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I was there on my vacation day at my appointment and he was taking care of someone else in his office and in the slab yard while dealing with me. This lady heard a lot of what we talked about and at one point she motions me to go over to her and makes a comment that she was scared and didn't know there was so much to consider. I'm expecting to sit with him at my appointment but instead he comes out with a check in his hand of $85; my overpayment refund, NOT $9 but the correct amount. . He also handed me a detailed computerized sales slip. I was surprised because I was armed and ready with my calculation on my computer and ready to prove that he owed me more than $9, what he had previously said. I showed him anyway, my iPad screen shot of all the calculations that came to just about the same as his check said. That was a rare moment that felt I was finally being treated with respect and my intelligence not insulted. Every step of the way up to that point while trying to solve this problem I got mocked and insulted and lied to. There was an indentation on the slab filled with resin and
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tried convincing me that it was natural. He started complaining about waste when I asked him to leave it out of my counter. Eventually he did. But I had to butt heads with him about everything. Once he even told me that if all his customers were like me that he would close down his shop. I told him that if he hadn't given my slab to someone else we would not be having this problem. I also told him that he's luckier than the cabinet company I called consumer affairs on. And as always
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does he mocked that he rather deal with consumer affairs than me. But I think
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was beginning to realize that he was dealing with a more informed consumer and that may have been the reason he was now trying to please me. That same day they cut the new chosen replacement slab. Afterwards I told
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that I could no longer take any vacation days to keep an eye on my new slab, I was feeling nervous of more things going wrong, I suggested that he take a picture of my finished counter before my installation day and send it to me. With his grouchy complaining he had his secretary do it. I called
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and told him that I saw the pictures husband secretary sent and there was no soap dispenser hole on the counter and to that he said it would be done on site along with the sealing of the surface. I also told him that I had the picture analyzed by an expert and it appeared that the edges were not polished. He assured me that it was dust. I asked
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if he's ever heard of Angie's list and he said that his company is too big to have anything to do with Angie's list. I told him he had no reviews there and that I was going to be the first one to post one. When they came to install the counter the edges looked
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than the rest of it with faded veins and one of the back corners was cracked. I called
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and he said he would send someone to fix it later in the week. The installation guys were acting as if work was passed to them that the template guy was supposed to do. I told them that cutting away at the cabinet was something the template guy said would be done at installation and they made a face and said to me, he told you that? He was putting his sharp tools on top of my Dishwashing machine sound deafening rubber shell so I took my large plastic cutting board and told him to use it to protect the dishwasher. Then after they're almost finished I see them packing and I ask about the soap dispenser hole and they look at me like I have two heads, and started to do it. The hole they drilled looked kind of big but they said it was standard. Again they're packing and I asked what about the sealer. They said "you want sealer?" I said OFCOURSE, isn't it a part of the whole installation. I saw that with the sealer the edges started to match in color and I got very happy. I didn't know that once it was dry it would
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the color again. Once they left I joyfully started installing the soap dispenser and the washer fell through the hole. Of course the hole was too big just like I thought. I bought a bigger washer and some foam material to fill the extra space and did the best amateur fix that I could. It didn't look bad. There was a hairline space where I worried Water could seep through though. The next day I remembered the plastic cutting board and realized they had left it trapped under the counter. I worried a bit that the heat from the washer would do bad things with it in there so at this time I decided to write a letter to
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telling him of my whole experience with his company from the beginning. I again told him that he'd given my slab away when I'd put a down payment on it. I told him I have pictures to prove it. I told him he repeatedly lied to me about all the other slabs being the same. I told him I had to even abandon a beautiful backsplash that took me months to find and now would need a new one that would down play all the yellow in my counter. I told him the edges didn't match the counter because it was not polished as long as it should have. I researched this and know that it is corrected by proper polishing and tenax
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. I told him about the cutting board and everything else. He writes back and says he would send someone to correct all the things I'm complaining about. I decide to give him a
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to make things right. They tell me they're going to send a professional that knows more than the installation guys Who shows up? The same template guy. He's pulling a can of black stain. I asked isn't it
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he's supposed to use? He gives me a long story on why
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is no good. I then show him the nicks on the
New York Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
that need to be buffed out and he goes to work on it. It didn't bring out the colors like the
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would have but rather it made the edges more gray. I didn't expect that and I kept thinking well it did make it darker. But it seems like a cheap short cut. And he affirmed this when he said they couldn't polish correctly because it would take lots of water on my floor. He got under the sink and now with the plumbing in place I worried about him breaking something while he's down there and telling me that all he's going to do is put glue and that in time it'll crack anyway I said forget it. The crack (big chip) on the counter was fixed and no it didn't get done like the professional way I saw in a YouTube video where the process took hours and was flawless. It's a corner at the back of the
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so I said forget it. The cutting board is still fossilized inside my counter because he said he didn't want to risk causing any damage while trying to remove it. I agreed I don't want any more damage. He sealed the counter surface again and left. I look at the edges up close and they look just as I had feared, dingy. Plus my sink was leaking after he left. I corrected that by tightening the nut that he apparently loosened while pushing his body under my sink. I think I can make it work and learn to love my granite. It's not what's expected from investing in an expensive piece of countertop material. Especially all the months I put in in looking for the perfect one to have it end this way. I was just exhausted. Had I been my normal self I would've asked for my money back upon finding out that they did the ol bait and switch on me. I now feel like someone would feel if they lost a winning lottery ticket. I grieved my lost slab. It's my own fault for not pulling out of the business deal at that moment.
- Annabelle E.

Arnon set up a time to come for an estimate and arrived on time. We had assumed our white spotted limestone in the stall shower
required refinishing and sealing. He was very honest and told us the limestone was damaged and grinding it would make it worse.
He suggested just re-sealing it. He came a few days later as appointed and applied sealant to the limestone. We appreciated his honesty but were disappointed that the results were maybe 50% better than when we started.
- Carol K.


My floors look beautiful. The bathroom grreen marble was badly damaged after a flood, and they look like new. I am delighted with work, which was done at a very fair price.
- Karen H.

The marble was badly stained. Arnon did an excellent job. He arrived early, was extremely professional, respectful and cleaned up beautifully when the job was done.
The table looks great -- like new!
- Claire G.

Arnon was great. When I first contacted him, he was extremely responsive and was available on short notice. He arrived on time for an estimate and was very reasonable. In fact, I was considering more extensive work on my bathroom floors but he candidly told me it was not necessary (even though he would have been paid more for the extra work). After I scheduled an appointment, he arrived on time with a worker and they did a great job. Arnon also called me the next day to follow up and make sure I was happy with the result.
- Robert G.

We first met
New York Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
, who provided great service, giving us all available options and let us take our time to make the right decision.
Based on the great sales service from
New York Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
, we opted to have
New York Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
also install the hardwood floors. And that is where we met Pat. He visited our new apt, and did a quick measurement. He provide us with a quote and closed on the price.
Once he opened up the floors, he found out that there were other issues, and that were going to need to add plywood before installing the floor. There were no added charges.
New York Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
, Pat and their crew were professional. I'll would certainly recommend them to family and friends.

