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Rated by
Cory H.
"They arrived on time and finished a full day ahead of schedule. They did a good job and kept me informed of every step along the way.
took the time to answer" all of my questions and explain everything they did.
Rated by
Rebecca H.
"They arrived on time, and started digging the holes. The workers were polite and hard working. I was kept informed of the progress by the foreman that stayed on the site all time" the work was being done. The work took three days, which I was called everyday letting me know they were on their way. I am very satisfied with the people and the work of this company.
Rated by
Merrie V.
"The work was performed in Oklahoma City. I thought everything was working fine until we received some (probably less than an inch) of rain. It turned out instead of tying into the" sewer they tied into a pipe that drains directly INTO my basement. It goes into a floor drain but the house is 90 years old and that drain is not able to handle the direct rain that has now been run to it. I have workout equipment, electronics, appliances, a pool table and HVAC unit down there. I called the company immediately and E-mailed them pictures of the drain with dirt, rocks and water coming out of it. It turns out Oklahoma was not a profitable
for them and they no longer have an office here. They have refused to address my issue or even call me back. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and looking into taking legal action!!! All I can say is BEWARE!!

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Angie's Answers

Unfortunately this is not something you will easily resolve; and even if you were to win, the amount of time and funds spent will probably exceed the cost of the actual repair.

Each state has different rules on what "as-is" means, but almost all use the term when it comes to realestate sales.  At two years, you are facing a hurdle that any issue could be the result of new conditions, acceptable wear / settlement, etc.  Has there been any changes in the area? (New house built next door, new addition, earthquake, flooding, etc?)

While you may have been given a home warranty with the purchase (do check your sales paperwork to see if there is any warranty and what it covers for how long) the house is sold to you as-is; it is your responsibility to raise concerns prior to taking over the house, so going back two years later is a huge up hill batle.

The home inspector is also going to be found faultless, as their reports almost always have words like "consult with an expert. . ." after each report section and they have disclaimers for missed items, etc. I got certified as a home inspector and was surprised at just how little they actually require you to know to become an inspector. They are really just an extra pair of eyes to help inexpereinced home owners look where most people don't look or go.  You even mention that the repair work was well masked, so you didn't notice it until you began looking for it.  A good inspector might have caught it, but you won't win any court cases proving yours wasn't good enough.

The Seller will claim that any foundation issues were fixed and resolved, which is why they marked "No" on the foundation issue section.  They fixed it; so it was no longer an issue.  If it came back, that is a new issue.  You and I know this is bogus, but to win in court you have to prove intent; and the builder can easily show they thought it was fixed.  Or, they might even be able to claim they were unaware - the repairs were from the previous owner, and were hidden so well HE and YOU didn't notice them.

So the next step is to meet with your home insurance agent.  As I mentioned above, if there have been any enviromental changes (a new house next door could have changed the underground water table flow or pressures, for example) you may be covered.  Even if there are no issues, you still may have a policy that allows for major repairs to be covered after a certian cost threshold, etc.  You'd be surprised at what your home owners insurance covers - find out first; they might have in house or low cost engineers who will do the initial inspection, etc.  They also will provide advice on your home sale; if they think you have a case against the Seller.

Best of luck on this issue.  Make sure any solution you pay for solves the cause (Stress on the wall), and doesn't just fix the results (cracks).


     There are two types of cracks in foudation walls, horizonal and vertical. The vertical is from settling and usually is not that bad a repair onec the settling stops or the cause is fixed. A horizontal crack in my opinion worse unless it happened right as the house was built and it was backfilled incorrectly. That should have been fixed at that time though. Horizontal cracks are a sign of lateral pressure due to either a water problem, improper wall sizing or a combination of these. In these conditions I have always felt complete excavation outside the wall and reconstruction is your best approach with the proper sized block or concrete wall with buttresses as needed.

     You mention the future sale of the home and I would think the total replacement would be the best way as it will not leave any red flags. The steel plating would point to the problem and I can just think of all that would go through a buyers mind. Little things like how long will it be before the plate rusts out and needs to be replaced, even though it would probable last a long time.

     I would think you should spend the money on a consult with a structural engineer and get a written report on the problem and his recommendations as to the best repair. It will help with any future sale of the home. Without drawings the consult should be less than $500. I would bet he would recommend total replacement.




I hope I am reading the question correctly.  By added work, I assume you are speaking of change orders or additional work as opposed to the original work he contracted for? I think there are very few occasions that it would be wise to pay a contractor in full up front for work on the main contract that you are hireing him for. BUT, It is quite common that a general contractor will charge for (and should be paid), all change orders 100% upfront, as changes are typically very disruptive to a building process. Charging up front is somewhat to discourage changes as well as to not make the builder deal with chasing after money at least if he has to work quickly to modify his schedule due to the change at hand. It should have been spelled out in his contract with you prior to the start of the job that that was the agreement for how changes would be handled.


