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Rated by
kathleen T.
"It went very well. I was changing from a different carrier to
. They were very helpful in the transition of old service to their services, assisted with setting" up the phone, did not pressure me into a plan I did not want nor any add ons that I did not want. They were very efficient, knowledgable and professional.
Rated by
Bob B.
" .I am generally pleased with the
service that
offers in this area. There are not many major service outages that last for hours" at a time. I think the longest that I had to wait due to an outage was about 24 hours. There are occasional short outages of about an hour or less about once or twice a month but that is to be expected with any Internet Service Provider.
does have good technical help on the phone. I also believe they have the remote control option of a person's computer so their technicians can help diagnose connectivity problems (I'm not sure about this, though. I rarely have to contact them regarding a technical issue. The service is pretty reliable so I don't remember if they ever had to remotely control my computer). Sometimes the service is slower at different times of the day. I note speeds as low as 6K/sec. It's mostly around 12 - 15 K/sec. Sometimes it’s as high as 20 - 22 K/sec or higher. Overall, the slow-rate times occur only for one, maybe two hours in a day. You can usually work around the slow periods by doing something else or just wait until the connection becomes faster. As mentioned above, they have pretty good technical service. One time there was an area-wide outage that I learned about over the local news. It took them about one day to correct the system-wide problem. They were considerate of their customers after that outage because I remember receiving a phone call from
saying that there was a system-wide outage in my area, the problem was corrected and if I did experience any problems then I should contact their technical help. So, they do care about their customers.
Rated by
Jackie L.
"He was very professional and I have no complaints regarding his service Issue is pricing is way too high. They do NOT call u if price is reduced and ate not clear and conseice when" communicating their various programs and associated costs

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Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
provide good service, but it too expensive. They should be considerate of long time customers. Also - I called them recently for a service question, and I was connected overseas. That is not good.
- M A.

We had to do a lot of negotiating to get the best possible deal. While we had been loyal customers for a long time, they weren't offering up any good deals to get us to transfer everything over. Overall the cost of their services is pretty high in total, and they can nickel and dime you to death. At one point we had an issue with the cable router they had provided, the battery appeared to be going bad. When we talked to them to get it fixed or replaced, they wanted to charge us over $70 for a new one! The shame here is that we are paying $7 a month maintenance fee for the stupid thing to begin with. We have paid for the thing several times over since it's been in our house. The long and the short of it is, there are only a limited number of providers available for cable/internet/phone, etc. From discussions with people who have and are using those other providers I find that you ultimately end up with the same basic service and issues with all of them for the same high prices. So I just settle. Overall the service provided by
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
is pretty good. Cable provides good TV viewing and choices, Internet is pretty stable, and phone service has been good also. From a technical standpoint, I have no complaints.
- Francis S S.

3 weeks since the first call, still not resolved. An intermittent connection problem
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
to it being shut down, then back up two weeks in, but still intermittent. In seven cases, i was assured of call backs for updates or service, but I ended up having to do all of the calls myself, often the next business day after they failed to call. Unfortunately, I have no choice, really. A terrible company which is big enough that they just don't need to care about customer service.
- Benjamin M.

I ordered
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
internet at a promo price online, and scheduled an install for 12:30-2:30 on a particular day. On that day, I was away from home at 11am when I got a call from the
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
tech that he was there! We rescheduled, and this time the tech was late and we had to reschedule again. Third time was the charm. However, the tech installed an old basic modem that had no wifi and only one ethernet
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
. When I ordered the service, I was told WiFi and multiple ethernet
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
would be included. When I went back online after install and asked an online chat help representative what was included, I was told the same thing! Then when I asked to get the modem promised, I was told: "You may request for Professional Home Networking. With this, you will be able to receive the Gateway device. If you are already leasing a modem from us, we will replace it with the Gateway device for the same lease and the one time professional installation fee of Professional Home Networking is only $49.95." So they wanted me to pay extra for them to give me what they had promised to start with! Besides that, the chat took almost an hour - every response had a wait time of like 3 minutes. He finally gave me a phone number which I called and was on hold for more than 20 minutes before speaking to a representative. That representative put an order in to ship me a new modem of the correct kind, along with 3 account credits for the errors at each of my first contacts as a
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
- Brian H.

Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
's digital cable was great and worked almost always. The internet was fast and I had no problems. The phone (a land line) - I added only because it came with a bundle package. The person who had the assigned phone number before me must have had his service cancelled for lack of payment because there were so many creditors calling that number - at all hours of the day and night - that I had to turn the ringer on the phone OFF and never use it for incoming calls again.

