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"They also have boarding for animals. They focus on animals that are to be put down or those with behavioural problems. They also operate a training academy. They have a behavioral" training on site and they also do it as a side line. They have a highly skilled trainer staff that are able to address dogs that have serious behavioral issues successfully. If the dogs have health problems, they also get treated there which is a huge advantage. The place is amazing. They are very good at what they do. It is a quality place.
Rated by
Daniel Z.
"We adopted an adult German
. I don't know what his early life was like, but he was absolutely terrified of all humans when we first got him. With love and" gentleness he has now turned into a loyal friend and companion. Without
we would probably not have been able to locate the dog we wanted without expending a lot more time, effort and driving.
Rated by
Julie B.
"We have heard nothing from them since they have taken the animal other than threats of abuse charges we have no lawyer on our side the animal is loved dearly by the kids they promised" to give meds to the animal for fleas refused to tell us which products to use for puppies and did not give us a
to have our vet look the animal over they are throwing all kinds of things a good old mud slinging mostly and without proper representation guess who will come out looking and smelling the dirtiest

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Many pet adoption agencies and humane societies will offer full background information on animals. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Elaine R. of St. Louis)
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On this episode of the Chat with the Experts podcast, we talk with Hannah Bennett of the Humane Society of Indianapolis about the pet adoption process.

Kittens especially need foster homes due to their weaker immune systems. (Photo by Steve C. Mitchell)
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Animal rescues most often need foster parents to take care of dogs and cats in their system so the pets don't have to live in shelters for an extended time.

This friendly pooch awaits a forever home at the Humane Society of Indianapolis. (Photo by Steve C. Mitchell)
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Are you considering adopting a new cat or dog? Consider fostering first. Fostering saves lives, and it helps you see how well the pet fits into your family.

As a responsible pet parent, you should be taking them to the vet regularly for vaccinations and check-ups, says Stewart. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Elaine R. of St. Louis)
Animal Rescues/Shelters

Bringing a new member into your family is a big commitment and life change, even when it’s a four-legged one. Consider these questions before you adopt a pet.

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my mother adopted a Corgi from them, didn't find out he was part
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
till after the adoption, also was informed he was abused and a biter, he bite my mother, one thing postive thing I can say is they were fast in picking him up once my mom deicided it wasn't going to work, no refund of any kind offered despite the fact they did not make a full disclosure of his issues
- Richard L.

On 08/19/21, I attempted to adopt a dog from
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
Dog Rescue and was treated horribly. So horribly, in fact,
that by the time I was finished with the final conversation, I was in tears.
When I complained about the horrible treatment via private message on their
Facebook page, the picture at the bottom of this email shows the response I
received. I feel bad for the animals here. If they treat humans this way, I can
only imagine how the animals are treated. Hopefully they take this as a
learning lesson and hire individuals who are compassionate and genuinely care
about their jobs and how they impact the community. Do they not realize
that we were trying to do a good thing by adopting from a rescue? We
could have very well bought Meanwhile, we have an over-abundance of
animals in the rescue and adoption community that are not being placed in
loving, caring homes because of people like
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
that give
the rescue community a bad name. The process was terrible.

I filled out an application in my name, stated
that the dog would be a surprise gift for my mother (who lives with me at my
home), and submitted it along with the information on our veterinarian for our
pets, as well as the veterinarian for my mom’s previous dog that lives with my
step-dad. I was very forthcoming in my information – and the first person
I spoke with at the shelter explained they were looking for someone with Beagle
owning experience, and that we sounded like a good fit and the adoption
coordinator would be in touch with me. She was well aware that this pet
would be a gift/surprise for my mother (living in my
home), and never indicated that would be a problem. What I did not
put on the application, however, was my husband’s name. So when
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
P to P called me demanding to know who
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
was, I was shocked and
taken by surprise. I asked how she got his name and why she needs to
know. She proceeded to tell me that when she checked the county records
to make sure that I did own the home I lived in (as I stated on my
application), she found that my name was not on the records. I told her
he is my husband, and it was his house prior to us being together. I felt
a little violated, but figured it was part of the process and chalked it up as
a security measure. She continued to ask questions about my home, about
my mother, about our animals, where we work, how long we work there, how much
time we spend out of the home and what we did in our extra time, etc.
Some of the questions were appropriate, some were not. Not once in the
conversation did she indicate that adopting the dog as a gift for my mother
would be a problem. The phone call left me feeling upset and skeptical of
the business/process, but I really wanted this dog for my mom. When
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked

called me a second time, she advised that she would not be letting me adopt the
dog unless she talked to my mom. I reiterated that it was supposed
to be a surprise, and that regardless of whether we were giving it to my mom or
not, the dog was coming home with me, to my house, to live. I also
explained to her that they had known all along that it would be a
surprise She started becoming very agitated and wouldn’t let me
talk when I tried telling here that while we really want a dog, I have been
less than impressed with the unpleasant experience so far. She
interrupted me and said “It doesn’t matter, I’m going to go ahead and deny your
application!” and then hung up on me. We live in a 3,600 sq. ft. home in
Battle Ground, WA on 10 acres. We have adopted a few other animals, have
rescued and re-homed a few animals, have two dogs and two cats and the perfect
farm life for a new puppy. And we were denied!! WHY? Who
knows. Yet this rescue claims that they are “doing the best they can to
find loving, caring homes for their animals.” What on earth gave this
lady the indication that we are not a loving, caring home? All she was
interested in was finding something “wrong” with us.

