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Rated by
Suzanna M.
"I called
to set up an appointment for him to give me an estimate on a roof. I gave my information to his secretary and she said he will call me back. Two or" three days later he called me back apologizing that it took him so long to get back with him but he had a family emergency and that he has been out of town (which I totally understand; those things happen). So we scheduled for a Thursday at 12:30, he called to inform me that something has happened to his ladder and he has to go to Home Depot to get another. I asked him what his ETA was and he said an hour. Two hours later he called and asked if we could reschedule and that he would make me his first priority the next day. An hour and a half late to his morning appointment I called to see where he was but he didn't answer. I just left a message saying that I wanted to cancel the appointment because I needed some reliable.
Rated by
Stephen K.
"Did not show up when appointed. Over 5 hours late next scheduled appointed. Used 2 different types and shades of paint to paint one door inside. Spilt paint water on carpet. Still" evident several months later. Roof was okay upon completion, but for renovation services, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Workers are careless, sloppy, unreliable, and do not know what they are doing. Had to request another team, that was OKAY, but not excellent. Have used
before for roofing and they were superb. Their company has completely gone down hill.
Rated by
Michael W.
"After reviewing our roof he determined that the solar vent would not help, and recommended that we not have it installed. Very impressed with his honesty and would not hesitate to use him on another project.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

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New Roof
New Roof

Angie's Answers

Wow, i aum surprised you didn't get 10 answers already with roofers say X was the best or N was the best or A was the best. In reality you are focusing on the WRONG THING!

5 estimates? Why 5? Why would you do that to yourself? Normally if you are dealing with reputable companies you don't need more than 2 estimates. I advocate to people to always get at least two estimates and if the roofers are saying something very different or if the roofers are way way way off in price, get an equalizer, get a 3rd.  Obviously if you don't trust a roofer disqualify that roofer immediately.  I beliee you have now fallen into "Analysis Paralysis" which is what happens when you have too many opions.

But back to the topic, I said you are focusing on the wrong thing. Why did I say that? Because you can take the best shingle in the world and if installed wrong is compeltely garbage. i can take the worst shingle, known to fail, and if installed properly will last some ammount of time. So you should focus on the roofer, not the product. The roofer is more important and a good quality roofer will only want to install good quality product.

The roof is a system comprised of many components, not just the shingles. You have the water proofing underlayment such as ice shield, the water resistant underlayments such as felt. You have the shingles, the ventilation and the flashing details. All of these things add up to equal one roof. Neglect one and your roof is doomed to fail.

But the roof is more than just product it is detail, know how and heart. Heart? yes heart. It takes the utmost CARING the utmost DESIRE to want to install a good roof. It's hard work and easy to fall into the train of thought as to do what's easier, instead of what's faster.  Faster and easier seldom ever equals better. At the end of the day you ened a roofer that cares about your roof.

So what product is best? That's hard to say. Each manufacturer has multiple plants and it seems each plant puts out varying levels of quality. I will tell you in my area Atlast is known as a cheap commodity shingle. I have Tamko Heritage on my house but I stopped using it because I was having seal failue issues and at the time they offered no contractor certification program, but I hear they started up one. Ownes corning is a decent product backed by a great company. I don't install very many OC's though. I primarily install CertainTeed Landmark shingles and my feeling is that they are the best on the market in my area. I'm sure others will disagree with me.

But don't miss the point, the roofer is more important than the shingle.
I appreciate the fact that with homeowners like you who want to beat the insurance co out of deductibles, so then my rates and every other homeowners rates can also go up just to save you.....Thanks for NOTHING..[8o|]

Any roofer worth using should be able to do the roof with NO MONEY DOWN.


The only scenario I would ask for a deposit is on a crazy odd ball shingle that had to be special ordered.

The question was, Can it be done? The answer is yes. The real question is "Should" it be done? The answer is, no, not unless it is an emergency.   But also let's clarify winter, because we are having a pretty mild winter, so there's kinda not a problem this year so far. I'll refrence "below freezing" from this point forward.

As a certified and licensed roofing contractor, my reputation is on the line. I debate this topic quite often with other roofing contractors who seem to care more about profit than a job well done.  Well, I can tell you from past experience having been a professional roofer for 14 years as of the time of this posting, that the chance for failure increases exponentionally when installed below freezing.  It's better just not to risk it.

Personally I will not, unless absolutely necessary and the customer signs a disclaimer of limited liability, install a roof below freezing and really really want to install the roof at 40 or above. The shingles need to seal, and will not seal unless they warm to about 70 degrees F ambient temprature. This does not mean it needs to be 70 outside, because the shingles will warm from the sun.  

So what can be done to install the roof below freezing? Well first, the roof should not be gun nailed below freezing. This is because the shingles become brittle and it's easier to "blow through" with your nails. It's also harder to regulate air pressure when it is cold, I speculate because of barometric pressures, but I am just guessing.  Therefore the roof should be hand nailed. This takes more time. Furthermore since the seal strips will not seal, they must be manually sealed with proper compatible adhesives. This will also take more time, and more material. I once spoke with a roofer in Alaska who builds tents around the houses he is working on and covers them with tarps and heats with propane heaters.  Now that takes real time!    The question is, are you prepared to pay for this extra time? Can you wait a few more weeks? 

