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Showing up 2 hours early without warning: Initial scheduling was a breeze, but I had a significant issue upon arrival. The cleaners showed up 2 hours early without warning, and called me saying they couldn't get in. First off, it's frustrating that they'd show up so early without warning. However, the more frustrating part is that ended up leaving within 10 minutes, and said they could NOT return that day. Two aspects make this situation more of a concern for me:
1) Door Unlocked: I left the back door UNLOCKED as a precaution. When the cleaners called, I let them know the driveway door was unlocked, and they could let themselves in. I then had to go into a meeting for 30 minutes without my phone. During my meeting this called 4 times within a 6 minute window then left a voicemail letting me know they were leaving. The frustrating part is that they are confident they tried all doors to the house, but my sister (who does not have a key) was able to get in the house without a problem at 12:30-- she was in the house when I got home around 12:45. I'm the only one with a key, and there are only 3 doors to the house-- front, side / driveway, and back. Did they really try the doors? Were they at the wrong house? What happened here?
2) Moving in Next Day: The timing was particularly tough since I recently remodeled a bathroom, and needed the construction dust cleaned up prior to move in. I stress the importance of cleaning the construction dust when scheduling, and had movers scheduled to move furniture the next morning. I was then put in a bind to find a cleaner SAME DAY to help out prior to move in, since
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said there was no way they could come back
Poor handling of bad situation: It's unfortunate that I was not home when the cleaners came, and that I was in a meeting when they tried to call back. However, I'm frustrated with the lack of warning, confused by how they couldn't get in the house, and upset that they were not willing to work with me to find a solution. I told
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
that I'd be giving
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
an F and Angie's list and was sarcastically told that that'd make her very happy. Not the type of customer service I want to encounter, especially in a tough situation. I'm sure
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
does a good job-- based on other prices. I just had a bad experience and was very frustrated by their handling of the situation. I'd caution you to stress a call prior to arrival and/or to be available within a wide window of the scheduled time
- William B.

Excellent service. The crew of two guys arrived on time and did a great job. They were very friendly and responded immediately to my needs. This is the first time I used this mowing service and I was very impressed ... probably the best mowing job in 20 years of service from different companies. And the price was very fair for the size of my lawn.
- Geri B.

