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We hired
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
& Storage to store & move our household belongings to Minneapolis. After verifying that everything was accounted for, I paid their crew lead the remainder of their fee. He signed the invoice, verifying that payment had been paid & received in full. Several days later the funds were deducted from my bank account.

The General Manager of
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
called me a few months later requesting that I submit another payment, stating that my initial payment couldn’t be found. I explained that I had submitted my payment and the funds had been deducted from my account.

He called again in November requesting payment, stating that my account was past due. I explained again that I gave my payment to their crew lead and that the funds had been deducted from my account.

I’ve received letters from
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
, demanding payment and threatening legal action if I didn’t comply. A few months later I received collection papers from a debt collection agency working for
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
. They then began calling me with demands of payment, and I explained the circumstances. They demanded to see documentation to verify that I had paid, so I sent them copies of the signed invoice and the processed check. They stopped calling & sending threats, and refused to return my calls for resolution.

In March I received another call, this time from one of the owners
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
, with accusations of theft & fraud, demanding access to my bank account and threatening legal action if I refuse. I refused. 2 months later I received a letter from
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
, another owner of
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
, with accusations of fraud, and demanding payment to avoid police involvement, attorney action, and additional collection fees.

All of my financial obligations to
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
have been met, and have been verified by a
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
employee, an independent collection agency (Baker,
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
& Baker) hired by
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
& Storage, and US Bank records. But, they continue to harass me & my family for payment they’ve already received.

Do NOT hire these bullys. You’ll be sorry if you do.
- Jess C.

Twice I email
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
in this time frame and both times she was out and responded a week later. I explained my needs, moving from MN to NH. She said she could not give me a delivery date, that there would be a 14 day span. In writing, I explained I needed a firmer date. They were to pick up on May 27, the day after Memorial Day...More /> On April 29, I sent this email to
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked

Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
. I understand travel, I am on the road a great deal. With that said, from a customer point of view, I am a bit nervous I am dealing with a one person office.
When I booked this with
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
, I explained to him that I could not accept delivery before June 1, but I will now be in NH the evening of May 30th. If the driver shows up that day before I arrive, I will need to have someone else at the house to receive my goods. We will need to work this out as the time nears, but I am hoping that I do not need to wait until the truck is loaded until I know when it will arrive. I would think before that point you would know how many loads you have scheduled and what the route is.
On the Friday before (May 23) I received a phone call confirming my pick up for Tuesday. I asked for the delivery date, and was told they could not give that to me. I then called the corporate office in RI, the
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
offices. I was transferred to
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
(VP of Customer Care) who never called back. I called again, to be told he was gone for the weekend. This was at 3pm.
I then called the local office back and was told that she would send me the email with details. This is what I received.
Driver will be loading this shipment off your dock on 5/29. Driver will complete loading all his assigned shipments on 5/31 in NE. I will then be able to give an estimated eta to destination in NH. The allotted delivery spread is 5/30-6/10.

I called back as they were now bringing my goods from Minnesota to Nebraska, then to New
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
. She said that she could not confirm how many times my furniture would be moved on and off of trucks.
I called another company on Friday afternoon, and was able to get a confirmed dates of pick up and delivery, with one truck.

- John Z.

Without a doubt this is one of the most "can do" companies I have every worked with.
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
is a delightful, positive person that made a challenging request possible. His company delivered a durable, safe storage unit and was willing to juggle it into a tight space for a very reasonable price. The storage unit made a home remodeling project possible and the skill and attitudes of the people in the company inspires us to recommend them to anyone needing a storage unit.

