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My husband and I had
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
come to our home for an estimate on waterproofing our basement. The salesman who came was very knowledgeable and well prepared. He took the time to explain exactly what would be done, how they do it, and even showed us the materials they use. He had a portfolio of professional organizations they belong to, letters of references, and he also had an iPad which had a brief video about their company. His presentation was a little too long – he was at my house for 2 hours!
They gave us a quote of $14,000 for interior french drains and a sump pump. I told the salesman that this system was out of my price range so then he proceeds to tell me about their financing and he starts calculating payments for me! When I saw those numbers I told him once again that it was something I could not afford. He then asked me why I didn’t want to use them and I said that they were too expensive. So then he tells me that if I sign up that day to be on their “stand by list” that he could knock off $2,000 from the price and then starts calculating that payment for me! Well obviously that was still too expensive. I
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
’t know how many times I had to tell this man that I could not afford the system. At the end I felt like he was pressuring me
into signing a contract with them that day.
I told him that I had other companies coming out with quotes and that I would contact them if we wanted to use them. He asked me the names of those companies and I told him. He then searches in his bag and shows me the “materials” these other companies would be using. I
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
’t think it was very professional of him to bash other companies when he doesn’t work for them.
They called a couple days later at home and my husband told the lady who called that they were too expensive and how I had felt like the salesman was pressuring me. The lady then offers for someone else to come out and give us a cheaper quote. We scheduled for them to come back, but then decided we were no longer interested in doing the project. I called to tell them this and they still keep calling me on my cell phone and at home every couple of days. These people do not listen.
- Kara W.

They were very accommodating. The appointment was scheduled for 1:00 p.m. and I ran into a work emergency that morning, and had to postpone it until 2:30 p.m., which they were able to do without any problem.
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very knowledgeable and professional. he looked at our basement as well as the concrete back porch and determined that the scope of the work that needed to be done was something that
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
did not handle. Despite the fact that his company could not do the work, he was very generous with his time and gave us some good recommendations as to how to fix the problem and what company might be able to assist us. He was very helpful as well as being honest about his company not being able to help us..
I was sorry to not be able to hire them for the job, but would definitely recommend them to others.
- bruce D.

From start to finish, we were very pleased with the thoroughness of the inspection to the timely submission of the bid to the completion of the work. The office staff also did a great job of keeping us updated throughout the process (
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was excellent to work with), and the president made a point to follow up with a phone call a week or so after the work was done. I got three estimates for the job and, although EFS' was the highest (not by much - approx. $100), my wife and I are very happy that we went with them. In addition, it's a big plus that the president is a licensed engineer and will certify his work with a stamped document. There's also a transferable 50-year warranty on the work, which provides peace of mind.
- Matthew V.

I could write a
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
if I wanted to, but I will do my best to keep this short, but no promises. Expect a long read. I will start right off by saying be very wary of this company and their business practices. They push the promise of a far better system than anybody else can offer, and ask a premium price. Their sales tactics are extremely aggressive. And it is easy to get overwhelmed and in over your head. As of right now I had the system installed in September of 2013. It has been 6 months since the initial installation and I STILL have not resolved a problem with incorrect installation and I am finally giving up and filing a BBB complaint. So this has been going on for a while.

I failed
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
in all categories but professionalism, because the installers were all very friendly. But to date my problem I still not resolved. I CANNOT recommend this company to anybody. don't buy their hype! Save your money!

Sales Experience (8-2-2013):

The salesman (
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
) arrived at our house in the evening, which was nice. He looked at the basement, asked questions, and took some quick measurements. I told him I only wanted to do 2 of the 4 walls since one wall was an interior wall with the garage and the other was above grade. He said they would only do the work if they did the full perimeter, since he couldn't provide the warranty without it. After a bit, we then sat down to talk about what they would offer to do. He proceeded to talk for over 60 minutes on the system they install, why it is needed, and how it far exceeds what anybody else in the industry could offer. After the long spiel he quotes us a price of $14,000 to do a job every other basement guy quoted at less than $3500. I was taken aback. But I let him continue. After some discussion he said he could do us a favor and put us on their "standby list" for which he could drop the price down to $9987. He also offered 0% financing to soften the blow. My wife and I wanted to discuss it and think about it, and that's when the "hard sell" tactics began. He said the standby price was only good if we gave him an answer that night. He said they only offer one standby spot a month and he couldn't guarantee it if we didn't give him an answer right then on the spot. We should have walked away. But we didn't. We weighed the promise of the guarantee and full basement warranty versus a mom and pop operation. They also promised a far superior pump and system than anybody else. We bit and paid the 20% down he wanted at signing.

After the fact I learned through internet searches that they usually quote a price of 300% higher and you have to negotiate and be hard nosed to get it down. People being initially quoted $20+K were getting marked down to $7K after HARD negotiating. I had been SCAMMED.

