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Paul G.
"As expressed in a previous post, the cost is based on a home warranty that we have for our new home.
was very prompt and prepared for figuring out why our water" heater was not igniting. He took the time to check the currents and wiring first and then turned the heater of. He disconnected a hose that was connecting the vent motor to the piece that tells the water heater to turn on the gas an light the flame. He blew into the tube to get out any condensation and connected the hose back in both locations and the flame ignited right away. The information he gave me was also very helpful such as which pieces on a water heater are likely to go first as well as how long a water heater can last a homeowner. Another thing that I learned was that if it was to happen again where the vent fan is continuously running is to shut the water heater and fan off otherwise the vent motor could burn itself out and we would have had to replace the entire water heating unit. Great information for saving me a thousand or more dollars. I will be calling again if any other plumbing issues arise.
Rated by
Gretchen W.
"I'm an engineer & very handy person, & I like to do as much of my own work as possible, to be sure its done to my satisfaction. But I don't have the muscle, motivation" & time to do every job myself. Over the past 22 yrs, I've called on
for my 2-flat (where I live & rent out 1 apt) & at a community theatre where I do volunteer maintenance and other tasks.
employees have always been intelligent, friendly & professional. The work has been correct & aesthetically pleasing, & well cleaned up afterwards. Properly installed plumbing is very important, since leaking pipes, etc., can do a lot of damage & be a real headache. You can probably find less expensive plumbers, but
has always done my jobs right & at a fair price.
Rated by
Lynn J.
"No hot water this morning, again for 3rd time in several days. Turned on switch to restart water heater, and called
at 8:30 AM. Service Manager worked to fit" visit into our schedule for the day.
arrived at just the time they said he would. He easily diagnosed the problem and then proceeded to explain why it had been shutting off and what we needed. Said he had what he needed to do the job, and as he was installing he noticed that the new valve was not working either. He called into
's office and they sent someone to our house with the new valve for
to install. He was very efficient, and certainly very friendly. We appreciated his assistance, and were amazed that he did not charge us for time it took him to get the new valve delivered and install it. We have used
for many years. Very satisfied with everything.

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when to install a new water heater

When should I replace my water heater?

Dear Angie: My water heater is past its expected lifetime. Should I automatically replace it or wait until it fails?

Installing a water heater is best left to a professional while homeowners can perform key maintenance.

Water heaters

Standard storage tank water heaters typically need to be replaced after about a decade, but they can last years longer with some homeowner maintenance. When the time comes to buy a new one, there are more options for consumers to consider.

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Angie's Answers


You have to put your self in the shoes of a business that is in business to turn a profit of some sort. All businesses have different overhead which in turn decides what their bottom line would be on their services. I personally would not go with an unlicensed professional for this type of install. You are messing with gas, venting issues, electrical wiring{electric water heater} and updated code issues such as a drain pan and tempature and relief drain lines for heaters that currently do not have them. I do agree that there are some companies that are way out of line for their installs but most of these companies are the really big companies that have very high overheads  I would assume. Tank type water heaters have changed over the last several years and with these safety changes come bigger prices. The price of steel thanks to China is skyrocketing and tank type water heaters are made of steel. Most wholesale plumbing supply companies cannot match what the big box stores are selling at retail to consumers. I happen to think from research that heaters such as Rheem, Bradford White and AOSmith who have been in business forever make a better product than what you can buy in the big box outlets. You also have to take in consideration the location of the water heater that is being replaced. Is it in the house, basement, garage or attic. Most 40 and 50 gallon water heaters that are purchased in a plumbing wholesale store in Texas cost between 300-340 for a 6 year warranty heater with 6 year on parts and tank. Speaking of warranty. Most big box companies will take a least 24 hours to a week to get your warranty problem taken care of. Most reputable plumbing companies will give same day service if they installed the heater.

So lets break down a typical install at cost to a licensed plumber in Texas

Heater: $315, water shut off $6.50, water flex lines or unions to code $20, gas flex line and cut off to code $12, misc fittings $15, Total $368.50 Lets add a 35% profit which is some what low  for a business $129, Total 497.50

This doesnt  include permits, pan and drain or any venting issues. The vent must go from the heater to the outside of roof using double wall vent.

Cost of permit on average $60

Most plumbing companies allow for 3 hours of time for a water heater. This includes picking the new one up. Delivering out to house. Draining and removing old water heater. Hauling off old heater. Installing new heater up to code. Going down to city and pulling permit.

Average Labor charges for heater installs $400

That would make this install run without extras on any code issues $957.50

I just had a 50 gallon gas water heater installed in my house for $1200 but I needed a pan installed. I used a licensed plumber.





The primary complaint about tankless water heaters is that, unless you pay for a really oversized one, they do not keep up with high demands like clothes washer or tub or shower, or if you have multiple hot water demands going at one time.

The reason hot water heaters are used is because they can heat up and store enough water for an ordinary demand like a shower or clothes washing, and larger ones like 50-60 gallons can handle multiple simultaneous demands. Out 60 gallon heater handles washing machine, dish wahser, and a shower simultaneously without going from hot to warm. An on-demand system heats the water as it flows through the heater, with production of hot water having to equal the total demand at any instant. This they can rarely do - especially gas-fired ones, for which the power is usually much cheaper than with electricity.

Google the search phrase - on demand water heaters

to read articles on the issue, and EPA and EnergyStar program writeups. Consumer Reports also has comparisons and evaluations (though you have to subscribe to read review articles).