- Manuela H.

I came to Angie's List after our kitchen contractor all but ruined a marble island countertop. Wanderly immediately responded to my email with a phone call to get more details, and agreed to come even though I live in Manhattan (and he's based in NJ). He squeezed my job into a busy schedule, showing up on time and with the equipment and additional personnel he needed. Not only did he rescue the countertop and make it look virtually perfect -- taking extra steps to ensure that he wasn't just polishing it, but removing a bad finish and starting from the base stone -- but he gave me great advice for how to care for it. Though the process was a little messy, it was thorough and the worksmanship was terrific. I'll definitely be using him again.
- Lee A.

I would not recommend using
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if a) you are not in the trade and b) you do not have a huge job and especially 3) not if you are working to any type of schedule. We were promised a 3 week start-to-finish timetable and it ended up being 6+ weeks before we had to cancel the order all together, having never received the stone....More /> We went to their showroom in Manhattan and found them generally unhelpful because we were not in the trade. We left our order with them (as we were working with a designer and contractor) and were told that the stone was in stock and that someone would get back to us the following day and that a sample would be sent. This did not happen. They (salesperson "L.C.") were unresponsive to our calls and when we finally got their attention and received a sample the following week (we decided to move forward with the order immediately), we were told that it was not in stock after all. Inaccurate info
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to a week delay.
They finally located a slab of our stone and we chose it immediately just before we left the country for a big trip. Four weeks later, we returned and discovered that they had dragged their feet 2+weeks on getting the invoice to our contractor and that the stone hadn't even been scheduled to be cut yet! The reason given to our designer was that we were such a small job and
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was busy with bigger clients so we would have to wait another two weeks. By this time the job was pre-paid in full and 6 weeks past the date we decided to move forward!
Ultimately, we decided to cancel the order and are moving forward with another supplier who will return our calls, give us accurate information about product availability, and ultimately do the job we hired them to do.
- Jonathan H.

Overall, the job was of a very high quality and reflects the toil and taxation (pun intended) of the contractor and owner. Much thought and care was poured into each and every detail of this renovation, from sconce to shutter screw. Project began with a consultation and estimate and took roughly four months to complete, sensible for the scale of work. One early regret was not having ironed out each and every minute detail (fixtures, products, etc.) at the very beginning of the project. This delayed some things and occasionally caused
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between owner and contractor. Perhaps the contractor's biggest asset besides his experience is that he works on one job at a time; he focused completely on my project, unlike most contractors of today. The job progressed relatively smoothly with the few usual snags of such a large scale (of an ironically small space) renovation. All issues were resolved in the end and the result is truly magnificent. A few things that said contractor could have improved upon were flexibility on design/product selection (which in the end, he was, but sometimes discussions prolonged the project) and a better scheduled/stricter payment plan as part of the contract. As previously mentioned, a full agreement on product/design selection from the beginning would have benefited both parties as resolving these issues during the process extended the completion date and often added unforeseen costs. In sum, I would reiterate the words "truly magnificent," though even this phrase cannot begin to describe the
New York Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
of the completed space. The contractor's ideas and experience with old brownstones coupled with the owner's creativity created a singular place in Manhattan that is beyond simply a living is an organic environment that resurrects the age upon which its design is based and, right down to each and every carefully chosen doorknob, showcases the owner and contractor's hard work, dedication, inspiration, and most of all: vision.
- Eric B.

We were and continue to be so happy with their fine work. Their expertise in all areas ? cabinet installation, tiling, etc. was always professional. They were wonderful to deal with ? advising us on design decisions and ways to save money. And their costs were absolutely competitive. We interviewed several potential contractors and their prices were among the fairest ? especially impressive considering the very high quality of their work. We can?t recommend
New York Natural Stone Tile Provider Name Locked
highly enough.
- William R.
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Area Rug Cleaning Staten Island

Serving Your Area 10309
Staten Island, NY 1-888-552-2891 24 hours 7 days a week free estimates ...

Ariana General Construction

25-39 44th St
Astoria, NY

Ark Home Improvement, LLC

6 Saxon Ct
Freehold, NJ
Why us? - in the past 10 years, we have had numerous projects from a small galley kitchen to...

Arma contracting

Whitestone, ny
Arma isa family woned busines


220 52nd street
Brooklyn, NY

Art's of Stone

362 Danbury Rd
New Milford, CT
Custome marble and granite fabricator and importer


33-14 Jordan St
Flushing, NY
Arta renovations inc full insured license 1453295 our employees have extensive experience in...

Artech Floor

3555 Manhasset St
Seaford, NY
Artech floor offers years of knowledge and experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. we...

Artisan Home Remodeling By Lofaso

28 Club Road
Port Jefferson, NY

Artisan Tile

2 Richard Court
Lincoln Park, NJ

Artisan Tile, LLC

7 Glendon Road
Hohokus, NJ
Artisan tile is a premier tile installation company in northern new jersey owned by dan russo....


45 madison ave
Rochelle Park, NJ
I the owner anthony duardo jr. will be on the job every day i do all of my work myself. i am...

Artistic Stone Nj LLC

east Elizabeth ave.
Linden, nj

Artistic Tile , Marble & Stone

2 Richard Court
Lincoln Park, NJ
We are a full service company . we offer 25+ years of expertise for any project from concept...


38 W 21ST ST
New York, NY
Artistic tile offers thousands of stocked tile and stone products, as well as in-house design...

asg construction inc

3100 ocean pkwy
Brooklyn, ny
You would like to upgrade or completely redo your kitchen or bathroom but you do not have the...

ASP Home Improvement NY

64-20 Saunders St
Rego Park, NY
Asp home improvement ny is a family owned and operated business whose mission is to help our...


Lodi, NJ

Atar Contractor

152F Kearsing Pkwy
Monsey, NY
Atar contractor inc. has been specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in rockland...

Atlantic Cleaners

1034 Stelton Rd
Piscataway, NJ
For over 20 years our trained staff has been provide clients with the most outstanding...

Atlantic Home Restoration

87 North Water Street
Greenwich, CT
Atlantic home restoration is based in fairfield county, connecticut. we have been serving...

Atlantic Remodeling Inc

57 S Main St
Neptune, NJ
Atlantic remodeling,inc. is a total remodeling company with 30 years experience from small...

Atlantic Stone Works Inc

618 N Michigan Ave
Kenilworth, NJ
At atlantic stone works when it comes to stone counter top in any shape or form we offer our...

Atlas General Contracting Inc.

511 Fischer Blvd.
Toms River, nj
We are a bbb affiliated business with a track record of completing projects at or under...

ATLAS home improvement

87 Webb Ave
Stamford, CT
We are a full service remodeling company, offering our clients professional service on...

Atlas Marble and Granite

44 Fadem Rd
Springfield, NJ
Atlas marble and granite

ATP Homes Inc.

