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As one of the leading providers of set equipment in NYC, they will very likely have what you are looking for. Their small but amply stocked warehouse is easy to navigate and someone is always available to help. As a more old-school shop, I recommend calling or visiting rather than emailing. But they are reliable and know the NYC video production and theater industry top-to-bottom.
- Desiree C.

I Met with
, the owner, two times. The first time was to discuss re-finishing my wood floors. After interviewing 5 other companies, I chose
( aka.
Wood Flooring) because he was the most knowledgable, trustworthy and... his price was most fair ($2228). The floors took about 4 1/2 days to do. The workers were most diligent. They moved all the furniture and wrapped each piece in plastic. They carefully vacuumed at the end of each day. The second meeting with
was to discuss the painting of my apartment which was expensive ($7000). I chose to break-up this job into two sessions. The first session was to start right after the floors were completed and dried. The painters (
) came with their General Manager, Zoran. These men were an absolute pleasure to work with. I have never experienced workers taking such pride and care in everything they did. They thoroughly protected all my floors and re-wrapped, and moved all my furniture. Anything that had to be disconnected (like audio and video equipment), lighting, paintings, etc. were also carefully handled. The first round of painting lasted 5 days…this was just the painting of my living room, dining area, foyer, hallways and ceilings.
All repair work and painting of wood moldings was carefully attended to. All scraping, sanding and plastering ( also skim coating of one wall) was equally taken care of. Painter's blue tape was applied to all areas needing further protection. Primer plus two coats of
paint were carefully and artistically applied. Never once did I have to tell them that they missed a spot or that something needed to be done. They thoroughly cleaned up after themselves while they worked and at the end of each day they packed their equipment into small work stations. No plaster pieces or paint drippings were ever left unattended. INCREDIBLE !!! I made comment about how well they work together and was proudly told, "We are professionals!" Indeed, they truly are ! When the job was finished,
put every piece of furniture back where it belonged and re-hung paintings and blinds. They re-attached and rebooted all the electronics as well. They even helped me re-make my bed that had been taken apart. Of course I asked for these gentlemen to come back to complete the painting of the rest of my apartment two months later. I must also tell you that they often went beyond their jobs in helping me. I had trouble with the lighting in one of my chandeliers. Zoran bought whatever was needed and then fixed it. I expressed that I just didn't know how to go about cleaning the
so Zoran picked up a product for me and
brought me some of the product his wife uses. He even cleaned the top of the chandelier that i couldn't reach. The belief of this company is to leave the customer happy and well satisfied with the work they do. They will do what it takes to accomplish this!
They are GOOD, GOOD people who are polite, honest, thoughtful, meticulous and hard working ! It was indeed a pleasure working with all of them!!! I have to tell you that I did not interview other companies for the painting. i know that I probably could have found others who would have charged me far less. However, I was terribly concerned about the job being handled with great care so I opted to go with
and pay the price. Would I do it again? Absolutely, but, I might have to save up for it and that might take me another 5+ years.
- Maxine O.

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Home Building reviews in New York


The quality was okay however a 4-6 week project turned into over 20 weeks and we had to finish with a different contractor. Very disappointing. A lot of excuses made.
- Jonathan H.

I would never recommend this company to anyone. We contracted with
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
, who has taken over the business from his father
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
back in March 2013. The project was to begin by the end of April. He didn't begin the project until the end of May. It took four months of emails, calls and threatening letters to finally get him to complete the job.

I have all the documentation to prove the angst that we went through with this company. I would gladly provide it to anyone who has any questions.
- Elaine Y.

Zeev asked for a 50% deposit on August 12th and work started
in the apartment on August 21, 2013. Contract stipulated time frame of 3-4
weeks, which would have meant completion date of Sept 18th. We scheduled to
move from our existing apartment on September 26th, giving Zeev some buffer
time, just in case.
3 weeks later on Sept 11th, Zeev was still primarily
working on installing the wood floors,
claiming that it was "more complicated than expected". He refused to
discuss in detail the other items on our contract list, saying he needed to
"focus all his attention on getting the floors right" At that point,
we sounded the alarm bells and expressed concern that he wouldn't be able to
complete the project in time for our move (which was already 8 days AFTER his
promised end date). At this point, despite multiple requests, he still did not
provide us with design drawings of the den doors.