It was awful from beginning to end. I should have seen the writing on the wall.
1. I called for an estimate in late April 2013; they sent someone to my house; turns out it was a mover and not an estimator so he had no idea what he was talking about. He gave us ballpark price, an told us that the move would take 1 truck and 4 hours.
2. the day of moving the movers showed up with 3 guys. the lead guy (
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
) told me that the guy who came to my house initially was not an estimator and he should have sent 2 trucks with 4-5 guys. The guys did an ok job, and I had never hired movers before so we did tip them each $30 for the move that day.
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
also told me that the owner is super forgetful and doesn't write anything down. This was his explanation as to why He (
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
) would schedule a van to come the following day, rather than having us call
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
(the owner); I then gave him the garage code and just asked him to call me when it was done since we wouldn't be home for round 2
3. Those same guys moved us into temporary housing that same day; they moved several items, but I had a day bed that they tried to jam through a doorway - no protective blankets or anything - needless to say it was damaged (but I'll get to that list later)
4. They sent a van 2 days later to our house (we weren't there for this pick up) but they did call me and ask where I was - this was confusing to me since I had already talked to them about not being available. The mover that called me was totally confused. I ended up getting a hold of
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
and he straightened this particular issue up at the time.
5. Most of our stuff was put in storage for 3 months.
6. I called in
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
to schedule the final move. I explained that I needed them to pick us up at the temporary home, pick up some items, and then they could move us into the new place; we scheduled the appointment for August 14
7. August 13th comes, and I haven't hear anything from them. I was a little nervous so I called them to make sure everything was on track. I talked to Nick
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
. He confirmed that we were going to meet at 8am, and we confirmed the temporary house location. I actually said it outloud (my husband heard me) - this becomes important on moving day
8. Later that same day,
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
(the owner) called me (as if I hadn't already talked to someone) to confirm the time and address. Again we said 8am at the temporary housing location
9. on moving day we were waiting at the temporary housing for quite some time. I didn't have my cell phone because I thought it would just be one more thing to hold onto. At around 9:30 I started getting very concerned and I used my husbands phone to call them
10. I talked to Nick - he yelled at me for to having my phone, yelled more asking me where I was - I was shocked. They were at our new house, not the temporary home which was the place we agreed to. He yelled at me more telling me that they were going to pack up the trucks and take my stuff back to storage and that I was going to have to pay for the time that his guys waited around. He yelled more and asked me why i didn't call when they didn't show up at 8am. I couldn't take it. I was furious, I told them that I will not be paying for the time they "wasted" - they went to the wrong address. And I also told him that the reason I didn't call at 8am is because I had no idea if they were starting at 8am packing up the trucks or what. No one ever explained the process to me, and I've never hired movers before. We went back and forth, and I finally yelled back telling him that this was the worst service I've ever received and that what he should be saying to me is "I'm sorry for the mix up, don't worry, every thing is under control" - once I said this, he backed off and said, "let's just move forward and get the move done"
11. We got to the new house, and the movers began to move us in.
12. I was watching them bring in some items - art specifically - and I noticed that they brought in something that wasn't ours. They moved 3 art pieces to our home that were not ours, and they moved a mountain bike to our house that wasn't ours.
13. They broke picture frames, a standing light's globe, a punch bowl
14. They damaged a number of items: Christmas tree bag, shelving, night stand, jewelry chest, 6ft tall mirror frame, our fabric couch was ripped, I could go on.
15. I paid them for all of the moving time - they gave me 1 hr "free" - this was their concession for their waiting at the wrong address. What a joke, I should have never agreed.
16. I received a call 2 days later from the owner,
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
. He wanted me to pay for 4 days of storage that they hadn't collected yet. I told him about all of the damage, etc, and he said he wanted to come out and see it.
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
came out to my house, saw all of the damage - said he'd never seen anything like it, blah blah blah
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
send a guy out to my house to fix a few items: the daybed, the mirror, a shelf, the jewelry chest - but there were still a lot of damaged items (the Christmas tree bag alone was $100)
19. 2 items broken on the day of the move (#14) were returned to the company, and they fixed them in their "shop" - when the guy came to fix some items TWO MONTHS AFTER WE MOVED IN I asked where those 2 items were. no idea. he left a message with
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
20. 2 weeks later, I left an upset message with the company asking where my stuff was from the shop, and what they were going to do about all of the other damage.
21. Nick (the idiot son) called me and said "hi
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
how can I help you" - I said my name is
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
, and did you listen to my message - I mean these guys run this business like a bunch of kids.
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
the owner wants to come out again and deliver the 2 items of mine they fixed and see what damage is left. I show him everything - he's still in shock. I tell him that I want $1000 back and then I wont feel like I got totally ripped off. He says "Send me the list of damages and we will take it under advisement" - he also says he will get back to me in a week.
23. no communication, no nothing. November 4th - i'm frustrated again.
24. We check the mail. There is a letter from Quality Movers and Storage - SENT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS!!!!! it was sent to the house we lived at during temporary housing!!!! They still don't know where we live and they've been out here 4 times!!!!!
25. They wrote me a letter, and sent me a check for $350 (approx. 10% of what I paid them) - the letter said that they basically would have paid me more except that I wasted their time when they showed up at the wrong address AND the fact that they cant be sure that all of my stuff wasn't damaged before hand.
I have NEVER been so upset with a service provider. For the price I paid, they should have rolled out the red carpet. I feel ripped off, and worst still I feel like they are lying about the whole address mix up. The best part is, I have a voicemail from Nick (the owners son) at 7:30 ish the morning of the move saying "There's been a little mix up with the address - can you give us a call" - funny how it turned into my fault. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GUYS.
- Jayne M.

