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We have used
for a number of projects and have been happy with the work. His crew refinished the floors on our 2400 sqft home. They sanded and applied 3 coats of polyurethane. They did a fantastic job and cleaned up afterwards. We will continue to call
when we need work done.
- Kabe G.

First, the positives:
I liked
interpersonally and professionally. He was a nice guy and very professional -- he showed up on time for the initial estimate, showed up for the work on time, and always cleaned up after himself after each work day.
In terms of his work, he did a nice job installing our floors. Apparently this was a tough job because our sub floor was wavy, but he did a great job getting everything in.
The negatives:
There were A LOT of attention-to-detail issues that I noticed (after the job was done)....too complicated to explain all of them in detail here, so I'll just describe the two biggest things that really bothered me about the job. First, after they installed the floors, they put the lower cabinets on one side of my kitchen in incorrectly. They were supposed to be flush against the wall, but instead they installed them about 1 to 2 inches away from the wall. I didn't notice this until they left and I was putting everything back into my kitchen and realized my trash can on the other side of the counter wouldn't fit anymore...it was too big by a few inches. That's when I realized that they hadn't put the cabinets back where they were originally and there was less space now btw the counter and wall. Seems like a pretty large oversight, and now the lower cabinets aren't aligned with the upper cabinets, and I had to find a new place for my trash can (not an easy thing since our kitchen is small and I need every square inch!)
The second thing I was really disappointed with was the backsplash tile job. This seems like it was the easiest thing to do, but it doesn't look professional at all. There are tiles that were installed crooked, they got mud/grout on my microwave, and they didn't evenly finish the
that goes behind the fridge...they just let it go ragged, which you can see very clearly and it looks unfinished and awful. They also left a huge glob of mud on the 2 inches beside the cabinet to the wall where they didn't put any tile. It was all rough and textured and looked terrible, and when I pointed it out,
just said "you can scrape that off." Hmm....isn't that their job?!
Lastly with regards to the tile (and probably the worst of all) is that they didn't caulk between the tile and counter! About 2 weeks after the job was done, we started getting cracks in the mud/grout where the counter meets the tile!! I didn't know why this was happening, but a quick google
of "how to install backsplash" shows that they were supposed to use spacers and leave a small space to caulk between the counter and tile....if you don't do this, the mud/grout will crack b/c the wall and counter move at different rates. So if a quick google
turned this up for me (a complete home improvement novice), I'm thinking this is something a contractor should know. Now the tile backsplash looks just awful all around the kitchen and I'm probably going to have to pay someone to re-do it properly when I get the money.
To top it off, he was our most expensive bid...it was $3400 for labor (I bought all materials) for a job that lasted about 3.5 days. I thought most expensive = best quality, but I was wrong.
I would recommend him for installing floors, but that's about it.
- Trish B.

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Contracting reviews in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
did a great job, was flexible with changes that we asked for, but had to ask for some fixes and touch up areas on final day.
- Janel S.

It went extremely well.
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
is a General Contractor so he and his core team understand and are experienced in all phases of home remodeling. In addition, they are extremely pleasant and accommodating and a joy to work with. I trust them to find the most cost effective way to solve a problem and I trust them to work in the house when we are out of town. They have had keys to my house for 5 months. I had worked with
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
on some earlier jobs, remodeling our game room and doing some exterior work so I believe this is my second Angie's list review. Because we had so much work to do to get our house ready to sell,
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
began the process by walking the house with me, making notes on what I thought needed to be done and making suggestions when he noticed things I had not mentioned. Having this kind of advice and overall management relieved me of a lot of responsibility that I would have had if I had tried to work with individual sub-contractors myself and it saved money because he suggested ways to do things I had not thought of. He came back in December and helped us move some furniture that needed to be removed before we undertook the floor refinishing and painting. At that time, he helped us understand what would be involved in sanding all hardwood floors throughout the house and what we had to do to get ready. Our house was built in 1926 so there was a lot of prepping to do before sanding, refinishing and painting. They did it all and then, while we were on vacation, did the floors and painted. They did a wonderful job and, when my house sells, they get a lot of the credit.
- Sally M.