The worst part of this nightmare for us were the hardwood
floors. Some corners had more than 20 visible nail heads in them, there were
visible gaps between many of the planks, there were bad chips in several pieces
of the wood, there were HUGE gaps between the wood and door frames / tile
saddles that they tried to fill with an awful looking wood filler that didn't
even match the wood. (In some areas, the filler was between 1/8-1/4",
which was not acceptable by any standards!) To top it all off, despite us
showing Zeev photos of the natural floor seal we wanted for the wood, and
despite our offers to take him to our old apartment to see the floors (we
wanted the exact same treatment of the oak) -- he refused and said it wasn't
necessary, they sealed the wood with an oil/water base which made the wood
darker and more yellow than what we wanted. (We only wanted a very natural
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked

Traffic seal)

When we saw the "finished" floors, we were
aghast... there were still nail heads that weren't even flush with the floor,
there were chips all over and very visible
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
all over as well. After many
discussions, Zeev admitted to us that his floor guys had totally messed out (we
later learned that he was going to subcontract it out to a professional wood
floor contractor, but at the last minute, decided to let his own guys install
our floors). He claimed that he fired most of the crew who were working on our
apartment, but that didn't do anything to make our situation better. We were
crushed when we saw the state of the floor, but at that point, there was no
choice but to move in, as the new tenants of our old apartment were already
scheduled to move in.

Apart from the floors, at some point, Zeev just gave up on
trying to design the doors, because he didn't know how to design the bifold
doors with privacy blinds attached to the doors itself. The doors never got

Everything else on the contract list was an absolute rushed
job, and showed in the end result -- the paint was patchy, base moldings were
not installed well (at our front door, they stopped the base molding 2"
from where it should have continued!), electrical work was incorrect (they did
not run the cable wiring correctly into the den), dining pendant light was not
centered over the table, toilet bowls were not installed correctly (very
wobbly), shower baskets were not installed parallel to the floor, sagging
sliding cabinet doors were not fixed well, our TV
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
was not installed and
the list goes on. The first night we were in the apartment, Zeev's guys had
painted shut our air conditioner unit cover, so we could not turn on the A/C!
The only 2 items on the list that Zeev managed to complete with no mistakes
were installing the pot racks and replacing 3 shower heads. EVERYTHING else
that he and his crew touched, because an issue that had to be resolved. It was
an absolute nightmare that caused my husband and I many sleepless nights of
worry and angst.

We moved in on September 26th as planned. My husband had to
take time off from work to help Zeev project manage the work, else nothing
would get done before we moved in. Despite multiple requests for NO PAINTING to
be done the day we moved in, because of our 3 month old daughter, we arrived on
9/26 with at least 5 paint cans all opened and guys still feverishly painting
base moldings / walls / doors etc.
It was extremely shoddy workmanship that we got from Zeev
and his crew. Paint / grout was splattered all over the place, grout was the
wrong color (they had to re-grout about 1/4 of our existing kitchen tiles, and
didn't even bother to match the grout to the existing grout color, so 3/4 of
our kitchen had grey grout and the 1/4 had white grout!!), paint was extremely
patchy in many areas. When we moved in, there were still wires hanging out from
sockets! Thank goodness we had a young baby and not a toddler running around.
After a week in the apartment, we found SO many issues with
the wood floors and rest of the apartment, that we had no choice but to move
out (yes, with our 3 month old baby) into a hotel to give Zeev a 2nd shot at
fixing the floors (and other issues). The floors needed to be repaired -- some
planks replaced, filler to be corrected, resanded and recoated / resealed. It
was a nightmare packing all our stuff again. And it was a nightmare sanding the
floors with all our furniture already there. They did the apartment floors in 2
parts, and had to move around all our furniture to be able to work on the
floors. We were forced to stay in a
Manhattan hotel for 8 nights in total...extended by a day because once again,
Zeev failed to deliver. Once again, work was not getting done, no one was
project managing the work and my husband and I had to oversee the work to
ensure things got done. Even then, it was only the last 2 days that Zeev
provided more men to work on our apartment and RUSH everything again. We moved
into the hotel on Thursday, and found out on Saturday that Zeev and his team
did not even work on Friday, because they had another project to work on...
While we were staying in the hotel! It was incredibly difficult being stuck in
a 250sf hotel room with a 3 month old for 8 nights, especially when we realized
that Zeev did not work on one of the week days. This was his
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
to make
things right for us. He was so apologetic that so many things had gone wrong
with our apartment, and promised to make everything right this 2nd time, but
again, he failed to deliver.
To exacerbate the situation, when his crew were moving our
furniture around, they damaged our brand new wood dining table, damaged 1 of
our brand new dining chairs, lost 4 of our throw cushions on the couch,
scratched 1 of our kitchen cabinet doors and damaged 2 of our built-in
At the end of the day, Zeev was not upfront with us about
timing, he claimed it would "all get done in time", with full
knowledge that it would not. He also cut corners by NOT subcontracting out the work
to the right people. The quality of his work is extremely low (and he actually
thinks it's acceptable!) -- even our family and friends who have come over to
the apartment remark that the workmanship looks extremely shoddy. We poured our
life savings into buying this apartment, only to have Zeev and his crew make a
mess of it. It is extremely disappointing and heartbreaking for my husband and
I to witness how callously they have treated our apartment. And we are the ones
who have to live with Zeev's mistakes -- there are still dents and chips in the
wood floors, some wood planks are uneven / squeaky, painting still shows blotches, poor edging,
and patches, base molding is still uncaulked in many sections, damage to
build-ins still show despite Zeev's repair attempts. We now have to pay someone
else to come in to clean up Zeev's work, such as caulking between the base
molding and floors (gaps all around!), paint touch ups (hand prints can be seen
on some doors!) etc.
Overall an extremely disappointing experience. Hiring
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked

