, but I thank him for clarifying it eventually (with 25% less thickness). Clearly, this is a case of a decent to great product with a terrible installation. UPDATE 1: What I found the most troubling was the hesitation by the company to do the "right" fix. Jenci was focused on a fix that had LOW COST and a very low probability of success -- they wanted to come by and patch -- hole by hole -- hundreds of holes. Are you kidding me? They also wanted me to talk to their local (highly biased and not impartial) BASF salesman to discuss mitigation options, which also rubbed me the wrong way (I wasn't born yesterday). By that time, I had already talked to the head tech at BASF (and the head trainer for North America on these floors) and he agreed that re-coating was a better solution and one that he'd do on his own floor. UPDATE 2 and SECOND COATING: It took about two weeks, but they finally did the right thing and re-coated the floor. They applied a coat of MMA to re-activate the topcoat, then applied another base
, then two top coats with a new coat of Aluminum Oxide...This floor looks great -- it meets expectations and Jenci and his crew at
should be commended for (finally, and after some delay) doing the right thing. I wish the company would have done the right thing without so much effort on my part however and for this I am still hesitant to recommend them. It's not clear to me whether BASF or
stepped up and picked up with bill for the defective installation -- I'd like to know out of curiosity. I'm sure my floor is above the 100mil thickness spec as well. As a result of the mitigation, I am improving their overall rating from an F to a C, Quality from F to C, Professionalism from D to B -- I urge Jenci to train the installers to have the appropriate materials & supplies on site when they arrive. Price is still quite high for this product at over $6/sq ft -- an F compared to Epoxy and a B compared to other installations of this MMA product...I will periodically update this review as I live & work with the floor...if it outperforms over the long term, I will note that -- I have high expectations, given the $6.36+/sq ft. 1 MONTH UPDATE: moving price from F to B -- while this is 2x the cost of a high end epoxy, it is what it is and MMAs are expensive...the cost from Jenci is actually low compared to some applications of MMA. WHY? This application is rolled on -- it's called the 'neat system' by Jenci...it isn't the same way the product is applied at $10-$15/sq ft with trowels....this is a thicker, floor leveling system that used a lot more product. In any case, floor still looks great and is holding up well so far. 6 MONTH UPDATE: the smell is still there, but I think (hope) it is getting better. The surface appears pretty good - my only complaint so far is that I didn't tell them to retain the "gap"/"cut" into the cement that helped to keep some of the water out of the garage. I am looking into threshold seals for that now. Overall, good product. I am upgrading the quality to a B and overall to B as a result.

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Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of colors to match any room's decor. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Bob S. of New Palestine, Ind.)

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Make your concrete last longer and look nicer with garage floor sealer. Evaluate the types of floor sealants, and learn how to properly apply and maintain them.

Epoxy Flooring in garage
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Homeowners install epoxy flooring in garages and basements because its long-lasting requires little maintenance. Get tips to clean and maintain epoxy flooring.

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From the wall street journal online:

"Etiquette and tipping experts agree that tipping a contractor and his employees isn't expected because contractors offer to do a job for you at a specific price. Any extra money they would want would be built into their bid. Also, it's a business relationship rather than one where they are performing a personal service for you like a waiter or a maid. But if the employees do extra jobs around the house, then experts say it is appropriate to tip a cash amount equivalent to the task; "tip gifts" such as cookies and drinks can count. "The key to tipping is whether or not it was outside the scope of what was normally expected," says Mark Brenner, author of "Tipping for Success!"

My opinion is that a little bit of courtesy (snacks, drinks, expression of appreciation etc.) goes a long way and upon completion of their work you feel compelled by a job well done to offer a little extra in the form of a tip - go for it, but do not feel obligated. 
Agreed.  If you have existing cracking in porcelain you need to know the cause first.  I don't know of any reputable contractor that would dare install tile over existing tile.  Also, any manufacturer warranties for defects would be null due to improper installation.  Did the contractor offer this solution or did you ask for it?  The mear fact that he is agreeing to or offering it tells me you need to leave this guy for someone who knows what they are talking about before he does only half the job which will have to be redone in the near future, costing you more in the long run.

