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I was contacted by
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
via telephone and offered a "complimentary annual inspection". They had done work at my home previously. I agreed and the inspection took place on 7/22 by
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
told me that I had a leak, that there was significant water under my house and that the repair was urgent. In addition to the photograph of a leaking galvanized elbow pipe that he showed me he also showed me photos of five piers that he said were rusted and required replacement. He recommended all plastic pier bottoms instead of the very heavy wood that was on top of plastic sheeting. He also strongly recommended that all the sheeting be removed so that the area would "dry faster". He prepared an agreement for $1355 for the replacement of five piers and installation of 31 plastic pads.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
said that the leaking elbow could be replaced inexpensively but that
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
would not guarantee that work unless I also had the entire water main replaced. The price for the job he described as including concrete demo and replacement, as well as a potential for siding demo was $2,000.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
described the concrete demo to me in detail explaining how it would not match perfectly but that it could be completed in one day requiring most likely two men. He said the work would be guaranteed for a year and that it would be inspected every six months. On
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
arrived with a helper to do the work. The first thing he said to me was that the description of the work, the concrete demo wasn't clear and did I know about it. I asked him if he had photos and he did. I showed him the agreement, he made a phone call and when he returned I asked about it and he said there was no concrete work, none.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
asked me why I wanted all the plastic pulled from under my house. It was written on the agreement that I wanted it pulled. I told him that
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
recommended it as a way to dry out the water under the house.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
told me that it was always better to have the plastic there. I felt confused because it was not clear to me if
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
didn't want to do the work or if
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
had proposed something that was not the case as he had in the demo of nonexistent concrete. Finally, I agreed to have only the middle section of plastic removed even though I'm still confused about this matter. Frankly, I think I was better off with the plastic in place. Prior to having this work done, I had asked
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
if he would return and inspect the work their staff executed. He agreed and returned on
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
30 with his two small children. He took them under my house! Although I didn't want to challenge him in front of his children I did tell him that I was disturbed by the price and the fact that there was no concrete work to be done at all. He did not give a reply but told me how great all the work was and then revealed that the galvanized pipe, the elbow pipe that leaked was replaced with a stainless steel flex line, not a pipe! I told him that I was very dissatisfied with that and would not have agreed; I didn't pay $2000 for two feet of copper pipe and a flex line! I called
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
to complain and was assured that
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
would call me back. No call. Then the main leaked substantially. On Saturday
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
came and made the repair so now I have about 12 seams on the main. It has stopped leaking. I had a plumber come to do a pressure test and it held. I asked for an estimate of what that work would have cost from that company and it was less than half of what I paid. I did not get a senior discount, that is for sure.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
wrote up an agreement for work that was not required; they had to know it was not required because their own staff recognized that upon arrival. They charged me an outrageous price and despite two phone calls and two emails, they have not replied to my complaint. I want half the money I paid for the main back and I want 25% senior discount on the entire outrageously priced work too. Beware, beware, beware!
- Paula H.

This business responded promptly to all of our questions concerning the replacement of our doors and the materials best suited for their construction. To begin with let me say that my wife and I have a number of items needing replacement in our 22 year old Double Wide. The owner came out to our house and measured our doors and windows while also discussing a large stoop or small deck needed out back. Later that afternoon he called with the two estimates, one for the doors and one for the windows, so we could decide the best route to take in their replacement. By the way, I was not charged a cent for the appraisals!
We began we the replacement of the two doors. The two gentlemen sent out to do the work could not have been better.......Just one instance of how these guys went above and beyond. I bought two door knob and deadbolt sets at Lowes Home Improvement. Naturally one of the sets I purchased was incorrect which was not discovered until the job was near completion. Since I am disabled I do not drive and I knew I would have to go out that evening with my wife after she got home from work to replace the wrong lock. Then I would have to install the knob and deadbolt myself. Well, I was so very wrong! The guys took my wrong parts repackaged them, returned and exchanged them on their own time. This was nearly an hour round trip, yet they did it, drove back and installed the correct parts without me ever asking them for their much needed help. How great was this service!!!!!!!
Thank you guys so much,
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
- Larry M.