Installation Day - Take One (9-2-2013):

The installation crew showed up in the window promised and I went over the plan with the foreman. We looked at the basement and garage and walked the outside of the house. He had to double check his work order because he was confused on why we were having the full basement done, since half the basement is above grade (just like I had said to
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
). I told him because
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
said it was all or nothing and it was required for the warranty. He shook his head and said no that was untrue. I was quite p***** at this point. The foreman was mad too. He was mad at his own company for taking advantage of me. I also learned that the standby deal was not a deal at all. He told me ALL of their jobs are "standby" jobs. We talked about it in length. I needed to reschedule anyways because there were baseboard heaters I needed to remove that
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
originally said were OK. The foreman told me I should call the office back and renegotiate a new price (I am sorry to the foreman if this gets back to
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. I hate to put you and your job at risk, but at this point it needs said).

I called
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
's offices that same day and complained about the hard sell and deceitful tactics of
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. I got a call back later from the general manager who apologizes and said he would come out personally to reevaluate the basement and give me a new quote. He came out a few days later and we renegotiated a price of $4300 to do just HALF of the basement. So I was still paying a HIGH PREMIUM, but it was a price I could live with.

Installation Day - Take Two (9-21-2013):

A new installation crew showed up and I went over the plans with the foreman. The installation required breaking up existing 1-ft vinyl tiles where the drain was to go. I planned on retiling myself when the work was done. They performed the work quickly and efficiently. They were very polite. They cleaned up really well when they were finished. I even tipped them before they left. They told me to give it a few days before walking on it. After they left and the concrete had time to cure I noticed some problems. I have some knowledge of concrete work and I noticed two problems:

1. Dusting problems: Too much water was used in the cement mix when leveling. This results in a week, powdery top coating of the cement surface, when the bleed water seeps to the top leaving excess paste on the surface. This made it impossible to
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
tile adhesive down without first spending 5-6 hours attacking the surface with a wire brush (by hand and cylindrical drill brush).

2. Second problem was that the new concrete was a solid 1/8th inch too high all-around, with the differential equaling 1/4 inch or more near the corner with the sump pit. I know it doesn't seem like much, but you try retiling over an uneven surface. I called and asked about the issues and what they could do. They offered to come out and look at it the following week, however delays already put me behind schedule and I had to get the floor installed that weekend (within the next 24 hrs) to meet my schedule before I was to be laid up from surgery I had scheduled. I asked him to talk to the manager to discuss possible financial compensation to make up for the extra work needed by me to get my floor corrected. I never received a call back. I spent about 9-10 hours total that weekend grinding down the concrete to clean up the dusting issues to level it out. And I still couldn't get it perfectly level. So my basement has a permanent ridge around half the perimeter.

Pump not working, the Saga continues (11-22-2013 to present):

So I noticed after multiple heavy rains that the pump was not engaging. I attempted several tests to get the pump to kick on. First I filled the sump pit with a bucket. The pump never kicked on. (important to note that this pump uses a digital pressure sensor and not a float. They claimed to be better and more reliable) If I unplugged the pump and sensor, reset the sensor at the pressure port, and plugged it back in the pump would turn on...once and only once. So I filled the sump pit again, and once again it didn't turn on. I repeated this process several times. Each time I had to such on the pressure port for the sensor to get it to work. It would never go just on its own. I also tried filling the sump pit with a hose. It still never worked. I turned on the hose and let it run for an hour, all the time overflowing out of the sump pit and into my foundation. It still would never turn on. I called and explained this to
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
and they said they would call me back on Monday to schedule a time and date for their guy
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to come out and look at the system.

I will skip ahead to a bit now. Their customer service is horrendous. Over the next 4 months there have been 6 scheduled appointments, of which the service guy,
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, showed up to only 3 of them. And only one of those missed appointment did he call (30min beforehand) to cancel. All appointments were during the middle of the day during the week, which means when I'm supposed to be at work. Almost every phone calls was initiated by me. I had to harass them to get them out each time. My main concern for these visits is that the pump is not turning on or that the water level required to kick on the sensor and start the pump is set too high. Currently the sump pit overflows until ground is fully saturated before the water level can raise high enough to turn on the pump. It SHOULD turn on before the water starts overflowing out of the sump pit. The whole point is to remove the water before it can fully saturate the foundation and raise the
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
-water pressure. It is also important to note that the digital sensor they use is also NOT ADJUSTABLE.

* First visit was to check the system and replace the sensor. He couldn't get it to work, even with the new sensor.

* Second visit he came out with QC guy to check it (I wasn't present. My father-in-law covered for me). they were able to get it to work, but only after using the hose on full blast and letting the sump pit overflow for 20 minutes. I should also note that there were heavy rains for 2 days prior to the visit which helped to saturate the soil.

