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Los Angeles Fence Installers Reviews

"I can't say enough good things about my experience with Romuald and all his colleagues who work for
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. They were prompt, efficient, very clean and respectful and did an excellent job that has garnered praise from my neighbors and Realtor. Not only were they efficient in building my walls and fences but they were able to take design direction from my rough sketches and photos thus enabling me not to have to use the services of an architect or designer. I am thoroughly pleased with the job and have been happy to recommend them to my friends. "
"I would not recommend this company. Their work was sloppy and their crew didn't seem to know what they were doing and they don't want to take responsibility. I asked a lot of questions because I was comparing two bids so I wanted to be sure to define the same scope for both. I asked about decorative design, but decided to go with board on board for everything, with cap and trim. They knew I wanted a lock.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
bid with metal posts, saying how they withstand 70 mph wind!
They suddenly had an opening the day before Thanksgiving so I agreed on one day's notice. Romuald said they might not be able to install both fences by the end of the day but they'd have at least one up.
They arrived around 10:00. The foreman said they were going to use 4X4 posts for the front gate. However, when they pulled out the old fence, the wood was in bad shape. But they didn't have any pressure treated posts. The foreman indicated that metal posts were a good option here, because they withstand 70 mph wind!
I stayed in the house all day while they worked, but I noticed a couple of things. After they had installed one of the posts, they cut off about 12" with a circular saw. It was a 10' post, for an 8' fence, supposed to be 2' in the ground. Where is this extra foot coming from?
Later I heard them drilling holes for lag bolts to attach a 2X4 post to the house. They spent a lot of time on a couple of holes!
I called their office and Romuald came out. He made nonsense excuses for the cut metal post issue. We ended up having to add an extra piece of 2X4 to the gate to make the it line up with the fence.
I noticed several things that
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
should have anticipated, that I would not have known to expect. The fence ends look terrible because when you use the metal posts the ends consist of three pieces of wood sandwiched together instead of a "post". They knew I wanted to install a lock on the gate, but the gap is too big for a deadbolt and there's metal at the end of the fence. The foreman suggested to use a deadbolt, but Romuald said (correctly) that it wouldn't work.
They were out of 8’ boards to cover up one of the metal posts as promised, so they used a 6’ board and a 2’ board! Romuald said it was my fault they didn't have a board because I’d changed my mind from the fancy gate. Apparently the world has run out of 8' boards!
It got totally dark outside. Instead of just saying they’d come back, they were literally finishing in the dark. They cleaned up to the light of flashlights. I did not see the completed job in the light before they left.
They left piles of dirt and broken concrete. They left greasy stain on items that were in the yard. They removed the two-hose spigot to get water for their concrete, but that meant my dogs’ autofill bowl didn’t work. They didn’t replace the hose
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. They left nails and debris.
They hadn't cut holes for strings as promised. The gate seemed really tall to me. The latch was at the very top. It was uncomfortable to open because I had to be right up against it. I was concerned about how I could install a lock on the gate because of the metal posts. I had questions about the size of the trim, etc. Romuald didn’t really want to send anyone out but finally they agreed to come out at a time relatively convenient to me. I left work early to meet him at my house at 3:00. I arrived right on time. Unfortunately, despite our agreement, Romuald and his crew had not waited for me.
The crew had already taken the gate apart and cut it, and made other changes. They were unable to cut holes for the latch strings as promised because of the . . . metal posts! They actually wanted to cut a hole about 10” diagonal from the latch! That wouldn’t even have worked so I said no. Romuald suggested that we put a deadbolt right where he had earlier said it wouldn’t work.
You'd think if they were familiar with metal posts they would have anticipated this stuff.
I showed Romuald where they had attached a 2X4 to the wall. They didn’t do it at the end of the fence, between the fence and the wall. The fence just ends at the wall. The extra 2X4 is on the wall behind the fence. I asked him if this was right, and he said “Either or”.
They had shortened the gate by simply cutting away everything above the top hinge and replacing the cap. In other words, the bottom hinge is about 5” from the bottom of the gate. The top hinge is 0” from the top of the gate, and then there is a cap. And when they replaced it, the hinges attached to the fence in different places, leaving unsightly
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
where they had previously been installed. Romuald basically said “too bad, this is what happens when you make changes.” He said it would always show. So it got dark again, and they left.
Later that day I e-mailed Romuald and asked why we didn’t just replace the unsightly board. He said other stuff would just get messed up. My response is that if you take pride in workmanship, you could replace one board without damaging a bunch of other stuff.
I also still had to order a lock (which they had promised to install), so I had to look closely at my options, take measurements, etc. It was then I noticed all sorts of stuff. Things weren’t screwed in, there were gaps, etc. That 2X4 bolted to the wall WAS in the wrong place, never mind “either or”. The fence end (consisting of 2 boards and 1 2X4) at the lock side of the gate was 4” thick. I.e., instead of 1.5+.75+.75 = 3”, it had an inch worth of gaps, and didn’t line up properly with the gate.
