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We had a horrible closing experience with our builder, real estate agent, title company, and lender. BUT...the only silver lining was our movers.
Movers are freakin' awesome. I won't get into the details about what happened with our closing, but briefly, we had to be out of our old house, within a couple days of our planned closing on the new house. So, schedules were tight, my wife and I planned everything down to the hour. Then it all went to crap. I had to re-schedule everything - including the movers.
was so easy to work with, sympathetic, and flexible.
Quality of work? Holy crap. These guys are beasts! I tried to help them, but I just couldn't keep up. When you're paying by the hour - speed is essential. But....they also took great care with our stuff. They wrapped everything with blankets and plastic. They made sure not to rub large items against walls and door frames.
We were not easy to work with. We ran them across town several times. But they took everything in stride.
Yes, we will use them again (hopefully we don't have to move for a long time). Yes, you should also use them.
- Angela J.

The guys were wonderful!!! Very professional. We had
S. as our movers and we could have asked for better movers. We have used movers in the past and had a very bad experience. We were very pleased with how these 3 guys worked, they had everything loaded within 45 minutes and they took care of our things.
Thank you, for restoring our faith in movers.
- Bill J.

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Moving reviews in Indianapolis


Where should I start?
Professionalism is extremely high with this company. I bought the Big Deal from this company and used their services for an additional hour. The three gentlemen that moved us,
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
, and
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
were outstanding. They worked tirelessly and were very professional throughout the whole move.
Work ethic with this company is fantastic. We experienced a wonderful torrential downpour for 2 hours of the move. The guys worked through it, covered our items with pads to keep them dry, and didn't skip a beat.
If you are looking for a moving company, there is no reason to look at any other moving company. They will take care of you from start to finish with extreme care for your belongings and help mitigate the stress from moving.
Thanks guys!
- Nick S.

Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
came out to give an estimate. Everything went great. We were going to have them come a day a head and pack everything before. He advised us it would save us money to do it all on the same day. We already had a lot of it packed up in boxes so the guys didnt have to do a lot, but it was still a pretty big job they had in front of them.
We did two different moves. First, we did a pretty small move, moving a bedroom and some other items into storage. in the same truck load, we moved a bedroom to East Indy.
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
- first move
Secondly we did a much larger move, with three large moving trucks. We have used this company three times on different moves, amazingly enough,
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
has been the leader of the moves every time. We love moving company and would use them again in a heart beat. The price was great and the movers worked very very hard. Little to nothing was damaged when moving, they took things apart and put them back together. This move took a bit longer then I think they had planned for. We felt really bad for the guys. They still kept a smile on and kept working very hard. The names of the moving crew we had:
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked

Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked

Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
Timbo - came to help later after he had already completed other moves for the day to help the crew out. The movers asked us if it was okay to bring another mover to help because this move very large.
I would highly recommend this company to any person.

- Josh A.

Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
showed up right on time and worked diligently all day--even moving a cast iron bathtub to my new house. I purchased a Big Deal, but in hindsight, I wish I would have purchased time with a larger truck and had it all done in one trip instead of two. Overall, the experience was good and very cost effective. I would hire them again.

Everything went great. Used the Moving Deal for $350 for 3 hours plus $140 extra per hour after that. The guys were timely, friendly, worked hard, and took care of our stuff. Would use them again.
- Mike B.

