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Went great, there were a few small issues that
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
immediately took care of. Kitchen looks fantastic &
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
gives 100% customer service! Would highly recommend him! :)
- donna F.

Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
came and went over the different options and ideas - color - sink - backsplash etc. She did a great job of explaining the entire process to us. We decided to go with this company without checking any other bids/companies. Figure they all should be about the same in price.
The employees that put in the counter top were late one day, but they did call to tell us they would be. They cleaned up both days and the place sparkled like the whole kitchen was brand new and not just the new granite. WOW!
Everything looks great. And
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
was right - she said I (husband) would like it alot better when the whole kitchen was done. Great idea on the backsplash with the tile included in it. My wife just loves the kitchen.
- Steve B.

Four months of frustration!

Update 11/5/2013: today we received a threatening email from
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
as a result of our review so are removing parts of our review though all previous statements are completely true and accurate in our opinion ........

Encouraged by Angie's List reviews, I called
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
for an estimate. The owner,
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, came out and very quickly did the evaluation of my kitchen for new countertops. (All other estimates took significantly longer, in hindsight) I had a number of questions and clarifications prepared and he answered them all professionally leaving me confident that they would do a good job.
The estimate came in about the same as the others I obtained: about $3900 for "complete one day granite kitchen installation" and the materials - minus a sink yet to be chosen.

Templating was scheduled for about a week later, slab layout (when we indicate where the counters are cut from the stone) a few days after that and installation for about a week after that. So we set out to find our granite and marble and notified
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
(General Manager) of our picks (which were found at Bedrock International, L.L.C.)

Installation was postponed about 48 hours prior to the appointed time apparently due to the stone not being ready.

[Parts of my review have been removed by me here]

We felt we had to police every detail to force
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
to do the work we were paying them for.

[More review removed here by me]

Somehow, the white marble we chose acquired a bright "safety orange" spot which we had to point out and repeatedly were assured would be removed. When it was finally installed the orange spot remained and we had to send it back twice before finally giving up in disgust and deciding to just live with the repair that, to us, looks like the spot was scraped out with a screwdriver and filled with grey epoxy.

These are just brief examples of the many problems we felt occured with this job.

[more review removed here by me]

Professionalism was poor in our opinion.
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
repeatedly blamed Bedrock International (the stone supplier) for everything - telling us that "Bedrock International dropped the ball!" Never once were we offered any accomodation for all the concerns and work that we did not feel satisfied with.

Finally, after four long months of nearly constant frustration, many emails, trips to
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and phone calls, our "one day kitchen" counter installation is done - with a number of, in our opinion, poor workmanship issues remaining but we are so tired of dealing with the whole thing that we have chosen to just live with them.
- JAN L.

Working with
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and his crew was pleasant from start to finish. I had several contractors scheduled for bids, but when we met with
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
we ended up hiring him right then, and I cancelled the other bids. We felt very confident with
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, that he would do exactly what he said he would do, with care, honesty and a high level of craftsmanship.
Everything progressed very quickly - from bid to finished installation was about two weeks. We had some other work done at the same time, and
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
's contractor,
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Fields, did a great job. We had him install some crown molding in the dining area, and put under cabinet and over sink lighting in.
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
gave us a great deal of information when he came out, and brought samples of granite for us to look at. We had been thinking of one color, but once we saw them samples in our kitchen we went another direction, and we're very pleased. He spent as long as we wanted, and showed us many pictures of completed jobs. He was helpful in helping us think through our choices of backsplash materials and tiling options.
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
wrote the bid right then, so we didn't have to wait to hear from him.
I felt very good about all the workers, and went off to work and let them do their job. I came home to a beautiful new kitchen. We're very satisfied, and enjoy our kitchen immensely.

- Teri R.

Everything went well - in spite of
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
having to break his installation into 2 segments due to another contractor's work not being completed in time. The installation is perfect to every detail, esp considering the adjustments he had to make on site (referred to above). I love my cabinets!
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
is knowledgeable and smart about this. He tweaked my ideas, gave great suggestions, educated me about cabinet making, and ultimately built them perfectly. He was incredibly patient with me as we worked through my ideas, and his suggestions to eventually find the right compromise that could be properly built and fit the space. He handled everything professionally. Word of advice to potential clients --- listen to his ideas very carefully. He's the expert. I got so hung up on certain things I thought I needed or wanted that he didn't think were necessary or the best ideas that I couldn't see his perspective. In the end,however, all is wonderful, because ultimately, he won't agree to build something that won't fit your space, or won't allow for proper, solid professional construction, function and beauty. So ask your questions and give your ideas, but also listen to his ideas. I would hire him again in a second! His pricing was very fair and better than any big box store price you'll get if you compare the real value: costume fit to your space, made in your style, no wasted filler spaces, custom finish, and onsite modification to make sure everything installs perfectly and then perfect installation.
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
is fair, honest, dependable, and nice. He takes great pride in his reputation for excellence.
ALSO -- he does complete remodeling jobs, which means just about any facet of work including electrical, plumbing, flooring, etc can be handled by him (he built his own house). If you're considering a job that includes more than just woodworking, I'd talk to
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
about doing it all. We'd already lined up our general contractor before I knew he did all these other things, so we only hired him for the cabinets and lighting.
- Andrew C.