The real problem I had with
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
came - not surprisingly - when I cancelled their services. I simply got a better deal - a WAY better deal - from FIOS. I now get the same services - PLUS an international soccer package - for $70 less each month.

When I called
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
to cancel and told them it was because of price, they offered to return my price to my original price of approximately $153 per month. That would have been great if they would have offered it BEFORE I had FIOS installed. And if they can afford to offer those services at that price, maybe they should do so instead of ripping off customers by hiking their prices constantly.

The worst was the equipment return process. There is no
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
office near me. And - again not surprisingly - they don't have their offices stay open very late in the evenings. So returning the
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
equipment in person was going to be inconvenient. Luckily, when I cancelled, the customer service rep. offered to send me a prepaid postage box for me to return the equipment. Something told me not to do it - but I did...The rep. told me to return the equipment within 30 days.

The box came quickly. I packed up my stuff. I sent it all back to
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
. I even got out my own bubble wrap and packaged everything up really safely to ensure no damage (since the box they sent did not have adequate padding - and was already somewhat crushed at the time it arrived to my house).

Within a few days, I got a bill from
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
that included charges for over $500 of equipment - despite being told that I had 30 days to return the equipment. I called
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
to complain - and after going through a multitude of levels of automated menus - was finally able to talk to a real, live person. She said that
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
automatically charged my credit card for the full fees of the last month of service and would issue me the refund after the equipment is logged in.

I immediately (within a couple of days of cancelling services) started getting phone calls from a collection agency that works for
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
to collect unreturned equipment - again even though the rep said I would have 30 days for return. They call virtually every day. They even started sending text messages. I called
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
to complain AGAIN. The rep. said that the UPS package just arrived the day before and once the equipment was unpacked and logged in, the calls would stop.

A week later, as the calls continued, I called
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
AGAIN - and was told that the modem was missing from my package (WAS ANYONE FROM
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
PLANNING TO CONTACT ME TO LET ME KNOW?). I did not think that it was possible for the modem to be missing, but agreed that I would go home and double check. But, inside, I remembered handling it and putting it in the box. I double checked (and saw that the space on top of my laundry cabinet - where the phone modem used to live was indeed empty).

The next day, I called
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
AGAIN to report that I did, in fact, return the phone modem (why would I keep such a thing?). The rep. tells me that he will write a ticket for the serial number of the equipment to be tracked. He assured me someone will contact me regarding this matter within 3 days. I told him that it's important to me to close out my account with
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
- even if it means I have to pay for the modem - because I want to end my contact with them permanently and have the collector's calls cease.

Eight days later - I received a call from the collectors - AGAIN - asking about the equipment. I asked what they know about my equipment tracing request - at which point they told me they don't work for
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
- they just attempt to collect unreturned equipment.

So, I call
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
YET AGAIN - and basically tell them "Listen - I'm never sending you a modem - because I already sent it. So if you are going to charge me for the modem - do it - and send me my money that you owe me."

And that is pretty much how we left it. They are charging me $60 for the telephone modem they claim I did not return. I figure - heck - that's less than they were ripping me off each month when you compare the price with Verizon FIOS. Thank goodness I am out of the
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
game. And by the way, my FIOS works just as good - and the phone doesn't ring off the hook from collectors.
- Rachel R.

They had a new girl who messed up my whole contract. I had to redo my whole service. They changed a few things and didn't explain it to me properly. I gained a faster internet speed and I got locked into another two year contract. They gave me a $300 visa gift card for being a new customer when I wasn't.
- Susan G.

I've been a loyal
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
customer for 11 years, and one of the first FIOS customers in my area, but no more. I had already had my run-ins with their horrible customer service automated voice response line that takes you 15 minutes to get to where you need to be and then hangs up on you. And still I hung in there.

Until last week, when I was moving across town. I called them to schedule FIOS setup in my new home, and was told that, although the apartment did have FIOS service, that particular apartment address was not in their system. They said they needed 24-48 hours to "build the address into the system," and would call me in the next day or two when that was done to schedule the setup. I had explained to them that I work from home and absolutely must have internet service ASAP and that I was hoping to move on Sunday. They said no problem, so I went ahead and scheduled the move.

Keep in mind this was not a problem with the service itself being physically present - it was there. All they needed to do was something
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
to entering the apartment address into their database, and it was going to take them 24-48 hours to do that. But OK, I'm a patient person. I'll wait.

