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Extremely satisfied - great experience - the project turned out even better than I could have imagined! Lane from Eclipse stopped by before the project and helped me pick out a beautiful creamy tan "stucco" color and trim color for my 1 1/2 story bungalow. (It had been quickly painted years ago when I bought the house, so I was kind of stuck with a flaking, poorly painted house before.) I was really worried about my ability to get a good color scheme, but Lane helped with that, based on my feedback and some examples I shared. I get so many compliments on the house now that it's completed.
From beginning to end, communication was excellent, and the estimates for stucco painting and trim were very reasonable. I had several estimates last spring, but it was clear that Eclipse was more familiar with dealing with stucco/masonry, and they quoted a fair price and flexed when I had to have them do more trim painting on the house. ( I hurt my back right before they started painting, so I had them do a second quote for the extra trim work and details that I was not going to be able to do myself. ) The crew stayed a few extra days to help get the extra work done. They were polite, professional, clearly knew what they were doing, cleaned up every night before leaving, and communicated well. I bought them some pizzas after one especially long day, I was so thankful.
I also noted that they use high quality paint that's made for stucco/masonry. And the old (cedar) trim now looks fantastic. I can tell this will hold up to the Minnesota weather and be beautiful for years. Very happy to have Eclipse do the work and would definitely hire them again.
- Margaret H.

was knowledgeable about our primary problem, which was chronic peeling of exterior paint due to poor surface preparation prior to painting done by a previous owner.
was good at communicating what he recommended we do to solve the problem and why. He offered two different approaches with different costs and gave his best judgment regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the two options.
's approach to the project was well organized and very business like. His bid, which essentially became our contract once it was signed, gave a detailed breakdown of each task and whether it was a firm quote or an estimate for a task to be done on a time-and-materials basis. The price was closely comparable to another high quality painter who bid on the job, but
's quote included painting the entire exterior, whereas the other painter's quote included painting only the peeling areas.
's quote was substantially more than a third painter who bid on the project. The approach proposed by the third painter to solve the peeling paint problem was less extensive than
's. I ultimately decided to pay more for a more thorough job.
The work was well done. The two painters who actually performed the work were capable and easy to communicate with. One painter was clearly designated as the leader, making it clear with whom I should discuss any issues that arose during the project.
came to the job site each day, reviewed any details with his crew, and solicited my opinion regarding how the work was going. I did experience a few minor problems, primarily small drops of paint on furniture during the interior painting portion of the project. The crew was very responsive to my request to clean the paint drops from the furniture and minimize them going forward.
If I need more painting in the future, I will certainly use Magic Painting again.

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House Painting reviews in Minneapolis