We had visited the the big box stores,cabinet manufactures and had got some estimates from another high end supplier but were not convinced of whom to use, most of them could not provide everything that we required. We would need a lot of subcontractors to get everything done. I had worked in a cabinet shop so i know the building processes, woods and quality of work. I found
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
listed in the phone book with an address and phone number. I decided to visit his shop on a Saturday to see his shop and discuss our project. He has a great shop with all the necessary tooling and finish area to get a quality job done correctly and efficiently. He provided us with a file of photographs from previous jobs and a list of references to call and we called them. We also visited one of the references to inspect his work. His work is outstanding and his references were all very positive. Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail!
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
was always ready to tackle any of our remodeling issues with skill and accuracy, often making our plans work where they seemed impossible or suggesting a better design or plan that was perfect for our home. Our choice of cabinet finish was an antique white with gazing details-much harder to achieve than a normal wood finish. He accomplished this perfectly. He built new cabinets for our kitchen and refaced one base cabinet. his special detail included a floor to ceiling pull out pantry and under counter large mixer storage with a spring loaded lift to bring the mixer to counter top level. A man of many talents, ( not just cabinetwork ) he installed under counter
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
lighting, spectacular ! He also installed many
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
ceiling lights in our kitchen and family room. A wall was removed to bring our family room and kitchen into one large open area. Also an entryway was relocated to accommodate our new refrigerator. Removing the wall between the kitchen and family room necessitated even more wiring and moving of electrical outlets and switches. All this was done with great care and ease.
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
installed hardwood flooring throughout the kitchen and family room area plus a stairway going to the garage. Our friends and family say it is the most beautiful floor they have ever seen!
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
painted the kitchen walls and removed the 1970's popcorn ceiling finish in the kitchen and family room, and installed a knockdown finish. Another project he handled with ease and perfection. He installed all of our new appliances and plumbing for the sink and faucet. He also installed a new gas line for our new gas range top.The granite counter tops he provided and installed are the highlight of our kitchen-along with his artistic work on the natural stone on the walls behind the sink and range top.
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
is very skilled in many areas of construction which makes for one stop shopping for any remodeling project. No waiting for or worrying about quality of sub contractors.We are also having
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
replace our circuit breaker panel witch has caused us problems.
We would be happy to recommend
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
for any remodeling project.
- Stephen W.

After an acquaintance's recommendation and two other bids were submitted, I decided to have
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
perform the work I wanted done. The final result looks good and overall I am pleased with it. Existing countertop and tile backsplash were removed and replaced with new product along with the plumbing performed after sink installation. There were a few miscues along the way though.First off, when they were installing the countertop I noticed that it was cut for a 60/40 undermount sink. I had requested a 40/60 undermount. After some discussion with the installation manager I agreed to the 60/40 undermount. I was told the plumbing would be done by a plumber. It was done by one of the granite and tile installers. After project was completed I had to redo all the plumbing after finding there were leaks from both sink drain flanges, incorrect installation of the garbage disposal and leaks from the plumbing to the wall. I could have saved myself $250 which is what I was charged for the supposed plumber installation.Slate tile was installed that was sveral different colors. Some of the tile placements could have been seperated by color better than what was done. The outside edges of the tile to the painted wall was grouted with the same used for in between the tiles and is not the neatest look that I have seen.After the project was completed and the installers were gone I noticed that the leading
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
of the countertop at the seam was dull and discolored. I called my saleswoman (after the sale was made I always was connected to someone else and never got to talk to her again) and was connected to another employee that told me someone would come by to correct the issue the next time they had someone in the area. After waiting a week I called and complained about the customer service. Finally got an appointment for someone to come and repair the seam
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
.Overall the appearance is good. The cost was good. Just a few problems that kept the experience from being excellent.

Went well they were on time professional and neat. At one point 3 men were working in the bathroom. They used elbow grease, steam and pressure washing as well
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
polishing tool to remove white substance around the faucets they did a great job and cleaned up tooI was very pleased
- Linda K.

Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
arrived promptly and immediately start to work. They steam-cleaned every room: living room, dining room, breakfast room, office, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms,
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, tub, stairway, carpets, blinds, windows,
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
, refrigerator, countertops. They were professional, courteous and extremely thorough. We are going to see
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
on a regular basis.
- Janice K.

My first set appointment was for 6:00pm one evening. At 6:15pm I called
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and was told he got busy and didn't realize what time it was and he would be about 45 minutes late. I was unable to adjust my schedule and suggested the next evening but he was unable to adjust his so I cancelled. I did explain the project over the phone and he gave me a verbal bid with $100 discount to be competitive with other bids. He offered to drop off a sample the next day of the color granite I was considering. Strike one.