Some unscrupulous customers can also contract for work that they don't actually have the money for and then it puts the builder at a disadvantage at the end of the project when trying to collect. so basically doing a change is a courtesy so paying changes up front is part of reciprocating and extending courtesy back.


Also, check with some of his references and referral customers and find out if they too had the same experience and see if it worked out ok for them. 

Foundation Repair reviews in Oklahoma City


I contacted the company for an estimate regarding foundation repair. Even though they are based in Tulsa, the company was very responsive and easy to work with. Ultimately, we had to go with another bid since this company did not have a financing option, but if they did I would have gladly used them. The owner did the inspection and was on time. The staff followed up and even worked to see if they could be added to our Home Visa account. The account did not cover foundation repair, but my experience with them was very positive.
- Kristi B.

Excellent. Starting with
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Sale Representative,
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Cross, who assessed the property and made accurate recommendations concerning restoration and repair (verified by structural engineer
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Gastgeb-who is also excellent for reviewing foundation issues).
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
also re-visited the property prior to the actual work to review what is required and recommended how to prepare the inside of the home for piering prior to the actual work beginning. He also showed up on the day the work actually began to interact with the work crew explaing to them exactly what needed to be done. His presence gave me, the homeowner, comfort that they really cared about protecting my property and my all my stuff in the house (piering required outside and inside the home). As work began, additional problems were discovered and
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was there to review and give recommendations. He is great to have around during the operation. The work crew
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, site supervisor, was also excellent and took time to explain what was going on during the 3 days of work. He allowed me to ask questions and was patient with my concerns. His crew was polite, courteous, professional and cleaned up the mess afterwards. Amercan Leveling delivered what was promised and I could not be more pleased.
- James B.

They came out to review the previous work for insurance claim purposes. Since working with a structural engineer, I would like to recommend that anyone thinking they need foundation repair, to go the extra $200-$300 and hire a structural engineer first. We have been working with a very reputable
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
and he has told me that
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
has been before the board of engineers many times. They are not engineers. Our engineer said that the previous owner should not have had piers installed. When I asked for the elevation levels from
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
from the initial date of install, I was told there was none taken.
It was hard to get someone to call me back from
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
whenever I had questions. I was disappointed to learn the home we bought was fine before the piers were installed unnecessarily. I was also disappointed that after they had to dig up our landscape bushes, they weren't put back in properly and so some of our landscape died after their work was done.

- Amy D.

I am shocked to see the previous reviews on this company. I was not signed up on Angie's list when I contracted with
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. I have nothing but the highest regard after my dealings. This family business has existed since the 1960's. My dealings were exclusively with
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
. He came to do the estimate the same day I called. They had so many jobs because of this drought we've got going that I had to wait a week to get it done. The crew showed up & did their thing from start to finish, all the while
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was on site overseeing the job. On those occasions when he did leave an obviously experienced foreman was running the show. The job took a day & a half & once started there was no interruption. I am confident the job was done right because I watched it. I went with
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
based on a referral from a real estate agent and a roofing contractor I know who used to be an insurance adjuster. Based on the high pitched sales jobs I got from other company's I decided that
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was a no bs guy who would only do what needed to be done. In fact he had told me the way one of the walls was rocking it was going to have to be tied, (whatever that means) which was going to be even more expense, bot then after the house was jacked the wall was moved back into place so beautifully that he showed me that would not have to done so I could save the money. I was completely satisfied by this contractor.
- Terri C.

They did the work last October and now the
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
need adjustment. I can not get them to take my phone calls. When they did the work they were very good and very efficient. It came with a lifetime warranty so they are supposed to come back out if the
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
need adjustment. Our
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
now need adjustment and I can't get them on the phone. I would use them again.
- Arielle A.

We got estimates from several companies. We chose this company for the reputation and professionalism. They arrived on time to begin the work, worked fast, cleaned up as they went, go the job done in 1 day. They patched several cracks and caulked around windows and areas that were needed, went above and beyond what was expected in that regard. A day or two later, we had an issue with the one of the outdoor patches turning a strange color, I called the office and she sent the crew back out promptly to re-pour it. They checked the other 2 patches while they were here to be sure they were okay. I had another contractor out after the job was done and he said it was probably the best concrete patching he has seen.
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
in the office is great and easy to deal with,
Oklahoma City Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
the sales guy was very informative and helpful, the crew leader and entire crew did an outstanding job and we were extremely pleased with the whole process.
- Stephanie R.

Arrived on time and was done by 2 pm. Installed 10 piers. Very professional- I was asked to perform a survey about my experience. Overall work was done but ran into issues beyond the crew's control. Dirt was dug and placed on plywood to make clean up quick and easy. Follow up visit was performed and additional work was needed to complete the job. Additional work was done by same crew as expected, as scheduled and totally completed. Also completed another survey!
- Nelson H.

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