2900 Charles Street
Oceanside, NY

Attn To Detail Construction

Island Park, NY
We are a full service construction company experienced in both residential and commercial...

augusta construction inc

8062 trotting course ln
Ridgewood, NY

Aussies Outback Home Improvement

873 Putnam Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
I am currently a one vehicle operation with myself and employee if required.the business...

Authentic Xpress Handyman

583 Clocks Blvd
Massapequa, NY
Authentic xpress handyman is operated by owner. of company and supervisor is well all this...

Avalon Flooring

Warrington, PA
Avalon carpet, tile and flooring is recognized as a national leader in the flooring industry,...

Avenue Development

65 fernwood Cresent
Riverdale, nj
Avenue development inc. llc is a new construction, land development, electrical contractors,...


5-23 KARL ST
Fair Lawn, NJ
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge. no service charge.

Axis Builders LLC

742 Fairview Ln
Forked River, NJ


Hauppauge, NY
Owner operated. no subs. no travel charges. cost is determined by the job. license #: 32205-h...

Azimuth Design

19 mauritz blvd
Middle Island, ny
Direct on jobsite, fabricating stone, tile, resurfacing of countertops and backsplash. tile...


528 Homer Ter
Union, NJ
- we take an extreme amount of pride in our work and always make sure all of our costumers are...


22-37 73RD ST
East Elmhurst, NY

B-Ray General Contracting Corp

207 Broadway
Bethpage, NY
B-ray general contracting corporation was established in 1975, and has been doing business for...

B. Grigoletto

925 Jewett ave
Staten Island, NY
•all work is carried out by experienced tradesmen •our business survives through...

Baby Bear Construction LLC

18 Macculloch Avenue
Morristown, NJ
Baby bear construction specializes in home remodelling, additions, ground up construction,...

Barocco Marble & Granite

116 Red Schoolhouse Rd
Spring Valley, NY


Nanuet, NY

Bathroom Solutions

34 Oxford Lane
Harriman, NY
Female owned, operated and installed. bathroom remodeling and tiling. attention to detail...


Jackson, NJ
We are a family owned and operated company. with more than 25 years of experience. in order...

BCG Marble and Granite Fabricators Inc.

167 Sussex Street
Hackensack, NJ
Bcg marble and granite has been supplying , fabricating and installing : marble, granite, soap...


Newark, NJ
Family owner & operated.

Bella Casa Contracting Co

56 Orchard Av
Rye, NY
Bella casa is a locally owned and operated business established in 1990 with over 20 years of...

Bella Italia

3459 Lawson Blvd
Oceanside, NY


RT 9 S
Freehold, NJ
Additional phone #: (732)620-7772. additional service area: somerset, sussex, & warren...


178 1ST AVE
New York, NY

BELLAGIO Kitchens & Baths, Marble &Granite

791 Middle Country Road
Saint James, NY
Kitchens & baths remodeling quartz, marble & granite in-house fabrication, all american made...


P.O. Box 236
Little Silver, NJ
Owner operated, 3-4 employees, subcontractors used when needed-electrical and plumbing and...

Belle Contracting LTD

216 Jumel Ln
West Islip, NY
As the owner and operator of belle contracting i take great pride in all work preformed by...

Belo Cleaning Services, Inc.

Briarcliff Manor, NY

Ben Perry Construction

Oakland, NJ
Cash, checks, and all major credit cards accepted.


New Haven, CT
Bender has been in the plumbing, hvac, kitchen and bathroom fixtures' industry since 1946. we...


Garfield, NJ
We provide complete contracting services for your home and a design center with multiple lines...

Berkeley Tile & Stone

491 Springfield Ave.
Berkeley Heights, NJ
Berkeley tile & stone has 3 differant division, which you can also view on angie's list....

Best Deal Construction Inc

3044 Fenton Ave
Bronx, NY
This letter introduces best deal construction inc. we are general contractors serving the...

Best Home Improvement NJ LLC

45 S Park Place
Morristown, NJ
Best home improvement services in the north jersey area offers: top quality in tile and...


3372 Old Crompond Road
Yorktown Heights, NY
We stock a vast variety of plumbing, heating, and bath products to satisfy your specific and...

Best Price Renovations

408 EAST 154TH ST.
Bronx, NY
Best price renovations was established since 2010, our team has over 20 years experience in...

Best Stone and Kitchen Inc

1330 Livingston Ave
North Brunswick, NJ
We are a factory-direct kitchen cabinets importer/supplier/store and granite countertop...

Best Tile - East Brunswick

272 New Jersey 18
East Brunswick, NJ
With an unparalleled showroom selection, best tile is one of the largest importers of tile and...

Best Tile - Keyport

3 Cass Street & Highway 35
Keyport, NJ
With an unparalleled showroom selection, best tile is one of the largest importers of tile and...

Better Ideas Home Improvements Handyman General Co

1325 73rd St
Brooklyn, NY
Better ideas has provided a service to homeowners for over twenty five years. a family-owned...

Beyond Renovations Inc.

85-39 Eliot Ave
Rego Park, NY
Beyond renovations is a family owned and operated home improvement contractor company based in...


24 Jessica dr
Howell, NJ
Bill's custom tile is family owned . bill has 20 years experience and is on every job.custom...

Blackston Building Corporation

9840 57 Avenue
Corona, NY
Blackston building corporation is proud to serve new york area community members six days a...

Blackstone Architectural Restoration John Longo

607 W Westfield Ave
Roselle Park, NJ
Our craftsmanship and perfection is highlighted at and...


Brooklyn, NY
Blaise design group inc. was founded in 2008 by industry leaders who felt that there was a...

Blaszak Tile and Marble LLC

12 Greentree Dr
Andover, NJ

Bleuprint Renovations and Remodeling

33 Morrell Street
Elizabeth, NJ
Mission statement bleuprint and all of its partners will give home owners and prospective...

Blue Crane Management, LLC

427 Fort Lee Road
Leonia, NJ
Residential and commercial handyman services.

Blue Skies Hardscape and Landscape Design LLC

36 Garella Road
Bethel, CT
We are a small hardscape and landscape design company.


Hillsborough, NJ
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fee....


63 FLUSHING AVE, Unit 186
Brooklyn, NY
Bny construction is a full-service general contracting firm dedicated to delivering...


Bloomingdale, NJ
A contractor to cover all phases of hardscapes, paving driveways & parking lots. landscape...


Huntington, NY
Contruction and tile setting.

Bonitz & Bonitz Construction Co

146 Merrick Rd
Trenton, NJ
A full service contractor with all necessary subcontractors to complete your project.

BonVil Solutions Corp

60 Kansas St Apt 7K
Hackensack, NJ
The one-stop-shop for durable, reliable, and affordable renovations/repairs for home owners...


Plainfield, NJ
Booper's home improvements (since 1999) has a team of licensed & certified plumbers,...

