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Caroline O.
"We knew we needed to replace a few boards on our deck due to weather damage at our back door. It seemed like a
project, so my husband started pulling up the" decking boards. Unfortunately, the beam and joist were also damaged and needed to be replaced. That
us to finding
. His reviews were great and the pictures on his website were wonderful, so we gave him a call. He answered the phone immediately, came out the promptly to give us a quote, and began the work later in the week. We requested additional work be completed to replace more bad decking than just our original project. Emiel works with a local lumber company who sells better quality wood than Home Depot or Lowes, so he let them know the materials we needed and I just called the company direct to pay for the materials ($641). The wood is more expensive than other places, but you can tell the quality is worth it in the end. The materials were delivered and Emiel began work while we were on vacation. We felt confident that everything would be okay in our absence. We were right. When we got home on Sunday, Emiel was working even though is rained hard and the mosquitoes were out in force. His work was perfect and he even fixed a broken post on our carport on his own. So, Emiel goes above and beyond to give great service. We are looking forward to getting his quote back for refurbishing the rest of the deck. We highly recommend
for your deck related projects.
Rated by
Joanna M.
"I had Emiel come and rebuild my deck using composite materials. The crappy Home Depot PT boards were rotting and needed to be replaced. He did the job exceptionally well and I look" forward to years of enjoying my low-maintenance deck! Work was done on time and very shortly after we agreed to a price.
Rated by
Dan H.
"I contacted
through Angie's list. They returned my email quickly and their phone call followed shortly thereafter. I spoke with the estimator and described" the job of repairing some areas of my paver pool deck, pressure washing and
. My pool deck is about 1200sqft and had 4 areas that needed leveling. I explained the job and made an appointment. Since I was not going to be able to meet him for the estimate, as we discussed, I marked the areas that needed repair and moved my patio furniture for him. The morning of the appointment he called me and asked about the repairs/job as if we had never spoken before. He then advised me that his company doesn't do repairs and cancelled the appointment. I got the impression he didn't want to make the trip as it was July3rd, a day before a holiday, or, they were looking for a quick in-and-out job. Tropical Pavers wasted my time. I had read their great reviews on
and was ready to give them the job so long as the price was reasonable. I don't have time to waste waiting for multiple estimates to save a few bucks.

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Rooftop pool downtown Indianapolis apartment building

Angie's Answers


I agree with Jim Casper - after about 50 years of dealing with weathered wood finishing both in my homes and in the construction business, it comes down to about 90% preparation, 10% the finishing. If you do not prep the wood right, any moisture, mold, etc in the wood will destroy whatever you put over it.

High-build finishes like paint and epoxies and, from reading the Rustoleum flyer on this new product that too, work by trying to make an impenetrable surface and depend on a very good bond with the surface, AND no water getting under them. Because they are thick and are designed to provide a waterproof surface, unfortunately where water gets under them they are just as good or better at keeping it from evaporating, so you get fungal growth, blistering, and peeling.

Unfortunately, on deck and most outdoor applications except siding the surface will get nicked, scratched and otherwise develop leaks in short order. Water will therefore get into the underlying wood, and because it entered through small cracks and scratches, does not have any airflow to make it evaporate, so it sits there and breaks the finish bond to the wood (causing peeling and blisters), and promotes decay. That is why new deck boards and siding and trim that have been heavily or multi-coat painted on all 4 sides, thinking that will give the best protection, only last a few years versus the usual 10-20 years or so for boards that are painted top and sides only.

The full sun and hot conditions will, of course, cause more thann normal heating of dark colored painted decking. I had one instance where I was doing an independent appraisal of a very large commercial deck at a government facility, and in 85-90 degree daytime temps, in the sushine the chocolate brown deck surface temp was 150 degrees, and the paint was softening so much it stuck to the bottom of your shoes a couple of months after application.

As Jim said, the studies pretty clearly show that a breathable penetrating stain gives the best life, after plain ACA/CCA (copper chromium variations - the green stuff) treated wood. Penetrating stains, properly applied, do NOT seal in the moisture, they inhibit its entry and (when dark colored) help protect against sun damage to the wood and finish, but still breathe enough to let moisture escape on dry days. For my money, I will only use petroleum distillate (paint thinner cleanup) products, as they penetrate into the wood much better. Water based ones immediately start swelling the wood pores, so it blocks further penetration of the stain, which while cleanup is a bit easier, totally defeats the purpose of a PENETRATING stain or sealer.

I would recommend against any sort of waterproofing sealer, as they trap the water just like paint, and I have never seen one that is effective for 2 years.

My personal preference, though it limits the architectural coloration possibilities, is ground-contact rated copper compound treated wood (NOT the Wolmanized brown product), which comes green initially but can be retreated with either green or brown solution or can be liquid colorized darker (though not easily to a specific tone) using either of those as a base. My practice is to redo the treatment before installation to ensure thorough treatment, as from the mill it commonly has skips where boards contacted each other or where stacking seperators laid on it, and the ends are commonly very poorly done. This is done after cutting to length, as cut ends have to be retreated anyway.  A simple short deck cleaner soak followed by a light pressure washing and brush or roller re-treating of ONLY the TOP surface every 10 years or so has, for me, reduced visible weathering of the boards and beams to negligible.


