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10, 2014

6217 79th Street West
Lakewood, WA 98499
I contracted with you on May 2, 2014 to help us
liquidate our Uncle Art’s personnel property. My wife and I were excited that
you sounded so confident that most all items could be sold, and may possibly
bring in the amount of $25,000. We thought that this would definitely help us
take necessary steps that are legally required to bring his estate to a close.
Disappointingly, we wish to convey that we would not give you and your business
any referrals for the following reasons.
We agreed that June 20-22, 2014 would be the dates for
when the sale would occur on our Uncles property. The contract we signed
clearly states that within 7 business days after conclusion of sale, you would
provide a summary of all gross sales proceeds and provide a check in the full
amount of net proceeds. We have not received payment or summary as of the
writing of this letter.
My wife left you a message on
Monday June 23rd if you could refer someone to help either buy-out
or donate all the items that did not sell during the sale. There was no
response from you. Then on Wednesday the 25th, I phoned and left a
message requesting the same information, and also asked when you may have the
proceeds and summary in the mail.
You phoned back a few minutes
later and said that by Friday June 27th, you would get back to us
with that information. We were not contacted by that Friday, in fact you
finally called and left a message on Wednesday the 2nd of
. In
the message you stated, “Sent the payment and everything” and to let you
know when we received it. You did give us the name of someone (
that may be interested in buying-out all remaining items, and that you gave our
phone # to him and that he would call.
On Monday
7th, I
left you a message stating that we had still not received the proceeds or heard from
. He did call us later
that evening leaving a message that he had spoke to you. We have since been in
contact and have a scheduled meeting.
8th, we texted you letting you know we
still had not received the promised proceeds from the contract.
You texted back that, the check was returned to you because you sent to our
Uncles vacant address. When the contract clearly showed our home
address in which it was supposed to be sent to.
there were a couple other issues that we felt were unsatisfactory. We found
some handwritten receipts/notes yesterday in a crumpled up bag left on
the floor of our Uncles House that was left from you and your crew. Showing
detailed items with prices, some with dates. Totaling up to approximate value
of $336.62. In addition, approx. 2-weeks before the sale, after your crew
started coming in to go through and organize items. We noticed that the following were missing from the bathroom;
Toilet paper (5 or 6) rolls, a large bottle of shampoo, a bottle of body wash,
and bottle of hand sanitizer. We did not mention the missing items previously
as we felt, at the time, was not an issue we thought was significant enough to
warrant a compliant.
With your inconsistent communications, the obvious delay in
payment, and with these last two issues we are quite disappointed and concerned
that you are not upholding the most important part of your contract, “happy
clients, honesty, and integrity”. We feel there should be some sort of compensation,
because the contract was not fully met, and we would like you to send our full
proceeds and summary by express overnight delivery to above shown address with
a confirmation phone call that you have done so…on receipt of this letter.
24th, 2014
Attn: Ahmia Unique

This is a follow up on our formal compliant letter dated 7/10/2014.
We finally received a check in regular mail delivery for the amount of $1148.00 on 7/17/14, clearly 25 days after sale concluded. Also, an amount much lower from your original estimate of $25,000. No final itemized summary was included. And no response from you at all concerning all the other issues we brought to your attention as noted in letter.
On 7/16/14 your employee, newly appointed sales manager,
e-mailed us responding to our formal compliant. She stated that "
does not do business like this" and that she is now the manager and would be working with us and reviewing all records of our Estate sale. (She did not mention or request to see the receipts that we found on our Uncles property.) She thought that she would be able to have all documents and get back to us by this last weekend (7/19-20).
We have not heard from her since the 16th.
I notified you on
20th, 2014 that you had left a table at our Uncle's property in Maple Valley. You instantly messaged me back thinking it was yours and that
may know. Since you or anyone from your company has not contacted us in regards to picking it up, we well donate it to Goodwill Industries on Monday
28th, 2014. I am shocked that you could reply so quickly to this matter and yet no attempt in formally addressing the multiple complaints and still not sending us the summary.
Let it be known that all these issues well be forwarded to Angie's List, EstateSales.net, Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General's office of
Pierce for Estate of

- Beatrice P.

I am generally not given to offering testimonials for any business contacts, but feel compelled to enthusiastically endorse
for her invaluable service to me in liquidating my brother’s possessions in an estate sale conducted in West
,NJ. She was knowledgeable in identifying the value of things, pricing it appropriately and diligently and effectively advertising the sale to attract potential buyers. She and her staff were completely invested in making me happy from our first
telephone contact through the conclusion of a very successful sale.
Her professionalism was evident in her willingness to personally meet with me when other services instructed me to email photos of the items for sale. I contacted several vendors that were recommended to me who made appointments they never kept and never bothered to call. It was my good fortune to finally discover
and unequivocally urge anyone who may be in need of such a service to contact her to insure their own satisfactory result.

- Jennifer P.

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We initially thought we might have a partial estate sale in moms house but after consultation decided there wasn't enough value for that. We discussed other services we might use and we got good advice. We ended up participating in a neighborhood garage sale and used two excellent young men referred by
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to bring items out from house to garage. I would recommend this service to anyone needing moving, downsizing, or consolidation of theirs or a loved ones home. We got precise, compassionate advice and we appreciated the flexibility of the different options presented. This lady knows her stuff! Thank you!
- Dorothy W.