I had many issues that were not
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's fault that got us off to a late start. But he stayed with me thru my ups and
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
. Finally we made in together and things were running great until I had my 3rd Power Surge! When
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's crew was moving the dryer and the lights dimmed and brightened. He called me immediately and the job was stopped. The next day he was here with me along with his crew explaining everything to the electrician and the power company. Finally every thing was fixed and away they went. I felt very comfortable working with and around all of his crew. They are very professional and know their work. I could call
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
any time within reason, and he always called me back in a timely manner. Something that you can count on with
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
. He also keeps on top of his crew and they work well alone. I really am Loving the work they in my home and can't wait to show it off. I will definitely have them back. I would recommend them for any job. They do fantastic work. One problem....they refused to follow me to Arkansas to work on my home there!!
- Joan T.

Friendly workers, cleans up after themselves. They also have been helpful working around our crazy work schedules. If it's outside work they start on it even if we are not there yet.

Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
purchased a house a few years ago which was under some definite distress and waived inspection so I was expecting some issues.
However, the day after I purchased the house I received a code violation that my huge retaining wall needed to be inspected by an engineer.
Rich showed up and did determine that the wall was about to fall, and i don't doubt that it was..
He drafted me new plans which were carried out by a professional excavator and ended up costing me about 12,000 dollars.. without these plans it would not have been possible to get the job done.
Rich helped me go back and forth with code to get the project finally approved.. there were some real sticklers in the code office which you could tell just wanted to put in their 2 cents and Rich was able to "put them in their place" in a professional and prompt manner and allowed us to get the project going.
Rich is not only a home inspector, but a legit engineer who understands the real math behind these problems and can tell you exactly what needs to happen in order to hold the weight and other factors which most of us would never understand. Many people can come inspect your home and tell you whats wrong, but not many of them have the certification to give you stamped plans to get the process actually completed.
I would use Rich again in a heartbeat if I have other problems.
What prompted me to write this review years later was that I have some structural issues in a new house I bought and Rich was very informative to me over the phone and really helped me get a project going.. and he had no reason to do this other than he is a good guy.
So I just want to come here and encourage you all to give him a shot if you need a home inspection and plans.
- ryan C.

Showed up on time --- kept with in agreed upon financial limits, cleaned up work area after job complete. Owner of the company did the work himself along with help from daughter, both looked professional and were very pleasant and professional to work with. He did not try to up sell anything, he did exactly what he said he was going to do; we both agreed to adding a extra hand rail for my mother after the job was started so there was an extra added expense of $45.00 --- but I was advised of a possible increased cost before the job was done. THE JOB WAS EXCELLENT!!! Steps are sturdy and secure and look great --- very pleased. Already planning on hiring him again in the fall to do some remodel work in our kitchen.
- James R.

Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
are great to work with. They are honest, experienced & stand by their work. While they don't have a brick & mortar building, they operate as if they do. They are on time for appointments & will call if running late or early. They have never run late for any of my appointments. They even came over when I had an emergency. They are RVIA,
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Master Certified Technicians. Their rates are comparable with the
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
in this area. And they come to you! They work on *
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Parts & Accessories, *A/C and Heating, *Appliance Repair and Replacement, *Awnings, Electrical Repair and Diagnosis, *Refrigerators, *Roof Repair and Maintenance, *Routine Maintenance, *Water Heaters, *Winterization.
We had already purchased the AC unit & just needed to move it from one 5th wheel to another. The breaker box had been jury rigged by another company who were nothing but charlatans. They have since been banned from the Air Force base.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
no longer services RVs at Desert Eagle
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Park on
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Air Force base because of the current threat level. Their truck has to be searched each time they come on the base. It is time consuming & costs them lost revenue because of the time it takes to do the
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked

- Royce K.

Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
was trustworthy, honest and delivered on his promises. Because of the sheer size of the project he would occasionally forget a detail, but when reminded he would remedy it fast. Despite the fact this was a massive project he was meticulous in maintaining the work area and carefully cleaned up each day to prevent dust, clutter, and residue from escaping elsewhere into the house.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
represents the best of any contractor I have worked with over many years. When using subs he was there supervising, he insured they did quality work and most importantly performed the work when promised to not negatively impact the project timeline.
He is careful with his clients time and money. When surprises occurred such as an uneven floor, he consulted with the homeowner, laid out options and then fixed it fast drawing on his huge stable of quality subcontractors.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
has performed similarly for a half dozen close friends. In each case their experience and mine were the same.
- Christopher W.