* Third visit they installed a completely new pump. A different kind of pump that is intended for
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
regions. But it uses the same type of sensor, son it was doing the same thing. The hose would run on full power and the sump pit would overflow until the foundation was fully saturated. Only then could the water level raise high enough to engage the sensor.

Where we go from here:

Following the third and final visit, I was still not satisfied.
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
said that he would have his manager call me to discuss the problem. It's been over 3 weeks and still no call. I have been very patent with them and allowed this to go for too long. I avoided the BBB knowing they usually only get involved when all communications have broken down.
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
has blown me off long enough. Wish me luck.
- Kevin C.

Great. The guy came to do the inspection, because we feared that the slab/footer under our kitchen was sinking.
After carefully looking around the kitchen, the 2nd floor room above, and the basement, he realized that the problem was not the foundation or the footer, but actually the kitchen subfloor. Our initial misconception was that it would take piling and jacking up the footer to fix this issue;
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
basically saved us over $20,000.
Even though we won't need their services, they were honest and upfront about what the problem really was. That type of honesty is rare, so I feel it should be shared so you know you are dealing with an honest company when you deal with
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
- Patrick S.

About me: I have two engineering degrees and work experience as a project engineer.
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
met me in my home and reviewed the job with me. As an engineer my usual
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
of job bidding is that if all bids seem equal, I toss the high and low bid and go with the one in the middle. However,
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very insightful with explaining structural load calculations and the reason that the basement was wet despite having a pre-existing interior drain was always bone dry. I went with his bid, which was the lowest; the high bid was $22,500.
His team was busy, but I wasn't in a rush since Fall had arrived and the area had largely dried out, so we agreed to a date a few weeks later. His team worked for one week and completed what appears to be a very good job - I won't know for certain until we have big storms in the Spring.

- Brian G.

I lucked out big time!!! I got
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
's crew and they are the best crew I have ever used-ever. They are professional to the highest degree. They were on time, polite and did top notch work. They were respectful and listened to and responded to every concern I had. They did everything perfectly. The French Drain was perfect. The concrete work was gorgeous.
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
even built up the concrete under the wooden stairs which had been somewhat damaged to the point where they were level and sturdy. They had bounced up and down previously and that was quite a treat to have that fixed even though I had not expected it. I had no idea that he was essentially fixing the stairs by doing such a great job with the concrete work. Everything they touched was cleaner afterwards!! I have never had workers clean so well after finishing. They installed steel beams in the garage. They mortared behind them to make sure there was even contact along the whole beam and the mortar and concrete work were perfect. It was amazing. Again, they even swept out the garage! They removed a piece of wood that seemed to be serving no purpose as well upon my request. They also installed steel beams under an unusual tiny room under the limestone sidewalk. It came out perfect! The owner, who is a very nice and very knowledgable man came out to go over the project. He wanted to make sure it was 100 percent perfect and opted for a more expensive system at no additional cost!!! The concrete and mortar work is impeccable. It looks so different. The amazing part was there is an old grate in the sidewalk that was leaking water into this room but was really nice. I wanted to keep the grate and asked if I could without comprising the waterproofing. I had thought it was impossible.
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
's answer was yes, I could keep the grate. He went far out of his way to install rebar supports and create a concrete disc that he set the grate into while the concrete was wet. The result is the limestone sidewalk and grate look exactly the same and there is no water leaking anymore!! I feel so confident in their work and am very pleased that a great engineer assessed the site.
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
were wonderful and did beautiful work with a smile. If you saw how many buckets of rocks and dirt they hauled, you would be amazed. I literally could not be happier with the crew and their work!!
- april C.

Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
arrived promptly and completed the job in one day. The work he did is absolute perfection. I was impressed with his skill and the interaction and instruction with his young assistant. I have already rescheduled
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to finish the other sections of fur foundation.
- Joanne B.

This service provider used the best tools (video camera,
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
leveler) and took the longest look at issues my basement/foundation and 1st floor supports were having. They recommended a steel beam that would be way out of my budget, but likely the longest lasting and strongest solution. Since my house isn't that big and I couldn't afford what they are recommending, I am going to use another form of basement support, but If I had the cash, I would this would be the Cadillac company for this type of job. They were one of the best out of 4 companies that came for estimates as far as experience and professionalism.
- Michael L.

Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
came to our house by appointment, looked over the conditions thoroughly, gave us a knowledgeable explanation of the problems, and suggested solutions. He broke out the job into four reasonable parts, quoted separately. We accepted the quotes for all four parts, and he scheduled the job within a month. He arrived promptly, worked efficiently and neatly, and was finished in one and one quarter days. The cracks are all filled. The grading is neat and clean, with minimum disruption to a garden in one case. We have asked
Pittsburgh Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
for quotes on more concrete work.
- Drucilla E.
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Harmony, PA

Michael Dawn Construction

1004 Colvin
Beaver, PA
Owner works on all job sites. honest, neat, professional, clean cut crews. no job is...

Mid-Atlantic Systems of WPA, Inc.

