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My building required paperwork before they were allowed in. They supplied me with everything I needed.
They were right on time and the crew couldn't have been nicer or more professional.
They are true experts in packing and don't mess around.
I had used them before to close my parents' apartment and thought they were wonderful.
- Jessica S.

From my first contact,
was very responsive and answered the key questions. His guys appeared on time in NYC and moved us out in about 4 hours. We had done almost all the packing of small items - kitchen and clothing. They packed the lamps and larger items -- bed, rugs, tv, tables etc.
showed up himself and ensured us all would be delivered early morning the following day in DC. His workers were very courteous and efficient. In DC the next day, they arrived on time first thing in the morning and finished the unloading and placement in less than two hours.

Overall a great experience during a stressful time of moving homes. Thank you
- david B.

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Moving reviews in New York


They did a great job. They came in, got to work fast, no lounging about, and were very nice. They also had to deal with a building that has a lot of difficult rules for workers and two elevators to get out. They never complained and were with us for 12+ hours. I would highly recommend them!
- Georgia F.

These guys operate like a well oiled machine! The move could not have gone better, I'm very impressed with the service I was given. The moving teams in CA and in NY were excellent. They treated my antique China cabinet as if it were a
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
baby! They wrapped my sofa's in so many blankets that you could not have damaged them if you tried to. They packed and unpacked all of my boxes as promised. I can't thank the movers enough for their work. The delivery arrived within the timeframe that was promised to me by the salesperson who set up my move. My biggest fear was that they were going to call me while I was at work and say the truck is outside my building which would have resulted in me running like a maniac from work to meet them. That was not the case at all. The dispatcher and the customer service reps called me quite a few times while the truck was on the road and let me know where the truck was and he kept making the delivery window shorter and shorter until it boiled down to an exact date/time. The price that the salesperson gave me was the price I paid- there were not any
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
fees (this was not the case when I have moved with other companies in the past). I highly recommend Roadway- it's a very well run organization.
- David B.

New York Movers Provider Name Locked
provided excellent service. They moved all contents without any damages. They were professional and courteous, fast and efficient. The entire move took only 2 hours to complete (including reinstalling the bed). Used another mover 2 years ago with the same content and similar distance which took 5 hours.
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
impressed me and will be my choice again as they are; 1. Professional & courteous , 2. Only have a 2 hour minimum, 3. Do not charge for travel time to pick-up location, and 4. Fast & Efficient. Thank You
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
(from the office) for providing excellent service at a very reasonable cost when compared to other movers in the NYC area.

- Hans W.