I looked around my front yard the next day and a sample was not to be found. I thought this was strange, someone wanting my business is not following through with an offer. Strike two.

A week latter I was getting bids on other projects so I thought I would give them one more
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
. I spoke to
Kansas City Countertop Installers Provider Name Locked
and he told me they had run out of samples and just received them in that morning. He said he should have called but he got busy. I told him I was available this afternoon if he wanted to give me an estimate. He said he was available so I suggested 4:00pm and he said that would be fine since he would be in my area for another customer for an appointment at 5:30. Told him we can make it 4:30 so he would have to wait so long between appointments. He said how about between 4 and 4:30 and I said fine.

4:30 came and went so I called. The only number I had was the office number and no one was there to answer the phone. By this time I thought if he doesn't respect my time to just get the business I can imagine the delays or excuses if he were to get the bid.

At 5:00pm he arrived with a smile on his face as if he were on time. I said "your a little late aren't you?" and his reply was "I said 4:30 and it's only 5:00". I told him that a call would have been nice and he just shrugged and said the traffic took him a little longer and that he was doing the best he could. Again, I thought if this is the best he could do I don't want to waste anymore of my time. I told him this isn't going to work and he said "o.k." and walked off. And this was STRIKE THREE!
- Barbara J.
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Blue Springs, MO
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99% of all work will be completed by company employees. all work and clean-up will be...

Dynamic Homes LLC

Overland Park, KS
We are a full service residential remodeling company specializing in kitchens, baths and...

Eagles Nest Landscape & Remodeling

7911 N Poplar Ct
Kansas City, MO
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. free estimates. 15 years experience....

Eilers Remodeling and Renovations

20396 W 125th Place
Olathe, KS

Eilers Remodeling and Renovations

20396 W 125th Place
Olathe, KS
I am a general contractor with over 20 years experience in the residential remodeling field. i...

Empire Construction Group, LLC

Overland Park, KS
We are a full service general contractor which can meet the demands of home owners, as well as...

Epic Kitchen and Bath

8805 Lenexa Dr
Lenexa, KS
Biling procedures are- 33% at contract signing 33% when project begins 34% when project is...

Equitable Construction

10761 Oakmont
Overland Park, KS
Family owned. we have our own staff. uses subs on some projects. but we only use licensed...

Erica Kay Interior Design

Mission, KS
I have a couple of contracting teams that have licensed electricians, plumbers, tile...

Evans & Company Construction LLC

5925 Nall Ave
Mission, KS
Residential remodeling, light commercial / tenant finish

Excellence in Construction LLC

1020 N. Hwy. 5
Lansing, KS
From helping a customer with a small project to working on a large remodel, every customer has...

Fabricor Inc

110 W 14th Ave
Kansas City, MO

Family Care of Independence

4721 S Cliff Ave
Independence, MO

Ferwalt Construction

421 N Boardman St
Pleasant Hill, MO


P.O. Box 542
Lexington, MO
Individual employment. there are no billing procedures due to foxycoxyllc is an all...

Fred The Handyman, LLC

5514 N.E. State Route U
Hamilton, MO
Home improvements, repairs and remodeling. no trip charges. credit cards accepted. 10% senior...

Garry Calvin Contracting LLC

5910 Reinhardt Dr
Mission, KS
Garry calvin contracting, l.l.c. is a residential remodeling design and construction company...

Gaumats International

1251 NW Granite Drive
Grain Valley, MO
Locally family owned company, free in house estimates, excellent customer service, detail...

Gildehaus' Houses & Construction

600 S. Buckner Tarsney Rd
Grain Valley, MO
Gildehaus' houses and construction has been proudly serving the construction and remodeling...

Gilmore Custom Tile

6426 Sears Drive
Kansas City, KS
This is a family owned and operated business. we were taught our skills from our father who...


Blue Springs, MO
Owner operated. no subs. will refer for services he doesn't provide. cost is determined by the...

Granite Center Inc

9060 Quivira Rd
Lenexa, KS
We are a direct import of slabs of granite from italy and brazil. we also fabricate and...

Granite Direct

Olathe, KS
Locally owned & operated.

Granite Pro

5 NE Green St.
Lees Summit, MO
We are a family owned business in the kansas city area with many years of experience in the...


14851 W 101ST TERR
Lenexa, KS
Additional email:


Lenexa, KS
Granite transformations offers new and exciting alternatives to traditional countertops,...

Gwins Tile Co

PO Box 23624
Overland Park, KS
We specialize in tile area repairs and are celebrating our 37th year as the premier bathroom...

H&H Contracting

14566 Granada Cir
Overland Park, KS
Commercial and residential contracting. we help you reach your goals.


7440 E 12TH ST
Kansas City, MO


Fenton, MO
Template, fabricate and install new countertops. kitchen countertops, bar tops, fireplace...

Hammer Down

33700 E. Oak Hill School Rd.
Oak Grove, Mo
We are a building contractor with just four employes . they are very diverse in their areas of...