And then I measured the gate. It was now 6’ high. So it was not a “change” that caused the unsightly hinge
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. It was
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
finally delivering a 6’ gate as per contract. Albeit one with the hinges improperly spaced.
After much research into locking an outswinging gate with a ½” gap, I located a lock and sent a link to Romuald. So
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
had a list of stuff that needed to be fixed, as well as everything they needed to know about the lock. Because a deadbolt wouldn’t work, I had to use a slide bolt, which means the surfaces have to line up. But the (sigh) metal posts meant that they didn't. Plus there is metal there so how do you screw the slide piece in?
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
didn’t seem to have a problem with the lock I showed them. We tried for a couple of weeks to find a time for them to come out and fix this stuff and install the lock as promised. I told them I hadn’t purchased the lock pending their comments, but their comments were “will you have the lock? This is the last time we’re coming out.” So I ordered the lock on a rush basis, reiterating to them that I expected their crew to come out with proper tools and solutions.
Finally they were to come between 10:00 and 1:00 on 12/31/13. They came closer to 2:00. They didn't know what needed to be done, and they were not prepared with tools, materials, or solutions. When I pointed out the strange 2X4 lag bolted to the wall, one guy said it was because the wall was uneven!!! The other guy almost choked when he heard that and said they would fill in the gap so it at least wouldn’t look so bad.
The first guy said that staining the unsightly hinge board would make it look fine. I was skeptical but he assured me.
When I explained the issues with the lock, the metal posts, etc., they said I should buy a new lock! Uh, no. Romuald stood in front of me at my house and looked at the link with lock info and images I sent him and had no issues with it. I'd have to pay a restock charge to send it back.
They “suggested” that I go inside and let them work, they knew what to do! I had also gotten a “dummy” handle fresh from the vendor, which they screwed on. I came out when they were getting finished and the handle had a scratch. I was really upset, and went into the house to contact the vendor. The vendor asked me to send her a photo of the handle.
I went back out and they said they were done, so I tested the lock and it wouldn’t lock because the hole wasn’t long enough for the throw. They drilled out a hole that I'm not sure will last. I then had to ask them to drill a hole for the string. They didn't have proper string so they used a thin red string that's too short and had to be screwed down.
Finally I come back out and they are running out of there pretty much waving to me from the street! I went in to find that the vendor e-mailed me that handle might be defective and I need to send it back to her. But she e-mailed a few minutes later . . . the lock is installed upside down!
The lock was new, in the package, complete with instructions. The instructions were full of photos. The box has a photo on it. There is WRITING on the lock. Yet they installed it upside down. If you turn it 180 the bolt does not line up with the slot anymore. Funny, they left the box and everything on the ground but they took the instructions with them.
And they the unsightly hinge board is still there, still unsightly. The fence go hacked up where they cut the metal with a circular saw to install the slide piece.
The only way to fix the lock is to remove it, replace the 2X4 and the fence board, stain everything, and re-drill and reinstall the lock. Likely this means the gate has to come off. I’ve asked for money back to cover for someone else to fix it – I mean, they
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
’t think they can fix stuff without breaking other stuff, and I’m starting to believe them! At least I should not pay them for the full job after all of this.
I waited until I knew they were back in town after the holidays but have not heard back, so here is my review.

"This time we did our master suite which included enlarging the 2 rooms by knocking down a load barring wall. When we got in the middle of the job, we asked them for more work, even though they were busy they still were able to take our job on with no delays what so ever. By the time we were done we had pretty much gone through every room in the house, including lots of needed repairs which had been neglected by the previous owner. Again
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and Nick Were great they gave us the option of getting bids from other contractors, but at the end
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was always the best priced and used the best quality materials possible.
When we started the kitchen we noticed that if we took down another major load barring wall it would open the floor plan tremendously but we were concerned that it might effect the roof line, but again
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
came to the rescue the next day he had a engineer at the project and got written approval from him to safely take the wall down.
The tile job in the bathroom was beautiful including a radiant heated floor. We couldn't find a vanity that excited us so
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
designed a beautiful cherry wood double sink vanity to our meet our specifications. We still cant believe how well it fits in the bathroom. He went above his call of duty to make us happy. There were many time it was after hours, when we got home, but he would always pick up the phone, or call us back.
I could go on and on about the good this company has done for us.
We are happy because they did a great job. They Came out and gave us and estimate made things
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and showed us the different options available. Didn't try to sell us extras we didn't need
All their crews were very punctual and did an exceptional job. The work was performed with craftsmanlike skills. It is great to know a company who can deliver a such great service at such great prices!
don't waist your time going to a contractor who doesn't respect you or your decisions, call
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and you will be happy that you did.

