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Romuald (owner) came out immediately, gave me an estimate and set a time for his crew.
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(crew chief) and another worker quietly and quickly removed the old fence, replaced it, installing a new post to anchor it to another fence. They also sunk another post for another fence that had begun to list, checking with me each time they had to make a decision they were unsure of or just to check that we were all on the same page. There was a lot going on that day, with painters working inside the house, so when they cleaned up, they forgot a pile of old concrete that was partially
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. The neighbor, with whom we share the fence, noticed that during the construction, a gate on her side was damaged slightly. A call to the office resulted in an immediate response when
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and another worker came, cleaned up and made the gate whole again. A professional job from start to finish - and beyond. Oh that all work went this well.

They removed a 16 year old redwood, termite infested fence; replaced it with a beautiful wood grain 7' fence with two gates and four solar caps. Approx. 100' total for 3 sides.
- Jean H.

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was professional. Everything went well as planned. The only minor issue is the white paint did not come out that well. In fairness,
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
forewarned me against painting the wrought iron gate. I decided I wanted white anyway.
- Julie L.

Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was the salesperson scheduled to meet me. He came out within a couple of days on time and very professional. They did a great job on construction and installation. I request a lock change and a couple of other additional changes. They agreed to make the changes to keep me happy. The gates look really good. .
- Ronald J.

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was wonderful, professional, honest and didn't try to push us into something we didn't need! They did an incredible job above and beyond what I expected. We had two 6 ft gates put in with new posts and panels. Work was done on time, the quality of the materials was A+. The actually did more then what was asked for and even cleaned up after themselves. Since we are planning on doing construction on our house,
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
made it so that all the panels and gates can be removed and put back on as needed. Oh, and they look great too!! Will use again and would most certainly recommend!
- Shelly L.

Our experience with
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
was positive from the beginning.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
came out to give us an estimate which we received, via email, describing the entire job including the materials he would be using and the treatments of the wood. He followed up with a phone call and, by then, we were ready to go.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew arrived on time, took the old fence down, hauled it away, and started by installing grade retainers due to the hilly nature of the property.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
's bid was detailed and he kept to it. He and his crew worked tirelessly on that hot day and, as described, the project was completed in one day. Through it all, they were all very pleasant and answered our questions. It was a very long day for them but they finished it!
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
is very professional, takes pride in his work and built us a beautiful cedar fence. He even went the extra mile to repair a neighbor's fence where it connected to our new one and he concerned himself with other little details. We would absolutely hire
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
again if we needed more fences and gates.
Thank you,
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, for all your wonderful work!

Run far away from these guys. They came out and did a perfectly fine job installing the fence. I called back and said, "You did a nice job but the handle was installed too low and the kids can already reach it and in a few months they will be able to pull it up. Could you come out and raise it 6 inches?" I spoke to
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
, who said they'd charge me $100. I said I'd be happy to pay, but $100 was really excessive for what would be a 10 minute job, and wouldn't it be better if he just charged me a fair price rather than me giving him a bad review on the internet. He then said, "If I find one bad thing about my company on the internet, you'll be sorry" (this is verbatim, I'm not making this up). I asked if he was threatening to hurt me and he then called me stupid and hung up on me. So, if you want a company that threatens you personally and calls you stupid, then these are your guys! OMG.
- Joshua G.

Called, he came within the next few days. Looked at job, gave me a price and told me when he could start. I couldn't be happier with the match and the quality of his work. What I mostly want to share about
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is that he happily does small jobs which a lot of people won't. I am ready to call him again for a large job which reminded me I forgot to leave this recommendation.
- Jean H.

I can't say enough good things about my experience with Romuald and all his colleagues who work for
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. They were prompt, efficient, very clean and respectful and did an excellent job that has garnered praise from my neighbors and Realtor. Not only were they efficient in building my walls and fences but they were able to take design direction from my rough sketches and photos thus enabling me not to have to use the services of an architect or designer. I am thoroughly pleased with the job and have been happy to recommend them to my friends.