The roof went on real fast. We found out through having to get it repaired the panels weren't installed properly with 1 x 4 laths just cheap 7/16th OSB. When serviceman walked on it they crushed the metal rib as it had no support. Buyer beware has been known to violate building codes. Before we knew. He was to insulate roof and no insulation anywhere when old roof removed and redone.
- Barbara N.

Bottom line: I do not recommend that you use UMHS. You are taking a real
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
. Overall this was a bad experience and I cannot recommend UMHS. What started well, ended bad. Before getting into details, basically the problem is they make a lot of mistakes and when things did not go well they became confrontational and blamed the customer for whatever the problem. In the end, after over two months, it just was not worth the hassle. They might read this and think we are just picky or complaining. It is an old mobile home. We didn't expect perfection, but we did expect basic tasks to be done right. They need to make some fundamental changes in the way they work. If they do, they could potentially be a good company.

The owner of the company,
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
, is severely lacking in customer service or communication skills. We didn't meet her until the end of the project when there was a problem with the counters. One minute you think you are having a reasonable conversation with her and the next minute she launches into attacks and literally will not listen and tries to talk you down or just walks away. She is very confrontational.

For most of the project our contact was Ric Singer. And, for most of the project he was nice, easy to work with and seemed to want to do a good job. Sometimes he would do extra stuff that he really didn't have to, but wanted to make it nice. The problem was that so many things were simply done wrong. He would leave his guys alone and they would find something to mess up such as a terrible paint job that had to be done twice, botched drywall, or trim that obviously wasn't in right. They came to us when installing the can lights to see if we had any electrical wire. Really? Very few things were done right the first time.

One mistake that is still a problem is that he bought and installed a bypass shower door for a 59" opening, but the mobile home shower opening is a smaller nonstandard 52". He would never admit that he bought the wrong size. Since the sliding doors are too big you could barely fit into the shower. He said we would not be happy with the kind made for mobile homes and that we had told him the tiny opening was ok. Not true, but, we worked with him (should have just told him to remove it from the start) because he seemed to be really trying to get something nice that would match the fixtures, etc and he was going to make it right. While he bought a good brand, I did my own research and found that there were several manufacturers that made a quality door that was the right size. I think he just didn't do his homework. He just bought what he found at Home Depot. Then the guys he had doing the installation were left on their own and really didn't know what they were doing. It had be be installed three times and one of the doors still isn't in right. Anyway, we also needed to change the handle on the door so you could slide it open all the way. Also they left a mess of excess caulk in some places and totally missed the caulk in other places. Now they are gone.
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
said it would take 4-6 weeks to get the needed part for the handle. I haven't seen anything. I called the manufacturer today and they have it in stock and we will receive it in 3-5 business days for free. By the way,
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
did mail us what she supposed was the warranty (we wrote that into the contract). What she actually sent was just the print out of the product from the Home Depot web site that said there is a warranty. The print out wasn't even for the right brand of shower door. That's what I'm talking about.

But, one of the biggest mistakes (besides his lack of oversight) was his own mistake with the counters. This was the mistake that in the end caused the most confrontation. There were two counters being replaced. We specified in our contract that they be solid surface. Ric looked for days and couldn't find anything that was in his budget. Unfortunately for him, he never shared his supposed budget with us before he gave us a lump sum price to do the work and signed a contract. Now he wanted to charge us extra. We would not accept that, but what we did was go look and find the least expensive acceptable solid surface counter. It was the bottom category at Home Depot. Ric finally got the counters on order. We asked him repeatedly to check the measurements and get the holes correct for the faucets that we were supplying. But when the counters were delivered and the holes for the faucets cut right there at the house with the faucets sitting right there in their box... guess what? That's right, the holes were drilled in the wrong place. They were too close to the back and you couldn't pull up the lever for the pop up stopper. He didn't say anything, but, when we pointed out the problem he became confrontational. What did I want him to do? Replace the counters and spend another $1200? (People can get mean when money is involved). No, I wanted the faucet to work the way it was supposed to. That is when
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
got involved. She and Ric met with us at the house and right away she came at my 87 year old father-in-law so aggressive and disrespectfully that I could not imagine ever working with her again. Eventually as she learned the facts she calmed a bit. In the end, we (not UMHS) found a solution that saved replacing the counters.
Now all
Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
wanted was to get out of there. She did some of the remaining work and fixes but then refused to fix or clean anything else. We were tired of them and paid them the original contract amount, nothing more, and moved on. Since then we have disposed of the old counter they left behind, been cleaning up all the excess drywall mud, tile grout, paint splatters, chipped mirrors, messed up quarter round, and trying to fix the shower door.