This was for four man hours of housecleaning. It took many, many attempted contacts to finally get a response and an appointment well over a month in the future for the cleaning. It was one of the Big Deals, and it seemed that
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
had been overwhelmed and had prioritized existing customers well before the stepchild "Big Deal" customers.
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
made reference quite a few times to the low rate she was receiving for the services that were supposed to be rendered. When the appointed day finally arrived, the cleaning crew did NOT. No phone call, no email. I called and emailed several times, and finally got an email late in the day many hours after the appointment time letting me know that they were too busy to come.It sounded like she had known that prior to the appointment date, yet she hadn't let me know. They rescheduled again far in the future, and I again had to change my schedule around to suit theirs.
If I recall correctly, the cleaning crew was very late when they did come on the rescheduled day. The two young ladies who came both spoke Spanish, one of them spoke no English at all, the other spoke very little English. For those of you who speak no Spanish, this could be a problem. (I do speak a bit of Spanish, so this wasn't a huge issue for me.)
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
was on the phone with them when they came in, one of the girls handed me the phone,
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
spoke very fast to me, then to them, was a bit like a whirlwind, telling me in no uncertain terms that my tiny 1300 square foot house with all hardwood floors (and one bedroom closed off and used for storage, not to be cleaned) could NOT be cleaned in four man hours (two hours time with the two person crew), that it would take more hours than that to do a basic cleaning, though other house cleaners had no problem accomplishing it previously in that four man hour time frame.
Once the “work” began, I found out why four man hours wasn't sufficient to clean the house by this cleaning crew. Instead of the normal approach of “divide and conquer” with each person going to a different area and rapidly cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, etc., they went to each room together, did each task together, talked and laughed constantly, broke several items (and did NOT tell me!), and took a ridiculous amount of time doing each thing in a very lackadaisical fashion. I'm disabled, weak, with numerous medical problems, and I probably could have done more than they did in the time allotted (okay, with many breaks, over several days! or weeks...), with better results. They just didn't use any “elbow grease”, didn't move very fast or efficiently, didn't get much done, and in many cases, you couldn't tell they'd even done anything in the areas “cleaned”. Needless to say, they didn't finish the basic list of tasks or even “clean” every room in the house that needed cleaning.
So you can properly evaluate
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
compared to your needs, here is what I expected them to do in my 1300 SF house with three bedrooms included in the process, two bathrooms, all hardwood floors with tile in bathrooms, linoleum tile in kitchen :
Clean both bathrooms, including all surfaces, tub, tile, floor, sink, toilet, etc.
Vacuum or sweep all hardwood floors
Damp mop hardwood floors
Sweep or vacuum, then mop kitchen floor
wipe down all surfaces in kitchen with antibacterial cleanser
dust furniture
Change one bed if there's time left,with linens I'd left out
What did they accomplish?
Partially sort of cleaned both bathrooms
damp mopped and swept kitchen floor
vacuumed some of the hardwood floors
wiped down the kitchen sink, but not the faucet, fixtures, counters, appliances, or anything else
Broke several items, which
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
graciously reimbursed me for, though one was irreplaceable.
I did call
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
after the girls left, to complain about the service and the breakage problem, and she was extremely apologetic, acted horrified at their poor quality and quantity of work, approach to work, and the issue of breaking things and not bringing them to my attention. She said that she was going to fire the girl who spoke a little English, as she was the supervisor, and she should have done a better job, and that she was going to train the other girl. I obviously don't know what steps, if any, she took, but the hit or miss reviews you see about
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
tell you that this is not an isolated incident.
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
definitely talks a good game, and certainly seems to know how to take care of customers when she can do so one on one, but there's only one of her at
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
, which isn't enough. I think that
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
knows how to provide good service and does do so at times, but many other times, falls well short of the
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
. Proceed with caution. I wouldn't recommend using
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
. They appear to be spread too thin and have inconsistent service.
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
was extremely responsive and did provide extremely good customer service after the service attempt, but it was too little, too late. Lots of changes need to be made at
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
before I'd ever even think about using their services again.

Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
is efficient and detail oriented. We found her through a groupon and were so pleased that we've hired her to come in twice a month. Highly recommend her for your housecleaning needs-- our floors, kitchen, and bathrooms look terrific!
- Ruby B.

I called
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
and left them a message to say I was relocating to Memphis and needed a cleaning service, I left my name and number but did not hear from them. When I arrived in Memphis I called them again, and again left my name and number and said it was the second time I called them. I have a British accent so I make sure that I enunciate my phone number clearly at least twice, so people will understand, still no call back and I have gone with another cleaning service. Very disappointing!
- Karen R.

Although the owner has high expectations and is very confidant his employees can provide great service, this just was not the case for us. They provide a great list of what is to be done on each visit and through the rotating system every rooms gets a top to bottom cleaning every few weeks - or at least in theory.
I should have known there would be an issue when on the very first visit I had to call the company to tell them that although a very nice checklist of things that were done was left, that was not the case. Another crew came out the next day to clean the house so the responsiveness was quick and professional.
There seemed to always be something left undone each visit (and I continued to use them for a few months so there were lots of opportunities to ensure it wasn't a one time thing). There were times the house wasn't vacuumed or dusted when the checklist left behind specifically stated these items were done.
Each time I called to express my concerns about the unmet expectations, the person in charge of this was very responsive and polite. At the end of the day, it no longer made a difference how polite and professional I was treated,
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
standards just were not being met.

- Suzanne W.

When scheduling service was told that 2 people would clean until satisfied. Only one person showed up, did an average to mediocre job. Unable to ask the cleaner to revisit areas that were unsatisfactory because she left the premises without telling anyone. I will never purchase another prepaid special.
- michael R.

