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Beverly C S.
"They were pretty good. My physician recommended them to me. It was pretty easy. If you don't like meat and like carbs it is not the diet for you. The weight just came off. It worked." It is a regular doctor's office. There are two doctors and they are really nice. You pay as you go. The people behind the desk were really nice too. I met my goal.
Rated by
"He is a very excellent and qualified doctor. He gives you a lot of information from his seminars. He has an excellent staff. They are awesome. He understands his patients and encourages" you. He informs you of everything he does and what you need to do as a patient.
Rated by
Chris N.
"After weeks of hopeful anticipation and scraping together the quoted $9,990.00 cost of lap-band surgery, I went to see Dr.
. It was a
" , devastating, horrific disappointment! First turn off was that I had to sign a waiver that they could take photos of me (before and after) to use in **advertising** and also sound bytes of my voice. Did NOT like that at all. Secondly, he came in and he was almost as fat as I am! I found it a bit disconcerting to have an extremely overweight WEIGHT-LOSS Dr. tell ME how to loose weight!!! Thirdly, the Dr. obviously didn't give a "flying Walenda" about me, my health or my questions. He started out by asking me "which surgery do you want?" I told him that I was trying to decide between the lap-band and the lap-band with plication - what did he recommend? He told me that "he expected his patients top have done the research on what surgery THEY wanted on their own and make their decision before coming to him." THAT also turned me off. I explained to him that I did not get enough information about the benefits of one over the other at the seminar. The only thing I had to base a decision on was that the Lap-Band with the plication was $400.00 more expensive than the regular lap-band. So he said a few words about the difference in the two and (of course) suggested that I get the more expensive option. (Not a big surprise there!) Then the coup-de-
. He told me that since I weigh over 350 pounds, that I could not have the surgery at the hospital "in the city". I had to have it done at the
Regional Hospital, but that I was *almost* too fat to have it done there. (Their weight limit is 450 pounds.) AND - since I had to go to *that* hospital, "it was going to be a little more expensive". I asked how MUCH more expensive, and he said $5,000.00!!! That's half again the cost we were quoted! He said that they "didn't give their "self-pay" patients the same kind of a break that the other hospital does. BUT - if I could "get my weight down to under 350 pounds, I could save that money."Feeling totally sucker-punched, I replied, "IF I COULD LOOSE THAT MUCH WEIGHT ON MY OWN, I WOULD NOT BE SITTING HERE!!!" So, he sent his nurse/finance person in to talk to us.I told her that we had been quoted a price of $9,900.00 and that was to include the cost of the Dr. appt, tests, dietician, psychology appt, surgery, anesthesia and hospital cost. And she said that "she was very sorry, but we were quoted the wrong price!" So I said, you should TELL people this at the seminar (which you are required to attend before you can even get an appt. with the Dr.). And her reply was that the seminar was to educate people about the surgery procedure. Not the cost of it. Funny, I received the cost information and it didn't say a WORD about cost being different if you weighed over 350 pounds! (I wonder what happens to people who weigh over 450 pounds!) And THEN, as she was going over the cost of having the surgery done at
, I noticed another figure listed. Besides costing $5,000.00 more for the surgery, you had to pay an ADDITIONAL $750.00 for the Anesthesiologist ***AND*** you were required to purchase their (
Regional's) major medical insurance in case there were any complications from your surgery!!!!!!!!!!!! Tack on another another chunk there. Our insurance will NOT cover Bariatric Surgery, so I have to "self-pay" and I guarantee you, I will not be paying anything to this Dr. OR
Regional. Talk about "bait and switch"!!!

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The serious health risks from obesity are making bariatric surgery more common for adolescent patients.

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Bariatric Care reviews in Los Angeles


I love Dr
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
. He is a wonderful caring physician. We spoke at length (great length, probably 40 minutes) about my issues. And this is both the blessing and the curse of seeing him. He takes this kind of time with everyone and has almost always been behind schedule when I've seen him. However, I would not let that stop me from seeing him, if you are considering weight loss surgery. He
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
me through the process and I have had a very successful experience.