Lansing, KS

Handy Sam

119 N Parker
Olathe, KS
I own and operate this handy man service and there is no job too small, but there are some...

Handyman By the Hour - Phil Overbay

5704 Norfleet Rd
Kansas City, MO
Handyman by the hour

Handyman Connection - Kansas City

10000 W 75th St
Overland Park, KS
At handyman connection, our mission is the same as yours — making your home a great place to...

Handyman for Rent

5505 Blue Ridge Blvd
Raytown, MO
I am owner operated. cost is a simple $39/hr. no service call fee. insured for $2 million....

Handyman Matters of Johnson County

14405 W 123rd Terrace
Olathe, KS
Additional phones - (913) 825-6205 & (913) 780-9090. award winning. uses licensed...

Handyman Matters of Kansas City

11109 North Oak
Kansas City, MO
Welcome to handyman matters – kansas city, missouri. owners david & karen pierce and their...

Harry Wegley

1613 N Madison St
Raymore, MO
Over 30 yrs. in the remodeling industry, prompt, caring, experienced. willing to work with...

Hawkeye Home Improvement

1320 W 137th Ter
Overland Park, Ka

HD Tile

Kansas City, MO
Family business.

Headley Remodeling & Repair

689 sw 11rd
Warrensburg, mo
No job too small or too big. new construction & remodeling. interior & exterior. you name it...

Heritage Exterior Design LLC

124 N Prairie Street
Liberty, MO
Professional installers


Olathe, KS


Lees Summit, MO

Home Fix

Overland Park, KS
Complete off body restoration of classic cars, tractors or any antique item home improvement-...

Home Remodel & Repair LLC

1507 W 23rd St
Independence, MO
Home remodel & repair is a christian family owned and operated business with over 25 years...

Home Tech Handymen

8920 N. Donnelly ave
Kansas City, MO
We are a handyman business and also a remodeling business. we give free estimates on all jobs....


14480 W 187 TH TER
Olathe, KS
6-15 employees. uses subs for electrical & plumbing. cost determined by the job. no travel...


9716 W 132 St
Overland Park, KS
Houseworkz specializes in home maintenance, home maintenance plans, house repairs services,...

Hupps Custom Cabinets

32750 190th St
Leavenworth, KS
What sets us apart from other company's is we do the install of our cabinets as well as build...

I&R Home Remodeling and Repair

1009 S Cardinal Pl
Olathe, KS
We are a newly established partnership that doesn't lack experience. with over a combined 40...

Infinity Home Concepts and Design

2213 n 145th terr
Basehor, KS
Custom cabinets, countertops. kitchen and bath remodels. cabinet refacing. basement finishes....

Infinity Home Innovations

1001 NE 83rd Street
Kansas City, MO

Infinity Home Innovations

1001 NE 83rd Street
Kansas City, MO

Infinity Home Innovations

7905 N Broadway Ave
Kansas City, MO
Infinity home innovations specializes in all phases of residential and commercial construction...


1542 Baker
Liberty, MO
My name says it all.

Investment Property Management of Kansas City

5435 Forest
Kansas City, MO
Investment property management of greater kansas city was established as a company with the...

J R Construction, LLC

2001 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO
Just right construction & rehab is responsible for construction and rehabilitation of more...

J.J's Contracting

19400 E. 37th Terr. Ct. S #106
Independence, MO
J.j's contracting is a full service home repair and remodeling company here to serve you the...


Platte City, MO
We are a father / son company operating in platte county for over 30 years. most of our...

Jackson's Trim Carpentry

1819 Holt Ct
Liberty, MO
Owner-operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no tracel charges. no service...

Jameson Remodeling & Home Repair

PO Box 8662
Prairie Village, KS
Owner operated. additional contact name - charles jameson. award winning. additional dba -...

Jericho Home Improvements, LLC

1954 Foxridge Dr
Kansas City, KS
Jericho home improvements is a full service remodeling company specializing in bathroom and...

Jett Renovations

10403 E 35th St
Independence, MO
When jett renovations leaves your home our biggest reward is your smile,stating a job well...

Jim Saner Home Repairs

11709 W 48th Terrace
Shawnee, KS
Remodeling and design firm specializing in bathroom, kitchens, basements, room additions, and...

JMS Tile

315 SE Jackson St
Lees Summit, KS
I have been in business for nearly 21 years. myself and my partner do all the work ourselves....


Louisburg, KS
1 employee. use subs for various jobs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charge.

Joe's Home Improvement

16592 W. 154th St
Olathe, ks
We refurbish any home "we breath new life into your home custom paint countertops light...

Joel Datica Handyman

Kansas City, MO
Joel datica handyman is a one-man handyman company. i come prepared with truck, tools, and...

Joshua Building

Overland Park, KS
Joshua building is a home construction business.

Justin Scroggs Painting

13928 S Tomahawk Dr
Olathe, KS

K & G Home Renovations

5031 Lees Summit RD
Kansas City, MO
My brother and i run two vans, with two other employees. we don't ask for any payment until...