was one of the biggest mistakes we have made. We tried to be as supportive as
possible, providing Zeev with clear expectations from the start, with
"to-do" lists. Anytime he needed us at the apartment, we were there,
so as not to delay the work. But Zeev could not deliver and should never have
promised to complete the work in 3-4 weeks if he was not able to do so. The
fact that toilet bowls and shower baskets could not even be installed correctly
is very telling of the kind of work
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
does. Zeev is incapable of properly
project managing a project and figuring out what needs to get done when, in
order to stick with promised timelines. Zeev failed on so many levels -- in
terms of being trustworthy and upfront, keeping on schedule, and providing an
acceptable standard in terms of quality of workmanship.

- Charleen A.

Excellent work and Customer service. Quality work, Computed project on time in only 2 months. Excellent in communicating progress of work. Always Available to discuss.
- Herbert S.

Contractor had wonderful design eye, which was especially helpful since I wasn't using designer or architect. Wonderful Project Manager who was always available & consistently helpful. Highly professional group. Various workman were skilled & pleasant. Wonderful experience overall.
- Leslie G.

Working with
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
is very easy. Their representative and installers are in NYC daily making them very accessible.
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
is very quick to respond to inquiries and thorough in questioning to ensure the customer gets what they want.
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
is also very considerate at the office. The workroom constructed high quality shades. Installation was very easy with
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
. The estimate was accurate and the work was completed on time.
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
is courteous and professional with a quality product. We would definitely use them again and recommend them to friends.
- Rachel S.

They delivered a beautiful home that is still stunning today. But here's the most remarkable part....Two years ago, one of the porch posts started to show signs of rot. I called
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
and asked them to send someone out to fix it or make a recommendation and that I would pay for it. I mean, 6 years after you buy a home there's no warranty, right? Wrong,
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
took a look and said that he felt the subcontractor should have used pressure treated lumber and that they were obligated to repair it free! Okay, so that accounts for that single post, but what about the other 5 he replaced just because he wanted to! Have you ever heard of a contractor doing this? I have never - but that's the
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
difference. They are so good, give such great value, and are so honorable, that they make you want to build a house just for the pleasure.
- Victoria S.

This is hard to recap, because this was the biggest nightmare of my life.
New York Home Builders Provider Name Locked
started by coming in low on bidding for the project, which quickly changed, as almost daily, there were change orders for increased budgeting. Also, I don't know where they are "Green" but they were Black if you ask me. We wanted solar panals, Insta hot water.
- Michael C.
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