I would not recommend this company. Their work was sloppy and their crew didn't seem to know what they were doing and they don't want to take responsibility. I asked a lot of questions because I was comparing two bids so I wanted to be sure to define the same scope for both. I asked about decorative design, but decided to go with board on board for everything, with cap and trim. They knew I wanted a lock.
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
bid with metal posts, saying how they withstand 70 mph wind!
They suddenly had an opening the day before Thanksgiving so I agreed on one day's notice. Romuald said they might not be able to install both fences by the end of the day but they'd have at least one up.
They arrived around 10:00. The foreman said they were going to use 4X4 posts for the front gate. However, when they pulled out the old fence, the wood was in bad shape. But they didn't have any pressure treated posts. The foreman indicated that metal posts were a good option here, because they withstand 70 mph wind!
I stayed in the house all day while they worked, but I noticed a couple of things. After they had installed one of the posts, they cut off about 12" with a circular saw. It was a 10' post, for an 8' fence, supposed to be 2' in the ground. Where is this extra foot coming from?
Later I heard them drilling holes for lag bolts to attach a 2X4 post to the house. They spent a lot of time on a couple of holes!
I called their office and Romuald came out. He made nonsense excuses for the cut metal post issue. We ended up having to add an extra piece of 2X4 to the gate to make the it line up with the fence.
I noticed several things that
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
should have anticipated, that I would not have known to expect. The fence ends look terrible because when you use the metal posts the ends consist of three pieces of wood sandwiched together instead of a "post". They knew I wanted to install a lock on the gate, but the gap is too big for a deadbolt and there's metal at the end of the fence. The foreman suggested to use a deadbolt, but Romuald said (correctly) that it wouldn't work.
They were out of 8’ boards to cover up one of the metal posts as promised, so they used a 6’ board and a 2’ board! Romuald said it was my fault they didn't have a board because I’d changed my mind from the fancy gate. Apparently the world has run out of 8' boards!
It got totally dark outside. Instead of just saying they’d come back, they were literally finishing in the dark. They cleaned up to the light of flashlights. I did not see the completed job in the light before they left.
They left piles of dirt and broken concrete. They left greasy stain on items that were in the yard. They removed the two-hose spigot to get water for their concrete, but that meant my dogs’ autofill bowl didn’t work. They didn’t replace the hose
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. They left nails and debris.
They hadn't cut holes for strings as promised. The gate seemed really tall to me. The latch was at the very top. It was uncomfortable to open because I had to be right up against it. I was concerned about how I could install a lock on the gate because of the metal posts. I had questions about the size of the trim, etc. Romuald didn’t really want to send anyone out but finally they agreed to come out at a time relatively convenient to me. I left work early to meet him at my house at 3:00. I arrived right on time. Unfortunately, despite our agreement, Romuald and his crew had not waited for me.
The crew had already taken the gate apart and cut it, and made other changes. They were unable to cut holes for the latch strings as promised because of the . . . metal posts! They actually wanted to cut a hole about 10” diagonal from the latch! That wouldn’t even have worked so I said no. Romuald suggested that we put a deadbolt right where he had earlier said it wouldn’t work.
You'd think if they were familiar with metal posts they would have anticipated this stuff.
I showed Romuald where they had attached a 2X4 to the wall. They didn’t do it at the end of the fence, between the fence and the wall. The fence just ends at the wall. The extra 2X4 is on the wall behind the fence. I asked him if this was right, and he said “Either or”.
They had shortened the gate by simply cutting away everything above the top hinge and replacing the cap. In other words, the bottom hinge is about 5” from the bottom of the gate. The top hinge is 0” from the top of the gate, and then there is a cap. And when they replaced it, the hinges attached to the fence in different places, leaving unsightly
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where they had previously been installed. Romuald basically said “too bad, this is what happens when you make changes.” He said it would always show. So it got dark again, and they left.