The product has evolved considerably since the lawsuit.


I would still do your own research and give you contractor your feedback.  At the end of the day, the cost for whatever board you want will be similar. 

As stated by others: You get what you pay for.  Many contractors no longer use employees.  The cost/benefit ratio is gone by the time worker's comp. insurance, unemplyment and other taxes are paid.  Especially with the high turnover in our industry.  Many, myself included, have our guys set up as sub-contractors.  That means even if the job is only for a day the duties have been outlined and a set pay to complete those duties has been established from the onset.  It's a better way to manage costs once I got used to it.  Also, it means I can operate cheaper and not have to charge as much to the customer.  My agreements with my guys, which they sign, make it clear that I nor the homeowner are responsible for their safety and medical care should a problem arise and that all parties are relieved of any such obligation.  If you hire a contractor who follows this growing practice ask to see a copy of his sub-contractor agreement.

That being said, a legitimate contractor still has operating cost which vary by area and how they run their business.  I break even at $150/day not including labor and materials so I've got to charge more than that to make money.  To keep the math simple, if I'm paying $250 for a pne day job in labor plus another $300 in materials and $150 operating costs I've got to charge $700 to the customer to break even.  That's if I'm only doing one job a day which is why most of us manage several at a time.  The point I'm trying to make is that someone with the necessary knowledge and experience to build you a safe deck is not going to be cheap.  Knowledge accompanies success which costs money.

I've repaired or restructured several decks built by handymen who should find another profession.  Ask yourself this question when hiring someone for this project: Would I trust this person to build my house?  If the answer is no you need to find someone else.  The deck is just as important.  It's where your family, friends, kids are going to gather and interact.  If it isn't structurally sound it can collapse causing injury or even death.  One last word on decks: Always screw a deck together, don't nail it.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
San Antonio, TX

Deck Building reviews in Orlando


The visit was great. Emiel was very professional and provided an estimate within a week. We decided to go with another company, but we are in the process of trying to hire Emiel for a smaller project that we need completed very soon.
- Robert L.

For me the test of true professionalism is knowing when things are not going to work as expected - stopping the work - reassessing and then doing it right. This was the case for the work KCScreen encountered on my deck with odd-shaped pillars, nothing plum and an existing guard rail that created a gap that would have caught leaves and debris. The owner did the work himself and after a frustrating start, figured out a solution and completed all the work perfectly. He and his crew were friendly, worked quickly and quietly and left everything neat as a pin. It would be hard to tell you how totally happy I am with my screened-in deck. While others in the complex have screens that are
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
-rigged and ill-fitting, mine are perfectly neat and tight and beautiful. Clearly
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Screens takes great pride in quality work, listening to the customer's concerns and ensuring that their customer is completely satisfied. I would highly recommend this family owned and operated company!!
- Stephanie S.

Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and his crew were excellent. They arrived at the agreed time and date, worked steadily throughout the day, with no music, loud banter or other distractions. They cleaned the work area prior to leaving for the day and then returned the second day, again on time, and finished the tasks needed to complete the work. The entire process took about a day and a half as proposed. When complete,
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
walked the entire site with me to ensure my satisfaction before finalizing the payment for the agreed price.
- Cynthia D.

All of the employees were punctual and very hard workers. They did an excellent job in every way. Always on time and cleaned up the job site daily. The people who work for this company are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone needing any type of pool maintenance.
- Joanne B.

Cleaning went well. The deck is in need of some repair due to river rock are very old. Some of the river rocks came up. The
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job cleaning. We were pleased with the job.
- Minnie and Eugene J.

We started by contacting several installers that we found here.
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
was quickly identified as someone we could work with as he was knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic about helping us. It actually took us quite a while to decide on our project details although we thought that we had them pretty well mapped out at the start. As we learned more about what we needed and wanted to do,
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
helped with everything from size and positioning to color and shape. When he realized what I was planning as phase two, he suggested that the posts I was planning to set were not a good Do It Yourself idea. After seeing what he did with them I am glad I did not try it myself.
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
executed our project with an approach that kept us informed and engaged every step of the way. The people that came to help him were friendly and professional as well. We did make some last minute changes which did not phase
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
. I am very glad that we chose to work with
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
and am confident that if we have problems or new projects in the future that we can count on him again. I am glad to recommend
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
for your similar projects.
- Karen G.

We have used
Orlando Deck Builders Provider Name Locked
Yelcho and his Dad for at least 10 years. They are prompt, professional and trustworthy! They do an awesome job. Their prices are more than reasonable. They will do exactly what you ask for and more. I would recommend them to everyone who needs world class service.
- Michael H.

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