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Pittsburgh Home Builders Reviews

"This issue is that Mr.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
was referred to me through a friend and rather than getting at least three bids for the job, I, like an idiot, just went with him. He over charges significantly and is somewhat prone to lying even more than your typical contractor. After about three months, I caught on to him and took him off the project, but only after significant cost. My recommendation is if people are going to use him, then only use him for small jobs and make absolutely certain you have a contract with beginning and end dates with penalties in that contract. Again, I feel obligated to share my experience with Angie's people to just avoid this guy all together, there are so many better contractors out there.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
came out to provide an estimate; he was in the
area so this was completed very quickly. This was an insurance claim on our
house. When I received the estimate it was much higher than the estimate I received
from the insurance company. Problem is that I have been trying to get
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
respond to both voice and emails; I keep getting bad excuses from him. Each promise
of a call back comes and goes. These guys are terrible, either they’re too busy
or not interested in work, I
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
’t because I can’t get a call back...

"These people were fantastic. Very clear about cost, what needed to be done, and when they could do it. They were swarmed with work, and were clear about their availability. When we were told by the insurance company that the roof needed to be fixed for coverage to remain, they were extremely accommodating and found an opening for us. What I really have liked the most about them is that they are very reliable. You know that if they tell you a date, it will happen by then. And the quality was great.
"I hired
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
(also DBA
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Home Improvement
Center) to put a new roof on my rental property. The house sat vacant for years
and the roof and box gutters were in very poor condition. He said that it wasn’t a problem, and that he
had a team of eight guys and could have it finished in three weeks. The very
first day I received a cease and desist letter from the City because he did not
obtain the necessary permits before starting work- something he assured me he
would do. After that, I didn’t see him or his crew there for weeks. As the three
weeks were ending he requested an extension, then another, then another. It is
now week seven and he has not even completed half of the job. Also, he left a huge mess at the property
that I now need to clean up (even though he also assured me that he would keep
a clean worksite). I had an independent roofer assess the work that was done,
and he informed me that it was such a poor job, that it would need to be
completely re-done. I gave
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
half of the money up front for materials. I never saw more than a few packages of
shingles and nail strips at the property, and now there are no materials on
site at all. We agreed on a specific higher end shingle yet he used two
different brands (one of
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
quality) that didn’t even match in color! I now
need to pay someone else to fix his mistakes and finish the job. Basically I am back to square one, and he has
over $5K of my money. In addition, I am
losing potential rental income by the day.

"He was a nice guy, flexible and tried to keep the costs down.
I wasn't happy that he recommend the carpentry project go to a co-worker who showed up a few days later only to say that he was not qualified...and STILL charged us for it
"The price was the best we found, by a significant margin. The workmanship was superb. Everything went smoothly from start to finish, apart from inevitable delays waiting for completion of the cabinets and countertops. The contractor worked very smoothly with his subcontractors, each of whom was courteous, efficient, and professional.We would definitely use this provider again!
"We called
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, and they got back to us the same day. They were able to come out the next day to give us a quote. After reviewing the quote, we decided to move forward with them. We'd heard so many great things about working with them, and they were so professional. After that, construction soon began. We could not be happier about our choice, they are so great to work with, and we love the finished product!"
"We were very pleased with the price and quality of the work. We had Mr.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
out twice to go over the estimate again because the price was so good. We wanted to make sure the estimate was correct. The men came to the house at 9 am and were completely done by noon. They cleaned up and took old windows away. We are very pleased with the work and the new windows. Our temperature in our sunroom has been consistent and I believe it will help with the heating bills in the winter."
"I had contacted Mr.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
(5/9/2012) about installing a fire door between the basement and garage of my soon to be home (in the buying process and the FHA required a fire rated door to be installed before we could get the final stamp of approval). I was on a very tight time line and needed to coordinate my schedule, the sellers (so they would let us into the home), and the contractors. First off Mr.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
claimed he was open to do the installation on the date and time the seller and I had agreed on (5/18/2012 at 10am), we both had to take a half day in order to accomplish this. Secondly he told me that he would get back to me with an estimate shortly, I only heard back from him almost a full week later after I had left him several voicemails. When I finally did hear back from him he informed me that he was under the impression that he was only going to come out and get measurements of the door on 5/18/2012 and then give me an estimate. At this point I asked him point
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, would he be able to install the door on the date I had set or not? He said that he was able to install the door at the time I had set and that he would call me first thing in the morning on 5/18/2012 when he was on his way over. Mr.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
never showed. I called twice and left one voicemail. By 11:30am, and with no return call from Mr.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, we gave up waiting and left. Mr.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
finally did call back, at 12:39pm, saying he had left his phone in the truck while at another job and didn't see my calls. When asked why he didn't show up or call he claimed that he never agreed to do any such thing. I understand that installing a door isn't as lucrative for him as the bathroom remodel/hand rail installation that he claimed to have been working on, but my time and money are important to me even though they aren't to Mr.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked

This was the biggest construction disaster that I've ever experienced. It is very obvious that photos of
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
work and their references are all fake. This group clearly does not know anything about construction.
Day 1 -
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
shows up to start demo. A 50% payment for the job is paid. A 30 yard roll off dumpster was placed on our asphalt driveway. a cautious demo did not take place they simply pulled the support columns and allowed the roof structure to fall against the house. This caused damage to the existing structure. Caused an electrical short due to the fact they did not disconnect the porch lights. They placed all of the original porch scrap into the roll off dumpster.
Day 2 - 5
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
started digging a foundation for the new porch's concrete pad. All of the dirt removed from the trench was also placed into the roll off dumpster. Workers did not show on a daily basis and noting was communicated to us sating that they would not be on site. So it took 4 days to dig a foundation trench for a 28 x 8 porch.
Day 6 -8 The
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
owner Sergey Maletokov, is on site to
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
the foundation. However there is a deviation in the original bid. The original bid stated that concrete block be used. Sergey is framing for a poured concrete foundation. This should have been the final straw, unfortunately I was talked into allowing the poured foundation being convinced that the poured foundation would be stronger. I certainly wish I had thought that one out further.
Day 9 - Sergey Maletokov is asking for more money outside the scope of our contract. He states that he is out of money because the trench took longer to dig than he expected and the materials to pour the foundation cost more than he expected. Reluctantly we gave 25% more ahead of the contracted outlined payment schedule.
Day 10-15 - NO
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
WORKERS ON SITE. When the owner is finally reached he states that he had to pull his guys to finish another job so that he had enough money to purchase the concrete to be used on our job.
Day 16 - The foundation is poured but has very obvious defect. The framing did not hold the weight of the concrete and bulged and broke creating a foundation of varing width and unlevel heights. Mr. Maletokov states that it is not a huge issue that all can be corrected then the pad is poured.
Day 17-20 Framing for the pad occurs also for the concrete sidewalk. The framing does not look right but I unfortunately allowed the work to progress.
Day 21 - The pad was poured.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
did not estimate the concrete properly and did not have enough to complete the sidewalk. They tried to use a float machine (giant industrial three blade gas powered float) on a 28 x 8 pour. Their concrete inexperience was now glaring! The pad was a "train wreck" They not only had a very obviusly unusable concrete pad but had damaged our front door, siding and windows with the power float.
Also on this day they removed the very full 30 yard dumpster. Upon placing the full roll off on the truck the
damage to our asphalt driveway was becoming apparent. The roll off had sunk into the asphalt and pulling it onto the truck continued the destruction of a large portion of our driveway.
Day 22 -
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Maletokov is called to our property to discuss the damage property and the poor work. The night before I had another concrete contractor to the property on an "emergency" call to discuss the options with the obviously bad pour. When Mr. Maletokov became very angry making physical threats against myself. Stating that he was already losing money on our job and would not do anything more. He walked off the job.
Day 24 - we were forced to take legal action. Below is the email correspondance with Mr. Maletokov's attorney before all dealing happened between our legal council.
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
,I am represented by
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
Milesky Jr. but am very willing to discuss with you the facts of the dispute. The
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
and basic issue is that Mr. Maloletkov was hired to demolish my existing porch structure and build a new one. The demolition process has been completed albeit with extensive damage to my driveway. This issue appears that it will be covered by Mr. Maloletkov's insurance. Part two was the construction. Mr. Maloletkov is very obviously not experienced with concrete construction as he made several huge mistakes and has essentially wasted several yards of concrete rebar and labor. I have had four different concrete professionals look at the existing situation. All have stated that the only real fix is to break it out and re-pour using correct forms and correct techniques. Issues with the work Mr. Maloletkov performed as noted by concrete professionals is listed below. I would also welcome your own concrete professional to come and assess the work of Mr. Maloletkov. 1. No capped
Pittsburgh Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to the pad.2. There is a depression near the door about three feet around that collects water. 3. The window side of the pad has an obvious ridge and is sloped so water runs toward the house. 4. Overall finish has pits and large flaws throughout, including what appears to be a foot print. 5. The aggregate of the concrete mix is at the surface, again goes to poor finish but is the primary reason the pad cannot have grinding done to attempt a "save" 6. He left the wooden forms in the ground. Promotes termite activity near the home. 7. He has damaged the siding with concrete.8. He has damaged the front door with concrete and the machine he attempted to use. Estimates to repair the concrete work are coming in at $4500.00 (remove, reform, re-pour). Estimates to replace the front door are coming in at $5000.00. Siding repair estimates are varying. $3000 if matching color can be obtained. $15000.00 if it cannot. Claims have been initiated with Mr. Maloletkov's insurance company but the claims officer did not think that there is coverage for this type of damage. We would owe Mr. Maloletkov $4700.00 to complete the job ($7000.00 already paid in two installments). Another contractor has estimated roughly $8000.00 would be needed to complete the job from this point, concrete work excluded. Mr. Maloletkov has now walked off the job. has not purchased all of the materials for the job, has stated that he does not have the money to complete my job and would need at least two weeks to raise the funds. Has stated time and time again that he "does not want to work here anymore" that he "is already losing money on this job". This raises the obvious concerns over quality of work and materials if Mr. Maloletkov were to complete the job. I have given Mr. Maloletkov opportunity to complete the job. However he does not want to correct the concrete issues. Mr. Maloletkov wants to place a "band aid" on the problem. He has stated that he wants to install a tile surface to cover the poor work. This is not acceptable to me nor does it correct many of the other issues.I have attached some of the many photos I have showing the damage and poor work. Please keep us informed as to how you will advise your client in this matter.

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