Later that day I e-mailed Romuald and asked why we didn’t just replace the unsightly board. He said other stuff would just get messed up. My response is that if you take pride in workmanship, you could replace one board without damaging a bunch of other stuff.
I also still had to order a lock (which they had promised to install), so I had to look closely at my options, take measurements, etc. It was then I noticed all sorts of stuff. Things weren’t screwed in, there were gaps, etc. That 2X4 bolted to the wall WAS in the wrong place, never mind “either or”. The fence end (consisting of 2 boards and 1 2X4) at the lock side of the gate was 4” thick. I.e., instead of 1.5+.75+.75 = 3”, it had an inch worth of gaps, and didn’t line up properly with the gate.
And then I measured the gate. It was now 6’ high. So it was not a “change” that caused the unsightly hinge
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
. It was
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
finally delivering a 6’ gate as per contract. Albeit one with the hinges improperly spaced.
After much research into locking an outswinging gate with a ½” gap, I located a lock and sent a link to Romuald. So
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
had a list of stuff that needed to be fixed, as well as everything they needed to know about the lock. Because a deadbolt wouldn’t work, I had to use a slide bolt, which means the surfaces have to line up. But the (sigh) metal posts meant that they didn't. Plus there is metal there so how do you screw the slide piece in?
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
didn’t seem to have a problem with the lock I showed them. We tried for a couple of weeks to find a time for them to come out and fix this stuff and install the lock as promised. I told them I hadn’t purchased the lock pending their comments, but their comments were “will you have the lock? This is the last time we’re coming out.” So I ordered the lock on a rush basis, reiterating to them that I expected their crew to come out with proper tools and solutions.
Finally they were to come between 10:00 and 1:00 on 12/31/13. They came closer to 2:00. They didn't know what needed to be done, and they were not prepared with tools, materials, or solutions. When I pointed out the strange 2X4 lag bolted to the wall, one guy said it was because the wall was uneven!!! The other guy almost choked when he heard that and said they would fill in the gap so it at least wouldn’t look so bad.
The first guy said that staining the unsightly hinge board would make it look fine. I was skeptical but he assured me.
When I explained the issues with the lock, the metal posts, etc., they said I should buy a new lock! Uh, no. Romuald stood in front of me at my house and looked at the link with lock info and images I sent him and had no issues with it. I'd have to pay a restock charge to send it back.
They “suggested” that I go inside and let them work, they knew what to do! I had also gotten a “dummy” handle fresh from the vendor, which they screwed on. I came out when they were getting finished and the handle had a scratch. I was really upset, and went into the house to contact the vendor. The vendor asked me to send her a photo of the handle.
I went back out and they said they were done, so I tested the lock and it wouldn’t lock because the hole wasn’t long enough for the throw. They drilled out a hole that I'm not sure will last. I then had to ask them to drill a hole for the string. They didn't have proper string so they used a thin red string that's too short and had to be screwed down.
Finally I come back out and they are running out of there pretty much waving to me from the street! I went in to find that the vendor e-mailed me that handle might be defective and I need to send it back to her. But she e-mailed a few minutes later . . . the lock is installed upside down!
The lock was new, in the package, complete with instructions. The instructions were full of photos. The box has a photo on it. There is WRITING on the lock. Yet they installed it upside down. If you turn it 180 the bolt does not line up with the slot anymore. Funny, they left the box and everything on the ground but they took the instructions with them.
And they the unsightly hinge board is still there, still unsightly. The fence go hacked up where they cut the metal with a circular saw to install the slide piece.
The only way to fix the lock is to remove it, replace the 2X4 and the fence board, stain everything, and re-drill and reinstall the lock. Likely this means the gate has to come off. I’ve asked for money back to cover for someone else to fix it – I mean, they
Los Angeles Fence Installers Provider Name Locked
’t think they can fix stuff without breaking other stuff, and I’m starting to believe them! At least I should not pay them for the full job after all of this.
I waited until I knew they were back in town after the holidays but have not heard back, so here is my review.

- Jan D.
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