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Darrell T.
"It was a pleasure to work with
and his staff from beginning to end. They were all very helpful through the entire process. Bill did the cad drawings with input" from us on the type of layout we were looking for. He was excellent to work with through this part and provided several drafts until we were all in agreement with the final plan. The cad drawings were very valuable in this process and provided very detailed images of exactly what would be built. Once the final design was ready,
worked with our schedules to develop a work plan which included coordinating with a wood floor refinisher.
and Bill maintained excellent communication through this entire process and kept us well informed concerning when they would arrive each day and any schedule changes that occured. The cabinets and finish turned out exactly as planned. We had new appliances installed and again
worked out the scheduling for each step to make each step flow smoothly. We were very satisfied with
the electrician who did all of the electrical work and worked out all technical issues to provide all
outlets and switches for the backsplash and Island. Custom touches like a power charging station in one small Island cabinet provided nice functional extra touches. Undercabinet and hutch lighting was all
lighting with dimmers that provide excellent light for all occasions.
did an excellent job of staying within budget, providing excellent customer service, and really caring about doing the best job possible! We would highly recommend them for any kitchen remodeling project and would not hesitate to ask him first for any future cabinet projects we may have. Our kitchen looks like it came right out of a high end magazine now and it not only looks good, but works even better.
Rated by
"They were suppose to be managing my property in
City, but did nothing except send bills for the management fee. They did not collect the rent for 9 months and" only sent me $300 for one month. They didn't even know the tenant wasn't paying any rent until I contacted them to ask why I had not received any payments. Since payments were suppose to go to my
account I did not realize how badly they were performing their job. They have been unresponsive when I have left numerous phone messages. I figure they have cost me about $6750 in lost rent and have made no effort to correct the situation or provide a reasonable solution for their inefficiency. I have detailed some of the account with this property in my blog because this has been such a disastrous relationship. The situation is actually a little more complicated then described above, but their lack of responsiveness is the reason I felt compelled to write a review. They do not seem to be willing to accept any of the responsibility for the inefficiency of their actions. (If the tenant was paying, then they have a serious problem with their bookkeeping and possible embezzlement of funds.)
Rated by
Barbara B.
came out to give me a bid, I liked him and felt at ease with him. After talking about what I wanted he put the finishing touches on what I needed. His" crew did an excellent job and every evening before they left they made sure that the kitchn was cleaned and swept. My kitchen was really outdated with older cabinets, no backsplash and the counters being in the kitchen for over 30 years. .When the noise of sawing or driling started I had no problem with leaving the house. I just knew that everything would be okay and if they needed me all they had to do was call. To
and his crew, I want to thank you very much for the new kitchen, it looks bigger and much brighter. I would recommend
and his crew to anyone that needs to have their kitchen/bathroom remodeled. Thanks again and I love my new kitchen.

Local Articles in Kansas City

After: Refinishing the cabinets, adding backsplash and installing new appliances did the trick. (Photo courtesy of Angie’s List member Kevin B. of Lakeville, Minn.)

Cabinet Refinishing

Whether you're undertaking a large kitchen remodeling project or just want to liven things up, refacing your cabinets is a low-cost option. Refacing consists of covering the exterior surfaces of your cabinets with new veneers, moldings and hardware.

kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

Adding new kitchen cabinets, or refinishing or refacing the existing ones, can transform a stale and old-fashioned kitchen. Even those who aren't wishing to immediately sell their homes can find a significant quality of life improvement from updates to cabinetry, be it on a large or small scale. Read on to find out more about kitchen cabinet options, layouts and trends.

Winter guide
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Many higher-end home shoppers expect updated cabinets in a modern kitchen. (Photo by Luxury Home Solutions )
Remodeling - Kitchen & Bathroom, Cabinet Refacing/Restoration

From soft-closing drawers to creative storage options, these high-end kitchen cabinet features will appeal to home buyers and enhance value when remodeling.

