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Rated by
John N.
"Terrible. Cancellation policy is not clear up front. We, as I'm sure many, have been told that we can cancel at any time - and this is simply untrue without paying additional" funds toward discounts applied since renewal - even though we've paid years of wellness plan payments toward said discounts. don't buy the corporate song and dance response this would receive from
either. Cancellation policy is not made clear. As expected, they are much more interested in you signing up and have much more communication and marketing geared as such.
Rated by
Ed B.
"Having already had one dog die of cancer I had an idea of what cancer can cost. I signed up for the plan several years ago for my next dog hoping I would never need it. Then the terrible" news came:
cancer. The question that went through my mind was OK, they took my money now will they honor there agreement. Indeed they did. To date with several more chemo treatments yet to come they have paid over $4000. I have had numerous contacts with their service department and they couldn't be more friendly or helpful. I give this company my full and unreserved recommendation. If you truly value your pet and want to care for him in the face of enormous medical bills I strongly urge you to consider taking out a plan with this company.
Rated by
James D.
"It seems there is no exact procedure for filing a claim. Called up and the representative stated she would begin the claim over the phone based on the information I supplied . My" wife faxed all bills and vet reports within the next few days. On line status reported the claim was opened and
was reviewing the claim. 3 weeks passed and the status remained the same.
claimed it was waiting for my vet records. I had already got all of the records and faxed them in with the original paperwork. I was the squeaky wheel and continued to call them. Hold times at
ranged from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. I hear the hold talk and music in my sleep. At week 4, I called and spoke with a representative. I advised them I was going on a cruise and I wanted to make sure they had everything. She explained by the time you get back, the claim "should" be completed and I should het my vet bills paid. Returned from the cruise 8 days later and called again, as there was no money paid for the claim. The representative stated the same thing, still be reviewed and I screamed. The representative named "Crystal" was fabulous (one of the only bright areas of this entire story). I explained I am completely DISSATISFIED, as this is approx. week 6 and they still have not paid the claim. Crystal personally went and checked and stated she would call me back. I also insisted on speaking with a supervisor, and as usual, as I had asked many times in the previous 6 weeks to speak with a supervisor, there was no supervisor available and they are very busy. A supervisor would call me back within 48 Hours. Crystal called back an hour later and explained she got the claim pushed through and I should have the money in my bank account within 3 to 5 days, depending on my bank. Then I stated "Great", he much am I getting back for my claim? Crystal hesitated as if she did not hear my question....... She explained approx. $750.00. I responded excuse me! The claim was for approx. $3250.00 and after my $250.00 deductible,
pays 90%. Well then she explained all the FINE PRINT. Remember 1 dog and 1 surgery, all recommended by the Vet. Specialist. My policy has a $250.00 deductible "PER CONDITION", and after looking at the biopsy,
realized each of the dogs 6 bumps were EACH a separate "CONDITION", therefore they charged me (6) $250.00 deductibles, Totaling $1500.00 in deductibles! My response was "ARE YOU CRAZY", this can't be happening. Even though the Vet. stated 2 of the 6 bumps were skin tags (THE SAME CONDITION), they were on different area's of the body, so they consider them 2 Separate Conditions. I am currently about to begin my appeal! BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone ever use
. They are a Legal Scam! When they sell you the insurance they do not tell you about the CRAZY Deductibles. It is Not until the make a claim - Then You Get Wacked! $180.00 per month for 16 Months. Then I make a claim for $3250.00 (approx.) and they Pay $750.00 (Approx.) Horrible Company - Long Holds Times - Claims Take forever. Then they mailed me a letter breaking down the payment. Inside the letter was 2 other letters (of course Denial Letters) to some totally other customer is Colorado who has nothing to do with me. Just a SCREWED UP COMPANY!

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Angie's Answers



The first answer is pretty thorough but I would like to add a few points. 

First.. the type of food you are feeding your dog may be the key.  If you are using a food that is grain, rice or corn based in the first three ingredients, please change to a food that is meat or chicken based.  Many dogs are allergic to grain, rice, wheat and corn and these things are used as primary ingredients in many well known, name brand dog foods.  Secondly, all treats that have these ingredients should be cut out.  It takes weeks to months before a food change can show results so you must be patient.  Jumping from one food to another will be counter-productive. 