Boss Home Repair

220 Broadway
Jersey City, NJ
Here at boss home repair we strive to provide the absolute best service for the best possible...

Botway Construction Inc

32 Woodchuck Ln
East Setauket, NY
Owner operated. some subcontracting, with owner overseeing all work. 1-2 employees. no...

Bradshaw Construction, LLC

1 Elliott St
Norwalk, CT
Since 1979, bradshaw construction has provided the fairfield county region with well designed,...


Hempstead, NY

Brazilian Direct

1076 Kile Cir
Quakertown, PA
12 years ago, we started with a simple goal: to offer the finest exotic brazilian hardwood...

Brian Dungan General Contractor

26 Ironwood Drive
Morris Plains, NJ
General contractor.

Brian Walls Designs

429 36th St
Brooklyn, NY
In brooklyn, a glass art and design studio working with prominent architects and designers.

Brian's Home Repair LLC.

Forked River, NJ
Construction /home repair and remodeling

Brick Tile & Stone

2104 Route 88
Brick, NJ
Your complete kitchen and bath design center. we offer customers an endless choice of imported...

Bridgeport Stonewerks

1595 Stratford Av
Stratford, CT
Bridgeport stonewerks is a small, local facility specializing in the custom fabrication &...

Bridgeport Stonewerks

1595 Stratford Av
Stratford, CT
Bridgeport stonewerks is a small, local facility specializing in the custom fabrication &...

Bright & Shine Window Cleaning

134 seaview
Staten Island, NY

Bright Construction Stone Inc

33 Robertson Ave
White Plains, NY
Meticulous. responsible. respectful. affordable. these are the words that most of customers...


Sparta, NJ
Brink contracting is a full service general contracting co.that holds itself to the highest of...


610 5TH AVE
New York, NY

Broadway Kitchens & Bath

Englewood, NJ
Kitchen and bathroom design and renovation specialists with retail showrooms in the tri state...

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning

Serving Your Area
Brooklyn, NY
Specializes in: area rug cleaning area rug re-fringing area rug re-binding area rug...

Brooklyn Mixed Martial Arts

5012 Avenue N
Brooklyn, NY

Brown & Glynn Construction Co

77 N Main St
Somerset, NJ


Norwalk, CT

Bruno Tile and Marble

101 Columbus Pl Unit 1
Stamford, CT
Bruno tile installers is located in stamford,ct. we offer a wide range of marble and tile...

Bruzzese Home Improvements

200 Eastchester Road
New Rochelle, NY
We are a full service remodeling company going 3 generations strong since 1957. we have 8...

BSD Home Improvement

6 Lincoln Ave
Port Chester, NY
Bsd home improvement's mission is to serve its customers with quality construction services,...


P.O BOX 352
Holbrook, NY
Professional installation services - over 20 years experience licensed and insured - free...


Yorktown Heights, NY
30+ years experience


3-17 26TH AVE
Astoria, NY
Big!nyc is a non-profit organization. build it green! nyc, is new york city's only...


1031 E. GRAND ST
Elizabeth, NJ
Free estimates, all mayor credit card accepted

Buildings Work Contracting

1 Rockridge Rd
Larchmont, NY
We are a small enough company to maintain a high level of quality and customer service whether...


Passaic Park, NJ
We are a direct importer/wholesaler/retailer of natural stones (marble, travertine..etc) and...

Bullock's Bullseye Professional Cleaning

23 Southold Rd
Sound Beach, NY
We are a family owned,operated, insured and bonded. we travel throughout long island and new...

Burdge Tile & Carpet LLC.

524 River Styx Rd
Hopatcong, NJ
Burdge tile & carpet co. started in 1982 and since then we have installed thousands of feet...

5904 Avenue D
Brooklyn, NY is a floor and wall covering company. our offices and showroom are based in...

Byram Tile Co

87 N Water St
Greenwich, CT

Byrne Construction Services, LLC

115 Reimer St
Somerville, NJ
Byrne contracting is a full service home decorating and remodeling provider. we pride...

C & V Granite and Marble Installation

30 Cherry Tree Cir
Howell, NJ
We have 25 years experience in tile, granite, and marble. we have reasonable prices, we accept...

C D S Home Improvements LLC

12 Frances Rd
Warren, NJ
Business is a self-employment company and hires sub-contractor and temporary help when needed.

C to C Tile

48 West 21st St. Suite 904
New York, NY
C to c tile aims to provide classic, contemporary and affordable tile and stone products that...

C&M Contractors LLC

Morganville, NJ

C&S Marble & Granite Inc.

118 Gazza Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY
Family owned and operated for over 25 years

Caayu: An Eclectic Selection of Natural Stone

280 Johnson Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Caayu, a full service supplier of fine natural stone products was created based on three...

Cabinet & Stone Depot LLC

2791 Hooper ave
Brick, NJ
Cabinetry & stone depot (csd), is a supplier of natural granite counter tops and all wood...

Cabinet Logistics LLC

Marlboro, NJ
We bring our showroom to you

Cafe Nunez

240 west 35th
New York, NY
Latin resturant in midtown manhattan

Cal Deckert & Sons

1873 Morris Ave
Union, NJ
Family owned & operated for 75 years. subs used for roofing, kitchen & bath. charges by the...


246 Grace Avenue
Secaucus, NJ
We have specialists in fields of ceramic tile and marble and granite masonry work ,electric...

Calant Contractors Inc

2365 HUdson Terr Suite 1E
Fort Lee, NJ
Calant is a new jersey based full service design and remodeling firm, who provides complete...

Cameo Pro-Tecna-Clean Inc

31-01 Broadway
Fair Lawn, NJ
Cost is determined by the visit. family owned.

Cancos Tile

1085 Portion Rd
Farmingville, NY
Cancos has 12 showroom locations from east brunswick, nj to southampton, ny. all showrooms...


Lawrence Township, NJ

Capital Craftsmen

425 Northern Boulevard
Great Neck, NY
Interior renovation specialists of exquisite apartments and luxurious houses in new york


Holbrook, NY
Custom cabinetry built to suit! here at carefree kitchens we do our best to provide a superior...

Carl's General Contracting

4215 164th St
Flushing, NY
4 employees. uses subs. charges by the hour (handyman service) or by the job (contracting). no...


Old Bridge, NJ


4024 22ND ST
Long Island City, NY

Carpet Cleaner Nassau

Serving Your Area 11003
Elmont, NY
Area rug cleaning/repair department: organic cleaning, steam & shampoo cleaning, pool...

Carpet Cleaner Staten Island

Staten Island, NY 1-718-502-9978 guaranteed cleaning or it’s free get 20% off...


615 E Henry St
Linden, NJ
Carpet dusters is an all around residential and business maintenace company.


New York, NY
Need your carpet, area rug or upholstery cleaned? 1-646-705-0032 ...

Carpets & More

696 Rte 18 N
East Brunswick, NJ
Carpets & more was founded in 2000 on the unique concept of offering superior customer service...