Roofing reviews in Nashville


Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was prompt and professional throughout the entire process. I had two other bids but
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's seemed the most thorough for the price. He answered all of my questions regarding the process involved, various options, materials and timeline. He provided pictures before, during and after the project. Everything was completed in a timely manner and completely cleaned up afterwards.
I really appreciate that
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was on time for every meeting and kept me up to date about scheduling and weather delays. There were no surprises and I am confident he will stand by the work. Overall great job!

- John C.

Bad materials and wrong materials, had I not been on the job-site and notice they were using the less expensive underlayment (I paid for the premium underlayment) it probably would have gone unnoticed because it's covered up by the shingles. Lots of stuff like that! Project dragged out over 3 months, difficult to get them to come back to finish, was called insulting names by owner. Copper flashing around chimney was bad when they did it the first time, they re-did it and it was no better and actually damaged the chimney masonry. Everything they touched wound up screwed up. Skylights began leaking after roof replacement and wound up having to replace skylights. Too many horror stories to mention here. One worker brought their small children to the jobsite and they were running around (in my yard) near where they could be hit by roofing shingles. The owner asked me to pay "early" because otherwise he was not going to be able to make payroll that week. This company is poorly run. The people come off as caring and nice, until things start to go wrong then you see how they REALLY conduct business. I held off writing a review for 1 full year because it took me that long to be able to write a sentence about them that didn't have curse words in it.
- Cheryl A.

On March 24, 2014
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
of Lebanon, Tn. installed a roof on our house. They backed a large trailer the length of our drive to throw the old shingles in. We have a white brushed concrete drive that was just under a year old at the time. The drive still looked brand new. The tires of the trailer had tar or oil on them and it got all over the drive. They tried once to clean it and made matters worse by just spreading it around and the pressure washer actually left several large areas that look like
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
fences permanently embedded in the concrete. I told them they would have to get it professionally cleaned. They never tried to get it professionally cleaned. We later found out that when oil soaks into white concrete it becomes part of the concrete and can't be cleaned. On April 8, 2014 I called and asked for the owner but was told that I had to talk to her, the office manager. To this date the owner or no one else has called me about this so we are in the process of finding a lawyer since
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
absolutely does not want to be held accountable. Anyone thinking of doing business with
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
better know that if there is a problem
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
will not be there for you.
- Jack C.

My experience with
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was professional and easy from start to finish. I had a very infrequent, small leak in my ceiling after strong storms.
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
originally recommended and provided an estimate to replace the sub-par flashing around my chimney, which would be the most thorough and long-term fix. However, given the infrequency and small size of the leak, and after getting another estimate, he agreed to just reattach the flashing and replace the caulking around the flashing - for the same price as the competitor estimated.
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
and the man who performed the service were both punctual, professional, and did what they said they would do.
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
came after the work was done to ensure it had been done properly. When my roof needs to be replaced, I will definitely call
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked

Third party provider (potentially someone who worked with
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
) came to house, looked at spot we were talking about and said that it was poor dry wall tape job. Whether it was the dry wall or not, water was in the ceiling as I had felt it myself, which prompted the 49$ deal purchase. My cousin owns a roofing company and even he said when I sent him some pictures of our roof that it was likely flashing problems on flat roof.
While the provider was here, he discussed debt consolidation with my wife, which had nothing to do with our roof. As part of the deal, there was to be 200$ credit towards whatever service may or may not need to be done if we had
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
do the work. However, we were informed that the cost would be much higher than that if there was a problem, which this gentleman did not think there was.
I am sure that
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
does fine work, but after the purchase of this deal my wife and I were left feeling like we just paid 49$ for nothing. I am afraid that these "deals" really are not deals, and will not be purchasing or recommending any such deals to anyone in the future.

- Jared Y.

It went really well. One has to be careful when asking for services such as these. In many ways Angie's List has become a doorway for vendors to offer a service to only attempt to up-sell additional services based on the expertise and 'diagnosis' of the 'problem.' This can be a $50 chimney cleaning whereas you are then quoted $5,000 to fix a chimney that could "have severe consequences" later down the road. Or, it could be an HVAC inspection where one learns that it is outdated and will need to be replaced in three months (mine still works) or an air-duct cleaning where the expert discovers a 'severe' problem that 'needs to be addressed.' Also, still works (found these latter services using groupon).
In the case of
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, they were extremely prompt, provided the service that was paid for and did a good job doing it. The only issue for me was that when I made initial contact, the vendor made it clear that they would 'inspect' the roof for any repairs or needed replacement, and if it does need replacement, the vendor was well aware that my house insurance would cover the costs. See where this is going? All I wanted was my gutters cleaned. I know how old my roof is and I know that it does need immediate replacement due to some imminent threat. To avoid this up-selling and a 'doomsday' description of my roof falling off, I simply never met the
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
when they arrived nor returned their phone calls. That's all - it does get annoying, but part of the territory with these kinds of home-based services.
- aaron G.

Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
had done some insurance work (repairing a kitchen floor after a water leak) and replaced my roof. When I wanted to remodel my kitchen, they were my first call. I was very happy with the remodel. Throughout the remodel, any time I had questions,
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was just a call away. The work was done on time and, in fact, they even completed the project about a week earlier than originally estimated. Throughout the job, they made every attempt to limit the intrusion on the rest of the house and actually cleaned the house a couple of times. This was a complete remodel, down to the studs in most places, removing a wall, and putting in a French door and window. The highest praise I can give is toward the end of the project, I recommended them to a coworker who hired them for remodeling on a home he had purchased. He was so pleased that he recommended
Nashville Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to a friend of his.
- Joe S.

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PO Box 210268

Silver Brook Roofing and Exteriors LLC

7603 Knotingham Way


1000 4TH AVE N


1550 River Rock Blvd

Smith Construction 66

3125-B Sweethome Rd.



SmithCo Property Restoration Group, Inc

107 Threet Industrial Dr


PO BOX 312
Cross Plains

Southern Breeze Home Design Center, Inc.

2615 Medical Center Pkwy, Suite 460

Southern Exteriors Roofing LLC

4922 Port Royal Rd
Spring Hill

Sparks Roofing

104 Elder Dr

SRS Home Repair

208 humble dr.
La Vergne

SS Services

PO Box 158924

Steve Wilson's Home Repair & Maintenance

161 New Shackle Island Rd.

Straight Line Roofing Co.

1024 Indian Trail
Castalian Springs

Straightline Roofing

1024 Indian trials
Castalian Springs


1017 Burchwood Ave

Stratus Construction LLC

1107B Ordway Pl

Summit Property Restoration LLC

655 N Main St

Sumner Roofing & Exteriors

115 Powell Dr

Superior Renovation Group, LLC

1104 Richmond Dr

Superior Roofing LLC

1101 Downs Blvd



T.H.E. Construction

808 Highland Drive
White House

TDS General Contractors

3001 Cody Hill Rd

Team Hill Construction

30477 Ardmore Ave

Team Rapid

3610 Kelton Jackson Rd

Ted Green's Roofing Repair

1097 Woods Ferry Rd

Tennessee Building Solutions LLC

2920 W Division St

Tennessee Contracting Services Inc

127C Powell Dr


Kingston Springs

Tennessee Craftsmen LLC

PO Box 1173

Tennessee Master Restoration

1650 S. Jefferson Ave

Tennessee Valley Home Improvements

7315 Lee Highway

The Baird Graham Company

PO Box 150645

The Haas Group LLC

2215 Plank Road

The KINGS Carpenter

PO Box 110592

The Kingston Group, LLC

4705 Alabama Avenude

The MCR Group Inc

4731 Trousdale Drive Suite 4

The Roof Depot Inc

11260 Old Roswell Rd

The StoneMark Company

227 Spirit Hill Circle

The Wills Company


TICS Roofing & Restoration

1219 Taylor Pl

Tim Leeper Roofing

14919 Lebanon Rd.
Old Hickory

Tip Top Home Solutions, Inc.

128 Commerce Dr

TJ's Errand Service

339 Merlin Dr

TLC Pro Roofing, LLC

1427 Neelys Bend Rd

TN Roof Pros LLC

711 Meadowlane Dr

TNT Windows

253 Coleridge Court

Todd Chapman Construction

818 Roberts Rd

Tomlin Dock

1912 Hwy 25

Top Hat Property Service

201 Hampton Rd

Top to Bottom Home Repair

120 Knollwood Ct

Tough Enough Construction Inc.

P.O.Box 11045



Tre Home Improvements

Po Box 494

Trinity Tennessee, LLC

9127 Lebanon Rd
Mount Juliet

TriStar Building Services

445 Metroplex Dr

Tru Solutions, LLC

2910 Sidco Drive

Tru Solutions, LLC

2910 Sidco Drive

True Craftsman Construction

214 Steelson Way

TSI Construction & Roofing, LLC

171 C Factory Street


204 Williams Ave

Unipro LLC

PO BOX 1093

Universal Builders of America Inc

700 Inverness Avenue Suite 304A

Universal Solutions

788 Dejarnette Ln



Value Roofing of Nashville

905 General George Patton Rd

Vanguard Construction Group

205 Perimeter Park Rd


PO BOX 68354

Vesta Homes, LLC

400 Stone Chimney Ct.

Vision Roofing & Restoration

231 Barfield Crescent Road

W Builders

891 Lennox Rd

Wayne Belt, General Contractor, LLC

745 S. Church St.Suite.705


PO BOX 784

Webster's Tree Service

200B Luna Dr



Wheeler, Inc.

3868 Dickerson Pike

White Design & Control LLC

263 Hunters Ln

Whitman's Maintenance & Construction

1009 Summer Ct
White House

Whittemore Roofing Inc

904 American Dr

Willow Works

775-A Flatwoods Road



Worley & Son

8893 Hester Beasley Rd



Yard Dog Fence

105 Bagwell Rd

ZmanCo LLC

1436 CC Road
Kingston Springs

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