Philadelphia Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
is just not worth all the hassle. Hopefully, they take some of this to heart and make changes. In the meantime, I suggest you find a different contractor.
- David M.
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House Medics LLC

127 Vassar Ave.
Stratford, NJ

Housefitters LLC

15 Worthington drive
West Grove, PA

Howard Property Perservation

3110 W. Gordon St.
Philadelphia, PA

Hung Right Handyman Service

12817 Galdi Ln
Philadelphia, Pa

Hutchinson Contractors, LLC.

312 Somerset Avenue
Thorofare, NJ


963 Terrace Lane
Pottstown, PA

I Can Fix That

519 W 5th St
Pennsburg, PA

Imp-Pro’s Home Improvement

Blackwood, NJ

Inside & Out Property Services LLC

433 East Maple Ave
Lindenwold, nj

Inside-Out Building & Remdlng

662 White Bear Rd
Birdsboro, PA

Integrity Construction and Development, LLC

2323 Montrose St
Philadelphia, PA

Integrity Floor Installations & Home Design

671 Hawthorne Ave.
Pottstown, PA

J & B Handyman Services

323 Shaw Rd Apt C
Ridley Park, PA

J & S Property Improvement & Mgmt.

10 E Main St 372
Wrightstown, NJ

J Campo (Carpentry -All including Custom)

31 Oxford Circle
Vincentown, NJ

J Forrest

Newark, DE

J&L Enterprises

2465 Richards Ave
Atco, NJ

J. Cruice & Sons LLC

178 Unionville Rd
Glassboro, NJ


24 Periwinkle Dr
Mount Laurel, NJ

J. Moore's Real Estate Services, LLC.

1181 East Kings Hwy.
Coatesville, PA

J.M. Hughes & Sons Inc.

Morton, PA

janson builders

20 blue jay hill road
Mount Holly, NJ

Jason Sevick Home Improvements

Delmar Drive
Folcroft, PA

JB Woodworks LLC

103 N. Dorset Ave
Ventnor, NJ


Bellmawr, NJ

JDS Contractors

632 Pierre Ave
Mantua, NJ

JEM Repair & Remodeling Services, Inc.

430 Exton Square Parkway, Box 883
Exton, PA

Jennings Remodeling

20 Sohn Way
Vincentown, NJ

jeremy stewart remodeling

Philadelphia, pa

Jerry Naimoli General Services LLC

636 Chatham Rd
Somerdale, NJ

JI Edwards Construction

450 E Wildey St
Philadelphia, PA


Coopersburg, PA


PO Box 52
Southampton, PA

John E Green

178 Hughes Avenue
Sellersville, PA

John Ginder Contractor

2306 W. Newport Pike
Wilmington, DE

John Pillitteri Builder

318 Meadowbrook Rd.
Robbinsville, NJ

John Vitale General Contractor LLC

61 Long Rd
Basking Ridge, NJ


2951 S 16TH ST
Philadelphia, PA

Josh's Landscaping

PO Box 495
Bensalem, PA

JR and Company Contracting

2338 Street Rd.
Warrington, PA

JRG Development Group

129 Apache Trail
Medford, NJ

JW Carpentry

72 Jugtown Hill rd
Upper Black Eddy, PA

K&R Home Improvements
Sellersville, PA

K's general contracting

Coatesville, PA

Karley Builders llc

114 Mill Rd
Marlton, NJ

KCS Carpentry

15 Twin Oaks Drive
Vincentown, NJ

Keen Builders

502 Lestershire
Sewell, NJ

Kelly Contracting LLC

Huntingdon Valley, PA

Kerr General Construction

688 S Gulph Rd
King Of Prussia, PA

Kevin Labree

1211 Shackamaxon St
Philadelphia, PA

Kitchens Baths Blinds Floors & More

New Castle, DE


512 Egg Harbor
Sewell, NJ

Kroeplin Contracting LLC

Delran, NJ


Levittown, PA

l c b contracting

3509 W Crown Ave
Philadelphia, PA

L&L Services

363 Beagle Road
Lebanon, PA

Lambert Contractors

106 Maple Ct
Newark, DE

Lavcor Inc.