Summit, NJ
Family owned 2nd generation business,we have been in business in summit for 26 years. we...

Carriere Construction LLC

672 Bergen Ave
Jersey City, NJ
Located in hudson county new jersey; carriere construction llc is a modest group of...

Carroll Construction

20 Sheffield Dr
Columbus, NJ
Additional email -

Carson Richard Kitchen And Bath Designs

175 Costello Rd
Newington, CT
At carson richard kitchen and bath design our goal is help you design your project and to...

carter construction

315 Rifle Camp Rd
Woodland Park, NJ
I have been remodeling homes since 1980 and built 4 new homes. from time to time i use sub...

Casa Blanca Tile & Stone Inc

400 Halstead Ave
Harrison, NY

Casa Careri Home Designs

284 Atlantic Avenue
Staten Island, NY
Custom home improvements and tile installation specialists

Casa Tile and Design

1 King St
Chappaqua, NY

Casabella Contracting

1900 Central Park Ave
Yonkers, NY
Our company is based on attention to detail, highest quality of professional craftsmanship....

Casabella Interior Renovations, Inc

192 East 23st
Huntington Station, NY
We are a full service contracting company.


Norwalk, CT
Family owned and operated since 1988! huge inventory of tile and slabs imported from allover...

Cee Dee Professional Floors

81 Bushey Ave
Yonkers, NY
General contractor, family owne & opporated specialized in all you home improvemant needs.

Celtic Tile Inc.

35-25 78th St
Jackson Heights, NY
We are a queens based tile contractor. our top priority at celtic tile is customer...

Celton Corp Contractor

147 Pacific St
Newark, NJ
Celton corp is a contractor based in newark, nj that has specialized in home construction...


Southampton, NY
For over 50 years, central kitchens corp. has been manufacturing the finest in hand-crafted...

Centrix Construction LLC

543 Reading Avenue
West Reading, PA
Centrix construction llc is a full service construction and remodeling company. we use...

Ceramic Tile FX

Newburgh, NY
Experienced ceramic, terrazzo, granite installations. with thirty years of experience we offer...

Certified Court Reporting,Inc.

1600 Calebs Path ext
Hauppauge, ny
Certified court reporters means quality controlled to the highest standards. whatever court...

Cesar's Genaral Construction

121 Summer St
Orange, NJ
We are a small family company and we have been doing quality work since 2001 if you are...

Chacon Stone Surfaces Inc

2 Bridge St
Ardsley, NY
7 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges....

Champion 1 Construction

2 McKee Street
Floral Park, NY
Over 30 years experience in the construction industry can help you understand what is possible...


P.O. BOX 422
Bronx, NY
Interior or exterior, no job is too large or too small. our expertise is evident in our...

Champion Maintenance Contractors, Inc.

211 S Ridge St Ste 1
Port Chester, NY
Since 1982, champion maintenance contractors, inc. has been the pro to know in the westchester...

Chards Construction

Brooklyn, NY
Cdi construction has been in business for over 30 years and specializes in remodeling kitchen...

Chenny's Home Improvement

14406 88th Avenue
Jamaica, NY
No. of employees : 3-4 offer job estimations chenny's home improvement is a fully insured...

China Rose Corp

146-45 60th Ave
Flushing, NY
China rose corp has been doing business in new york since 2004. our work can be seen in...

Christone Art, LLC

14 American Way
Spotswood, NJ
Fabrication and installation of the granite, marble, onyx, travertine, limestone, soapstone...

christy marble restoration

1567 washington blvd
Stamford, CT
Free stimate,we work seven days


93 4th Ave
New York, NY
Chronos contracting is a full service company engaging in renovations for the home &...

CIRIKA INC dba Cirika Home Improvement

Norwalk, CT
Owner-operated. uses subs for carpentry, roofing, plumbing & electrical. cost is determined by...

Citadel Home Improvements

370 Nassau Blvd
New Hyde Park, NY
We are a family owned business we specializie in doing interior renovations we work mainly in...

City Granite

61-65 East Railway Ave.
Paterson, NJ

CityScape Construction

1 Farmers Ave
Bethpage, NY
Cityscape construction consistently provides our clients with the highest quality,...

CK Kitchen & Bath Designs

828 New York Ave
Huntington, NY
Ck kitchen and bath consists of a team of professionals representing the absolute top in...

CK Kitchen & Bath Designs

828 B New York Avenue
Huntington, NY
We are a full access kitchen and bath design studio. we sell semi custom and custom...

CLA Commercial Cleaning, LLC

347 W 36th St Rm 502
New York, NY
Headquartered in new york city, cla commercial cleaning is one of the leading providers of...

Class Carpet & Interiors

107 W. 86th St.
New York, NY
Family owned since 1989, class carpet & interiors is the one-stop shop for all your...

Classic Construction Group

73 Myrtle Avenue
Westport, CT
Classic construction group is a full service team offering both home improvement and major...

Classic Design Construction

243 Beach 124st
Rockaway Park, NY
Choice for your home improvement jobs. we proudly serve the brooklyn, queens, and manhattan,...

Classic Marble & Tile

11 Main St
Little Ferry, NJ
Family-owned business.


Broomall, PA
Classic marble & stone restoration provides professional interior and exterior stone...

Classic Services

6 Georgia Tr
Medford, NJ
Our goal in serving you is to provide you the most thorough cleaning you have ever seen,...

Classic Tile

3900 Park Ave Unit 5L
Bridgeport, CT
These is a small business with residential orientation. all the installation work is done by...

Classic Tile Inc

30 S Bridge St
Staten Island, NY
Family owned & operated.

Clayton-Richards Stoves & Fireplaces

60 Terry St
Patchogue, NY

Clean Green & Restoration

Brightwaters, NY
We clean and restore cermaic tile, grout and any hard surfaces including granite, marble hard...

Clean Sweep Contracting

78 Gwenn loop
Staten Island, NY
Clean sweep contracting is a full service general contracting company. we do all types of...

25 Gardner Lake Hts
Salem, CT a division of fqc, llc 5090 main street * trumbull, ct...


PO BOX 110523
Cambria Heights, NY
40 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service fee. no...

Cloverleaf Contracting & Renovations

402 Main St
Metuchen, NJ
Cloverleaf contracting and renovations is committed to providing a wide range of home...

CM Construction

507 wellwood drive
Shirley, Ny
Full kitchen and bathroom remodeling . rip outs , repairs , tile , granite , marble , radiant...

Cm Martínez corp

109 59 54 Av.
Corona, Ny
We specialize in saving you money without having to cut corners! we have years of experience...

CMJ Installations

206 Timberline Dr
Brentwood, NY
Family owned & operated.

CNF Flooring

1800 prime place
Hauppauge, NY
C.n.f. flooring is an owner operated company since 1993. we generally operate a 3 to 4 man...