Some dogs are so allergic to flea or other insect bites that one or two bites can cause a severe reaction.  Once the itching/scratching cycle begins, it is hard to stop it.  Benadryl is good but I suggest liquid form.  You can get it inexpensively at one of the dollar stores.  The pills take time to break down in the digestive system so you get better and faster results with the liquid.One tsp= 5cc and most dogs of average size can tolerate that much and more if the dog is a larger breed.  

Allergy testing is very expensive and most dogs will test positive to some things.  That does not mean that the itching is coming from those things as many things in the environment can trigger positive test results.  Breaking the cycle of itching is primary and that can be done with prednisone ( short term and last resort after benadryl and bathing), allergy shots( same deal, last resort after easier methods).   This spring and summer have been particularly hard, weather-wise.

Good luck!



Pet Insurance reviews in New York


New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
does is deny claims and find reasons NOT to pay. I had been with them 7 years when my dog started having seizures. My most recent "reimbursement" check I got $0.04 that's right 4 CENTS!! The bill was almost $200 and they have the nerve to send me 4 cents!! WHY?? Oh they said I should have read the small print the cap for this disease is $167 A YEAR!!! What a joke! Find a Company that does not cap diseases!! They are out there and WAY better quality than
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
- Toni L.

My last pet of 10 years was a Italian Greyhound by the name of
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
. He had developed a very bad chest infection in which he had to have surgery and extensive medication treatment. This all had become very expensive. After about 6 months he made a turn for the worse and did not make it.
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
left a big void in our family. We miss him terribly. I recently welcomed a new Italian Greyhound puppy to my family. I call him
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
. When I took
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
to my Vet for his puppy wellness check up, my Vet knowing of the expense I incurred during
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
's illness, told me about
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
, a pet medical insurance. After reading all the information from Turpanion I decided to take it out. They give you the first month free. If you sign up for the insurance before the free month expires, they will wave the waiting period. So now
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
is insured for all accidents and illnesses. I had made the first months premium payment and guess what happened?
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
broke his leg playing with another dog. I rushed him to a Emergency Animal Hospital because it was on the 4th of
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
and his Vet was closed . To make a long story a little shorter,
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
came through like a CHAMP. I signed up for the insurance on May 21, 2014, I made my first premium payment on June 20,
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
broke his leg on
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
4, they operated on
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
7. I notified
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
and they took it from there. They paid 90% less the initial exam, my deductible and my 10%. On
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
14, 2014
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
deposited their 90% into my checking account. Over $ 3,200.00 and they will continue paying 90% until
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
is released from the Vet. UNBELIEVABLE ! ! ! ! ! I highly recommend
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
. They have been excellent to work with. Their Staff are very courteous, friendly and caring. They also follow up many times either through e-mail or phone to see how
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
is doing. What more could you ask for? I would give them an A + + + .
- Jeanne P.

Shortly after deciding to take out pet insurance with
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
, our dog was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo surgery and extensive radiation treatment. HealthyPaws has been a wonderful help throughout by providing fast reimbursement for the expensive bills that were incurred, in a professional and caring manner. Our dog has since had to have another surgery and our experience with HealthyPaws was just the same. Thank you, HealthyPaws!
- David E.

After not having pet insurance for our 9 yr. old Bichon-Frise, my husband and I decided to finally purchase some for him. We had not been able to find anything we liked until we read
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
' column on pet insurance in The L.A. Times. He is a respected writer and after having read his column we decided on
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
. We pay $49./month and have an annual deductible of $500. which seems fair. I did mention that he had 2 pre-existing conditions (Dry eyes and hot spots) which I understand is not covered. Fine. What I am having a difficult time understanding is that once we had signed up, we got an email saying
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
would be covered starting on June 1, 2014--the day after we had signed up. Ok--he's covered. Great, I thought. Well, not so fast. I go on to read that he will not be covered for accidents or illness until the 15 day waiting period is up! For heavens sake, those are the things that are covered under his health insurance and why I signed him up! How can they say he is covered on June 1, but not for accidents or illness?!! This makes no sense to me. I am sure
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
wasted no time putting our first months payment into their bank and yet my dog really isn't covered until June 15!!
At this time,
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
is healthy and ,yes, I did contact
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
and got a form letter in response from a woman named
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
telling me what I already knew. I again wrote to her asking for an explanation, but have not heard back.
From the excellent reviews this company has received, I am sure if and when (after 15 days)
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
has a problem, I will be reimbursed, but I am still having a hard time understanding the wait--especially when I am told he is covered immediately!!