Po Box 543
Exton, PA

Lecks' Renovations

Feasterville Trevose,

Lenhart Construction

414 Washington Street
Spring City, PA

Let's Get Organized

418 Sweetbriar Dr.
Warminster, PA


Downingtown, PA

Limitless Construction

3 Delwood Ln
Berlin, NJ

LL Renovation LLC

New Castle, DE

Lovero Construction Co. Inc.

1580 Reed Road
Pennington, NJ

M&K Renovations

2 Eleanor Circle
Havertown, PA

M&M Contracting

3248 St Vincent St
Philadelphia, PA

M. Buehler Building & Remodeling llc

9 Goose Lane
Pennsville, NJ

M.C.'s Home Improvements

101 School House Ln
Mount Laurel, NJ

MAC Renovations LLC

Blackwood, NJ

MAK Interiors

105 Abbey Drive
Royersford, PA

Maldonado Painting & General Contracting Inc.

201 E Moreland Ave
Hatboro, PA

Manis Construction Group

397 Ridge Road Suite 3
Dayton, NJ

Marvel Landscaping

257 Glendale Rd
Oxford, PA

matteoli contracting, llc

324 W Freedley St
Norristown, PA

matteoli contracting, llc

324 W Freedley St
Norristown, PA

matteoli contracting, llc

324 W Freedley St
Norristown, PA

matteoli contracting, llc

324 W Freedley St
Norristown, PA

matteoli contracting, llc

324 W Freedley St
Norristown, PA

matteoli contracting, llc

324 W Freedley St
Norristown, PA

MG Labetti Associates, LTD

339 Woodlyn Drive
Collegeville, PA

MG Remodeling Inc

3412 Tudor St
Philadelphia, PA


110 Botanic Ct
Upper Darby, PA

Michaels Home Creations Inc

15 S. Easton Rd.
Glenside, PA

Mike Halsey Construction

222 Godshalk Ave
Clementon, NJ

Mike's Handyman Service

9147 Ryerson Rd
Philadelphia, PA

Milano Home Improvement

401 Pennsylvania Ave
Avondale, PA

Millenium Remodeling Llc

404 Dornishwood Place
Chalfont, PA

Miller Electric

Parkesburg, PA

Milpro Contracting

P.O. Box 118
Magnolia, NJ

Mind Of Picasso

670 Lloyds Rd
Oxford, PA

Modern Carpentry Service

28 Temple Rd
Vineland, NJ

Modern Renovations LLC

5 Speer Rd.
Wilmington, DE

Monyer Electric, LLC

406 Greenville Rd
Denver, PA

Moore Builds LLC

45 Long Bow Drive
Sewell, NJ

Moquin's Home Enhancements

335 S Maple Ave
Mapleshade, NJ

Morris Home Remodeling

2206 S Bucknell
Philadelphia, PA

Moser Construction

1015 Suplee Rd
Honey Brook, PA

Mud & Set Tile Installation

11 Emerald Ave.
Collingswood, NJ

Musselman's General Contracting

6 Hickon Road
Quakertown, PA

Myers Painting & Design

6730 Horrocks Street
Philadelphia, Pa


Philadelphia, PA

Naegele Construction

3305 Society Place
Newtown, PA

National Restoration & Facility Services, Inc.

1001 Lower Landing Rd.
Blackwood, NJ

New Jersey Repair

417 Lafayette Ave
Trenton, NJ

Nicolosi Remodelers

15 Neville Ct
Sewell, NJ

NJ Remodeling LLC

60 Main St
Thorofare, NJ

NJS Contracting LLC

601 N Black Horse
Williamstown, NJ

Norenco Construction Services, LLC

1017 Suffolk Drive
Williamstown, NJ

North Point Builders

po box 7203
Wilmington, DE

Oakshade Construction Company, Inc.

400 Otter Street
Bristol, PA

Oakshade Construction Company, Inc.