"Top flight workmanship by a top shelf
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. Everything you would expect from a Swiss tradesman. If you want cheap or fast look elsewhere; if you want work done carefully and thoughtfully, he's your man. Very knowledgeable and capable and well worth the money. In short, not your average
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
came by to help us prevent deer from jumping the fence and creating havoc in
the backyard. In the initial meeting he stated a new fence was not required. He stated that installing coyote rollers
would successfully keep the deer out. He ordered the parts and shortly returned to install. They look great, his work is
outstanding, his price was fair and the problem was solved. Mr.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
is a Professional who does first rate work.
If working with a highly skilled professional is what your looking for - Look no further.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
is a class act and
they do great work at a fair price.
"I had used
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
a couple of times for fence repair and replacement jobs, but the last time was 15 years ago or more. Their estimator,
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, came out promptly, answered questions, took measurements and sent us a detailed proposal for the agreed upon work. The work was completed on schedule and the materials used were high quality. After inspection, some details had to be taken care of. These were attended to promptly without question and taken care of to our satisfaction. The new fence looks great. I plan to use
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
again in the near future for replacement of the fence on the other side of our property.
"We very highly recommend
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
for quality-focused projects around your house and garden.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, the owner and main worker, is very highly focused on quality at very reasonable prices. The company is on time, finishes within time, is upfront about all that needs to be done and not just trying to drive prices up. We have so far had them do masonry and minor fence repair work. The fence got repaired well in less than 20 minutes (and is about 50 yards long!). The masonry work needed much attention to detail to make it look “old” (in an old Pasadena home), yet was done right on time at a very good price. You will not go wrong with this company. The owner speaks English well too, which is sometimes rare in that industry…
"I get everything done to my house through Angie's List, and for each job I get five estimates from companies with an "A" rating only (and page of happiness if possible). I needed to get a wooden fence on one side of my property, consisting of finishing the top part of an 8 foot wooden fence that the flippers didn't do, then matching it with an 8' fence alongside my neighbor's garage, then dropping down to run along my neighbor's chain link fence out to the street, and putting in a 6 foot gate as well.
I got the regular 5 estimates from very highly rated companies, and they ranged from $2,700 to $3,300, and all those were WITHOUT sealing or protecting the wood at all, which each company wanted to charge me at least $500 for. One talked about how difficult the job would be, one was condescending and borderline rude, and the other two were nice enough but quite expensive. Not only was
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
super nice and down to earth, he was no-nonsense about the job. He knows his stuff, and he explained to me right away how it could be done with no trouble. And his price INCLUDED sealing the entire thing with Penofin oil, which the others told me was the best choice but super costly.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and his guys showed up on time, were really friendly, and walked through the whole plan with me. They took their time to do things right, but moved along at a really good pace. I could tell by the way things were being done that I had chosen the right guys for the job. 3 days later they were done, I came home to a gorgeous new wooden fence and gate. They custom cut boards at the bottom to follow the exact lines of the ground, and the whole thing is exactly what I wanted! I love it so much. Do yourself a favor and get an estimate from
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. The other guys are overcharging you. This is very high quality work and you won't get gouged. Superb!
"Exceptionally nice people to work with and very responsive. We kept adding on additional jobs. Price seemed high but I think in line with others in the field."
"We initially were visited by
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
who reviewed our requested job, provided us with product options, took approximate measurements and prepared our estimate. He was sincere and honest about his recommendations and very pleasant to work with while answering the many questions that we posed. He also was able to explain the product, the history of vinyl fencing and how the product has improved over the years, and most importantly the details of how their product is made. Our exact measurements were done by
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
gave us ideas that we hadn't thought of and was able to assist us in making decisions about height and placement. We were shocked when he told us they were able to begin the installation quickly because the fencing is fabricated on their premises. However the most important part of the job was the workmanship.
The installer assigned to our project was
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
did an excellent job! He synchronized the removal and hauling of our very large, old perimeter fence with the installation of the new one so that our yard was never left exposed. No two projects can possibly be alike and they all require certain amounts of customization to work around obstacles like existing walls, trees, tight corners, etc. Tight areas, and uneven ground that we thought would be too difficult and would look odd, turned out beautifully.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was creative in his installation and very meticulous in his measurements. He truly did an excellent job. He came up with good solutions to close gaps that were necessary because of trees and uneven ground. He poured concrete without leaving an unsightly mess. He installed a beautiful fence and three gates, washed them all to remove any dust and remaining concrete particles, and left our property clean. We were very impressed with his work, his creativity, his dedication and his attention to detail. Above all, he was prompt, very courteous and professional. We would definiately use this company again and request him for additional projects.

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