Four days later, I hadn't gotten a call back. It was now the day before the move, and I called their horrible, blood-pressure-spiking customer service line again. I was extremely busy as you can imagine, and you need to allot at least a half hour for any call to them. The representative who finally answered acted like they'd never heard of me, told me it takes up to two weeks (!) to build an address into their system, and that they could set me up for DSL in the meantime, but there would be a $30 setup fee. Yes, you heard that right - they wanted me to pay a setup fee for a service I never wanted because they couldn't get their trip together enough to set up a new customer in less than two weeks. After I complained vehemently, she offered to credit the fee against my first bill, but by that time I was thoroughly disgusted. I asked to speak to a manager, and the representative got very irritated with me, finally agreed to transfer me, and then the line was disconnected. Believe it or not, I actually called back one more time, and got someone in the business department who was very apologetic for being completely clueless, and gave me a different number to call.

My next call was to Comcast. They came out the next day (on a Sunday), and set me up with their Xfinity TV/internet/voice system, for less money (after the promotional period) than I've been paying for FIOS and Vonage. I have to say I still prefer the FIOS service over what I've seen of Comcast so far, but I'm not missing
Pittsburgh Internet Service Providers Provider Name Locked
's pathetic excuse for customer service one little bit.
- Karen W.
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Wexford, Pa, PA

Integra Global Solutions UK Ltd

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Wexford, Pa, PA

Integra Global Solutions UK Ltd

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Integra Web Services

101 Bradford Road #209
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Integra Web Services

101 Bradford Road #209
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JPs High Tech World Inc

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New Wilmington, PA

Justice and Associates LLC

6655 W Sahara Ave
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SCO No. 126-127, 2nd Floor, Sector 34 , India
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Sewickley, PA

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PO Box 801
Emmitsburg, MD

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Po Box 26041
Lansing, MI

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4622 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA


977 roland rd
Pittsburgh, pa

PC Doctor

2121 Murray Ave
Pittsburgh, PA

PCPC Support

Nationwide Support Center
Columbus, OH


P.O. BOX 26909
San Francisco, CA

Performance Media Placement

23172 Plaza Pointe
Laguna Hills, CA


Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Internet Consulting

2840 Library Road, Suite 240
Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh SEO Kings

6 Lindsay Drive
Beaver Falls, PA

Pittsburgh Web Design Firm

1111Mary Anne
Pittsburgh, PA

Princeton Internet Marketing

295 Route 571, Suite 181
Princeton Junction, NJ


640 Huntington Dr
Cranberry Township, PA

Rave Review Website Design & Hosting

4613 Bowl St
New Port Richey, FL

Red Blue Concepts

3176 Darvany Drive
Dallas, TX

Redhaus Design

3040 Oasis Grand Blvd
Fort Myers, FL

ResumeEdge, a Nelnet Service

2000 Lenox Drive
Lawrence Township, NJ


600 Grant St
Pittsburgh, PA

SB Marketing

5415 Clairton Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA

Search Magnet Local

300 Bursca Drive, Suite 301
Bridgeville, PA


4121 Hillegas Road
Fort Wayne, IN

Shasta Consulting & Web Design, Inc.

2205 Hilltop Drive - 2020
Redding, CA

Smart Evolutions

PO Box 2226
Largo, FL

Smart Ideas by Joe Shipley

2147 W Isthmus Loop
Mesa, AZ

Smellycat Productions

Richmond Rd
Williamsburg, VA

Sonitrol of Pittsburgh Inc

610 Melwood Ave
Pittsburgh, PA


Seattle, WA

Swan Falls Technology, LLC

1028 N Pyrite Pl
Kuna, ID

T. Brooks Web Design, LLC

3111 Rt. 38 Ste 11
Mt. Laurel, NJ

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TECH Incorporated

826 Highland Ave
Pitcairn, PA

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930 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA


13908 Allisonville Road
Fishers, IN


P.O. Box 3
Caldwell, OH


Aguadilla, PR

Unlimited Web Design

12 Hopkins Street
Litchfield, NH


Pittsburgh, PA


1717 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA


Pittsburgh, PA


ROUTE 19 BOX 20436 STE 650
Cranberry Township, PA


355 5TH AVE
Pittsburgh, PA


Pittsburgh, PA


Rochester, PA

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2032 W Walton St
Chicago, IL

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31680 Joseph Dr.
Chesterfield, MI

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4809 Clairemont Drive
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21392 Palomar Street #958
Wildomar, CA


9 Raven Ct
West Milford, NJ

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PO Box 690661
Tulsa, OK


Chandigarh, Ch


Roseville, CA

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48 Maiden Ln
San Francisco, CA

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1020 State Ave Suite 1006
Coraopolis, PA

WON Marketing, Inc.

200 N. Harrison St, #106
Algonquin, IL


11810 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD

Yellow Bridge Interactive

1013 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA

Your Site Team, LLC.

PO Box 101207
Pittsburgh, PA

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