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Milwaukee Roofing Articles

Over the Top Roofing over-delivers with new roof

"Everyone seemed to know where to go and what to do, and there was no confusion or time wasted."

Roofer raises the bar on service in Milwaukee

Homeowner make the hire based on seeing contractor's previous work.

Milwaukee homeowner seeks refund for failed roofing job

Customer claims the contractor made a laundry list of mistakes which resulted in leaks and interior water damage.

Milwaukee roofing contractor praised for quality control

Homeowner says the contractor refused the first order of cedar shake shingles because they weren't what they expected. He says he has the best roof in the subdivision.

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Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Reviews

"Quick and looks good - leaks have occurred. Was contracted through TC Aluminum. One leak from rubber roof due to not putting some pieces back on causing water to leak inside the house and required repair. Another leak has now occurred as they left a gap over my front door as the roof lowered when the new roof was put on. Voiced my concern at the time but was told not an issue - now have water in the entry way"
"The crew arrived on time and Mr. Vianes (
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
/owner) again introduced himself to my parents and reviewed what they planned on accomplishing for the day. The crew requested access to the attic and covered everything with tarps. We found out the hard way previously when the entire attic took years to clean after the roof was replaced...
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
assured me the outside would be cleaned up each day and when I asked about cigarette butts, he looked surprised and said "you won't find that with my company." He was correct and the outside work site was cleaned up each day entirely. Due to weather a few days of labor were lost, so
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
asked if he and his crew could work over the weekend to meet the completion date. When a few unforeseen areas of damage were identified,
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
immediately called me and provided me with options, if they were available. My goal was to get a complete replacement that my parents would not have to worry about but also do it within a budget. In addition, it always seems as though I become an expert when it's something being done for my parents, verses my own home. So a few other things that I found out that were different with my parents roof job was that underlayment was actually used and not tar paper under the shingles; custom flashing was done everywhere including the chimney; and ice/water shield of 3 feet but in lower areas they went up to 6 feet. A few other pieces that I was impressed with is that he did not hire any outside contractors, his entire crew worked for JRV Roofing (
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Vianes); his entire crew spoke english and was clean cut; they worked full days and not a 1/2 day on my parents job and then left for someone else's job for the other half;
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
provides a written 10 year warranty for all workmanship and has no complaints through Better Business Bureau or Angies List. My parents were so pleased (very difficult to do) that their neighbor is now looking into having some roof repair work done in the spring and installation of a sealed gutter system.
"Initially we were very impressed with
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. The
owner and his designer met with us in a timely fashion and provided a nice
design that met our needs. The designer was extremely professional and
coordinated meetings with contractors to ensure the proposed project could be
completed as drawn. Contractors confirmed the project could be completed as
drawn-and the construction started about one month later
Upon project commencement we were met by the rough
carpenters, with whom we were also impressed. They moved quickly on their tasks
and did so with a high level of skill and professionalism. They were respectful
of our home, and also respectful of the that fact that my husband worked at
We met the project manager within a week of the project start
date. It should be noted that our project manager canceled a pre-construction
meeting with us, which was designed to help us better understand the project
manager’s role and learn who our one "go to person" would be. Unfortunately, we saw very little of the
project manager - and were often directed to work with another carpenter. The
other carpenter identified himself as someone who worked very closely with the
project manager. The addition of another "go to person" presented a
few challenges. Information we shared with one did not get shared with the
other. Hence, the many questions we had about the project went unaddressed and
both had different viewpoints about how to resolve small project hiccups. As a
result, initially minor issues were exacerbated by miscommunication.
The project plan was met with a brief disruption, when the
HVAC contractors informed us that they could not complete the job as drawn. A
modification, specifically the loss of a walk in-closet was necessary to
properly heat/cool the new space. The loss in the walk in closet did not result
in a reduction to the project cost. Rather
the event was sold as an inevitable need for us to remain flexible in a
remodeling project. In an attempt to regain the lost closet, the contractors
suggested expanding the project to create a new closet space. This new closet
space project went through a formal change order process resulting in an
estimated bill of an additional $6,500. The lack of adequate project planning resulted
in either us losing a closet or increasing our budget. This incident began a
series of events that eroded our confidence in
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
. As a general
statement, the message was “any changes in the plan resulting from failure or
miscalculation required we as homeowners need to be flexible and understand the
need for such changes.” Unfortunately, the flexibility was not reciprocated
when the loss of closet space lead us to make even more modifications. Because
closet space was critical we negotiated an expansion to the original project,
which cost an additional $3400.00
Confidence in
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
continued to erode. About 3
weeks into the project we received an email front the project manager
indicating he was going on vacation and that the owner would be acting as the "project
manager." While the project manager was on vacation, we neither heard from
nor saw the owner. Upon the project manager's expected return we received an
email from
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
indicating that the project manager was no longer employed
with the company - and directed us to work the carpenter (i.e., the person who
was working closely with the project manager previously) and/or the owner.
Shortly after the project manager left
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, the project became even
more disconnected, lacked coordination/oversight, and our impression of
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
professionalism declined significantly.
The carpenter/new project manager initially did fine
informing of us project progress and when to expect other contractors to arrive
at our home. However, the “new” project manager was rarely available to receive
said contractors. Much of responsibility to let contractors into our home fell
on my husband’s shoulders.
An example of the lack of professionalism involves our not
knowing what to expect on a given work day; and the painter who primed the
walls showing without our knowledge. The painter was unprepared and interrupted
me (I was working at home that day) and asked a series of questions about where
to access what, and even asked me if I had an old rug or sheet to put down so
he wouldn’t get my floor dirty (outside of work area) when he finished spraying
the primer. I was befuddled that he failed to bring materials to complete his
As we approached the 2-month
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, we received an email from
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
asking for another payment and to schedule the final payment. I
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s office to inform them these payments were not
appropriate given the amount of work that remained. At this point, the plumbing
required completion, the electricity required completion, the damage (very
minor) done to our living room needed repair, and the area work area still
needed cleaning. The administrative assistant was unaware of the remaining
work, so we called the owner and informed him that payment would be withheld
until adequate progress had been made. The phone call with the owner was less
than positive. He was extremely defensive-and asked me to send him a “punch
list” of unfinished work. I was a bit taken aback by the owner’s request, as
the role of the project manager is to know what work has been completed and what
In an effort to move the project toward completion, I sent
the owner a “punch list” the following day. He informed us that he would
address the remaining work; and all was taken care of within the next 3 weeks.
My husband made sure to let all contractors into the home as they were
scheduled; and met with city inspectors to approve all rough work.
About three weeks after the “punch list” was completed (day
before Thanksgiving), I received a call from
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s administrative assistant (I
was at work) indicating they would like to pick up final payment that day. The
final payment was $2000. I indicated
that we needed to do a walk-through to ensure the project was complete. I further
indicated we could do this the following week. While on the phone, I could clearly
hear the owner interrupting the administrative assistant – stating that the
project was complete and they needed their money. Because I was at work, I invited
the assistant to have the owner call my husband and negotiate final terms – and
the owner did. The follow-up call to my
husband was less than productive. The owner was highly unprofessional; he was
argumentative about having a final inspection; and demanded payment
immediately. He failed to accept any responsibility for lack of oversight or project
The cumulative effect of our experience with
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
us from recommending them to fellow Angie’s List subscribers and friends. While
our overall opinion of
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
is less than favorable, to be fair there
were numerous contractors and individual workers who performed exceptionally
well and would garner our recommendation. If given the opportunity we would
hire the designer, electrician, the rough carpenters, the dry wall team, and
roofing crew.