What occurred was not what was as stated in the estimate. The estimate included exterior siding power washing, scraping, sanding, caulking as needed, priming and final coat of paint, all included in the estimated total price of $3400.00. The initial price was in the "ballpark" of what a professional contractor would charge in my opinion. A week before the service was to be scheduled, I was informed that they would not be sanding, but the remainder of the work would be completed as planned, for the same price. I was skeptical of the results, but proceeded. The day they were supposed call to schedule the power washing, I received no call. The following day they showed up with a bucket and sponge and proceeded to "wipe down" the siding to clean off cobwebs, etc. There was no power washing, yet the same price. The following morning, a few individuals showed up to start the rest of the job. The house required extensive prep work which, upon receiving the estimate, I was told was their number one priority - prep work. I agreed to use their service precisely because of this statement they made about the importance of prep. After maybe 3 hours into the job, I was informed the prep work on one side was done and that they were ready to proceed with painting the first side. Stunned by how 3-4 days of what would take a normal person to prep the house for paint could possibly be even close to ready for a coat of paint after a mere 3 HOURS, I went out to survey what was done. At this point, paint was still chipping and peeling off the house which could still be chipped off with my fingers, alone. They made additional attempts to, in essence, "glue" the chipping edges of paint back on by applying a coat of "sealer" over the still-chipping paint. I continued to express my significant concerns at this point. They were very willing to try and accomodate me; however, the qualify of workmanship just did not get any better upon numerous further attempts and it was evident they did not know what they were doing. (I should mention no cauking was done either, as the estimate stated.) Then to see primer literally dripping down the side of my house where it was being applied and left like that to dry without any attempt by them to brush the primer smooth nor feather it out, was my last straw and I could not continue to the rest of the house. After all was said and (not) done, I was still charged a third of the cost of the entire job, when not even 10% of the job was completed. And of the 10% of the work they did attempt, none of it was to my satisfaction and needed to be completely redone in its entirety for the job to get done correctly - so in essence, the job was still considered 0% complete. When questioning the invoice as to additional blanket charge of an extra $500 dollars adding up to 1/3 of the cost of the full job that was not even close to 10% complete, I was told it was "overhead" charge and they could not specify or itemize what the "overhead" was for. The additional charge was over and above the already itemized expense for labor and supplies. What other overhead was there then?? No response.... Upon calling the national service center for additional clarification, they would not provide me with a local contact and told me to call back a different day to see if someone was available. That's where that sits, currently.
I will give relatively high
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
for the courtesy and overall professionalism of the employees on the job site, but not for their knowledge nor anything else. I am 100% disappointed in such lack of knowledge and poor qualify of workmanship. If you have a house that requires any amount of prep work, I would strongly discourage you from electing to use
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
. They clearly do not educate or adequately train their personnel prior to placing them on the job site. They charge what a professional, knowledgable, experienced contractor would charge, but in NO way produce the same quality of work. You can find much better contractors for the same price or less, who actually know what they are doing.
If you have a newer house and all you need is a coat of paint and you want to pay premium pricing, then you may or may not end up a satisfied customer. Best of luck to you if you proceed with this company!
- Jennifer H.

Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Cannon, area manager is a personable and dependable young man, very organized and detail oriented. He answered all by questions and kept me informed as to schedules and activities. The painters were careful, pleasant and focused on the job. I highly recommend
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his team.

This is the 2nd time we've used them. The first time was for interior painting and we were well pleased. Even though they did a good job previously, I still got alternative bids to be sure of the pricing of the job. They came in a bit higher than the other bids, but their bid was much more professional and detailed. I went with them because of this, as well as my previous positive experience.
On this job, it took a little while to get started. They made initial contact on a Thursday and said they would start Monday. On Monday I noticed they had dropped off equipment but had not started the work. When I called, the team leader,
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
, said he had been there and had taken measurements for the carpentry work. I would have preferred it if they had just started on Thursday. However, I also do not know the details of the prep work they have to do to acquire materials, etc. so I didn't say anything.
An over riding circumstance on the whole job was the tremendous amount of rain we've experienced. Once they began they worked hard the entire time they were here and continued to hustle until the last possible moment before the rain started. They never compromised the quality of their work. They cleaned up every day and stored their supplies in our shed, which saved a lot of time of them having to haul equipment, load and unload their truck, etc.
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
did the majority of the painting work and
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
did the carpentry work.
They were very polite, professional and cognizant of my time and specifications.
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
particularly communicated very well about what he was doing, why and how. Being neurotic I would offer suggestions or question what he was doing. At one time he said "I have a plan" and it all suddenly made sense to me. If I would get out of their way and let them do the job I was paying them to do, everything would be fine. They did indeed have a plan and executed it very well.
I said when they finished that I didn't believe I'd have any more projects where I would need them, but if I did, I would certainly call them.
I actually sort of missed them when they were finished. They were pleasant to have around and such hard workers. Work ethic is important to me.

- John T.

Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and his team were great to work with. They were extremely timely with setting up the estimate and starting/finishing the job. They offered great suggestions on how to get the design I wanted based on the colors I selected. Very efficient and thorough with the actual painting and repair work. Very reasonably priced, too, for the amount of work they did. Would hire them back for other painting jobs in a second.
- Eric S.