My wife had gastric bypass surgery performed at
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
in coordination with their Bariatric Center program. The surgery went well, and the facilities are clean and modern.
The bedside manner and staff friendliness get a B instead of an A because we have to split the D my wife's day nurse got with the triple A+ the night nurse got. My wife had fairly major surgery. It stood to reason that the day after, she was in a moderate amount of pain. She does not like to take drugs or painkillers, and cannot tolerate dilaudid, which we were very up-front with the hospital about ahead of time. She had had bad experiences in the past after an appendectomy with dilaudid.
She asked for percocet and the day nurse initially refused her and implicated that she was drug-seeking. My wife works in the medical field, and understands the issues with individuals seeking percocet for resale or drug abuse, this was less than 24 hours after having her stomach rearranged. We eventually got her pain managed, but this experience was offensive and absurd.
The night nurse, however, made up for everything. She was attentive and kind and even though she was busy with my wife's very, very sick roommate, went out of her way to make my wife's stay more comfortable. There was a CNA (
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
?) who assisted us who was a very special person and was completely amazing.
Overall, the experience at the hospital was satisfactory. They took good care of my wife.
- Joseph M.


Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
is the most unprofessional doctor that I have ever worked with. Four years ago I started seeing him. He strung me along for a year. Had me do every text in the book. Then two days before my surgery he called and said that he could no longer be my doctor. He gave no reason. Months later when he was asked again why, he still wouldn’t answer. Three years later I had three referrals sent to him from three of my health care providers. He sent back a form letter with a box checked that said “case closed”. So I called
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
one of the nurses at the Alaska Bariatric Center about three week ago to ask why he denied me again.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
had no answer. After a long conversation she said the she would pass my message along to Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
. Needless to say she never called back! Today I called her back. 5-30-2012. I told her I was kind of expecting a call back. She tells me that Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
said no that he would not take me on as a patient. Again I asked why. She tells me that he just said no. You would think that a person has a reason for saying no. So she transfers me to Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
. I was thinking that finally I would get my
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
to tell him how hard that I was working to prepare for a weight loss sugary. All he could say was no we are not a good fit. What in the h*** does that mean? I’m not looking to be best friends with the man. How can anyone with a conscience say that to a 440lbs man in his mid 40’s that has as many health issues as I do. I have had Diabetes for 31 years. I was diagnosed when I was 13 years old. I have had a very hard time controlling my disease, and because of that I now have many, many complications because of it. I didn’t start gaining weight until I was in my mid thirty's. In 2006 I was told that I had a heart attract. I also have had several eye surgery's and I am in need of more because I now have Cataracts do to the previous surgery’s. They can’t do my Cataract surgery because of my weight. Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
is aware of most all of my medical issues, and still refuses to help me or even tell me why he wont help. I have told him that without the weight loss surgery I wont live much longer. All he could say was “best of luck to you”. Over the last three years my Doctors and I have found out some of the reasons why I put on so much weight so fast. We are addressing those problems, but that alone wont fix it all. Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
wouldn’t even take the time to listen to everything that I have been doing or what was discovered over the past three years. He just angrily said no and hung up the phone. Again he gave no reason why. He did say that I should try going to Seattle for my surgery. Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
Is the only Center of Excellence in Alaska, and he knows it. I’m disabled and Medicare will only allow me to go to a Center of Excellence to get a weight loss surgery. Myself and many others, including medical professionals that I have talked to think that Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
has a major God complex and is very had to deal with. Why would anyone allow a single doctor to become a Center of Excellence all by himself? I have talked with other Center of Excellences and they all have multiple doctors. This is something that I am continuing to research. I see no reason why this man can not help me.
Below is a pasted copy of something that Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
has written about himself on his own website. After training, Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
was in private practice in good standing, specializing in General and Hand Surgery, in Pittsburg, California. He decided, much to the surprise of his partners, to move to Anchorage, AK in the fall of 1998. While there, it became readily apparent that there was a population of morbidly obese patients in need of Bariatric Surgery. Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
pursued additional education in Bariatric Surgery, culminating with his completion of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery Preceptorship at the University of
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
in Memphis,
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
of 2000. (Please visit the ASBS website at http://www.asbs.org.) He is now seeing patients interested in Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) at his Anchorage office Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
is absolutely right. There is a population of morbidly obese patients in need of bariatric surgery here in Alaska and I’m one of them. So why wont the man help me?!!! I’ve done everything that he has asked of me and more. Why does he get to decide who lives and
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
? He’s not God! If he were compasionate enough to just tell me why he won’t help me then maybe I could work on what ever he thinks is wrong. The more time that goes by the more my health deteriorate. I’m 44 years old I’d really like to see at least see 64 or more.
There are other people out there that have bad experiences with this man. I would love to hear from them. Maybe we can make a positive out of such a negative.
Please share thisFeel free to contact me dandiamond001@gmail.com Please put Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
in the subject lineThank you
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
- Dan D.