"Having interviewed numerous local contractors in good standing, and with intent to gain a firm understanding of the scope and cost of re-roofing my mother-in-law’s home, we awarded the bid to
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s Home Improvement, Inc. for a number of reasons. Namely, we found
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
to be in good standing on Angie’s List, NARI, the BBB, and with the roofing manufacturer, CertainTeed, to which
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s currently holds that manufacturer’s highest accreditation with use of its roofing products. Owner and Operator
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s warm and straight forward, no-nonsense demeanor guided us to understand exactly what was needed in getting the job done right.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was equally receptive to my insistence on the use of CertainTeed’s genuine and specified roofing system components.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s wasn’t the lowest bid we received, nor was theirs the highest, but was the bid we found to be the greatest value for the price. For that price
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
included CertainTeed’s most comprehensive warranty, guaranteeing the utmost quality of materials and workmanship. His detailed estimate also listed CertainTeed’s component products by name, which further assured us of receiving the exact manufacturer’s roofing system we were paying for. Consequently, these specific products were indeed delivered and installed on the home as expected.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s coordinated this home re-roofing project with their subcontractor Creative Design, Inc., and supplier ABC. Adverse weather was a factor in establishing a suitable start date, and
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
kept us informed by email of the extenuating circumstances.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s brother and business partner
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
presented as the able on-site coordinator for the project.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s daily presence and involvement throughout the installation process, from beginning to end, was further assurance to us of this company’s care and integrity. As with the leadership of
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
, we were equally impressed with the professionalism, expediency, thoroughness, courtesy and competency of the entire crew from Creative Design, Inc.
The neatly disposed torn-off roofing was identified as still under warranty and subject to a current recall from CertainTeed due to defect of material.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
submitted my mother-in-laws claim for reimbursement on that organic product, which required his photo documentation, a couple of the old roofing samples, and my mother-in-laws application for that submittal. After two months, she’s still waiting for verification of receipt and validation from CertainTeed, though we understand that the processing of the claim can take some time. In the meanwhile, she promptly received her certificate of 5-STAR Coverage direct from CertainTeed.