I had a very difficult experience with
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
Systems. What began as a nice relationship quickly turned sour over a three month period. I began receiving moving quotes in March for my move that was just over 1,000 miles. I liked the agent that came to my house to provide an estimate and
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
seemed to have the “least bad” comments written about them on various internet rating websites. I sent her over the signed documentation at the end of March and thought everything was pretty much done with until our moving date at the end of June. At the end of April she notified me that the price had
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
, which came as a shock to me because I am certain she told me when I sent her the signed documentation a month earlier that I had locked in the price. The price she quoted me at the end of April was somewhere between $4,300 and $4,600 (I
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
’t recall the exact number, it was communicated to me verbally). The original price was $3,949. When I asked her why it had
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
she said “that’s capitalism.” When I told her that we had a signed agreement she told me that the price can still rise but that she will discuss this with her manager because she was selling me the move with the AAA discount. Which was
accurate, I was getting a discount from my AAA membership. After discussing this with her manager over the next 24 hrs she got back to me with a new quote of $3,982, so approximately a $33 increase over the original price. While the less than 1% increase didn’t really bother me, in retrospect, I really should have viewed this as a bad omen of things to come.
On moving day, June 25th, the movers were supposed to show up between 8 am and 10 am. This was not an estimate, it is what I was told the night before our moving day by another representative that had been my primary contact with the company. The representative said they are typically there by 9 am. The 9 am comment was an estimate, the 8 – 10 am comment was not. The representative also communicated the 8 -10 am window a couple of weeks prior to this via email. At 10 am on moving day there was still no sign of the truck. I called the representative and she said she would look into it and get back to me asap. I received a call back from her in roughly 20 minutes. She claimed that the truck had broken down on the way to our house and that they were sending another truck out and it would be there in approximately one hour. At first when I heard this I was upset, we had a long drive ahead of us and had planned on being on the road by 1 pm. With the movers not supposed to be getting to our house now until roughly 11:30 am I knew this would be virtually impossible.
At 11:30 am there was still no sign of the truck and I began to sense that maybe they were not being completely truthful with me. I called the representative again and she said she would call me back and let me know. She ended up calling me back and putting me through with someone in operations. When I asked the gentleman why the truck was not at our house he said that the original one broke down on the road and that my primary contact over there never should have told me a new one would be there in an hour, that a new one had never been sent out. The conversation grew rather contentious at that point and he seemed to take offense with my anger. He asked me if I still wanted the company to send a truck out (in a
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
suggesting that he was doing us a favor or something and he didn't actually have to). I told him that we still wanted him to send a truck out asap. To his credit, he called me back about 30 minutes later and said they had a truck coming out and would be there in an hour. It was about 12 pm at that point so we were expecting it to get there around 1 pm. The truck showed up a couple of minutes after 2 pm.
The moving crew consisted of four gentlemen who were all very professional and did a great job getting all of our items into the truck and wrapping certain items (the more fragile ones) in blankets. I have no complaints regarding the crew at all. However, I did find it interesting that the leader of the crew said that
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
originally gave him the wrong address (one in Carmel, IN, about 30 minutes away from our home on the west side of Indianapolis) and that’s why they were late getting there.
We had a delivery spread which ran from June 30 to the middle of
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
. There was some communication that had taken place via email. On June 27th I reached out to our primary representative via email (after my voicemail to her after the movers left on June 25th had never been returned) and she told me it was tentative but it looked like our delivery date would be
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
2nd. The fact that it was still tentative at that point was fine, we were told that we would not know for certain until 48 hrs before, she had mentioned this multiple times. She said the driverwould call us and let us know when they would be there and it couldn’t be less than 48 hrs notice. On
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
1st, I received a voicemail from her stating that the driver would be there the following day between 8 am and 10 am. This lack of 48 hrs notice really didn’t adversely affect our schedule so much but it was just the continuation of poor communication from them that bothered me.
I called her back shortly after and she asked for me to make payment and I asked her what kind of discount we would be receiving for having to deal with all of this (primarily the truck being extremely late to pick us up). She told me that we would not be receiving any discount as they showed up that day. I mentioned that they showed up four hours late and she didn’t seem to think that should matter. She didn’t even offer an apology, in fact, nobody from the company ever offered an apology. I then asked to speak with the manager there and she said he was in a meeting but she would have him call me back.
I received a call back from the manager in about an hour. When I went over everything that went wrong he just attempted to discount everything I had just said as if I had no idea what I was talking about. He said we should have been happy that they moved us out on the actual move date and that they were delivering us in the early part of our spread. He also said they were not obligated to pick us up between 8 am and 10 am, a clear contradiction to what two other representatives of the company had told us. Also, when I asked him about why the truck was late he stated that it was having mechanical issues and never left their location that morning. This is where things really got interesting. The two other representatives I was in contact with on the day of the pickup both said that the truck broke down while on the way to our house. Now here was there manager stating that the truck never left the location of their business at all. I knew this didn’t smell right and there was something they were not being clear about. When I told him that’s not what the other representatives told me on our moving day, he said “Are you calling me a liar?” At this point I quickly realized that I was not having a discussion with a very mature or professional
individual. I was absolutely dumbfounded by his audacious behavior. To think that a manager (someone I perceived as being “higher up” within the organization) would speak to me like this was shocking. I told him that I was very dissatisfied with the service I received from his company and that I would never deal with them again and to put me through to the other representative so I could make payment and be done with this horrible experience.
Now, I understand that trucks breakdown at times. I will admit that I was skeptical at first when my primary contact at
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
told me this on our moving day, especially after all of the horror stories I had read about moving company experiences. However, the fact that it broke down (according to the two representatives I spoke with that day) and
there was not a viable contingency plan in place really made me even more skeptical about what they were telling me.
After I was told by the manager at the company six days later that the truck never left their place of business (inconsistent with the prior story of it breaking down on the way to my house) I knew I was being lied to. My guess is that they overbooked and because we were a smaller load (around a 1300 sq ft home) we were just simply bumped to later in the day and this was never communicated to us
My suggestion is to be very careful when dealing with moving companies, this one in particular. I would actually avoid moving companies if at all possible as I simply
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
’t think they are worth the trouble. Many times these companies will underestimate your moving cost to get you to sign on with them and then notify you of the increase in price much closer to the moving date when it’s really too late to make any changes. The real problem is at the end of the day they really hold all of the leverage as
they have all of your valuables. If there is any sort of disagreement they can simply refuse to deliver. It is scary, but in reality that’s how it works. Now I’m sure you could threaten them with litigation but how practical of an option is that? You really just want your stuff and to move on in your new location and they are very aware of that.
On the dropoff day (
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
2nd) everything went well. Two gentlemen showed up and were very nice and hard-working and I had no complaints with them at all.
- Peter M.

Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
were fast and hardworking, yet took care with our possessions. We needed additional time, and they offered a few extra hours at a reasonable price to finish up. Thank you for making our move that much easier! Just as a side note, this deal
is best for a one room apartment or studio.

- Vicky M.

I bought a $199 coupon for 2 guys, 1 truck, for 3 hours, purchased about 3 days before the move. I called to make sure they could schedule on just a few days notice, and they set up a time with me on the phone, and also emailed confirming the purchase and our appointment.
On the day of the move, they called about 2 hours beforehand to let me know they were running a little late due to an accident on the freeway; I appreciated the heads up and it did not upset our schedule, since we were moving in town and did not need to be out of our house that day.
Once they arrived, they took quick stock of what was in the house, and started moving. I was a little nervous about the size of the truck at first, but they got almost everything in. Since the new place was only 10 min away, they asked if I minded them taking two trips, which I did not. They were very careful unloading and took care not to damage or dirty the hardwood floors in the new place. We initially had only planned for them to move the larger, heavy furniture, but after seeing their speed, I asked if I could buy an extra hour of time (for $70) and have them move some more. They agreed, and I got almost all of my house moved in one day.
The assistant didn't speak hardly any English, but that wasn't ever a problem. They were both cheerful and I'd hire them again.
- Alan S.

I've used other movers in the past, but a friend recommended
Indianapolis Movers Provider Name Locked
so I thought I'd give them a try. The truck actually arrived a little early and the guys were great. They said they were just there to work so whatever I needed, they'd do. And they did, moving all my stuff between my new house and a storage unit. They were polite, courteous and never complained. Great to work with!
- Teri B.
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