7815 NW 74th St.
Kansas City, MO
There are only two of us in my company, i don't sub-contract anything deal with...

k.c.surface solutions

8503 schweiger court
Lenexa, KS
We provide bath,kitchen,pool and spa refinishing services,we do both residential and...

Kansas City Power Washing & Home Repairs

7209 E. 108th. St.
Kansa City, Mo
One call does it all there's no job to big or small

Kansas Granite Mart Inc

3060 S 24th St
Kansas City, KS
Cost is determined by the job. financing available.

KC Concrete Care

3357 Harvester Rd
Kansas City, KS
10% off all services for angie's list members! we provide services in the entire kansas city...

KC Custom Home Concepts, LLC

1405 Meadows Ln
Greenwood, MO
General construction, new construction, remodel, room additions, kitchen & bath remodels,...

KC Home Solutions, LLC

804 N. Meadowbrook Dr
Olathe, KS
"building the future, restoring the past."

KC Metro Renovations

58 T Street
Lee's Summit, MO
Kc metro renovations is new to angie's list but not new to residential remodeling. established...

KC Renovation LLC

13122 logan lane
Lenexa, KS
Kc renovation is a company started by two guys that have been in the construction business for...


Kansas City, MO

Kedish Realty Group at KW Diamond Partners

13671 S. Mur-Len Rd.
Olathe, KS
Kedish realty group at keller williams diamond partners has 2 owners, 1-5 employees, & is only...

Kel Star Inc

3508 W 97th Pl
Leawood, KS
Home remodeling company been in business for 30 years in the kansas city area.

Kelly Reed Contracting

8642 Melrose St
Overland Park, KS
Serving 25 yrs of all your electrical bright ideas & needs.

Kenny's Tile & Flooring Inc

3303 Main St
Grandview, MO
Kenny's tile & flooring, inc. has grown from a small family business that was established in...

Kingdom Design LLC

11944 west 95th street
Lenexa, KS
Remodeling & design firm- proudly serving kansas city since january 16, 2008. our company...

Kiper Remodeling

2407 S 1st St.
Leavenworth, KS
Remodeling, restoration, and repair. insured and licensed at the federal, state, and local...

Kitchens Baths & Unfinished Furniture

9130 Marshall Dr
Lenexa, KS
We offer wholesale pricing to the public on all wood kitchen and bath cabinetry. with the...


6408 Noble St.
Shawnee, KS
Knetter homes and remodeling llc. is a family owned business that serves the kansas city metro...

Kring's Interiors

634 Massachusets St.
Lawrence, KS
Kring's interiors is more than just a flooring specialty store. we are experts trained in...

Kutting Edge Co

4013 W 62nd ter
Mission, KS
My company is me! i specialize in senior customers i spent 10 years as maint. director in...


Gravois Mills, MO
We are a full service remodeling company specializing in kitchen and bathroom design, outdoor...

LB Construction Services LLC

12640 W 159th
Olathe, ks
Residental construction is our main business. new homes & remodels. many references. most...

Lews Concrete Const LLC

1907 Joe Ln
Kearney, MO
We are a family owned business with five employees serving the customer, you! we are...


Kansas City, MO


13750 S Blackbob Rd
Olathe, KS
Please refer website for more details on services offered.


1700 W 133RD ST
Kansas City, MO
140 employees.

Lowe's Home Improvement

4960 Roe Blvd
Roeland Park, KS
Lowe’s has been helping our customers improve the places they call home for more than 60...


16300 W 65TH ST
Shawnee, KS


109 14TH AVE N
Greenwood, MO
Owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. travel charge is part of bid. extra...

M&A Malone Construction

16904 E 44th St
Independence, MO
M&a malone is a licensed and insured company with numerous satisfied customers. attention to...

Malnar Remodeling

7415 stearns
Shawnee, KS
Commercial and residential construction and remodeling. we specialize in commercial tennant...

Malnar Remodeling

7415 stearns
Shawnee, KS
Commercial and residential construction and remodeling. we specialize in commercial tennant...


Olathe, KS
We have enjoyed working with our individual and business clients. we continue to appreciate...

Mark S Painting Remodelin

602 Ne Howard Ave
Lees Summit, MO


4915 NW 88TH TER
Kansas City, MO
Ask about miltary & all public saftey personnel discounts.


Lees Summit, MO
Residential service


11620 W 90th St
Overland Park, KS
Steve mcguire has been remodeling kitchens since 1972. we do complete kitchen remodeling and...


19321 E US 40 HWY
Independence, MO
6 employees, uses subs on cabinets, plumbing, lighting, and hardware.

Meyer Remodeling & Repair LLC

PO Box 2318
Olathe, KS
Description: based in kansas city, meyer remodeling & repair, llc., is a licensed and...

Mid States Home Improvement & Remodeling

11305 E 50th Ter
Kansas City, MO
We are here for all your residential & comercial needs. from handyman services to whole house...