Where do I start? Stay away - far away. This was the most frightening experience with a mover I have ever had, and most people who hear about it can not believe he is still in business. His men belong on a demolition team, and he does not make good on the damage. The men spent part of two days packing, with a different crew each day. They ran back and forth as though they were on
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
, bumping into each other, tossing things around, as though they had to get done as quickly as possible. They damaged a good bit of my dining room set, including actually breaking off an entire corner of the table, the entire surface of the dining room server, and a good bit of the breakfront, damaged my bedroom set, broke the pendulum on an antique grandfather clock, which I let Mr.
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
take for repair, but when he brought it back, it appeared the entire clock was not working, and it now needs close to $400 in repairs. There was also a high chunk of wood cracked off from the bottom of the clock, which had to be repaired when I had the rest of the furniture repaired. One of the dining room pieces was so bad, the furniture refinisher had to take it to the shop to work on it. They packed as though they were running for their lives, often throwing breakable and valuable items into the bottom of cartons, unwrapped, and then dumping more items on top of them. They took a ceramic dish garden full of plants, put it on the bottom of a carton, and then filled up the rest of the carton. The plants were destroyed, along with the planter itself. They rarely wrapped anything, including a 34" tall $700 ceramic animal, which they put on the bottom, and then threw items on top of it. Needless to say, they broke it. They put expensive pieces of art work
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
up against each other, damaging a good number of the frames. Smaller, framed photographs had the glass in them smashed to pieces to such a degree, we had to be careful not to cut ourselves removing them from the boxes. A gorgeous slate and ceramic table top water fountain was placed at the bottom of a carton, with heavy items thrown on top of it. It was broken beyond repair. A number of expensive house plant planters were cracked or chipped. They were, for the most part, not put in cartons, but rather just put on the truck, and obviously had other items fall on them.
An expensive piece of French crystal glassware, discontinued and probably not replaceable, broken. An expensive artisan clock, by an artist who is no longer creating his pieces, broken and not repairable. A wood cuckoo clock with the bird at the top broken off, small slivers of wood missing, packed with the weights still attached to the chains, with broken chains to boot. A huge expensive
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
house with limited edition furniture with extensive damage to the house itself, and some broken furniture which I personally wrapped in tissue and bubble wrap, enclosing them in rigid plastic containers marked "fragile" - thrown into cartons with heavy items on top of them - over $500 in damage. It got to the point, when I started to unpack, that I was afraid to open the next carton. Finials for some lamps are gone, and I have to try to find replacements. They took all my computer peripherals, plus printer, scanner, etc., and just threw them in a high carton, without wrapping them at all, as though it was simply junk being put out for sanitation collection. All power cords were taken off and thrown in a pile, and I still have not identified which cords go with all items. They lost the battery compartment covers for calculators, computer mouse, and more.
I had told Mr.
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
I was going to hire a separate mover for the grandfather clock and the
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
house, but he insisted I let his men do it - that they would be fine. When I called him to tell him I was missing my mother's antique wall-mounted shelf table, he finally found it still on the truck. When he brought it to me, the ornate bronze work on it was actually cracked. I can't image the kind of manhandling which would cause bronze to actually break in half. I did let him take it for repair, and he did return it to me, but I have not examined it closely yet to see if the repair is decent. When I told him one of the casters on the dining room server was broken, that half of it was missing, again he found it on the truck, but to date, he refuses to return it. If I have to go out and find a set of four antique casters, this is going to add even more expense to what I have already accrued. I had given him the broken wood cuckoo clock to get repaired, but as I began to see just how extensive the damage to my possessions was, I asked him to bring it back to me, and said I wanted to get my own person to repair it. He has refused to return it to me.
Although I gave Mr.
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
a list of the items ruined, which need replacement and those lost which can not be replaced at all, as well as the cost of furniture repair, which I have already paid for, he has refused to reimburse me for anything. He insists on cash or certified check upon delivery of items, and now I know why. Had I given him a check or credit card, I would have reversed payment immediately. I am in the hole right now for more than $3000.00, and he has the broken off piece of the dining room serving cart
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
, and my cuckoo clock, which I can not get back from him. At this point, he is ignoring my emails altogether.
I believe that a number of items which are missing are either 1) also still on the truck or 2) were deliberately taken. None of it is extremely valuable, such as huge packages of paper towel, some cleaning tools, etc. , the coffee grounds container for my coffee grinder, four unopened
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
cans of
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
Paint, and more.
I had a good number of items which were not going with me, and which were slated for charitable contributions. When I told the men they could take a "few" things, and pointed out what they could take, they ran through the house like looters in a B movie, and cleaned me out of just about everything. They did this so quickly, I wasn't even aware of how much was gone till later.
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
talks a good game, and although he assured me he was going to "take care of everything", the only thing he did do was to have the shelf table repaired (I hope, since I have not attempted to have anyone come in and put it on the wall yet), and repair the pendulum for the grandfather clock, which is kind of moot, since the clock mechanism is so badly damaged.
The cost to me, and the heartache associated with things which I can not even replace, has caused me extreme stress. Moving itself is extremely stressful, and this experience has made it even worse. I am going to have to pursue him for reimbursement, and for the items which he refuses to return to me, but that will hardly mitigate the anxiety he has caused me.
Stay as far away from this company as you can. This was not just an unfortunate situation with some damage - it was a travesty. This man should not be in business.