CNF Flooring & Tile

1800 Prime Place
Hauppauge, NY
Owner operated 3 to 4 men workforce

CNF Flooring & Tile

17 Newton Blvd
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
C.n.f. flooring & tile is an owner operated installation company. we can handle the largest or...

CNF Flooring & Tile

17 Newton Blvd.
Ronkonkoma, NY

CNL Construction

354 Svahn Dr
Valley Cottage, NY
Cnl construction is a company with experts that can help you to make the desired renovation to...

Coastal construction group llc

2435 Hwy 34 ste 254
Manasquan, NJ
Full service contracting company. all military receive 15% off any service. we service most of...


Bergenfield, NJ
5 employees. uses subs for installation. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may...


Somers, NY
Locally owned & operated

Collier & Sons Construction & Improvements

Fulton St
Poughkeepsie, NY
We are a full service construction & maintenance company specailzing in preparing homes for...

Collins Contracting Inc.

130 west 42nd street
New York, ny
General contracting firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial interior...

Colonna Marble Corp.

1320 Garrison Ave
Bronx, NY
We are a custom stone fabricator/installer. we also deal with caesar and sile-stone.


Briarcliff Manor, NY
Colony construction has been remodeling homes and commercial environments since 1987. we work...

Color My World Inc.

585 Pleasantville Road
Briarcliff Manor, NY
Color my world is a highly experienced commercial and residential painting and remodeling...


390 Hillside Ave
New Hyde Park, NY
Additional phone number: 718-631-3434. additional dba - color age stores, inc.

Colorwise Designs

174th St
Bronx, NY
Colorwise designs. provides decorative painting and faux finish services to businesses and...

CoMac Improvements LLC

8 Kelesey Dr
Middletown, NJ
Comac improvements is a family owned and operated business since 2000 specializing in all...

Community Connection Remodeling

2190 Route 9
Toms River, NJ
We strive to maintain our position as one of the finest home renovators in the toms river...

Competitive Aluminum Inc

3 Jacqueline Ct
Edison, NJ
License # 13vh02461900. award winning. additional contact name - robert bailey. additional...

Concepts in Design LLC

22 Hunnewell Avenue
Elmont, NY
Concepts in design l.l.c. is an award winning speciality contractor. established in 2005,...


2335 Steinway St
Astoria, NY
Customers in long island, ny and throughout metropolitan area rely on us for general...

Conroy Construction LLC

156 Grove St
Plainfield, NJ
Additional contact name - jim conroy. additional e-mail -

Construction & Remodeling

323 Lawrence Dr
Lanoka Harbor, Nj
All phases of home construction and remodeling

Construction Artisan Corp.

West Nyack, NY
I am a home remodeling contractor. on smaller jobs like bathrooms and kitchens i do the actual...

Construction Oriented Corp

8420 20th Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Construction, architectural plaster moldings

CONSTRUCTIVE Building & Remodeling

1135 Ratzer Rd
Wayne, NJ
Constructive is your go to for all your home needs; wether it is a gc for your large project...


158 Adams St
Deer Park, NY
We area full service home improvement company that prides itself on integrity and combining...

Contemporary Stonescapes, Ltd.

8 Juliet Ln
Northport, NY
Contemporary stonescapes takes pride in our reputation for providing top quality work and...

Cooper Contracting

147 beach 127 st.
Belle Harbor, NY
I have a very small business with 2-3 employees at all times. i do most of my work myself and...


Monroe, CT
From start to finish we handle everything from design to completion. we contact and schedule...


Brooklyn, NY
We specialize in residential design, fabrication and installation of custom stone countertop,...

Countertops by Berkeley Tile

491 Springfield Ave
Berkeley Heights, NJ
Countertops by berkeley tile is a division of berkeley tile & stone. we have been in the...


13126 132 ST
South Ozone Park, NY

County Home Crafters

102 Lyon Pl
Lynbrook, NY
We have 4 in-house employes,specilizing in carpentry,residential& commercial.we also offer...

Craftsmen Brothers

1 franklin st
Belleville, NJ
Craftsmen brothers home improvement contractors is a general contractor for all interior and...

Creative Carpentry

54 Chuck Dr
Dracut, MA
We are small business that specializes in custom work, cabinets, molding, entertainment...

Creative Design Ceramic Tile & Bath

24 Sarah Dr.
Lake Grove, NY
Creative design is fully licensed and insured. we have been proudly serving suffolk county...

Creative Design Concepts LLC

788 Bloomfield Ave
Verona, NJ
Creative design concepts llc is a full service contractor able to handle all home improvements...


Phillipsburg, NJ
We are small friendly and family oriented full remodeling company that consists of 5 main...

Creative Kitchen Designs LLC. (Mobile Showroom)

111 Trelane Dr.
Bridgeport, CT
Creative kitchen designs llc (mobile showroom) was created in 2011 by owners roger and michael...

Creative Showcase inc

Brooklynn, NY

Creative Stone and Cabinets

448 Middle Country Rd
Selden, NY
Installation of kitchen and bath cabinets. installation of granite, marble, and quartz...

Cristal Properties Handyman Services

Westhampton Beach, NY
Established 1998-superior customer service-time tested and proven quality


960 Spruce St
Lawrence Township, NJ
Crossroad kitchen cabinets believes your new kitchen design should be a practical use of...

Crystal Clear Professional Window Cleaning

26 Dumont Avenue
Staten Island, NY
Crystal clear professional window cleaning specializes from low-rise to high-rise...

CT Handyman Construction

80 Hillandale Rd
Danbury, CT
Ct handyman construction is fairfield counties premier kitchen and bath remodeling company....

Cullen's etc.

31 stemler drive
Cliffwood, nj

Custom Granite Fabrication

1731 Ginesi Dr
Freehold, NJ
Our fabrication center is located in freehold, nj. we are a full service production center...

Custom Interiors & Design LLC

81 Jewell Street
Garfield, NJ
We provide multiple lines of kitchen cabinets, tiles, kohler plumbing fixtures and on site...

Custom Kitchenz by Ron Inc

85 Saratoga Blvd
Island Par, NY
Additional dbas - custom kitchens by ron, wasserman building & contracting.


Pine Beach, NJ

Custom Stone by Frank

192 Kinderkamack Rd
Park Ridge, NJ
We are a marble and granite design center, we do counter tops, vanities, fireplaces, etc....

Cusumano Builders

11 Prospect Ave
Lynbrook, NY
John cusumano construction inc. is a third generation construction firm performing top quality...

D & D Stone Brokers

PO Box 2032
Aiken, SC
Wholesale all types of stone from around the united states.

D & E Stone

265 Central Ave
Clark, NJ
We are granite and marble fabricators and installers. we are as direct as you get when looking...

D & M Tile and Marble

3439 82ND STREET
Queens, NY
D & m tile and marble is irish owned by kenny milner who has worked in this industry for the...

D & S Construction Co.

20-23 41st St
Astoria, NY


West Babylon, NY


Brooklyn, NY
We make the contertops, we cut, fabricate and install,the installation not include in the job,...

