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Rated by
Janis B.
"Challenging driveway but it was not a problem for this crew!. They arrived early to work.
and the crew were professional, polite and gave me an estimate on" time needed to complete the job. All my questions and concerns were answered and addressed before the work began.
and the crew worked very well together and completed the job before schedule!
gave me all the information I needed as to when the driveway would be ready to use. It looks fabulous! I can't wait until Friday when we are able to use it! I will post another review on how well our new driveway functions. I found this company to be very customer friendly!
Rated by
Hillary B.
"I have a very large and steep driveway.
used weadeaters and blowers to clean the drive, used hot mix professional equipment to fill the cracks. The next day" they put down a heavily sanded sealer so that i have good traction in winter. They scrubbed it in with brooms. On day three they put down a top coat. There is not a drop of the sealer on my sidewalk or retaining wall. The owner wiped his feet before walking on THE GRASS! Very conscientious and the owner supervised his men closely. They also power washed a large composite deck for me under this contract. The deck was moldly and they got it clean without strong chemicals. Superb work, and you'll see by my other reviews that I'm not easy to please.
Rated by
Gary M.
"I asked for an estimate through Angie's List.
contacted me and had an estimate in my mail box the next day. After getting a couple more estimates (which" were much lower) from companys that were not prompt and not very professional, I decided to go with
. I just decided you get what you pay for. I called
to get a better idea of what I was getting for my money. He answered all my questions and scheduled the date, called me before arriving,and showed up when they said they would. I believe they did a very good job. The work looks neat, they took care not to slop seal coat on plants and sidewalks. My only complaint would be that there was an Angie's Deal offered for $140 ($360 value) and when I called
, to see if buying this Angie's Deal would save me money on the seal coat part of my driveway work, he said that I would not be able to use it because I was having other driveway repair work done. I still do not understand why the deal could not have been used on 1000 sq ft.(the
.area the deal covered) of the seal coating that was being done.

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 A driveway should be a low-maintenance, high-return sort of investment. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Mark K.)


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Angie's Answers


If the state requires a contractor's license, then he needs to have a license in each state he intends to work in - plus state/local business licenses as applicable.


This does not mean there are not a lot of contractors who cross state lines without proper licensing - the penalties in may cases are not real severe and are just a fine, not criminal, so many take the chance.


As you say - argh  - many contractors are not really businessmen and have zero legal education, so many people get burned.


To overlay,with proper adhesion so it does not peel off, you first need to prepare the surface - typically heavy watercutting or sandblasting for concrete over concrete, or high-pressure presure washing and an asphalt (NOT water based cutback) adhesion coat before asphalt overlay.


Because of the prep cost, a concrete overlay commonly costs more than just tearingit out and replacing it, and if you are replacing it due to cracking and breaking up those cracks will almost always propogate or "reflect" through the new layer too with concrete. Ditto with asphalt overlay, though using a crack-stopper fabric can reduce (but usually not eliminate) that.


If just repairing ice melt/freeze thaw deterioration, a cementatious epoxy overlay can be used, though its life is less (normally) than new concrete. Usually used for limited areas like garage area pad, not entire driveways.


Asphalt overlays over somewhat deteriorated concrete can work well,but if not prepared and high-pressure (about 5000 psi or higher) cleaned to remove ALL deteriorated material, they can peel off because they stuck to deteriorated loose material rather than sound concrete. Again, can cost as much for a 1-1/2 to 2 inch overlay as for a 3-4 inch full replacement by the time you are done, because the prep work is labor intensive.


Even if this is just a surficial deterioration issue, I would talk to several contractors (site visit) about alternatives and let them bid both an overlay and a replacement (or whichever options they are inclined to bid on), then after getting opinions from all three and bids for all options, make your decision. I am pretty confident that total replacement will be both the most recommended and the cheapest, at probably about $2-4/SF for asphalt or 4-6/SF for concrete - commonly nearer the lower than higher range for most jobs and locales. If the overlay and replacement cost is pretty close,I would go with the replacement because overlays over concrete are always somewhat iffy as to how long they will last, especially concrete overlays.


For cost comparison, except in extreme freeze-thaw country, you can figure a concrete drive will last about twice as long as an asphalt one.