Midland Marble & Granite Flooring America

2077 NE Rice Rd
Lees Summit, MO
Specialize in granite countertops, hardwood floors,carpet, ceramic tile. we have financing up...


PO Box 3893
Shawnee, KS

Miller Built Crafted Cabinets

8012 Conser
Overland Park, KS
We have been making custom cabinets for twenty years. if you are looking for old-world...

Miller Rehabs and Rental Maintenance

110 Nanette St.
Belton, MO
The handyman services values are simple. quality, honesty, affordability, and care. all of...

Miracle Method

8423 Hall St
Lenexa, KS
Family owned & operated. additional dba - miracle method of kansas city.

Miracle Method Surface Restoration

1705 SW 21st
Blue Springs, MO
Angie's list members receive our lowest price offered at the time of your call. if you would...

Mission Kitchen & Bath Inc

5845 Horton St
Mission, KS
We are an award winning, n.a.r.i. certified kitchen and bath remodeler (c.k.b.r.) specializing...

Missouri Quality Plumbing Electrical & Remodeling

711 NW Cambridge Ct
Blue Springs, MO
We are a family based company that takes the time to listen to our customers needs and...

MKM Home Restoration

8025 Alden St
Lenexa, KS
I have over 20 years experience in home remodeling with a broad range of capabilities to help...

Moose landscapping

5127 floyd street
Overland Park, KS

Morningstar Faux and Decorative Finish Studio

10946 Oak Dr
Kansas City, KS
Additional email -

Morrow and Son Renovations

22600 West 53rd. Place
Shawnee, KS
Morrow and son renovations, specialized services my name is jack morrow i have been in the...


Overland Park
Overland Park, KS
Mountain, a design and build, professional services construction group, serving mainly...

Mr Remodeler

4163 NE Winn Rd
Kansas City, MO
T mr. remodeler® our #1 goal is to keep our customers calling us back year after year. this...

My Guy

Kansas City, Mo
Licensed and insured general contractor that does hands on remodeling

Myers Remodeling

Overland Park, KS
Remodeling and full handyman services

Natural Breeze Remodeling

1440 Wakarusa Dr.
Lawrence, KS
Natural breeze remodeling is a full service residential and commercial construction firm...

Near at Hand Design . Plan . Organize

2600 Lazy Brook Ln
Lawrence, KS
Since 1985 - serving lawrence, kc and metro areas. member asid, nkba, phi kappa theta

Nebraska Furniture Mart

1601 Village W Pkwy
Kansas City, KS
There’s a reason we offer more than 185,000 appliance and electronics items, 85,000 home...


Leawood, KS
6 employees. no subs. cost determined by the job. no travel charges. extra charge after-hour...


10674 WIDMER
Lenexa, KS
Cost determined by the job.

Northland Management & Construction, LLC

5617 Meadow Lake St.
Kansas City, MO
We offer full remodeling services in the kansas city area insured & bonded free estimates

NuLOOK Custom Finishes

16406 W 156th Ter
Olathe, KS
Additional dba - allen's specialty coatings.

O'Dell Installations LLC

12210 Augusta Dr
Kansas City, KS
Supply and professional installation of countertops and appliances. we install solid surface...


Kansas City, KS

One Stop Decorating (Greater Kansas City Area)

12611 W 62nd Ter
Shawnee, KS
We are your one-stop source for all your interior design and home décor needs, including...

Oread Fine Finishes LLC

4000 W 6th St
Lawrence, KS
Local small business based out of lawrence, ks; the majority of projects are done by me, my...

Owen Homes

PO Box 365
Smithville, MO
Our mission is to become the most reputable construction firm in the northland by offering a...

Painting by Eber faux finishe&more

Shawnee, KS
Self employed, sub-contractor,free estimates,insured. i do love what i do. i'm...


2108 W 27TH
Lawrence, KS
We are a full service floor covering store providing custom installation and design service....


Overland Park, KS
Residential and commercial; brick, block, stone, concrete & snow removal services.

Peak at Home Kitchen Remodeling & Showroom

47 Central
Kansas City, KS
Peak at home takes pride in offering premium quality products and services. our expert staff...

Perfection Tile and Remodeling

11420 Manchester Ave
Kansas City, MO
We are a family owned company with over 25 years experience in home construction and...

Pioneer Homes

709 S. Sunset Dr.
Olathe, KS
Pioneer homes is a full service home remodeler. founded in 2007, pioneer homes consists of...

Precision Contracting & Development, Inc.

Lawrence, KS
We are a small locally owned & operated company specializing in kitchen & bath remodels, whole...


Kansas City, MO

Precision Countertops

13635 Leavenworth Rd
Kansas City, KS
We are a christian business that you can count on for your new laminate or solid surface...

Preferred Contracting Systems

2012 W 104th St
Leawood, KS
Bathroom remodeling & metal roofing contractors

Presko Custom Homes LLC

P.O. Box 11115
Kansas City, MO
Full service home remodeling and repair north of the river in kansas city area for over 20...