She knows so much about nutrition and hormones. She does special testing. She has checked me for so many things and has made my general health outstandingly better than it has ever been. She knows so much more than most doctors I have been to; she astonishes me. She is very good at what she does. She is my lifesaver. She is compassionate, sensitive, gentle, never makes me feel uncomfortable, and I never leave her office without a hug. She is interested in my life in gentle and how she can help. She cares and remembers what I say. She keeps learning all the time and is very up to date.
- Janis P.

He was wonderful. I started seeing him in September for lap band and he has been terrific. He is very caring. He was very accurate in regards to what would be expected on my behalf. It was more of a team effort type of a thing than, the doctor doing his thing, and you just going along. You have to agree to do certain things and if you did not, I certainly had the feeling that he was not going to do the surgery, so it makes the patient being more responsible for one. I have seen him once every six weeks since. He is very involved. He is not at all detached from the patient so I like that very much. He really excels in his bedside manners. The effectiveness of the treatment was perfect. It was wonderful. He is very successful. I am still going back to him for follow up.

Because of other Health Problems, Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
suggested the Gastric Sleeve surgery for me. The surgery went perfectly. I spent two nights in the hospital -- mostly for observation. Dr
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
is a skilled surgeon. Surgery is his life's passion. It is almost a year later and I am down to about half of what I need to
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
--and still losing. This surgery has changed my life and most likely savedmy life. I am still being monitored with follow-up visits.
- Nancy T.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at other bariactric surgeons, then read all the reviews (obesity help . com) and make your decision. Dr.
Los Angeles Gastric Bypass Doctors Provider Name Locked
knows this procedure inside and out. She is a scientist and a surgeon. Her work was flawless. Her recover suite at SHC is dedicated solely to barbaric patients. I only wish I had met her 10 years ago.

Perfect work! I am very happy with the results.
- cameron P.

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1305 W. Arrow Hwy., Suite 107
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Los Angeles

Helmuth Billy MD

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Inland Cosmetic Surgery

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Rancho Cucamonga

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Jesus Camacho, Personal Trainer

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Lubin, Dr. Mathew

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New Program Inc.

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Newport Medical and Wellness Center

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Oliak, Dr. David A.

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Pacific Rejuvenation Medical

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Peter LePort, M.D.

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Professional Weight Control Centers

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St. Joseph Hospital

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The Ink Guys

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TheGreenLeaf.net - Whole Body Detox

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624 N. LA Cienega Boulevard
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Vermont Urgent Care & Multi-Specialty Center

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Waldrep WRAP

Westlake Village

Waldrep, Dr. Donald J.

2 Medical Plaza Dr

Wellesley Medical, Pouya Shafipour MD Inc.

12304 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles

Yong at Heart Total Wellness

5400 Balboa Blvd Ste 212

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