9007 Rico Road
Monroeville, PA
Basement waterproofing and foundation repair. wet basements made dry. for the driest...

Mike's Contracting

Pittsburgh, PA
The ultimate handyman and contracting services. free estimates. able to assist design of...

MJ'S Remodeling

Pittsburgh, PA
I have 5 employees depends on the size of a job, billing procedures are i collect payment half...

Morow's Masonry Restoration

715 Lower Drennen Rd
New Kensington, PA
Morow's masonry has been in business for over 15 years, serving customers in the western...


204 Fourth street
Dravosburg, PA
Mt&r has over 35 years of experience and is the premier waterproofing and structural repair...

Musgrove Masonry

PO Box 142
Hunker, PA
Locally owned and operated, with over 20 years of residential and commercial concrete and...


Pittsburgh, PA

P2 Contracting

128 Bryna Ln
Carnegie, PA
We are an all around general contractor. we take pride in our work. to dy date we have zero...

PA Waterproofing

749 Florence Ave
Pittsburgh, PA
Family owned


Pittsburgh, PA
Family run business

Paul Turley

254 Whipple St
Pittsburgh, PA
Owner operated. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fees. award...

Pittsburgh Remodeling Company

3044 Industrial Boulevard
Bethel Park, PA
We are a pennsylvania licensed and fully insured residential remodeling company serving...

Pogo Construction

104 Pinoak Lane
Imperial, PA
4-5 employees. do not use sub-contractors, all work done by employees of the company. free...


Coraopolis, PA
Policastro construction is a family owned and operated general contracting company. we design...

Premier Resources Contracting

1705 Babcock Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA
We are a full service remodeling & renovation contractor.


Irwin, PA
Price masonry. we are a small family businiess, with less than 5 employees. we offer free...

R S Fountain Home Improvements

115 Demmel Dr
Canonsburg, PA
Owner operated. additional phone - (412) 734-9619. additional dba - fountain r s home...

Ram Jack Ohio

1450 E 357th St
Eastlake, OH
Ram jack of ohio is a full service foundation repair company servicing the cleveland, akron &...


Pittsburgh, PA

Rick's Masonry & Concrete

1112 Minnesota Ave
Glassport, PA

RMS Contractors LLC

218 Vine St
Connellsville, PA
This last year i have expanded my crews and found some quality craftsmen in more areas of home...

Robinson and Son Construction

3174 Pennsylvania Ave
Weirton, WV
We have 8 employees we accept credit cards


Valencia, PA
7 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges.

Russano Concracting

903 Spencer Ridge Dr
Glenshaw, PA
Quaility workmanship & reliabity that you trust & depend on is what we stand for at russano...

Russano Masonry

513 Berner St.
Pittsburgh, PA
Russano masonry is a family owned company that has 25 years of experience in the construction...

Ryan Shock Contracting

730 Chess St, Garage 1
Bridgeville, PA
I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce my local business. for years i worked...


P.O. Box 359
Amity, PA
For all your electrical and contracting needs!


Glenshaw, PA
8 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may apply.

Slink's Masonry Inc

276 Murdocksvile Rd
Clinton, PA
We are a fully insured, licensed, masonry business. we do both residential and commercial...

Spraguerelli Construction

10 Union Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA
Spraguerelli construction is a company of sprague enterprise, llc that has 16 year experience...

Stewart's Contracting & Custom Woodworking

36 Wilson Street
Pittsburgh, PA
Stewart's contracting ~ 20+years experience **call today for a safe, fast, friendly, no...

Sure Safe EFS

1440 Grand Ave Ste B
San Marcos, CA
Sure safe® has been in business over 27 years and currently has over 24,000 customers. we are...

T.W. Services

1412 Brinton Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA
I charge $50.00 an hour and $100.00 an hour after business hours on all service calls. all...

The Basement Guys - Pittsburgh

200 Old Pond Rd Suite 108
Bridgeville, PA
Full service basement company

Tri-State Development inc.

3706 5th Ave
North Versailles, PA
General contractor,40 years exp,too much to put into words,free estmates, residential &...

Trim Tech construction

1557 Edgebrook Avenue
Brookline, PA
We are an insured, licensed, and reputable general contracting company that strives on...

Washington county Builders Association

30 East Beau St Ste 321
Washington, pa
The wcba is a nonprofit trade association of over 100 member companies. turn to us to find the...

Watershield Sunshield Inc

Mc Kees Rocks, PA
Dba: the basement waterproofing pros & watershield methods.

wilhelm and harvey construction

514 Griffin St
Pittsburgh, PA
General home interior/exterior remodeling and repair

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