Angie’s List member Michael S. of Middleburg Heights, Ohio, refaced his kitchen cabinets in 2012. “We thought all that we would get is our cabinets refaced, but we got a beautiful new kitchen that makes all of our friends say ‘Wow,’” he says.
Cabinet Refacing/Restoration

Angie responds to a member who is concerned about painting her kitchen cabinets. She explains that refacing and reglazing are two affordable options that can refresh the look of kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet refacing takes about half a day to complete. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Sindel)
Cabinet Refacing/Restoration

Cabinet refacing experts say the project offers the appearance of an updated kitchen without the cost of a full-scale remodel.

Inspiration & Ideas

double-bowl stainless steel sink
Clean lines used for a modern white bathroom remodel
Tacky turned traditional - fresh paint and coutertops gives an upscale refresh
Full bathroom gut and remodel yields modern, white, clean design
Contemporary kitchen with aqua glass backsplash, stainless steel, and solid wood cabinets makes kitchen the envy of the neighborhood
The natural stone backsplash was torn out and replace with a stylish new glass backsplash.

Angie's Answers


Not really.  If the contractor is very careful and you are really lucky he might be able to pull them out and then reinstall them after the new cabinets are installed.  A lot of this will have to do with how well the counters were installed in the first place.  Also, the existing countertops may not line up with the new cabinets exactly in some areas as well as they do now.  The better option is to have the cabinets refaced, leaving the boxes and tops in place.  Unlless you have deteriorating particle board cabinets you should be able to get a carpenter to do this.  If you decide to remove the countertops and install new cabinets factor in new tops and be pleasantly surprised if they can be reinstalled afterall.  Realize you probably won't find a contractor willing to gurantee not damaging the tops.  If you do, dig in and research him well.  He likely doesn't have enough experience.


Todd Shell

Todd's Home Services

San Antonio, TX

IF dirty enough to make for a musty odor, then paint won't stick to them properly anyway. Paint is not your solution - you probably need a Deep Cleaning. Try to pin down what types of smell it is - if damp, mildewy; rotten food; or musty fabric - will help guide you to the source maybe. Another thing to do is keep all doors closed for a full day when outside temp is such that furnace and A/C can be turned off - then walk around the house, sniffing - preferably with 2 people - and see if one room is the major contributor. I have played this game, and found all the following as sources of musty smells: 1) linen in a closet without ventilation going slightly mildewy 2) water leak in walls or floors enough to cause mold but not drywall staining or visible water 3) carpets needing cleaning 4) water leak in bath or kitchen leaking under floor, causing mold there which is not pronounced in smell because under the flooring 5) attic mildew/mold from leaks or moisture condensation on insulation/wood 6) moldy plants outside - left in garden/flower bed in fall, so rotted in winter/spring 7) clothes in closets touching outside wall, so in very cold weather acted as insulator and let freezing front come to inside of wall, causing frost and moisture to buildup there from the inside moisture, eventually causing mildew/mold (same process as condensation/ice on inside of windows with curtains over them) 8) failure to clean behind kitchen appliances and under sink, or under washer/dryer/dishwasher at least when repaired or changed out 9) heavy lint accumulation in bathroom fan going mildewy 10) grease trap in kitchen exhaust fan never cleaned 11) washing machine going moldy - run a cycle of towels or such with bleach and Borax 12) the number one cause I have found - clothes stacked in closets or hope chests or such for decades get very musty even if clean and ventilated

     As long as the counter is big enough Corian is one of the easier ones to work with. Since it does not have the ground or crushed stone that some of the other material have you can work with normal woodworking tools. A saw with a fine tooth carbide blade and a professional grade router with the proper shaped carbde bit can be used if the edge needs finishing. A belt sander helps on cuts also. The only problem you might have is if you need the joint kits for seaming as I dont think you can buy them.

     When Corian first came out I could buy the slabs and fabricate my own tops and then Dupont went to a certified distributor system and would no longer sell to those of us that had been working with it for years. I will admit that they did have reasons for this as not all that were working with the product were doing it right.