New York Movers Provider Name Locked
's Moving was the best moving experience I've ever had, starting with the estimate and working with Nick
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
. Every interaction on the phone and in-person was professional and courteous, including my questions about obtaining the certificate of insurance required by my new building. Everything was explained clearly. I knew what was entailed.
The first day of the move,
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
(the foreman) and
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
packed quickly and courteously. They asked questions if they were uncertain, especially noting fragile items. The second day, the actual move, the three-man crew --
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
(the foreman again),
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
-- was exceptional. They arrived on time at 8 a.m. and were cheerful, polite and fast and clearly knew what they were doing.
They asked occasional questions, but for the most part, the men proceeded speedily. They found legitimate problems and pointed them out, such as a lamp with a broken base that was unsafe and my sofabed with a broken frame that I didn't even realize. My doorman took a look at the truck being loaded and said admiringly, "Wow, they sure know how to pack a truck."
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
stayed with the truck, loading it (and acting as a deterrent against theft on the street).
The crew asked if I had particular concerns. I had four pieces of furniture I was especially worried about: an antique gate-legged table, a two-piece huge hutch, a painted highboy and a slate-topped table. They paid attention, vigilantly preparing and moving these items safely.
At my new place, they unloaded quickly, no gauged or nicked walls, no scraped floors. Again, they had a system where
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
stayed with the truck and
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
moved up the elevator, back and forth. It was a well-coordinated effort, and they finished before 3 p.m., per the move-in rules of my new building. Furniture was placed properly, boxes piled in the right rooms.
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
(who probably weighed 140 pounds soaking wet and was as strong as an ox) set up my bed without my asking.
And, nothing, absolutely nothing, was broken or damaged.
I have raved about Big
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
's to friends and family. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
- Barbara E.

Went mostly smoothly - team was very fast and efficient. Nothing broke or was damaged in the end.
The only objection I had was their default labeling of all our electronics (including a brand new flat screen 47" LG HDTV) as "used, broken, gauged, scraped" in their forms. When we asked about it, the 'head' mover became downright rude. He finally had to call his office and they convinced him to cross out those adjectives in their inventory. He kept arguing it was standard for all things. (But really... how can a brand new TV be 'gouged'?) That took about 45 minutes of arguing and his
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
got really hostile.
- Yang A.

The move went exceptionally well. We used Big
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
's for our move from 84th St. to a larger apartment on 90th St. in 2011 and they were superb. We didn't even bother to get a quote from another company for our move to the suburbs yesterday (with our 20month old and dog in tow this time).
As with the previous move, we got a free estimate (from a very friendly and professional estimator-- and the estimate was spot on). We were given a number of options (including storage, etc.) which was especially helpful as our closing was rescheduled a couple of times. Vivanne and all the representatives I spoke with in the office were incredibly helpful, accommodating and understanding (we had to reschedule our move several times). The crew arrived a couple of minutes early (for a 7:30 am move) and worked very quickly (and seemingly without a break) getting us out of the apartment.
The cost is dependent on timing and all 5 guys were working at top speed for the entire move. The crew were friendly, professional, gentle with our stuff and amazingly quick. Moving is always stressful but the Big
New York Movers Provider Name Locked
's crew were incredible. Once we were packed (which was the hard part), we were literally able to stand/sit back and watch them do their thing.
We were moved in to our new house before 4pm yesterday (including a stop to clear out our storage locker), which allowed us to start unpacking and be back at work today, which I think is incredible. Hopefully we'll not have to move again for years, but if we do, they'll certainly be our only call. I recommended them to my mother-in-law for her move and they did a similarly superb job. Her move also came in under the quoted price.

- Christine N.

The work was really good. Move went well without hick-ups great job on the packing and everything was smooth. not much more to say. They did not so anything noteworthy but the service was good.
- Ezequiel C.
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