We hired
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to auction approximately 200-300 items from our home. Some were small items and some were very nice antiques. We had so many items that
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
picked up at our home, that we used photos to inventory the items.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
did not inventory any of the items and did not
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
or number any of the items at our home. I asked Mr.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
how he kept our items separate from other auction items and was told that he had separate storage for our items. I expressed my concern that since his company did not place any
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
or numbers on items (especially the higher dollar items) that if they were not kept together that there was no way to track the owner for payment. I was again assured that they kept them together and tracked the sale of each item. This proved not to be the case. After the first auction took place we received and check and list for the items sold about 1/2 of the items we sent were on the list - most of the really nice items were not on the list. I emailed Mr
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
expressing my concern that many items were missing and was told the he was putting the unsold items in different auctions that he was running. With no way for Mr
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to track who the owner of the items is - how was he going to pay the owner for the sale of the item? Over the next few weeks we received a few more very small checks but many high dollar items were missing. We emailed back and forth but never got an answer on were the missing items are. We have asked for the list of who bought what but have not heard back for Mr.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
We have photos of the items sent and those still missing if needed.
- Thomas L.

The auctioneer responded to my initial phone call very quickly. He was the only one who answered his phone the day I was calling. Others I left messages for didn't return my call until 2 days later. He came out and looked at my things and gave me an no cost estimate. He was very reasonable. We agreed on a sale date. He came out 2 times before the sale date to set it up with his staff. He answered all my questions which I had many in a clear and understandable manner.
The day of the sale he and his staff arrived early and went right to work setting up. He introduced me to each one of his staff and told me what their job was. The auction started on time and went very quickly. He sold all my items and I feel he got a good price for them. The staff cleaned the area up very well when it was done and all items were gone.
I highly recommend
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and his staff. They are very professional and preformed all the services we agreed upon in a timely manner. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again should I ever need this type of service again. He took the worry out of all the concerns I had and I was extremely pleased.
- Mary O.

I was so pleased with
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
. He was very upfront about all cost and gave me updates on how things were going. He likes to keep things looking nice throughout the sale. I was very impressed! I highly recommend him!
- Tanya S.

We contacted the owners of
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
to arrange a meeting. They arrived at our home promptly and thoroughly explained the service they could provide and outlined the fees and commissions. We agreed to employ them and started to go over the items we had collected for sale. Together we did a complete inventory of the items and we gave them any particular information on items of special interest. They took the items and after extensive research on the values of the items put them for sale on ebay, fetching far more per item than we imagined. It was obvious that
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
did its homework in assessing the values of items put up for sale.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
also provided us with access to an ebay web site that showed all of our items so we could follow the sales if we wanted.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
kept us well informed on the progress of sales and every month sends a check for the items sold with a complete accounting of the sale price, fee, and commission.
After the initial sales,
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
again came to our home to take more items for sale. Again they arrived at the appointed hour and we went through the same inventorying and describing of items. We have yet more items and will contact them soon about another meeting.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
is a very professional operation that we would recommend to anyone. We couldn't be more pleased.
It is important to note that the "cost of service" entered above is deceptive because
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
charges a fee and commission for each item sold. The fees are what ebay charges and
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
takes a 20% commission - a very fair arrangement considering the premium price they get on items they sell!
- Terrence M.

Overview: Due to a death in the family, we had a 6000 sq ft. home full of furniture, clothing, personal items, kitchenware and vehicles that we needed to sell and/or remove in order to place the home on the
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
. I spoke to several estate sale companies on the phone before deciding on
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
was far and away the most astute, knowledgeable, and professional of all I interviewed.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
and his brother
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
never disappointed in the entire process. They turned a large estate into a store for the four days of the sale, remained there and ensured security the entire time. They accurately priced all contents, and worked with us through any questions we had. We saw their operation during the sale and it was A1. They moved a large number of buyers through the estate, and sold the majority of items. Whenever we called
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
with questions we immediately received a response. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for any type of business venture, they were that good, and that trustworthy.
Cost: Most sellers in this business will charge between 25% and 30% of the total taken, as did
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
, but for an Estate as large as this it was well worth it. And, for a reasonable fee, the carpets were cleaned following the sale, and all remaining items removed so we can move forward with the home sale. We received a complete listing of items sold and cost.

- Joanne S.

I won/purchased two items at a
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
Auction House auction held in Lewiston, NY on June 21, 2014. The auction listing stated that all items had been "authenticated and appraised".
The first item was a WWI Navy recruitment poster. When the item came up for bids, I specifically asked the auctioneer/owner, Mr.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
, if it was original. He emphatically said "yes". The item turned out to be a 1960's reproduction of the earlier poster.
The second item, and, by far, the more expensive was an art glass vase listed in writing as being made by
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
Chihuly, a highly regarded glass artist. When we returned home with the vase, we examined the signature and it was obvious that the initials HNB were definitely NOT those of the artist. I contacted the west coast Chihuly headquarters and they confirmed that the signature and the design of the piece were not that of Chihuly. In addition, there was a second vase purchased by another party that was similar in design to the one I purchased. Therefore, there was another party who fell victim to this scam.
When this was brought to the attention of the auction house, Mr.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
refused to stand behind their written assertions that all pieces, including these, were authentic. Mr.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
said that my purchase was on a "where is, as is" basis.
The case will most likely be settled in court.

- Lawrence A.

Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
was very responsive to our email inquiry. Though their website was pretty direct, they reiterated their services clearly. They asked for an inventory of what we were interested in consigning and let us know what was of value and what wasn't. We made an appointment for the following day to bring the items in (please note that they are by appointment only). They were pleasant in person and gave us a receipt with online tracking so we could watch our auctions. All the items went up in a few days and the auctions ended in 10. They did a great job of describing the items as well as took very professional pics. When the items sold, they went for much higher than other similarly listed items. After 30 days they notified us of our payment being on the way and we received a check a few days later. Overall, I can't recommend them enough. Selling on
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
is a tedious task and ten you have to worry about dishonest buyers.
Orlando Auction Services Provider Name Locked
made the whole process so much easier. Thank you!
- Ryan P.
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