Da Silva Painting & Remodeling LLC

11 Maurice Ave
Ossining, NY
Specializing in interior and exterior painting services for residential and commercial...


43-11 216th street
Bayside, NY
You can hire a handyman for as little as one hour, or as long as one month...we have hour...

Dan The Handyman

326 rt 202 lot 7b
Pomona, NY
I am a sole proprietor and i am fully insured. i don't use sub contractors but i do find it...

Danningham Contracting Corp.

60-21 56th Road, Suite A
Maspeth, NY
Danningham contracting corp. performs all types of residential and commercial construction in...

Danusis Construction

27 Mockingbird Lane
Newmarket, NH
We provide full service construction from frame to finish. free estimates. fully insured and...


5 Fulkerson Ave
Methuen, MA
All work performed by owner go green ask about our detail cleaning services. book before may...

DBS Building & Design LLC

Boonton, NJ
We are a licenesed and insured home improvement business located in morris county nj. we work...

DDF Construction

79 bay 20th street
Brooklyn, NY
Private contracting specializing in residential homes, small commercial jobs, and interior...

DDL Enterprises Inc

162 E Main St
Little Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

De Laurot

115 Montague St
Brooklyn, NY
30 years experience in all phases of construction, residential & commercial. specialize in...

Decker & Strama Builders, LLC

PO Box 3
Gladstone, NJ
We are a full service contracting co. serving most of all northern nj


Bellerose, NY

Dedvukaj Builders Inc

8 Old Woods Dr
Harrison, NY
From new york city to westchester .we have worked at 834 fifth avenue arguably the most...

Deirdre Fahy

686 Courtland Avenue
Bridgeport, CT
Deirdre fahy design associates specializes in tile and stone design of kitchens, bathrooms,...


Yorktown Heights, NY
Delillo contracting serving westchester county for over 25 years in all aspects of residential...


1223 east 93rd street
Brooklyn, NY
General contracting, excellent work, affordable pricing

DeMarco Brothers Landscape Supplies

390 HWY 22 West
Whitehouse, NJ
A family business for over 50 years. located in hunterdon county nj, but servicing the entire...

DeMattio Construction

27 Overbrook Rd
Norwalk, CT
We are a family owned business with an emphasis on quality, professionalism, and, of course,...


Massapequa, NY
Dependable home improvements is a full service contracting company . we offer everthing from...

Desantis Cabinetry

35 South Main Street
Manville, NJ
Sale...$500 off any kitchen remodel job. we are a complete remodeler, offering a hassle-free...

Design And Reason

879 Broad St
Bloomfield, NJ
At design and reason, we realize that the selection of a builder is a critical step toward the...

Design Depot Inc.

12 Northern Blvd
Great Neck, NY
We sell all kinds of home improvement material and we are the license contractor. you can find...

Design Floors

252 Broadway
Long Branch, NJ
Design floors is full service floor covering contractor specializing in wood, tile and...

Design for the Times, LLC

Branchburg, NJ
With more than 20 years in the interior design business, design for the times will provide...

Design Solutions Inc.

St James, NY

Designed Carpentry

20 Tuscany Drive
West Windsor, NJ
Contractor , master carpenter

Designer Kitchen Cabinets Inc

4243 US Hwy 9
Freehold, NJ
Additional dba designer kitchen & bath.

Designer Marble

34 W Washington Ave.
Pearl River, NY
Turn key kitchens and baths. or just replacement countertops!

Designs by Shido

454 12th St
Brooklyn, NY
Well known kitchen and bath designer looking to do some work in the big apple. 23 years...

Detail Remodeling

156 Brook St
Scarsdale, NY
Residential remodeling company.

Devine Creations LLC

Hwy 35 North, nj

Devine Remodeling

204 Hoover Rd
Neptune, NJ
We remodel kitchens and bathrooms, both completed with-in 5 days in most cases with all new...

DGV Tile Designs

403 Chestnut Ave
East Meadow, NY


2555 E. 22ND. ST.
Brooklyn, NY
Home improvements co. licensed, insured, bonded & experienced

Diablo demolition & construction LLC

248 long swamp rd
New Egypt, Nj

DIFY Renovations Inc.

6802 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Dify renovations is a full-service residential and commercial construction firm based in new...


146 East Third Street
Mount Vernon, NY
Fabrication and installation of fine natural stone, engineered stone and tile. we work with...

Dinam & B Construction Corp

87-24 126ST
Jamaica, NY


Staten Island, NY
Dino general contracting is a family owned business that has been successful over the years...


180 Herrod Blvd
Dayton, NJ
7 locations in nj, 1 location in boca raton, fl. we have 77 employees. we run multiple...

Direct Cabinet Sales of Clark

265 Central Ave
Clark, NJ
7 locations in nj, 1 location in boca raton, fl. we have 77 employees. we run multiple...

Direct Cabinet Sales of Manahawkin

712 East Bay Ave
Manahawkin, NJ
7 locations in nj, 1 location in boca raton, fl. we have 77 employees. we run multiple...

Direct Cabinet Sales of Red Bank

160 Newman Springs Rd
Red Bank, NJ
7 locations in nj, 1 location in boca raton, fl. we have 77 employees. we run multiple...

Direct Depot Kitchen Wholesalers Inc

24 Newark Pompton Tpke
Little Falls, NJ
Direct depot kitchens is one of the largest and most successful kitchen and bath cabinetry...

Direct Home Remodeling Corporation

210 West Parkway
Pompton Plains, NJ
Direct home remodeling corp. provides complete home remodeling, home renovation, &home...

Diversified Capital Improvements, Inc.

2015 William Floyd Pkwy
Ridge, NY
High quality work. 27 years building, renovating, maintenance, and repairs experience. 10...

DIXIE Total Home Maintenance

130 Cypress Ave
Somerdale, NJ
We are a different kind of company. you can visit us at and see our work, read...

DL Marble & Granite Inc

330 West 38th Street
New York, NY
Stone contractors. specializing in stone everything such as; counter tops, fireplaces, tiles,...

DLA Tile Service, Inc.

1 Hinson Place
Park Ridge, NJ
Over 30 years experience with all types of tile: ceramic, marble, granite, glass, quartz,...

DM Contracting & Restoration Inc

163-15 86th St
Howard Beach, NY
The owner's of this business oversee each job from start to finish

Dodaj Home Improvement

8008 135th St Apt 112
Jamaica, NY

Dolphin Tile

925 Hope Street
Stamford, CT
Family owned & operated since 1974, all types of tile & marble installations, $125 service...

Don Webb Granite Marble & Masonry Inc.

213 Wright Street
Newark, NJ
Business established in 2003; dedicated to quality service. offering free stain-less steel...

Don't Despair Home Repair, Inc.

25 Church Street
Port Jefferson Station, NY
Don't despair home repair, inc. is new york's premier home repair company for 30 years. we...