My 7 year old beagle became very ill on a Sunday night and we took him to the emergency vet clinic. He had an intestinal blockage from eating rocks(!), which were blocked due to a slow growing tumor that had gone undetected by his regular vet. (There would have been no way to detect it without an ultrasound.) He had to have an emergency surgery to remove most of his large intestine, the tumor and the rock blockage. The next day, he became septic from internal leaking and a surgeon was called in to operate again. We were told at this time he may not make it through the surgery, which was devastating. Miraculously, he did make it through the surgery, even after having his small intestine completely removed, and was in intensive care for around 10 days. During all of this time, the emergency clinic, then the surgeon, kept us informed of the mounting expenses for our boy's care. I told them I was not concerned because I had the best policy
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
had to offer and was sure we would receive a good bit back from the insurance. Boy, was I ever wrong and dumbfounded.
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
requires that you file the vet bills with them for reimbursement. Unfortunately, no vet that I know of will accept the insurance up front and bill you the unpaid balance, as "people" insurance will do. I called
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
immediately and told them that I had substantial bills from the er and specialists, and asked specifically what I could do to expedite reimbursement of these claims, since I was now in debt a lot of money on my credit card. I was told that there was nothing that could be done to expedite reimbursement; basically first come first served, but to have the vet clinics give me detailed medical notes on everything so that
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
wouldn't have to ask for them. So that's what I did. It still ended up taking up to 3 weeks for the first reimbursement, which was from the surgical clinic, and I just knew it had to be a huge mistake. The surgical clinic's bill totaled approximately $9,200.00, and I received approximately $3,300.00 back from
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
. I could not believe it. I called them and was told, hey, that's a very good reimbursement! Are you serious? I bought the best policy from you available (at that point I was told, well, we actually have a better policy than that now, you mean you weren't notified?) and counted on you after never having filed a major claim with you, and this is a good reimbursement? I was told that they have a schedule (where they came up with these numbers I have no clue) that they abide by, for example, the surgery was $4,600.00, and they only allowed $600.00. He then had the nerve to ask me why the surgeon charged so much! I told him that I wasn't exactly discussing specific charges with the doctor when I was more worried about my dog's survival. He was of no help whatsoever, and then weeks later when I received the second reimbursement check for the emergency vet bill, I was even more shocked. The emergency vet's bill totaled around $5,100.00, and
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
reimbursed me almost $1,100.00. So, for over $14,300.00 that I had to pay,
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
only reimbursed me around $4,400.00. I called and emailed them again to voice my concern but never received any responses from them. They are the worst pet insurance to deal with, and I would tell you to run, not walk away from purchasing pet insurance from them.
- Robin O.

I recently adopted a cat and purchased an insurance plan through
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
, and was I glad I did! About six weeks later my cat needed surgery for what turned out to be a blocked
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
duct. The vet bills were staggering (I live in Manhattan, so you can imagine!).
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
paid out on my claims in less than a week! I (and my credit card company) were thrilled! I was very happy with their service and their follow up emails to check on how my cat was recovering. I highly recommend
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
- Linda S.

When looking at pet insurance don't let
New York Pet Insurance Plans Provider Name Locked
fool you by saying they cover preventative maintenance for your pet. Consider your pet like a car. You still have to change the oil it is part of the ownership. They upcharge you on that service only to use it once a year for shots. Over the 4 years I had the insurance I only made 3 claims which none of them fully paid out. My final claim is what set me off. Out of the 500 some odd dollar bill they only paid 120 of it. They asked for medical records and then it took them over a month to deny the claim calling it all pre existing. However it wasn't as I have had this plan since I had the dog. don't be fooled by their gimmick in advertising they are in it to make money not take the bourdon of owning a pet off your shoulder. I would recommend that people stay far away from this company because not only will they deny claims they will take 20 plus days to reimburse you the partial claim. I now left to find a new company and I will now pretty much hAve to accept it as a pre existing condition since my dog is now 4 years old.
- Leonard T.

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