Asphalt Driveway reviews in Louisville


Part of the driveway was covered under an Angie's List coupon, but the driveway was over the coupon square footage, so we paid the difference. Cost was reasonable. Cracks up to a 1/4" were included in the cost, though they were sealed over, not filled in first. The
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
looked great after it was finished. They came on time, were courteous and finished the job quickly. However, it has only been 8 months, and weeds have already grown through the cracks. Next time we would try to find a provider whose
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
lasts longer.
- Benjamin G.

1/5 of the sealer came up after the winter. Granted it was a cold winter, but it pealed up like paint. 2 of the patched areas came up. I had another company come out in June 2014 and the product looks far superior and it was for less money
- Kenneth F C.

The first resealing performed did not meet my expectations, and Mr.
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
resealed my driveway a second time at no additional charge.
He was courteous, professional, and was truly concerned with my satisfaction.
I will look forward to using his service in another 2 years.
- Steven G.

This company is terrific. First they did a terrific job on repaving our driveway. We got 3 bids, and they were the most reasonable for this major project. Then we had them back to seal the driveway after about year. it looks great. They sealed the few small cracks that developed over the harsh winter we had and then put down a heavy coat of sealant over the entire surface. I would recommend them highly to anyone who needs a driveway paved, repaved or sealed.
- David F.

I was contacted promptly and an appointment was set up. They showed up on time and were flexible when a brief rainstorm forced them to suspend work and come back later in the day. Everything was clearly explained to me before and during the process and my driveway looks terrific. Very professional and personable -- I would recommend
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
- Janet P.