It has been a rough year. My grandmother
(her mother) passed away in April, and it has been very h****** all of us,
especially my mom. This dog was perfect for two reasons: 1.
It was a beagle, which is what my mom’s current dog is (her current dog old and
has hip problems, and is being cared for by my step-dad in
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
, OR) and
2. She has been talking about how bad she wants a puppy. What
started out as an exciting adventure to find a new companion for my mom turned
out to be a terribly unpleasant experience that left me wondering how they are
helping these dogs if they can’t even treat people with respect and
dignity. Below is a conversation via private message on Facebook with the
company, letting them know I was less than pleased with the treatment I
received, and that I would be happy to let the community know exactly how this
“rescue” treats people who are trying to do a good thing by adopting vs. buying
from a breeder or pet store. Also, please see the response I received
from the ASPCA (below the picture).

Please help bring awareness to the community by
asking them to do their research prior to adopting a pet. IF a “rescue”
can treat humans this way, who knows how they treat their animals.

Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked

Thank you for reaching out
to the ASPCA regarding your experience with a local rescue organization when
you and your family were trying to adopt a pet. I am so sorry that you have
endured such trouble for doing such a noble thing as adopting from your local
shelter or foster based adoption agency. Although the ASPCA is a national
organization, we have no chapters or affiliates. All SPCA's and humane
organizations are independent groups and follow their own missions and protocols
based on the decisions of their Board of Directors. They are all
standalone organizations and are responsible for their own adoption events and

I can tell you that
research demonstrates that animals adopted through what we call the “open
adoption” process do not get returned to shelters at any higher rate than those
that use more restricted procedures. The ASPCA supports the Open Adoption
process because it enables shelters and rescues to get more animals out of
their shelters and foster homes alive and enables them to build a relationship
with the adopter. Research also shows that when you deny an adoption for
reasons of land-lord checks, vet checks, fence checks, etc…that person gets an
animal usually the same day and now you have a pet owner with no information
about vaccinations, health or spay/neuter not to mention proper training and

I understand that some
limited admission shelters and rescue organizations may have more time and
leeway when doing adoptions and applaud them for their dedication but most
shelters do not really have that luxury as they must constantly make room for
homeless animals on a daily bases. I am including a link to our website for
professionals ASPCA PRO , where you can read more about the process and the research
behind it.

Please visit :
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
on open adoptions. There is lots of other good information for
saving more lives. I have been in animal welfare for over 40 years and
have seen many changes over the years as shelters try to save animal
lives. Three of my adult children live in Southern California so I can
relate to your story. One of my daughters who had done rescue her entire
life was turned down by 7 rescue groups because she worked, was in college and
lived in an apartment. Needless to say, she got a puppy who is now over
11 years old and has been loved and adored her whole life. The dog has
her own Facebook page! It was their loss at making a fabulous adoption
match. The irony is that she is a ‘radio personality’ and has millions of
listeners in the country. You can imagine what she had to say about those
rescue organizations……. Your Mother and I are probably close to the same age and
I am still working for the animals, traveling all over the country and adopted
a rescued dog from a puppy mill bust several years ago. On top of that my
yard is not fenced in…….So they would have denied me, as well. I actually
provide training across the nation to grassroots groups and animal shelters to
try to help them overcome this type of inquisition narrative that alienates
prospective pet owners.

You might consider
following up with the members of the Board of Directors with a copy to the
local news media and Letters to the Editor sharing your experience and the fact
that they may want to reevaluate their policies on adoptions. There are
numerous webinars that their membership could take free online to learn more
about Open Adoption and the Myths of some of the reasons some people are denied

Most shelters and rescues are
independent so I hope that this difficult experience does not prevent you from
giving another shelter or rescue a
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
sometime in the future if you
add to your pet family. I hope the group you contacted continues to help
you find that perfect pet for your Mother.

Thank you for caring and for
everything you are doing to aid your Mother.

If I can provide any additional
information or answer any questions please feel free to contact me.


Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked

Community Initiatives Director
Community Outreach

- Rheanna C.