Double Eagle Construction

Pequannock, NJ
Double eagle construction, llc was founded in 1988 by jimmy sulejmani. with the help of his...

Douglas Ferri Tile

328 Hamilton St
Bound Brook, NJ
I'm a tile and marble contractor. i do complete bathroom remodling , kitchens ,foyers, etc...

Douglas Hair

1252 Pekskill Hollow Rd
Carmel, NY


1450 Jean Terrace
Plainfield, NJ
8 employees. subs used for skilled trades. cost determined by the job. extra charge for...

Douro Granite & Marble LLC

9 Francis J Clarke Cir
Bethel, CT
Additional dba - douro granite & marble. family owned and operated.

Downey Contracting

321 Somerville Road
Basking Ridge, NJ
At downey contracting we pride ourselves on top quality workmanship. our attention to detail...

Dream Stone

133 US Hwy 9 S
Marlboro, NJ


133 US Highway 9 South
Marlboro, NJ
Dream stone granite & marble is a granite fabricating company that specializes in turning...


3716 10th Avenue
New York, NY
Home improvement contractor. epa certification for lead renovations. specialize in kitchen...

Dun-Rite Inc

9054 Fort Hamilton Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY
Dun-rite, inc. is a home improvement company that specializes in just about everything. we...

Dunrite Contracting

150-16 11th Ave
Whitestone, NY

Dura Tile & Stone, Inc.

18 Washington Avenue
Ossining, NY
Set your vision in the hands of a craftsman... dura tile & stone is a nationally recognized...

DVE Home Improvement LLC

6112 134th st
Flushing, NY
We are a small home improvement company that only works through referrals and word of mouth. ...

Dynamic Kitchens and Baths

15 Thistlewood Dr
Queensbury, NY
Individually owned and operated. occasionally uses licensed sub contractors for electrical &...

Dynamik of Orange County Inc.

7 Vogt Lane
Middletown, NY
Licensed and fully insured dependable and knowlegeable employees professional workmanship free...

E & C Construction Co Inc

18 Brentwood Rd
New Milford, CT
E&c construction co. inc. has been in business since 1993. we pride ourselves on quality...


55 Florida St
Farmingdale, NY

E & Z Construction

28 Windsor St
Centereach, NY
We provide services as a general contractor we are licensed & insured we are osha...

E&K Remodeling LLC

Bloomfield, nj
General contracting and remodeling

E&N Enterprises, Inc.

856 Curie Road
North Brunswick, NJ
E&n enterprises, inc. is a full service contracting company with over 30 years advanced...

E. Hutchinson Construction

998 Newton Street
North Brunswick, NJ
Billing procedures: upon signing of contract, 1/3 of total bill is required; halfway through...

E. Melfi Services

Stamford, CT

E.L.Tile Company

108 haseco ave
Port Chester, Ny
I'm owner of my business works as sub contractor .

E.Tumminello & Sons, Inc

17 Sheridan Street
Valley Stream, NY
All work done by owner


2254 2ND AVE
New York, NY
Uses subs. cost determined by the job. travel charges apply.

Earley Home Construction

10 Sycamore Ave
Ho Ho Kus, NJ
We are a full service residential general contracting company. we offer a wide range of...

East Coast Stone

324 Washington St
Orange, NJ

Eastern Marble & Granite

201 Buckingham Ave
Milford, CT
Local & family owned.

Eastern U.S. Construction

53-30 70th St
Maspeth, NY
Eastern us construction is a general contracting firm with over 15 years experience...

Ebanks Enterprises

PO Box 264
Franklin Park, NJ
Ebanks enterprises caters to all home improvement needs. we offer a vast majority of services...

ebbcast, corp

128 Shore Rd
Glen Cove, NY
Ebbcast corp. is owned and operated by vance ebbecke & mike castro. with over 30 years...

Ebenezer Stone Care LLC

282 Highland Ave
Kearny, NJ
We are a family operated business with many years of experience in the home improvement...

EBR Carpentry

8 Parkview Pl
Tuckahoe, NY
Quality reliable work.


Rahway, NJ
Kitchen and bath

Ecua Stone Corp

2986 Navajo St
Yorktown Heights, NY
Ecua stone corp. provides comprehensive countertop cutting and installation service.the...


New York, NY
Smart professional with eco conscious ethic. reasonable rates, low cost, high efficiency.

Egnatia Construction Inc

2018 71st St
Brooklyn, NY
We understand that when you hire a contractor, you don’t exactly know how it might turn out....

998 newton street
North Brunswick, NJ
Family owned business for over 20 yrs. plus i have my sons and daughter who work with me. we...


White Plains, NY
I am a fully licensed and insured home improvement company here in white plains. we handle all...

Elaine's Design

3 Layton Lane
Sparta, NJ
Shop-at home consultations for all interior decorating and design projects- kitchen and bath...

Elardo Tile & Marble

792 Fischer Blvd
Toms River, NJ
Ceramic tile and marble ,granite ,and slate installations. complete bathroom renovations...

Elegant Custom Builders

5 Greenway Ln
Little Falls, NJ
General contracting. tile, kitchen and bathrooms, heating and ac. ext.

Elegant Home Improvement

122 Beverly Hills Ter Apt D
Woodbridge, NJ
Elegant home improvement's goal is to provide you with fast and reliable kitchen, bath and...

Elegant Stone works

234 chestnut street
Brooklyn, ny
Located in heart of brooklyn. payments due upon completion. check cash money order


Westbury, NY
We fabricate and install countertops, fireplaces, and anything else you can think of putting...

Elite Granite Co

28 Harrison Ave
Englishtown, NJ
Providing quality work at competitive prices in business over 9 years


800 Annadale Rd
Staten Island, NY
Elite image is a full-service home improvement and repair company operating throughout nyc and...

elite ness usa inc

244 5av
New York, ny
Elite gc is licensed and insured , with over 20 years of experience planing, managing , and...

Elite Restaurant Equipment

153 21st St
Brooklyn, NY
We are the one stop shop for everything restaurant related under the sun. and with some of the...

Elite Stone Importers

45 Park Rd
Tinton Falls, NJ
Elite stone importers is the best place to go and look at granite, marble , onxy , and...


Raleigh, NC
Quality tile installation. now serving north carolina, new jersey and staten island. we...


Bronx, NY
Additional employees. no subs. charges a flat rate. travel charges may apply. no service fees....

Empire Custom Homes

581 Middle Neck Road
Great Neck, NY

Empire Masonry Contracting Corp.

PO Box 291
East Setauket, NY
Empire masonry contracting - residential division provides quality, professional masonry...

Empire Restoration and Management Corp.

58-10 70ave
Ridgewood, NY
General contractor, licensed and insured.

Empire State Development LLC

9714 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Emresel Remodling Corp

24 Greenwich ave
Melville, NY

EMS Construction

18 Constantine Place
Summit, NJ
My company is here to serve your home care needs... my name is emerson and i do most of the...
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