This company is what is wrong with service providers today. This used to be a great company, one of the highest reviewed asphalt companies in Louisville, but now its under new leadership and sadly is being run into the ground. Check some of the other reviews about no call backs for estimates and other issues, if they wont call back for an estimate good luck getting the work done on time. I for one and sick of people buying respected names and then running them into the ground while taking in as much cash as possible. I hired this company to repave a driveway which sounds
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
enough, but the following review will give a brief oversight into the next 2 years of my life with these people. I do want to be very clear, this will be a brief version of events. At the end the owner and I have exchanged over 150 emails, 20+ voice calls in which most are recorded and 3 in person meetings all of which are recorded, in one of the recordings he openly admits fault for the bad install not to mention we had a written contract for the repair work. All of this ultimately ended in a lawsuit in
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
County courts. Please take my horror story and avoid this place at all costs, there are so many better choices in Louisville than this group at the same prices.
One thing my wife wanted to make sure I wrote about near the top before most people stop reading this lengthy review was a statement the partners made during one of our meetings. I made a comment after a few options were laid out in front of me that I wanted to go over them with my wife before making a decision, their response was "What a joke, why would you need to speak to her first? I followed up asking why that seemed strange and in return I got a harsh comment about how women didn't have a place in these types of decisions. I wont type exactly what they said due to extremely harsh phrasing, but it changed our opinion of them from that moment forward. I believe my wife has equal say in our house, she works and contributes money and time into the upkeep of our house and believe that deserves a bit of respect. Keep in mind when this happened we were already months in and not happy with each other, there is no reason to assume if you are women he will disrespect you to your face while writing a quote, just know before hand what he really thinks about you. He is very behind the times. Lets move on
Lets take a quick look at all the issues that are mentioned in the contact for repair. Waving uneven finish, crooked and fragile edges, they ran asphalt over all my landscape bricks ruining them and 100's of pits larger than my thumb. Every issue began within the first month.
It started in Aug '12 with a quote, everything seemed fine and out of the three we got they seemed to the best choice. They were late the day of the install by nearly 3 hours, they workers left trash and pieces of materials for the job in the yard which fell on my shoulders to clean up. The install looked ok the first day but noticed the edges weren't straight but rather looked wavy, didnt think to much of it. The next week we stayed off of it while it cured and hardened but the first time I drove on it I realized it was seriously flawed, it was unever all over. As I drive over it I can feel the car moving back and forth like my tires were out of balance. We made a call over to the company which took multiple days to get a call back, I explained the issue and was told someone would come out to look at it. Days later someone showed up when i specifically said I WOULDN'T be there, the return call came shortly explaining how perfect the install was. I explained I wanted to be there and they did make another trip out, but once in person the
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
was different. I showed them everything including the crooked edges and they ultimately agreed to repave the whole driveway, I was shocked but that excitement would be short lived. A few weeks later all of the edges started cracking all the way around the driveway, in some areas so bad I could take a huge section out and see they overlapped my yard instead of just staying on the old asphalt. I called the owner and explained the findings and he said he would take care of it when they repaved. Everything so far is perfect. I even explained in our first face to face meeting that I wasn't upset about the issues as long as they get resolved and he seemed very appreciative and kind about it. We wrote up a new contract for the replacement and he went on his way.
This is where our problems started
Shortly after our agreements were done, his partner (
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
) called and started tearing me apart over the phone about how much this was going to cost to repair, he went on for close to 10 minutes. After that call I knew we were in trouble, I immediately called the owner (
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
) and explained what happened but he all of the sudden sounded like we was on
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
side. I told him we had already agreed on the repairs and we had it in writing plus I made a voice recording of the meeting as I do with most of my meetings. He said he would honor it and that was that. They made one more trip out to my house, I got to meet
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
at this one. To no ones surprise be blew up at me at my house, I clearly told him to calm down or get off my property and he calmed down.
Louisville Asphalt Driveway Contractors Provider Name Locked
was not on board with repaving the whole driveway, he just wanted to patch the worst spots. I was very clear the contract was signed and done and it wasn't up for debate, the whole driveway does need full replacement and I didn't want a new driveway to have patched spots everywhere. I hope I'm not alone on this, I paid for new I want new, not patched and bandaged.
Over the next 10-11 months were full of "missed" appointments and arguing from them on the work they felt they should do, but I stuck to my guns and our written contract on what the expectation was and pushed forward, patching was never going to be an option. Finally after 13 months I said I want my money back, the new driveway or we are going to court. after that 13 months the driveway was alot worse then when all this started, and I was starting to get really upset. His response was "i'll see you in court, get the ball rolling". At this point I assumed he thought I was joking, but I am a man of my word. I ventured into my first lawsuit with a friend\lawyer to explore options, I handed over all my recordings, emails, photos and the contract. He took a few days to review it all (150emails\20-25recording), he recommended moving forward. We sent him one letter still giving him the opportunity to do the right thing and make good on his word, he did not. We filled a lawsuit the following week.
The lawsuit has been horrible, its my first time dealing with this so I didn't quite know what to expect. He would promise us a settlement offer then it never showed, he delayed two different court dates ultimately holding this up for one year since our file date. The day before our trial date, my lawyer got a call from his and he settled out of court. I don't know if I can disclose the actually amount, but we were happy. We got all of our money and fees back, it took 2 years and a whole lot of patience but I feel great, its a weight that has been on my shoulders for a while and it's almost over. You may be wondering why I say almost? We settles 18 days ago, he had 10 to pay... We don't have a check yet. Even after everything, offering a settlement and us accepting he still refuses to pay. Just a crook
There is alot more to the story, this was a brief as I could make it. Please learn from this. don't pick this company. ADC used to be a great asphalt company, but this new owner just doesn't care. I will be following up with angies list and my lawyer over the next week or two and if its allowed I will update my review with the court information, if anyone would like to see it. The owner is a liar and cheat and will openly deny all of this, but depositions don't lie and neither does physical proof. I will also be following up to see if I can post a link for anyone to access the email\photos\audio recordings for further verification of my story. This place used to be great, now its ran by crooks... you have been warned.
Angieslist needs to reevaluate this company now that its under new leadership, I trusted this company because angieslist told me I could and they have an angieslist award on their website, but its clear they are riding on the coat tails of the previous owners quality for work. ANGIE if you can hear me, please reevaluate this place, in no way should they have one of your service stars on their website or yours. I pay money to this site to feel like I am making a safe decision but it makes me wonder if I can trust Angieslist anymore. This place at best is a D- under the new owners guidance.
Edit: I spoke with my lawyer and for now he believes the review by itself without releasing court documents and other physical evidence from the case would be premature, but it is legal to do. So for now, I will leave this just as a review with a few pictures but if he comes on here and calls me a liar or says any part of story is untrue I will make another update with everything I have that was used against him in the case audio\all of the pictures\contract and of course the court case number and any other identifying information. A real man would reply with a true apology for everything he put us through, but my guess is he will bury himself further. I hope i don't have to make any more updates, I never wanted it to come to this but I was left without a choice.
- Matt I.

The workmen were very good, and did an outstanding and through job. I was impressed that they sealed the cracks in the driveway before applying the seal coat. The driveway has never looked this good.
- Louis R.

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