Cabinet Refacing reviews in Kansas City


I was very pleased to cross all the above things off my "honey do" list. These repairs were long overdue but not something that I could do myself.
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
and his associate were pleasant, efficient, explained as they worked. He found that he could just replace the pull cord light switch on a ceiling fan in an upstairs room and that I did not need to replace the entire fan. I was then able to return the new fan that I had bought. This also applied to the ceiling fan in my bedroom... which was really good as I did not wish to replace that one because I really liked the style and globe.
I ran out of chores a little short of the time allotted (I allowed time for an old ceiling fan to come down and to have a new one put up). but will start a new list and have him return.
I will also contact him re: bigger projects to be done.

- Carol P.

The job started well and they came in and laid down protection on the carpets and the job was cleaned up each day. We were ask throughout the job how we felt it was going and if we had any comments. Yes we did and we made some changes which were handled very smoothly. They stayed on the job throughout once started until it was finished. We are very pleased with "KB
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
" and are planning our next job with them in mind.
- Charles M.

We had visited the the big box stores,cabinet manufactures and had got some estimates from another high end supplier but were not convinced of whom to use, most of them could not provide everything that we required. We would need a lot of subcontractors to get everything done. I had worked in a cabinet shop so i know the building processes, woods and quality of work. I found
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
listed in the phone book with an address and phone number. I decided to visit his shop on a Saturday to see his shop and discuss our project. He has a great shop with all the necessary tooling and finish area to get a quality job done correctly and efficiently. He provided us with a file of photographs from previous jobs and a list of references to call and we called them. We also visited one of the references to inspect his work. His work is outstanding and his references were all very positive. Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail!
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
was always ready to tackle any of our remodeling issues with skill and accuracy, often making our plans work where they seemed impossible or suggesting a better design or plan that was perfect for our home. Our choice of cabinet finish was an antique white with gazing details-much harder to achieve than a normal wood finish. He accomplished this perfectly. He built new cabinets for our kitchen and refaced one base cabinet. his special detail included a floor to ceiling pull out pantry and under counter large mixer storage with a spring loaded lift to bring the mixer to counter top level. A man of many talents, ( not just cabinetwork ) he installed under counter
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
lighting, spectacular ! He also installed many
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
ceiling lights in our kitchen and family room. A wall was removed to bring our family room and kitchen into one large open area. Also an entryway was relocated to accommodate our new refrigerator. Removing the wall between the kitchen and family room necessitated even more wiring and moving of electrical outlets and switches. All this was done with great care and ease.
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
installed hardwood flooring throughout the kitchen and family room area plus a stairway going to the garage. Our friends and family say it is the most beautiful floor they have ever seen!
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
painted the kitchen walls and removed the 1970's popcorn ceiling finish in the kitchen and family room, and installed a knockdown finish. Another project he handled with ease and perfection. He installed all of our new appliances and plumbing for the sink and faucet. He also installed a new gas line for our new gas range top.The granite counter tops he provided and installed are the highlight of our kitchen-along with his artistic work on the natural stone on the walls behind the sink and range top.
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
is very skilled in many areas of construction which makes for one stop shopping for any remodeling project. No waiting for or worrying about quality of sub contractors.We are also having
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
replace our circuit breaker panel witch has caused us problems.
We would be happy to recommend
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
for any remodeling project.
- Stephen W.

Everyone we consulted was stumped by what finish our cabinets had. It was apparently unique to the original builder. My wife had gone so far as to track the builder down to his retirement home in Florida. No help.

We were really stumped and resigned to having to list our house with this obvious flaw. But then we called
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked

She asked a lot of questions, did a ton of research and when she went to work she matched our odd stain perfectly. There is no way to tell the original from
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
's work. She was amazing. There is just no other word for it. We were ecstatic and our realtor was incredulous. It is truly remarkable what she was able to do.