My family decided we wanted to adopt a dog. We were thinking we would like a border collie. So we started searching on the computer. We came across a border collie at
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
. We called to see if the dog was available for adoption. They told us she was so the next day we took a ride to see her. When we arrived at the shelter we were sorry to hear that another family was interested in adopting the little border collie. The staff at the shelter encouraged us to take a look around, and maybe we would see another dog that we'd like to adopt. One of the girl's that worked there showed us a litter of puppies that were only 6 weeks old. Make a long story short we ended up taking one of the puppies home with us. That was 14 years ago! Going to the shelter that day was the best thing we ever did. That was the day Jade, the name she was given by the shelter, came into our lives, and the day
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
became a member of this family.
After 14 years of being a loyal friend and companion
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
has passed. We love her and we miss her. If we ever decide to adopt another puppy you can sure
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
will be the first place we go.
The people at
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
were very kind and helpful. They went out of their way to help us and make sure we were happy with our selection. Over the years we've told many people about
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
and recommend them highly.

- Linda W.

Currently, I am the proud mom to 5 rabbits, many of whom came from the wonderful folks at
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
. Located in Skokie,
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
has a passion for helping abandoned and abused rabbits and cats -- plus the occasional cat, duck or chicken, too. The staff is extremely knowledgable about bunnies and can advise adopters on routine care, vet referrals, behavioral tics, etc.
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
also sells boxes of creme de la creme Oxbow
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
Hay at a steal. All bunnies adopted from the shelter are spayed/neutered, litterbox-trained, vet-checked and very well-socialized. And they all come with awesome names, too -- our current three
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
rescues are named
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
and Dagwood :)
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
's dedication to animals doesn't stop at adoptions. They offer many other services as well, such as nail trims, grooming, educational seminars hosted by local vets, INCREDIBLY creative tri-monthly "Spa Di Da Day" photoshoots, bunny boarding, and "speed dating" to help lonely single bunnies find a compatible bunny friend. There is just so much love in this small shelter, and my husband and I are so happy to be a part of it.

A dog was with a ten year old girl a block away on its leash when it saw my 7 month old puppy. My chocolate lab was not aware as I watched the dog break free and head towards us. I tried to block its vicious thrust and it bit me. It then threw my dog on her back and bit ferociuously in and around her neck. This dog was new to the neighborhood and came from a rescue. The dog had its jaws locked and continued growling and biting. I got on the ground and tried to save my dog, as the dog bit us both!
Had it not been for a neighbor who fought to release the jaws(and he is one big guy), I would have been hurt badly and my dog would be dead. My dog suffered severe puncture wounds and I had several bites on my fingers and legs. We were a bloddy mess!
I was taken to the hospital as was my dog. Both of us were put on meds and have recovered physically. The trauma has been incredible and even my neighbors children who watched their dad save my dog are terrified as well am I.
I met with the owner who apologized and said she didn't realize it was 3/4 pit bull or as old as it was. She was glad that
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
rescue took it back for quarantine. However, last night she knocked on my door to apprise me of the fact that dogs name has been changed, that it is listed on the
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
website for adoption and indicates nothing other than that it doesn't like dogs!!

I live in a crowded suburb but quiet. It has kids, dogs, cats and lots of opportunity for a wild dog to attack. The rescue should consider where these dogs are being sold and starting new homes! However, a vicious dog should not be online and ready to go anywhere. That dog is vicious!
One of my friends wrote to the rescue about my being attacked. They replied that the dog will not die over the human negligence shown.

My dog was on a leash, so they must mean the woman who owned the dog. Taking responsibility should be theirs as well.
Knowing that the dog attacked me and is in quaranteen and then writing up a paragraph omitting its history so they can adopt it again??
The police saw me afterwards and my dog and said they would have shot it. This dog set out to
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
This is not my opinion, but facts. My opinion about dogs and euthanasia are vastly different after three weeks of healing!

- Betsy M.

We were so pleased with the service. The men (2) who came to crate and transport our precious cats were kind, compassionate, and efficient, performing the service in about 24 hours. They drove almost straight through non-stop with our cats. They had no other animals except ours, so we felt the service was humane and individualized. Our cats didn't have to be kept in large trucks with a myriad of other barking and meowing animals. They were in the back of a smaller truck confined in comfortable crates which the company provided. Two cats (siblings) were place in a single crate to keep each other company. When they arrived at their new home, they were all in pretty good spirits and not traumatized as they would've been if they had to travel with dozens of other animals over a longer period of time with many stops and starts. We really enjoyed the individualized attention, care and concern the company demonstrated. The best part was that the price was so reasonable in comparison to all the other pet transport companies. We received individualized service at a high standard and yet at a minimum cost. It was great!
- Angela M.

I applied to volunteer to assist at the
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
and attended an orientation which was required before anyone can tend to the animals.
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
Riccoboni is in charge of the volunteers and she is so effervescent and approachable. She encouraged questions from the volunteers who attended the orientation and expertly fielded all of them. The volunteer program is laid back and volunteers make their own schedules. Because this is a no
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
Phoenix Animal Rescues Provider Name Locked
houses some special needs dogs and cats which are difficult to adopt. I try to give these cuties more attention. This has been a truly fulfilling and gratifying experience and a great place to volunteer for those who have a few hours a week to spare.
- Eileen L.

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