I get so many calls from customers that were talked into a "cheaper" way to do something only to find the work very sub-par.  The sad part is they are out the money they spent in the first place along with the additional amount I have to charge just to undo what the first contractor did before I can do it right.  This floor could end up costing you double what it should if it's not done right.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

Epoxy Flooring reviews in Portland


Contractor was on time for initial appointment, and got our bid back to us in a timely manner. He did not try to oversell, just provided what we really wanted. He came back twice to advise and confirm the job before starting. He was very through with the details. Started the job when he said and finished on time. Worked around our "open" hours so as to disrupt our customers as little as possible. At times worked till 1-2am! By nature the grinding, and floor work is messy. The crew was as neat and clean as could be expected. Much better than some other floor contractors we have had in our building. Whole job was completed in 5 days, which I thought was pretty good. The fist floor came out with a terrific shine, and should hold up very well. There were a couple of spots that had to be re-done, but these were done within a day and almost immediately after we called in the problem. The upper floors are not as dramatic a change as the 1st floor, however that is partially due to the existing floor not being in very good shape and not the contractors fault. Overall we were very happy with the result. We will be calling them again for periodic maintenance as they are a full service flooring company.
- Chris B.

It was a pleasure to work with the
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
brothers, start to finish. My initial phone call was promptly returned and
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
, after listening to my floor problem, said my proposed fix clearly was not going to work and why. We made an appointment for him to see the project I had begun and he brought photos and finish samples of different options for my basement floor. I picked an epoxy finish as I could pick out whatever color I wanted and, because the color is part of the finish, it will not wear off. I gave a paint swatch to
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
and he had it color matched perfectly. The
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
brothers do their own work, no subs, and hard work it is. They spent all day yesterday doing the prep work, much of it on their hands and knees. By the end of the exhausting day, they were covered with dust but the basement was clean and tidy and the floor already looked nice. Today they applied the epoxy finish coat and it is gorgeous. I am thrilled with the results. I have high expectations and I am often disheartened with how things go; but this project not only met my expectations, it exceeded them. Thank you
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
for your fantastic work.

Long punch list to prepare house for sale. Fantastic work. Timely. Good subs. Excellent communication. Fair price. Resulted in house selling quickly.

I can't praise
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
sufficiently for the outstanding work that
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
has been doing in tackling all kinds of tasks with the house. Both he and
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
have been excellent at offering reasonably priced options within my budget and doing their work without any stress to me or my very ill husband. My mind is at ease for the first time about preparing our home for sale and downsizing in order to meet my husband's growing medical needs. I understand everything that they are doing in the house and work cooperatively with them so that communications are very clear. I am still working with the company on several projects. I really like the way that they complete projects from start to finish rapidly and without stress and fuss. I know many caregiver professionals and caregivers as well as professionals and volunteers who help caregivers. I am recommending
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
to everyone because they offer services that are essential to the strong health of anyone over 55 and especially those of us with family members who are ill or who find ourselves not able to be as active or agile as we were earlier in our lives.
- Camille R.

When we bought our house a few years back, there was concrete stain that was freshly applied in the garage. But 2 weeks after moving in, hot tire pick up ruined it. After many years of ugly concrete stain it was time for a change. Through a referral, we called
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
Construction. They were very polite and great to work with.
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
stopped by and gave us some color samples to look at. There were so many to choose from, it was a hard decision to make. These guys are very professional. They show up on time and tell you exactly what they are doing and how long it's going to take. Now the garage isn't slippery when wet like a regular concrete floor. I'm glad I didn't attempt this project on my own with one of those kits they sell at the big box stores. I probably would of ended up with the same results as our original concrete stain. There were many steps they took that I wouldn't of thought of that made this floor look, well, professional. It was well worth the expense.

We called for an estimate. They came promptly and did an inspecition, and emailed me the contract/proposal. They were able to answer all questions over email before they started, and were able to apply the floor convering within a week or so of signing the contract. A
Portland Epoxy Floor Coatings Provider Name Locked
positive experience.
- Kitrina K.

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