We rented the
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
Box from mid June until late August. They provided great service at a good price, particularly compared to their competition. They worked well with me to place the storage bin on my driveway off of the
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
in Minneapolis, which took a little skill on their part! Their driver is to be commended for that.
Where they fell short (way short) was on their reservation process and punctuality. I booked the pickup of the box about 4 weeks in advance. A week later I had to adjust the time and when I called back, they didn't have a record for the pickup at all - so I was saved only by my own follow up. I rebooked the pickup for first thing in the morning (8 AM) and then I confirmed it a week before the pickup was scheduled. On the day they were due, I called them when they were about 20 minutes late and asked for an update, and was told they'd check and call me right back. 45 minutes later - when they were 1:15 late - the call came that they were just leaving their yard.
It being the day before a big move, the timing was important and the least they could have done is call to update me on the process.I'd use them again for general storage, but if timing is important I'd consider the other options first.
I'd probably use them again because the box did the job and the price was right, but if you need them to be on time, you could have a problem.
- David K.

I spoke with Nick the owner and he sold me on his company by telling me about their service, facilities and levels of service they provided. We set a date and the movers called a half hour ahead and arrived right on time. I gave them direction on the overall plan of attack and they went at it. Crew leader, Nick, had a hard working team. They also moved my piano and did a good job with it. I found them to be extremely professional and courteous. A good company to go with. They say what they do and do what they say.
- Daina D.

The security appears to be good enough because nothing has been stolen. The billing has been a problem. They allow online payments and changed their system without telling me. When I tried to pay my bill the website was obviously different and required a security code to get in. They had not given me a security code or notified me that I needed one. I called them and left a voice mail asking them to return my call so we could talk about the new online billing. They never called back, but they sent me a new bill with a late fee. I called them and a person answered the phone instead of an automated menu. I explained what happened and he removed the late fee and I setup a security code. The next day, I tried to pay online, but there was a new problem. The website doesn't all me to change the billing information to match my credit card because the storage unit is rented in my wife's name. The old website allowed me to pay the bill online with my credit card. The new site does not allow that. This means I need to call them again.
- Robert R.

We called three places to get estimates, and
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
had the best rate for us. Since we were moving to a temporary place, we used their storage as well. The movers were on time, were very quick, complete and professional. When we finally bought our new house they returned with the same personal and got all our belongings back in place. They were great!
- John N.

Storage unit is dry and clean. Security password is required to enter the storage unit area. Security cameras reside through the property.
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked
Storage is conveniently located near SW Minneapolis, Edina and St.
Minneapolis Storage Facilities Provider Name Locked

We were happy overall, but there were some glitches. We relied on their estimate for the total number of boxes we would need and we were short a box, which incurred extra delivery charges. They made two mistakes. They first did not pick up our boxes by the time we were supposed to vacate the property of our old house. Second, they charged for redelivery when that was supposed to be included in our total fee. Both mistakes were rectified immediately and the office was accommodating and professional about fixing things.
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