Pride Landscape & Interiors LLC

16738 Ingalls St
Gardner, KS
With 2 talented crews, pride is able to provide services for both landscape and remodeling...

Pro Paving & Sealcoating

Grain Valley, MO
An all purpose construction & contracting company who takes pride in not just our work, but...

prolific home design

516 NE Knox St
Blue Springs, MO
Prolific home design specializes in all home remodeling and repair needs. we offer 24/7...


5920 nall Avenue, ste 304
Mission, KS
Project solutions kansas city (pskc) is an interior surfaces contractor. we specialize in all...


PO Box 487
Louisburg, KS
Cost is determined by the job.

R Fears Company Incorp

7123 Cleveland Ave
Kansas City, KS
I use contract labor but laborers that have contracted from me for years.


13216 winchester
Grandview, mo


Grandview, MO
We are a small friends and family business. between us we have several years experience in...

Rasmus Custom Design and Remodeling, INC.

14254 W 156th Ln
Olathe, KS
Rasmus custom design and remodeling, inc. is a full service remodeling company. we can assist...

Re-Build LLC

302 E Park St
Olathe, KS
Re-build llc, a general contractor for the kansas city area. we are a full construction...

Refined Remodeling

7223 W. 72nd St.
Overland Park, KS
We offer work in all areas of residential, as well as some commercial, specializing in...


1736 E Harold St
Olathe, KS
10 employees, uses combination of company installers and qualified subs for installations....

Reliable Remodelers

1517 N 25th St
Kansas City, KS
We are a small buisness that is very experienced in what we do we are a jack of all trades...

Remodel Masters

13225 S. Foxridge Dr.
Olathe, KS
Remodel masters specializes in residential & commercial remodeling.

Renaissance Remodeling LLC

15302 W 121st Terrace
Olathe, KS

Renovation MD

2040 W 31st
Lawrence, KS
Our people make the difference! residential md is a group of skilled professionals who are...

Renovation Pros

2325 W. 85th Terrace
Leawood, KS
Kitchen and remodeling can be easy and affordable with renovation pros. by using all solid...


111 W 80TH ST
Kansas City, MO
3 employees. uses subs for plumbing & electrical. cost determined by the job. travel charges...

ReTouch Design-Build-Renovate

6025 Metcalf Lane, Suite 310
Overland Park, KS
Retouch works to help our clients improve their living and working spaces. we are client-based...

Richards Carpet & Tile

967 W Liberty Dr
Liberty, MO
We sale and install


Leawood, KS
4 employees. uses subs for flooring. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. lic...

Rj Custom Woodworks

6410 NE 69 Hwy
Liberty, MO
Female owned business. been in business for 28 years. additional contact: rj mcginnis.

Rock Solid Remodeling

5985 NW 48th St
Kansas City, MO
At rock solid remodeling we believe in quality, from the products we use to the service that...

Rock Solid Surfaces

145 Thornton Ln
Kansas City, MO

RocMan Rehabs Inc

PO Box 902069
Kansas City, MO
We are a small company with small company prices. we believe in treating our customer the way...

Roman Construction

329 Northwood Ln
Lawrence, KS
Roman construction is your complete home remodeling company. with services ranging from...

RWS Enterprises

6901 Park St
Shawnee, KS
Owner & operator by ray stillions.

Sampson Construction

PO Box 103
Dearborn, MO
We are very loyal to our work and to our costumers. we guarantee that you will be satisfied...


9225 Farley St.
Overland Park, KS
I have designed this business to help people get projects done big or small. i offer a wide...

Segers Properties LLC.

7221 Troost Ave.
Kansas City, MO
How are you? my name is kenneth segers owner of segers properties llc. we consist of hard...


Olathe, KS


Smithville, MO
2 employees. no subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no service charges.

Shawnee Mission Builders

10662 Widmer Road
Lenexa, KS
For over 50 years, shawnee mission builders has been proud to serve the residential remodeling...

Signature Residential Concepts

1416 Hanover
Independence, MO
Utilizing a team of skilled employees from a wide range of specialties, src has been in...

Signature Solid Surfaces Inc

1403 N Jesse James Rd
Excelsior Spg, MO

Smith Independent Property Management LLC.

Independence, MO
At smith independent property management llc. our mission is to strive for excellence by...

Snyder Homes Remodeling

4723 Black Swan Dr
Shawnee, KS
What is design build? in a nutshell, it’s a one-stop shopping approach to remodeling. you...

Stamer Remodeling and Repair

Mission, KS
Stamer remodeling and repair was opened in 2008 after owner, ryan, worked with investment...


Overland Park, KS
Family owned & operated.


13600 W 107TH ST
Lenexa, KS

StoneBridge Group

Overland Park, KS
Interior finishing and remodeling. tenant finishing

Stonewood Granite

401 N. Action Rd
Odessa, MO
We are a small company that offers competitive pricing, free estimates, and an on-site...

Stylistic Tile & Stone LLC

Kansas City, MO
Tile stone granite construction remodel granite fabrication and installation. licensed and...