Best of all we will be able to turn our house over to the buyer with the knowledge that they have great cabinets that will do the same service for them as they have for us.
- Richard S.

We were having our house fixed up in preparation for selling it. Mr.
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
performed a number of repair/remodeling/installation tasks as determined by us and our realtor. His work ranged from flooring to electrical to plumbing to general repairs of all kinds. He was efficient, reasonably priced, very friendly, prompt and reliable. We found his work to be excellent, and it worked like a charm. The house sold in just a few weeks.
- Don D.

Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
is easy to work with and a perfectionist in his work. He gives you your money's worth. I will call him again for big and even small jobs in the future.
- Sandra W.

We had been wanting to update our cabinets for several years and when we met
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
at the home show, his experience and knowledge of cabinets made that possible.
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
immediately contacted us and guided us through the process. We decided to renovate the kitchen and four vanities, keeping the house standard throughout. We felt the renovation would add to the value of our home and we could enjoy the upgrades as long as we lived here.
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
's estimate was his final cost with no add-ons or surprises.
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
removed the doors, secured and aligned our cabinet boxes as he prepared to hang the new cabinet doors. The work was finished in a timely manner, starting and finishing each day promptly. All of the on-site work was completed in the garage or outside with very little dust inside the house.
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
had protective moving blankets on counter tops and floors which worked very well to keep the house clean and avoided scratches. We were not able to be home during the day and we felt comfortable leaving
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
and his workman in our home. They were clean, efficient and trustworthy.
I would definitely give
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
Kansas City Cabinet Refacers Provider Name Locked
my absolute approval. My kitchen and baths have a dramatic improvement - much more than we expected.
- Madonna J B.

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Blue Springs

Barlow Interiors, LLC

1233 E. Westerfield PL

Barry Craft Painting

16000 Harris Ave


7817 NW Pleasant Ford Rd
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Bradlech Construction LLC

16657 E. 23rd. St.

Brantley Construction

6617 W. 152nd Street

Breckenridge Builders Inc.

2315 W 104th Terrace

Brown Painting

517 Regina Ct

BW Quinn Painting

4740 W 61st St


Blue Springs

Cambridge Cabinetry

6800 W 180th St

Chris Hooper Construction

28806 Hala Lane

Ckt Painting Inc

8900 Haskins Street

Complete Custom Cabinets

2316 N Six Mile Church Rd

Cooper Home Concepts

6026 Euclid Ave
Kansas City

Countertop Solutions

1314 Erie
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Cox and Company LLC

20600 E. Courtney Atherton

Dahmer Construction Services

703 Blue Ridge Blvd.

David's Fine Finishes

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Blue Springs

Dream Stone Creations

PO Box 28171
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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

13775 Wagon Pass Rd
Platte City

DTA Painting LLC

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24100 Arnoldsville Rd.

Faux Worx

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Fine Line Painting

9613 E Truman Rd

First General Services of Kansas City

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Blue Springs

Fivel L Painting and Remodeling

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Four Seasons Sunrooms

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Furnari Custom Coatings

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Gleam Guard

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Glo Cabinets

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Golwitzer Construction

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GreenHousePainters llc

P.O. Box #270092
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Hammer Down

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Handyman By the Hour - Phil Overbay

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9716 W 132 St

Hupps Custom Cabinets

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Infinity Home Innovations

1001 NE 83rd Street
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Infinity Home Innovations

1001 NE 83rd Street
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Infinity Home Innovations

7905 N Broadway Ave
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J Bullard Company

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Oak Grove

Jackson's Trim Carpentry

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JC Casazza Rehab & Remodeling Co.