400 Otter Street
Bristol, PA

On The Level Construction Services, LLC

457 Woodcrest Lane
Media, PA

Our House Home Improvement

231 Waterford Road
Hammonton, NJ

P & P Home Remodeling

332 Hudson St
Gloucester City, NJ

P G Tedesco Construction

32 Barren Rd.
Newtown Square, PA

P&G General Contracting

2251 W Hunting Park Ave
Philadelphia, PA

Pace contracting, LLC

4202 Greeby St
Philadelphia, PA

Pace Contracting, LLC

4202 Greeby St
Philadelphia, PA

PAL Construction

Philadelphia, PA

Pantalone Construction Co

4 Creek Road
Sewell, NJ

Paramount Construction Services

202 Bristol Road
Chalfont, PA


28 South Main Street/Box 502
Trumbauersville, PA

Patrick J Andrews Home Improvements

1435 Lotus Dr
Pottstown, PA

PDM Construction

8012 English Creek Ave
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Penn Remodeling

52 Orange Ave
Ambler, PA


Wilmington, DE

Performance builders

109 6th ave
Chesilhurst, Nj

Perspective Builders

845 W. 2nd Street
Lansdale, PA

PHB Inc.

110 W. Green Street
Middletown, DE

Phelan Construction LLC

52 N. Gate Park
West Newton, MA

Philadelphia Salvage Company

542 Carpenter Ln
Philadelphia, PA

1600 Washington Ave
Philadelphia, PA

Philco General Contracting

Glassboro, NJ

Philco General Contracting

Glassboro, NJ

Plum Construction

110 Hill Street
Mantua, NJ

png contractors

Richboro, PA

Popp's Home Improvements

824 Crystal Ave
Vincentown, NJ

PPN Home Improvement LLC

1634 Brunswick Ave
Lawrenceville, NJ

Precise Maintenance Services, LLC

1481 Buck Road
Feasterville-Trevose, PA

Quillen Contacting, Inc

513 Keebler Rd
King Of Prussia, PA

R Resh Home Improvements

1047 Power Ave
Bensalem, PA

R&G Home Improvement and Handy Man service

5109 Galen Dr
Morrisville, PA

Rapid Repair Home Maintenance Specialist

134 Jackson School Rd
Oxford, PA

Raymond L. Fleming

124 E. Maple Ave.
Langhorne, PA

RDS Improvements

Churchville, PA

Re-Volt Electric, LLC

61 S Morton Avenue
Morton, PA

ReCreations Custom Builders, LLC

89 Powell Road
Springfield, Pa

Red Head Rehabs

12004 Hatteras St
Valley Village, CA

Reed's Woods

4 McQuail Lane
Malvern, PA

Reichardt Remodeling

112 Serendipity Dr
Birdsboro, PA

Renot's Remodeling LLC

718 Wiltsey's Mill Rd
Hammonton, NJ

Reuter Construction

145 S. Rolling Road
Drexel Hill, PA


Narberth, PA

RJD Home Construction

Newtown Square, PA

RJN Contractors, Inc

2262 Donna Lane
Sanatoga, PA

RL Remodeling Co.

Burlington, NJ

RMD Construction

Quakertown, PA

Rob's Handyman Service

2540 Arrowhead Drive
Feasterville, PA

Robert Clark Contracting

2820 south broad st
Trenton, nj


133 ronald rd
Aston, PA

Rohlfing Brothers' Roofing & Home Improvement

872 N Beechwood St
Philadelphia, PA

Romano Custom Builders

202 Smallwood Drive
Mickleton, NJ


522 Miller Ave
Trenton, NJ

Ron's Art of Construction

2618 South Dewey Street
Philadelphia, PA

Ronald DeBaecke Jr

21 Streeker Rd
Wrightstown, NJ

Rosano Construction of NJ LLC

1309 Daniels Ave
Clementon, NJ

Rudderow Construction

po box 215
Zieglerville, pa

Russo Corporation

1220 Kings Highway
Swedesboro, NJ

RWP Construction

416 Perkiomen Ave
Phoenixville, PA

Ryan Nihart Remodeling & Home Repair

701 Heckel Ave
Spring City, PA

S & B Construction

4347 Alder Dr.
Doylestown, PA

S&K Home Remodeling Inc.

300 Oak Road
Glenside, PA

S&K Home Remodeling Inc.

300 Oak Road
Glenside, PA

S. Cameron Construction LLC.

246 E. Springfield Rd.
Springfield, PA

Sabatino Home Repair Inc. DBA Modular Solutions

427 Jackson Road
Williamstown, NJ

Salgado home improvements

1301 Heidelberg Dr
Williamstown, Nj


173 S. Dupont Hwy.
New Castle, DE

Santech Construction Corp.