Thus far we’re very pleased with
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
’s Home Improvements Inc, and will surely seek their services in future home remodeling projects. Likewise, we feel confident in our choice of CertainTeed product this time around. Thanks, also, to the fine folks at Creative Design Inc. for job well done!
"AD provided lots of information during the bidding process. They were extremely helpful when it came to choosing materials by providing a list of houses with the shingle color they had chosen so that I could see what a complete roof's worth of a color would look like.
While the total cost was high, it was lower than some others I received and given the height of the house, closeness of the neighbors' houses, and complexity of the roof (several gables), i believe it was reasonable.
The crew arrived punctually and kept the yard very neat while they worked. We didn't find any stray nails in the driveway or street.
Through uninteresting circumstances which were mostly my fault, we weren't able to schedule the work until late November, which is pretty risky in Wisconsin. The team worked hard through cold weather and more wood replacement than anticipated to get the work done before winter turned truly nasty.
They accidentally broke a window, but replaced the glass promptly.
The roof looks good and I am confident that the work is solid.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
were a pleasure to work with!
"Excellent people and company. Had a reasonable bid with a lot of details, so I knew what we were signing up for. Was the only roofing contractor that actually had shingle samples at the time of the first visit, which also helped clear up ambiguity for the project. Good and easy communication via email. Job got started a little bit later than we planned, and took a day longer, but I was impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the crew. Clean-up was thorough and more importantly the roof looks beautiful. Had concerns about the cooler temperatures when the roof was put on, but
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
gave me his word and absolute guarantee, and put to rest any worry that I had about that. I would not hesitate to recommend the Watrys.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
called on
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
30 to cancel an appointment for
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
2, 2014 that had been scheduled the prior week. He said he needed to go over things to make sure it was work he would do. Bottom line was he was not interested in providing an estimate for work on a home I did not yet own. He said he had spent too much time and money doing estimates that that bank would later decided they would not finance. I reminded
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
that on Angies' List he said he did free estimates and he said he would only do an estimate if I would pay him for his time.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was very responsive, answered all of my questions and provided the information needed to help make, color, materials and installation decisions. We decided to replace the problem
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
roofing now and wait till spring to replace the rest of the roof.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
's crew showed up on time, were very professional and extremely efficient.
"I bid out my scope of work to four contractors, and
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
was by far the best at communicating, showing up on time to go over the scope of work, presenting bids, and very professional. My house is a duplex in Milwaukee built in 1900, and despite issues old homes can present
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
did not shy away like a few of the others or blow me off. His crews consist of people he's known for years and he has guys with expertise in certain areas of focus that he assigns to tasks they are best suited for. There were no "green," inexperienced people on his crew.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
worked beside his crews at all times, unlike other contractors. By
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
being there throughout the whole project, I feel assured the work that was performed was done well.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
also communicates very directly what his prices are - nothing shady at all. His prices were competitive without low
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
or price too low like others in Milwaukee who often bid low and then add on costs during the middle of the project. This honest approach and his willingness to explain and itemize his pricing was appreciated.
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
continues to answer questions and respond to me on other aspects of my home, and overall my experience working with him and his crew was excellent.
For future projects I need to hire out to a contractor, I will definitely consider
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
"The first roofer (
Milwaukee Roofing Contractors Provider Name Locked
) & his partner came out and performed inspection the day after we'd originally scheduled, by mutual agreement ... they said they were tied up on an earlier job, and I had the flexibility to accommodate them the next day. They sent another roofer out to replace the ridge vents (which I knew were damaged, prior to calling them). The only issue I had was that the total price seemed high considering it took one roofer approximately three hours to perform the work, and the pitch of the roof is rather mild. Anyway, the work is done ... we'll find out in the spring after our first hard rain if it is watertight.

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