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305 Eagle Glen Ct

Joe Fletcher Painting

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JP Painting

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JSL Construction LLc

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7815 NW 74th St.
Kansas City

K.C. Custom Cabinets

18320 Prairie View Rd.

k.c.surface solutions

8503 schweiger court

Kansas City Refinishing

1800 Baltimore Ave, Suite # 431
Kansas City

Karl Ross Construction

702 Hawthorne Dr


3010 FourWheel Dr. Ste 1

KC Custom Home Concepts, LLC

1405 Meadows Ln

KC Renovation LLC

13122 logan lane

KC Wood

10651 Kaw Dr

Kearney Interior Exterior Painting & Repair

26411 92 Hwy
Excelsior Springs

keith halstead

13500 County Road E
Camden Point

Kiper Remodeling

2407 S 1st St.

Kitchen Pro

300 S Independence

Kitchen Solvers of Kansas City

6609 Royal St #111
Pleasant Valley

Lee Schmid Construction

22875 S Gardner Rd

Lodahl Professional, LLC

1407 E 24th Ave
Kansas City


109 14TH AVE N

Malnar Remodeling

7415 stearns

Malnar Remodeling

7415 stearns

Mark Walter Painting

Excelsior Springs

mark yancik construction co

508 nw manor dr
Blue Springs

Morrison Painting Inc.

1437 S Tomahawk Ln

Morrow and Son Renovations

22600 West 53rd. Place

Mr Remodeler

4163 NE Winn Rd
Kansas City

Mr. Fix It's Home Improvement

4627 NE 42nd St
Kansas City

Myspace painting

800 Lake dr


7709 W 155TH ST

Natural Breeze Remodeling

1440 Wakarusa Dr.


Lees Summit

Paint Pro Inc

6930 W 152nd Ter

Pioneer Homes

709 S. Sunset Dr.

Precision Countertops

13635 Leavenworth Rd

Premiere Custom Designs

20040 Edgerton Rd

Presko Custom Homes LLC

P.O. Box 11115
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Primetime Painting

17855 Highway B

Professional Coatings LLC

100 NE 88th Street
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Reliable Remodelers

1517 N 25th St

Renovation MD

2040 W 31st

Renovation Pros

2325 W. 85th Terrace



ReTouch Design-Build-Renovate

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Rick Peck Remodeling

328 E Nelson St



Royal Craftsmen

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Royal Manufacturing LLC

102 Port Arthur St.

RWS Enterprises

6901 Park St

Sampson Construction

PO Box 103

Samurai Woodworks

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9225 Farley St.

Segers Properties LLC.

7221 Troost Ave.
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Shamrock Cabinets

10201 E 65th St

Shawnee Mission Builders

10662 Widmer Road

Shumway Painting

515 SW 2nd St
Lees Summit

Spot on Painting

511 Sunset Lane



State of the Art

15954 S Mur Len Rd #234

Stevens Painting

6220 Hunter St
Kansas City


8911 W 64th Ter Apt 106

Stouder Improvements

5910 N Euclid Ave
Kansas City

Suburban Home Services

312 E. 78th Terrace
Kansas City

Summit General Contracting

205 E 1st street
Lees Summit

Superior Painting KC

672 S. Canyon Dr.

Surface Chief

PO Box 4113

Sutherlands Lumber (Kansas City & Harrisonville)

4000 Main Street (Home Office)
Kansas City

That K C Painter Guy

12109 Brickyard Rd P O Box 11901
Kansas City

The Cordry Group

10990 Quivira Rd Ste 130


806 Sharon Dr

Titan Interiors

14401 S. Darnell Street

TMC Painting

5111 NE 45th St
Kansas City

TNG Field Services

PO Box 410352
Kansas City

Tom Anderson Inc

11600 Flint St


1205 dunwich

Trendsetter Homes & Reodeling

8115 Shawnee Mission Prkwy

Uttley Construction

120 S Darrowby Dr

Wal-Star Painting

21804 Lombardo Ln.

Walker Painting and Wallcovering, Inc

5330 NW 87th Court
Kansas City

Walls By Macaluso

203 NE 70th Terrace


15621 W 87th St


Kansas City

Young Remodeling

P.O. Box 414864
Kansas City

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