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Rated by
Charles C.
"The project went very well. Initially I had requested times via Angie's list to have
come and assess the work needed. When he didn't respond I simply" contacted him through his web site contact info and he responded immediately. This would be the only suggestion I'd make is to contact him directly and not rely on the Angie's list "suggested dates/time" request.
provided pictures of the foundation situation and explained very clearly what would be needed to address the issues. His price seemed reasonable and fair so I immediately engaged him. He was clear it would be a couple of weeks before he could complete the work as he was just starting a large job. I followed up with him several days later and we agreed on the date to do the work. He arrived on the agreed upon date, at the time promised, had the necessary resources to complete the job that day. He corrected another issue he found as part of the original scope of work at no additional cost. I highly recommend
if you have foundation issues.
Rated by
Michael S.
"The house had multiple foundation and support problems due to bad construction. We initially hired a big-box company that advertises regularly on TV. Their work left us in one big" mess which resulted among other things in over-lifting which caused extensive interior wall cracking and possibly even more structural damage. I'm guessing they were so hard to communicate with because they didn't know what they were doing. GUB to the rescue. Although it was expensive, the owner and every employee was knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. They corrected much of the problem of the previous company and additionally corrected several severe problems which had not been addressed. They were timely, efficient, and left the premises in better shape than when they arrived. Highly recommend.
Rated by
joseph B.
(owner) showed up on time and discussed how they could do the work and listened to my concerns and answered my questions.He gave me a written price and" explaned what it would cover ,lenght of job ect. .VERY PROFESSIONAL. I accepted his price and we scheduled the job,.
the job foreman ( his brother) showed up on time ,and met with me and discussed and explained how the job would progress.They went to work ,and made great headway,the workers were polite and focused on the job.
was great and explained things and addressed any concerns i had .These guys work HARD! My house sets on a full basement ,and i feared it would be hard to lift ,level and stabilize ,but they do this stuff every day so no problem for them.They finished the job ahead of schedule ,and the house seems much stronger and level now.Very few settleing pops and crackleing noises now,Fingers crossed for future,but no worries -Transferable lifetime warranty.They left my yard cleaner than when they came and everything filled in great.Even though they had 8 or 9 men working in my backyard nothing went missing !.THANK YOU! JOB WELL DONE!

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Relying solely on measurements to determine the condition of a foundation often leads to risks incurring further damage to a home, says Granott. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Dale W. of Boones Mill, Virginia.)
Foundation Repair

Measuring your foundation for levelness alone is not enough to determine if your foundation needs repair. A foundation expert will evaluate all the factors.

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Foundation and basement repair experts advise homeowners not to ignore cracks, which can expand into costly foundation failures. (Photo courtesy of member Dale W. of Boones Mill, Va.)
Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair

Foundation damage can lead to costly repairs, especially if left untreated for a long time. Check out our expert tips for best advice on how to handle.

Angie's Answers

Unfortunately this is not something you will easily resolve; and even if you were to win, the amount of time and funds spent will probably exceed the cost of the actual repair.

Each state has different rules on what "as-is" means, but almost all use the term when it comes to realestate sales.  At two years, you are facing a hurdle that any issue could be the result of new conditions, acceptable wear / settlement, etc.  Has there been any changes in the area? (New house built next door, new addition, earthquake, flooding, etc?)

While you may have been given a home warranty with the purchase (do check your sales paperwork to see if there is any warranty and what it covers for how long) the house is sold to you as-is; it is your responsibility to raise concerns prior to taking over the house, so going back two years later is a huge up hill batle.

The home inspector is also going to be found faultless, as their reports almost always have words like "consult with an expert. . ." after each report section and they have disclaimers for missed items, etc. I got certified as a home inspector and was surprised at just how little they actually require you to know to become an inspector. They are really just an extra pair of eyes to help inexpereinced home owners look where most people don't look or go.  You even mention that the repair work was well masked, so you didn't notice it until you began looking for it.  A good inspector might have caught it, but you won't win any court cases proving yours wasn't good enough.

The Seller will claim that any foundation issues were fixed and resolved, which is why they marked "No" on the foundation issue section.  They fixed it; so it was no longer an issue.  If it came back, that is a new issue.  You and I know this is bogus, but to win in court you have to prove intent; and the builder can easily show they thought it was fixed.  Or, they might even be able to claim they were unaware - the repairs were from the previous owner, and were hidden so well HE and YOU didn't notice them.

So the next step is to meet with your home insurance agent.  As I mentioned above, if there have been any enviromental changes (a new house next door could have changed the underground water table flow or pressures, for example) you may be covered.  Even if there are no issues, you still may have a policy that allows for major repairs to be covered after a certian cost threshold, etc.  You'd be surprised at what your home owners insurance covers - find out first; they might have in house or low cost engineers who will do the initial inspection, etc.  They also will provide advice on your home sale; if they think you have a case against the Seller.