The first time I hred them come out, before Christmas, they did a really good job for the four hours that I hired them for ($120). The four hours was not enough time to complete the entire clean up, but I wasn't home at the end of the service and had already paid them before I had to leave so they did what they could in the time allowed. The second time I specified that the ENTIRE yard needed to be done this time ($200). We had to reschedule a few times due to weather but I was very flexible with them since the temps were so low. The day they finally did make it out I could not be there for the whole service. I paid them about 1/2 way thru and left for an appointment. When I got back they were done an gone. Initally I was thrilled - they really did a great job getting all the leaves from every flowerbed. However, they moved a lot of stuff around in the backyard in order to get to the leaves (which was nice) but they didn't put anything back after.Some of the items were very heavy and I had to move them back myself. They acutally moved an entire Latice Wall designed to keep the dogs out of one tiny section of the garden becasue it stays so muddy - they didn't put it back so guess what...the dogs got in it!!! I was acutally pretty happy until the end when nothing was put back in it;s place. I was actually considering hiring them to clean the house but after coming home to this mess I had a change of heart.
It is also worth noting that my experience with the receptionist at tthe office was less than professional. She did not get messages correct, made appointments that could not be kept by the actual workers, and was just unprofessional and hard to talk to. If it were not for
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
I would never have followed thru with the first service, much less set up a second.

- Linda H.

I had been referred to "
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
" from a friend that had used them in the past. So I called
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
, the owner, and she came over and did a walk through a quoted me a price. She first did a deep clean, and it was IMMACULATE! I couldn't believe that my house could get that clean! I have 2 mastiffs and 2 little dogs and when they finished it was as if there were never any dogs there to begin with. We also have a rental house and asked her if they did move out cleans. They did! What a huge relief, and once again beyond happy with the service!! They come every 2 weeks to my personal home and I don't know what I did before them! When it's the day of the week they are coming, I just sit at work waiting to come home to such a wonderfully cleaned home!! It always smells sooooo good! They even change out our bedding and vacuum inside our couches! I have referred them to many of my friends and family and they are always completely satisfied with their work! One of my friends even asked me to come over one day after they had came and cleaned, just to smell and look at how clean the floors were! I HIGHLY recommend them to everyone! Keep up the GREAT job
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
! I wouldn't use anyone else!
- Jacki L.

I contacted the company through Angie's list and paid for the service. I did not hear from the provider. I finally called the person listed and she was vague about having the service scheduled on the date and time requested. She did say they could clean at that time. I contacted her the weekend before to confirm. She answered two of my three texts, did not return calls. . The appointment was for 1:00Pm, Monday,
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
23. By 1:30. Pm, no one had arrived. I called and someone named
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
said the ladies had several houses to clean and were running late. They finally arrived at 3:30 pm. Three women came. Because my daughter ( for whom the service was purchased as a gift) has planned her day around the 1:00 pm time and had to take her son to a doctors appt at 2:00 pm. So I offered to come stay at her house Until ladies came (about 30 miles round trip). I will confess the house was not as ready to clean as I would have done it. But I asked the ladies to clean the three bathrooms, kitchen counter, stovetop, kitchen floor and dust. As I left (after husband came home) I reminded the ladies to remember bathroom upstairs. When my daughter called to report on the cleaning, she said they had left after 1 hour, 20 minutes, saying we paid for 4 man hours. This info was on website but very confusing. The ladies did not clean upstairs bathroom, did not clean kitchen floor but wet mopped dining and living wood floors. I called
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
and told her we were not satisfied. She consulted with owner and agreed to return the next day to clean upstairs bathroom at no charge. They were to be there between 9am-1 pm, arrived at close to 2 pm. Suggestions to owners: the amount of time that is being purchased is not clear. No mention was made about time scheduled being over such a wide time. Ladies were pleasant but had trouble communicating with me and me with them.
Memphis Cleaning Services Provider Name Locked
was very helpful but apparently the scheduling that we experienced is typical. I understand coming to a new house to clean is difficult but this is what they are offering. I am not pleased to give such a negative review because these ladies have hard jobs but I thought I needed to report my experience accurately.
- Virginia B.
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