The whole process was great. They provided a detailed quote and were honest about what we needed. The work was done in a timely manner with the guys always communicating what was going on. Given the scale of the job, they kept things quiet and clean. We received several quotes for this type of work and
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
had by far the best prices and provided the best service. They didn't try to upsell all this crazy stuff or make their products seem cutting
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
(french drains are old tech!). Couldn't be happier.
- Michael E.

I signed up for a special deal where I would receive four hours of professional carpentry for $149.
A previous contractor who I did not have a good experience with inexplicably removed a metal plate and disconnected a downspout that was not even involved with the job he was doing and left a gaping hole around the downspout when he re-installed it. I really wanted it fixed and I really didn't want to attempt it myself.
So - when I saw the deal for four hours of carpentry I immediately thought of that soffit and drain being a perfect project to get knocked off my "to do" list. I was contacted within 24 hours by
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
to find out what I wanted done and to arrange a service date. The date had to be postponed once because of weather which was perfectly reasonable. On the next arranged date two carpenters arrived early in the morning, sized up what needed to be done and got right to work. They (Bill and Bill) were obviously experienced and worked well together. They gave me useful information about the condition of the porch rafters and roof condition without using annoying "scare tactics" in order to upsell me. I have an old house and am aware that there is always going to be more to do so I appreciate when someone is respectful of my time and budget. we've had enough work done around here to become skeptical when we get one of those "the sky is going to fall if ..." . There was none of that. Just factual, reality based information. Priceless!
Bill and Bill were near finishing up the carpentry portion when it started to rain. And then pour. They didn't flinch, but finished what they were doing. They were kind, professional and maintained good humor throughout. They even offered to come back on a dry day to prime and paint as the rain had come earlier than expected. While I appreciate that it was an included part of the service it's not necessary as I can finish that myself. However, if I wasn't capable or didn't have the materials it's nice to know that they would have. The carpentry was well done and just what we hoped for.
As I mentioned earlier, it's an old house and there's a lot more to be done. I thought of this special deal as sort of an "audition" for this company's services. They are definitely getting a future call back!
- Rebecca A.

This was a highly constrained project in terms of time (absolute deadline, before our baby was due), space (it is a small house with little space inside or out to layout work), and existing conditions. It was completed as time and materials, which normally I would be reluctant to do, but I had worked with
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
before and was confident that they would be fair. We purchased the main materials (doors, trim, flooring, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures and closet and toilet accessories, $4700) and had them at the house. His company provided drywall, and other materials, about $1000 worth. Their labor was about $7000.
One thing I appreciated is when I met with
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
to review the scope of work (for a rough price and then right before starting after we had the materials ordered and on site), he made a few suggestions to improve it based on his experience but basically honored the scope we had intended. (We had talked to several other contractors to work on a T&M basis and they had really pushed us to completely change the layout, walls, and fixture locations, which was much more costly and time consuming.) We did elect to demo the hallway light and relocate a new one, at his suggestion, which added a small amount of time and money but was worth it. We also added regrouting all the existing wall tle, which was also more additional time and money but made the space seen more completely renovated, not piecemeal.
New lights, vanity, GFCIs, and recessed medicine cabinet had to be coordinated with the existing wall opening and the existing wall tile to remain, existing plumbing,and existing wiring. We had plans and elevations, but the on site supervisor,
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
, worked with us to finesse some details and limit the broken tile (we were unable to find extra that would match the 50 year old tile so they were working with a finite amount.) He was good about calling, texting, or meeting with us whenever there was an odd existing condition or wanted to present a choice (sconce rough-in height? plaster exterior wall or fur it out and insulate? remove existing flooring or build over it? etc.) Also
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
came by every week to review work with us, answer questions, and receive payment.
We purchased the main items, and they were accommodating when items arrived broken (light shades), require clarification (underfloor heating system) or not at all (despite the fact we ordered it in
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the vanity arrived one month after they had finished, in September). They shared the schedule throughout and even came back a month later to install the vanity sink, mount shelves, and fix floor tile after the baby came!
- Tara E.