Best of luck on this issue.  Make sure any solution you pay for solves the cause (Stress on the wall), and doesn't just fix the results (cracks).


     There are two types of cracks in foudation walls, horizonal and vertical. The vertical is from settling and usually is not that bad a repair onec the settling stops or the cause is fixed. A horizontal crack in my opinion worse unless it happened right as the house was built and it was backfilled incorrectly. That should have been fixed at that time though. Horizontal cracks are a sign of lateral pressure due to either a water problem, improper wall sizing or a combination of these. In these conditions I have always felt complete excavation outside the wall and reconstruction is your best approach with the proper sized block or concrete wall with buttresses as needed.

     You mention the future sale of the home and I would think the total replacement would be the best way as it will not leave any red flags. The steel plating would point to the problem and I can just think of all that would go through a buyers mind. Little things like how long will it be before the plate rusts out and needs to be replaced, even though it would probable last a long time.

     I would think you should spend the money on a consult with a structural engineer and get a written report on the problem and his recommendations as to the best repair. It will help with any future sale of the home. Without drawings the consult should be less than $500. I would bet he would recommend total replacement.




I hope I am reading the question correctly.  By added work, I assume you are speaking of change orders or additional work as opposed to the original work he contracted for? I think there are very few occasions that it would be wise to pay a contractor in full up front for work on the main contract that you are hireing him for. BUT, It is quite common that a general contractor will charge for (and should be paid), all change orders 100% upfront, as changes are typically very disruptive to a building process. Charging up front is somewhat to discourage changes as well as to not make the builder deal with chasing after money at least if he has to work quickly to modify his schedule due to the change at hand. It should have been spelled out in his contract with you prior to the start of the job that that was the agreement for how changes would be handled.


Some unscrupulous customers can also contract for work that they don't actually have the money for and then it puts the builder at a disadvantage at the end of the project when trying to collect. so basically doing a change is a courtesy so paying changes up front is part of reciprocating and extending courtesy back.


Also, check with some of his references and referral customers and find out if they too had the same experience and see if it worked out ok for them. 

Foundation Repair reviews in Nashville


Everything was pretty good, Except our rep was a little too pushy. We were selling the home and need a little work done, Did not ever intend on eating under the house, I did not need anything that clean or fancy. But overall would be a great thing for the right person, Just not us..

The project was delayed a few days due to bad weather.
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was very good at keeping me informed about what was going on...first about when they would begin working and then about the progress that was being made on a daily basis. The job required some access to the interior but the crew was scrupulous about not tracking dirt into the house and cleaning up behind themselves. The quality of the work was first class. In addition,
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
made a number of suggestions for improvements that added to the project's success.
- David S.

Every step of the way, these guys were great. Very professional. When there were a few extra things we wanted them to do (including some work on our back porch), they had no problems doing it.
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
is excellent to deal with and finished everything on a timely basis. I highly recommend
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
- Katherine and William H.

Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
for help with moisture issues in home crawlspace, foundation slippage and yard drainage.
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
) came out promptly, listened to the problems, surveyed the situation and recommended a plan of action. He explained everything he would do in detail and followed up with a written proposal. We agreed on the price and he scheduled the week and a half needed to complete the job. He and his men arrived each day on time. They did everything as agreed and a few extras. They cleaned up each day and hauled off all debris at the completion of the work;. All work was completed on schedule.
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
was knowledgeable about water issues and I am very pleased with his work. While I won't know for sure until the heavy fall/winter rains come whether or not my drainage issues (in the yard) have been solved,
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
assured me he will come back if needed..

- Mrs. Walbrey W.

He was punctual and did the job quickly and professionally. He informed me that the amount of plastic that he would be putting down for the price would not cover the entire crawl space. He provided a reasonable quote on what it would cost to cover the remaining crawl space. Did not have it done as most of the other area was still okay and I was in the process of selling the house and moving to another state. Was very happy with his honesty and work ethics.
- DON W.

I bought my house back in
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
, at which point I had
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
and another company come out to give me a quote on the foundation repair costs. As my inspector said, the house was in decent shape and the foundation would probably last for 20 years, but it was safer to go on and get the repairs done.
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
gave me a great estimate and the suggested work matched what my inspector said could be done to fix the issues. There was a bit of a delay before
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
could come out, but it wasn't a problem since the repairs weren't time sensitive. It took two days to get the repair work done, and the guys who came out did a great job! I also really like that the company will come out and adjust the metal
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
for free for the first two years in case there is any settling of the house. I would certainly recommend
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
- Anne T.

Fantastic. From the first phone call to the end of the job, these guys are great. I will say the only negative was originally when I called them, I placed a call to
Nashville Foundation Repair Specialists Provider Name Locked
to estimate the job and didn't hear back. I called a second time and from that point on it was smooth sailing. They are so good that I recommended them to my boss and I am having them come back to look at some other remodeling projects we have.

- Danielle D.

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