Working with
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
was great, from the first contact to the last. I met with Hunter first to talk about the project. His quote was very thorough, professional and competitive. He also struck me as a person who cared about his work and making sure I would ultimately be happy with it. They didn't disappoint. When the work commenced, it was Hunter,
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and Sev who did everything. They all obviously take pride in what they do, collaborate well with owners and contractors, and frankly, are just really nice guys.
They painted the exterior first and the was great. Then they returned a few months later to do the interior painting after we had gotten everything ready inside. Interior work is where a good painter is most critical and these guys did a great job of spraying the trim and doors smooth and even and prepping and painting the walls and ceilings so everything looked really sharp in the end. A few months after that they returned to do the inevitable touch ups and handled those really thoroughly.
All-in-all, you'll be really happy with the quality and service you receive from
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
. I would definitely recommend you check them out!
- grant M.

We had a great experience with
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
. The house looks far better than I could have imagined it would. we've had quite a few people say that it's now the best-looking house on the block, and several of our neighbors have since asked for
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
's information.
We got a number of bids prior to deciding to go with
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
. The price quoted was in the middle of the range we got from the various bids. We ultimately decided upon
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
, because
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
, the owner and operator, was by far the most direct, honest, responsive, and thoughtful person that we had come by to give a bid.
We were also swayed by
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
's experience in painting older homes like ours and his vision for what would make our house look best for the amount of money that we were willing to pay. He wasn't afraid to give us suggestions, but we never felt like he was trying to up-sell us. In fact, he actually discouraged us from making changes that might have cost more, but didn't need to be done yet (staining the shakes on top of the house).
The work was done in a very timely and efficient manner. His crew was extremely professional, polite, and responsive. The very large job took them a week to finish despite 2.5 days lost to rain.
Speaking of rain, it rained the day after the deck was stained, which ended up ruining the work. The guys came back out later and re-sanded and refinished the deck for no additional charge.
I can't recommend
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
enough and will definitely recommend them in the future--hopefully not for awhile.
- Bernard T.

I had a Wonderful experience with
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
and Son with their company:
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked

I had a Large Shed Painted on the back of our property. The City wanted the building painted by June 26th, 2014.
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
was aware of when this job had to be finished. It was completed today June 11th, 2014.
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
kept me in the loop during the whole project. He did the power wash to strip old paint on June 9th, 2014. He let me know that the plan was to paint the building within the next couple days. He kept his promise.
I appreciated his phone calls on the time he would arrive, the days he was doing the work, and any changes that arose.
I would Highly Recommend this company to do your painting.
They did an Excellent job. Very Professional, and Punctual. I appreciated how well they communicated. They charged a Fair and Reasonable Price for this job.


I purchased an Angie's List Big Deal for $99 for 1 room of interior painting - walls only. The Angie's List category defaulted to exterior painting, but this Big Deal was for 1 room of interior painting up to 250 s.f., and I was unable to change the category.
As I wanted to have the ceiling painted as well, I asked for a quote on this, providing quite a bit of detail to make it easier to get at least an estimated range.
Rather than provide any information via the
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
Rapid Connect communication channel, all they said was "call us" - very disappointing for somone who works 70 hours a week and needs to be able to get at least minimal information in off hours. Eventually, I gave up ever finding time to and emailed them directly via the email adress listed in their Angie's List profile. No response. Nothing.
Then out of the blue a few weeks later, I received an email from
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
in their office, who said they were trying to make contact with Big Deal purchasers who had not yet scheduled with them. I replied, and a few days later
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
called me and said she would have her salesman
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
(or at least I think it was
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
) call me to schedule a time to come out and quote the ceiling. Great.
Within a week or so I received a call from
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
. I was a little thrown off, as I was expecting a guy to call. I was very busy at work and wasn't able to call back right away during regular business hours. A couple of weeks later, I called and left a message for
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
, with full details about why I was calling, asking to schedule a time for her to come out and quote the ceiling and schedule the painting. No response.
Another week or two went by and still no response. So I called
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked
again. I reached her during normal business hours, but she was not at work and said she would call me back when she got into the office about noon. I waited...no response. I waited a few more days. No response. Finally, I called her again and, getting her voicemail, left a message saying that if I didn't hear from her in the next week, I would need to request a refund.
Getting a quote on the ceiling really shouldn't have been this hard. Even some basic order of magnitude informaiton like, whether it would be closer to a $100 or $1000, would have been helpful, but apparently, this was just too much for
Minneapolis Exterior Painters Provider Name Locked

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