I cannot say enough good things about
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
and his crew. They arrived on time, covered the entire patio below the deck with plastic to minimize the dirt from sanding, worked diligently to complete the job in one day, and cleaned up before they left. The deck, which is 30 years old and was in poor condition, now looks new.
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
exhibits the utmost professionalism and his pricing is fair. This is the second home project I hired
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
to perform and I will definitely use this company in the future.
- Mary Ann D.

I can't tell you what a relief it is to have found a contractor I trust, whose work is of the upmost quality, and whose prices are fair. My wife and I recently bought a 100 year-old Dutch Colonial that was in need of a facelift - And
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's team completely restored the exterior to our satisfaction. Initially, I found
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
while searching for someone - anyone - that could restore rotted wooden soffit and fasica. I had gone through through several contractors' estimates, all of which recommended replacing the historic wood with vinyl (something that did not sit well with my wife and me) before I found
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
. He came out and gave me a
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
and detailed explanation of what his team could do to restore the wood and salvage the character of the house. We probably talked for about 45 minutes about the job and I was amazed at
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's analysis of the work needed and his detailed plan-of-attack. When he offered a very reasonable price for the work, I agreed to have his team start as soon as possible. The team did a fantastic job repairing the soffit and fascia, lining up the beads in the new soffit with the old, and prepping the surfaces for painting. They even lined my box gutters with a new coat of tinners red and painted the metal roof over one of the house's extensions. Moreover, the team was professional, competent, and friendly. But the cherry on top was that
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's team came in even lower on the price than the original estimate when it was all said and done.
I was so impressed with the quality of craftsmanship, price, and timeliness (
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's team met the initial schedule perfectly) that I asked
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
if they might be interested in taking on the painting of the house. Again
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave me his direct and meticulous assessment of the work needed (the job would include 4 colors, and more tinners red, as well as a lot of cut-in work and ladder work). I followed his advice and received estimates from other painters as well, but, given our trust in the team and that his estimate was one of the most competitive, I had no hesitation in hiring them for this larger job. Once again, the team delivered. The job took about 8 days (which fit their estimate).
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's team did an excellent job of prepping the surfaces and identifying the unique aspects of the job (e.g., what accent color should be used where). They consulted with my wife and me on every decision and, almost on a daily basis, gave me a rundown of what they had accomplished and what they were going to tackle next. While it was no surprise to me that the work turned out great, I want to note that they went above-and beyond - The team went out of their way to improve the exterior by identifying and replacing a rotted wooden garage-door frame, patching parts of the roof and gutters, and removing an old satellite dish from the top of the house. And, once, again,
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
's team came in under the estimate.
My wife and I are very pleased with the work performed and can't say enough good things about the experience. I guess the best thing I can say is they we'll be using
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
in future.
- Damian L.

Soon after I moved into the house I discovered that there were many problems with it that I hadn't been aware of before the closing. Chief among those problems was the patio-kit-room: its ceiling leaked badly, and showed signs of many years of attempted repairs, much of it with incorrect materials.
I found
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
. on Angie's List;
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
, Sr. came over right away, climbed onto the roof and took many photos -- which later became key evidence in my legal case against the seller and my erstwhile "buyer's agent." The work began as soon as weather permitted. The carpentry work was done by Amish carpenters, true artists. Other elements of the overall job (e.g., electrical) were performed by non-Amish full-time employees of
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
. The proceded for a reasonable period of time, with the workmen in various categories, showing up reliably whenever they were scheduled to.
I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of the work, the reliability and ethics of all the workmen (&
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
, who pitched in sometimes), and the reasonableness and fairness of the pricing.
I plan to use the
Pittsburgh General Contractors Provider Name Locked
. against, for a remodel of my basement.
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