Overland Park, KS
Flooring- (carpet, wood, vinyl, and laminate flooring, stone and tile, counter tops) paint-...

Suburban Home Services

312 E. 78th Terrace
Kansas City, MO
Remodeling, renovation & restoration contractor. home maintenance, improvement, emergency...


9600 DICE LN
Lenexa, KS
Sun marble is a family owned business located in lenexa, kansas,specializing in natural stone...

Superior Refinishing Systems Inc

717 S Willis St
Independence, MO
Award winning. owner operated. no subs. cost is determined by the job. additional dba - srs -...

Superior Tile & Stone

8 Hillside Dr
Archie, MO
We specialize in marble granite ceramic and porcelain tile installations. we give free...

Surface Chief

PO Box 4113
Overland Park, KS
Surface chief offers quality refinishing services that can solve all of your surface dilemmas...

Sutherlands Lumber (Kansas City & Harrisonville)

4000 Main Street (Home Office)
Kansas City, MO
Locations: olathe, ks 1120 e. santa fe street olathe, ks 66061 // north kansas city,...


Leawood, KS

The Kitchen Place

7732 E Central Ave
Wichita, KS
For over 65 years we have successfully exceeded the client’s expectations in constructing...


Liberty, MO
Mailing address:9122 n. booth ct. kansas city mo 64157.

806 Sharon Dr
Westlake, OH
Cost is determined by the job. delivery charge applies. no service fees. may contact through...

TMC Painting

5111 NE 45th St
Kansas City, MO

TNG Field Services

PO Box 410352
Kansas City, MO
Tng is a full service remodler. tng employes fifteen highly skilled professionals. the...

Toby Heath Construction And Handy Services

Independence, Mo
We are a construction and handyman company

Top Master

2844 Roe Lane
Kansas City, KS
For 30 years, our mission at top master has always been to be regarded by our customers as the...


Lees Summit, MO
Owner operated. no subs. charges a flat rate. no travel charges. no service fee. no extra...

Top That, Granite Countertops

1200 S Payne St.
Olathe, KS
Top that offers only the highest quality in custom granite countertops coupled with industry...

Total Home Care Services

9641 Lackman Rd
Lenexa, KS
Owning your own home is one of the great joys in life, but it takes time, money and expertise...


1205 dunwich
Liberty, MO
Reliable, honest carpenter with 15 years experience in remodeling and handyman services ready...


PO BOX 22758
Kansas City, MO
Owner operated. uses subs for larger electrical, plumbing & roofing jobs. no travel charges....

Twin Oaks Remodeling & Services Inc

PO Box 23306
Overland Park, KS

Unique Stone Concepts

9801 Commerce Pkwy
Lenexa, KS
Unique stone concepts, llc is a full service importer of natural stone slabs, with warehouses...

Unique Tile

1364 N Kelly Avenue
Nixa, MO
We are an importer & distributor of designer oriented glass, porcelain, ceramic, and stone...

United Cabinets

10714 W 115th Pl
Overland Park, KS
Cabinets built out of the best materials money can buy. no particleboard! only quality...

United Restoration Services

25 North Tremont Street
Kansas City, KS
We are a small family owned business operation also united restoration is a full restoration...

Uttley Construction

120 S Darrowby Dr
Raymore, MO
*finally a qualified person that does it all* i am my only employee, so i can complete all of...

Van Cleave Construction

508 S 5th Street
Saint Joseph, MO
We provide complete home remodeling including interior and exterior projects. we have a very...

Van Pelt Contracting

7280 NW 87th St
Kansas City, MO
Kansas city general contracting firm van pelt contracting is a full service general...

VanBuskirk Construction

801 NE Holliman Ln
Lees Summit, MO

Verde Concrete Solutions

7710 Haskins
Lenexa, KS

Victory Cleaning Systems

10667 Widmer
Lenexa, KS
Victory cleaning systems, located in kansas city, is a professional company that performs high...

Volkert Construction LLC

Kansas City, MO
General contracting and remodeling construction. serving small repair and handyman jobs to...

Weichert Tile & Stone LLC.

10028 W 86th Terr
Overland Park, KS
Small operation that focuses on quality tile installations to last a lifetime.

Wendt Construction

Leavenworth, KS

Wholehouse Flooring

13440 Holmes Rd
Kansas City, MO
We are a full service flooring company. we sell and install carpet, tile, natural...

Wilson Custom Construction LLC

6918 W 153rd St
Overland Park, KS
A construction company that will exceed your expectations. we started this company with one...

Wine Cellar Specialists

4421 Cedar Elm Circle
Richardson, TX
Wine cellar specialists works with homeowners, contractors, restaurants, hotels, wine stores...

Young Remodeling

P.O. Box 414864
Kansas City, MO
Young remodeling is a whole house remodeling company. we focus on three main categories in a...

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