1001 City Ave
Wynnewood, PA

Schenck’s Carpentry

325 Edison Furlong Rd
Doylestown, PA

sdk services

po box 2363
Vincentown, NJ

See It N 3D Design & Technical Illustrations

500 Los Faroles , Carr 861
Miami, FL


Newfield, NJ

Shure-Line Electrical Inc

100 Artisan Dr
Smyrna, DE

Shuttle Construction LLC

100 Magdalena Ln
Lansdale, PA

Skarpetowski Construction

Princton Jct., NJ

Skilled Builders Plus, LLC

4223 Pechin St.
Philadelphia, PA

Skip Fuller Carpentry

620 Colford Ave
Collingswood, NJ

Smith and Son Builders

117 Park Drive
Doylestown, PA

Southern Counties Contracting, LLC.

25 Chapel Ave
Merchantville, NJ

Southern Counties Contracting, LLC.

25 Chapel Ave
Merchantville, NJ

Standup Builders, LLC

1150 1st Ave. Ste. 501
King Of Prussia, PA

Streamline Construction Inc.

1232 Roosevelt Dr
Havertown, PA

Stump and Durham Designs

Pipersville, PA

Suburban Handyman

14 Roberts Rd.
Bryn Mawr, PA


4709 Edgemont street
Philadelphia, PA


Doylestown, PA

Sunray Construction

44 E Scott St
Riverside, NJ

Superior remodeling solutions llc

Otter branch drive
Glendora, NJ

Switchin' Kitchens & Baths LLC

47 Davidson Mill Rd.
North Brunswick, NJ

T F David General Contractor

716 Fairhill Road
Hatfield, PA

T&C Enterprises

117 Salem Church rd
Newark, DE


108 Columbia Blvd
Cherry Hill, NJ

TAFcon Construction Incorporated

822 Hill Church Rd
Hummelstown, PA

Tasher Remodeling

2416 Old Bethlehem Pike
Sellersville, PA

Teco, LLC. Home Improvement

15 Quaint Road
Levittown, PA

TermiGuard Services & Fenwick

420 Kelley Dr
West Berlin, NJ

TGT Interiors LLC

417 broad st
Elmer, NJ

The ISH'ues Company - Problem Solved

760 N. 43rd St.
Philadelphia, PA

The Pindans Group

Wilmington, DE

Theodorou Son Construction

19 Locust Ave
Collingswood, NJ

Thomas Brady Quality Home Repair

219 robinhood ln
Aston, PA

Timber Creek Builders, LLC

114 W College Ave
Yardley, PA

TLD Services Inc

709 Windermere Ave.
Drexelhill, Pa

Topnotch construction

2363 E Dauphin St
Philadelphia, PA

Total Design Builders LLC

Sicklerville, NJ

Total Home Manager, LLC

31 W Broad St
Hopewell, NJ

Tri County Handyman

527 Hillside Drive N
West Chester, PA


22 Evans Ave
Wyomissing, PA

True Tile Plus

101 Lincoln Ave
Wilmington, DE

Tucker Builders & Remodelers

2735 Pickwick Street
Philadelphia, PA


Dover, DE

Unlimited Construction Co., Inc.

P.O. Box 331
Kemblesville, PA

Urban Enterprise, Inc.

1788 Arash Cir
Port Orange, FL

Urbaniak Construction

1234 Linden Ave
Morrisville, PA

V2R Painting


Value First Property Services

4788 Perkiomen Creek Rd
Schwenksville, PA

VAR Construction Inc

3396-98 Miller St
Philadelphia, PA

Ventura Bros. Remodeling

61 Lincoln Ave.
New Jersey City, NJ

Versatile renovation solutions

7321 ogontz ave
Philadelphia, PA

Vick B's Painters Plus, LLC

3732 Richmond Street
Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia, PA

Wellspring Construction Inc.

PO Box 1242
Brookhaven, PA

Westwood Construction of Southern NJ

126 W Elm Ave
Mantua, NJ

Whispering Willows Inc.

2275 Keiper Road
Quakertown, PA

William W. Benner Builder

516 Buttonwood st
Perkasie, PA

Williams and Goldstein General Contractors, LLC

5237 Pennsgrove Street
Philadelphia, PA

Winkworks llc.

12 Parkway Dr.
Browns Mills, NJ

1235 cayuga street
Vineland, NJ

Wyncote Restoration and Remodeling

33 Waverly Rd.
Wyncote, PA

X-Pros Construction and Management LLC

800 Denow Road suite 357
Pennington, nj

Zeloyle Construction

1307 Broadview West
Downingtown, PA
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