There could be. Different municipalities have different rules (codes). However, I have never heard of a plumber being the code enforcement guy. I have never heard of a plumber being able to collect a fine from a homeowner. It may cost you $150 to bring it up to code, but that should be included in the repair cost. You would need to check with your city (usually Department of Code Enforcement or Plumbing Commission). If he put it in writing, you need to send them a copy.
Make sure they get a permit if required. Ask if they will haul away the old. Type of new heater installed and tank warrantee. What kind of parts will the price include, you should have an expansion tank installed and make sure they counter balance the pressure to match the static pressure in the home. Should also include new dielectic unions, do not reuse the old ones. See what the rate for extras is in case they need to do additional work. Check references if possible.

Tim Littrell
Littrell Plumbing and Bath Designs

Water Heater Installation And Repair reviews in Madison


The plumbers did show up on time. There was an issue in shutting my water off as the handle broke off in their hand when they tried to turn it off. I don't dispute that this can happen.
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
did show me his work when finished and explained how to shut off the water with the new valves that he installed. I noticed that the floor was wet and there were dirty foot prints but decided I could clean it up when they left. Within 10 minutes of them leaving I noticed that there was a leak. i called
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
and he said he was on the west side of
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
and would get back when he finished his next job. I explained that I needed to be to work in less than 2 hours and he said he would be back by then. He was not back by then and when I called him again he suggested I just leave my door unlocked for him. I had no choice. He called me later to tell me that the leak was repaired. When I returned home from work I found that it was still leaking. I called twice in the morning and finally
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
called back and said he was sending a plumber over to make the repairs. The repairs were made and so far no leaks (2 days). I told
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
in our initial phone call that I wanted an energy efficient water heater and asked him what kind he installed as MG&E was offering $50.00 rebates on many brands and I could just give him a model number. He explained to me that he only installed energy efficient heaters and it cost the last person $85 more to get the $50 rebate. Foolishly I believed him. I now have a water heater with an annual energy rating of costing $102 more per year than the 20 year old unit he replaced. Shame on me for that one. Overall, I am very disappointed with this company and would never use them again.
- Kari B.

We played phone tag for quite a few days. He came to the house, looked at the situation, we talked about possible models and siting for awhile. He said he's send me a proposal. He never sent it. I went with someone else.
- Linda W.

They offered a better price for a better water heater than other contractors.
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
was knowledgeable and made good suggestions. He worked with me on the best place to vent the heater. They were professional and punctual. Everything was done when and as they promised. They cleaned everything up perfectly. He and his colleague are both Master Plumbers - excellent work. I'd use them again.
- Linda W.

I had planned to hire this company for work to be done on 10/27. However, over the weekend I was provided very positive information about a different plumbing contractor. I spoke to that company and was equally impressed and the cost was considerably less. I emailed
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
to let them know I was going with a different company. They were cordial. I would have hired this plumber had I not found a less expensive provider.
- Molly O.

They returned a non itemized quote with one overpriced option for the furnace/ac work and no explanation of what they were selling me. One non-itemized option for the water heater, this didn't even include brand / model, and never bothered to quote the fireplace work after two subsequent requests for a full quote.

I thought they would be a nice one stop shop, but my impression is that they're not interested in residential business. I'm going the route of hiring individual contractors for the various aspects of the project. With the furnace alone, I'm managing to spend less and get more through one of the top rated angieslist companies in the area. I'll find a decent plumber and fireplace person next.
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
of all trades = fail.


Owner did contact me upset about this report. It is clear that I was wrong to say they don't want residential work. They clearly do. To clarify for comparison, the hvac company I'm going with provided a quote with three separate furnace choices from two separate brands with varying efficiencies and four different AC units again from two different brands - varying efficiencies, product paperwork on the recommended solution, information on the energy tax credits associated with the products, information on a focus on energy rebate I had no idea about, itemized warranty, removal, electrical, gas, permits, taxes, and itemized an optional better air filter and an optional humidifier in the quote. The other company can provide a more efficient two stage furnace from a top brand, more efficient AC, humidifier, and an HE air cleaner for same price before the tax credits and FOE rebates than the lower efficiency furnace solutions minus humidifier and air cleaner from action which is not eligible for either the FOE credit or tax rebate. And no, the competitor never saw the quote from action or had any idea what they were bidding against.

I do sympathize with the entrepreneur and his desire to run a good business, and must admit that my biggest peeve in the whole transaction is that they completely ignored my requests for a quote on the fireplace. Their ability to do that work was what set them apart and put them at the top of my list for potential contractors. My recommendation would be to spend some time ironing out your sales cycle for HVAC. It's a big investment for homeowners that is on a 15 to 20 year cycle. It's a big decision point for us and we want help understanding the technology options in the current
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
, and what other additional options we should consider as we make that investment. A single option non-itemized three line quote at higher prices while ignoring one of the pieces of work you were asked to bid just didn't measure up to what the competition was doing.
- Ray F.

The service professional came over and looked at the water heater, he determined that a part needed replacing. He had the part in his truck, and fixed the water heater. It took him only about 20 minutes.
- Margaret W.

I called Friday afternoon and explained the problem.
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
offered to come yet that afternoon if needed, but I asked for 8 am the next morning. He got there a couple of minutes early, was professional but friendly. He spent a little over 15 minutes which included, diagnosing the problem, replacing the FVIR sensor, reprogramming the electronic controls, and testing the water heater. He also explained what had happened and why, how to reduce the
Madison Water Heater Installers Provider Name Locked
of it occuring again, and then he wrote out the re-set sequence on the water heater in case we needed to do it ourselves. I have dealt with a lot of tradesmen and contractors and I think I have a good sense of who I can trust. I will certainly use Capitol Plumbing in the future, and I recommend them without any reservations. They know their stuff. Like most professionals, they know the value of their work, but the work was done promptly, effectively and at a reasonable cost. This was a really good experience.
- katharine H.

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