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I called to get a repairman out and the first vendor they had to call me did not service window units( after I told them that is what my issue was) the 2nd vendor came out a week later and stated he needed to order a part that would be take a few days to come in, well I am still waiting!! But he did not hesitate to take my $75.00 service call fee. when I try to call the vendor, the phone won't let you leave a message. I have called AHS at least 4 times since May and each time have asked to speak to a supervisor and each time they refused, insisted they could resolve the issue. Well obviously they can't ! my last call was on 06/30/2014 they insisted that the vendor would call me within 10-20 minutes. I am still waiting on that call. I am so frustrated. Please do not use this company for your home warranty. the customer service is terrible and obviously they don't screen their vendors very well either.
- Tammy J.

1) Friday
27 our HVAC system compressor stop working. ( Houston 90 + degrees )
2) we called
to schedule an emergency service but they didn't because technically we do have 2 AC systems in the house ( independent from each other but not dimensioned to serve the whole house ).
3) We did reschedule with the contractor for Tuesday morning between 11 to 3 p/m
4) On tuesday morning the contractor left a 5 second voicemail at 10:44 a/m on my phone saying he was on his way when we did ask clearly to contact my wife.
5) at 11:20 he called my wife saying that he was at home, nobody was there and he would charge the service fee of 59$
6) My wife did contact me and than I did see the voicemail but no attempt of calls, I might have been in a no reception area.
7) I did contact
to try to solve the situation and the answer is that a 5 second voicemail is all it takes to charge the service call.
8) I did contact oueguard again getting the same answer, at least they all read the same book.
9) I sent an email request ( can't do it over the phone ) to cancel the warranty contract. 50$ for breaking the contract early.
As cliff notes:
the company provided by
for the call is not even on angie's list but is on yellow pages
and reading the reviews, it's scary.
I did used
before and I had mixed feelings on the contractors they tend to use...
one quoted me 6000$ to replace my A/C system ( the other one ) and more than 800$ to replace the fan motor with all the "Scare tactics" that everything will fail soon.... than finally at the 3rd time they sent a guy that did a good job.
Same for a plumbing issue that did cost me more than hiring a professional.

- Matteo I.

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Home Warranty reviews in Houston


We have used Old Home Republic as our home warranty company for several years and until recently, have been very pleased. The contractors that have come out to our house have been very professional and knowledgeable, and they fixed the issues. However, in late December 2013 while we were on vacation, our pool service notified us that there was a problem with our pool heater. It was not functioning. This was important because our city was experiencing its coldest winter in years, and temperatures were headed toward the freezing point. Once we returned home, we contacted Old Home Republic. We had previously upgraded our account to include pool equipment and noted that the pool heater was covered. On January 11, 2014, a pool repair service selected by Old Home Republic came to our home. They were not driving a company-identified vehicle nor were they wearing company attire. They simply said who they were and we reluctantly allowed them into our back yard to examine our pool equipment. They stated that the heater was not getting any power, and that the model of our heater was historically problematic. They recommended replacing it, which is covered by our Old Home Republic plan. The two men left, promising to do some research, to make sure our plan covered the heater replacement, and said they would be back in touch in a few days. They did not present us any paperwork of their findings nor did they charge us the $75 service-call fee. On January 22, we still had not heard anything from this pool repair company, so we called them directly. The receptionist said the technicians had been doing research and would have to call us back. I told the receptionist we just wanted to go ahead with the heater replacement and she said they would have to come back for another evaluation, and for that I would need to call Old Home Republic. So I did. I asked Old Home Republic if this company, which had already evaluated the heater as needing replacement, could simply replace the heater;
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
granted us a waiver of the typical process. So I called the company back and spoke again with the receptionist. We decided on a date and time. I asked to be called a half hour ahead of the technicians’ ETA. That time passed with no call, so I called the company again. The receptionist informed me that because Old Home Republic had not endorsed the pool replacement directly with the company, she had not scheduled the appointment. I called Old Home Republic. It was now late January, the weather was getting cold again, and our pool heater was still not working. I asked that someone else be sent to evaluate our pool heater. Two days later, another company came. The technician verified that the pool heater had no power running to it and noted that there were lots of leaves around the bottom of the heater. (Well, our city has a lot of oak trees, which shed twice a year.) After the technician presented the invoice with his findings and the $75 service-call fee, I paid him. He said he would do some research on parts and would be back in touch soon. As he was walking toward his truck, he casually mentioned that there was a squirrel’s nest inside the heater. We both laughed as we reconciled that the squirrel thought the heater was working and found out that it was not. A few days later, I had not heard from this company. I called and left several messages, emails as well, but did not hear from this company again. I called Old Home Republic to report this. They said they had heard from the company, who reported that the heater had been damaged by vermin and therefore could not be replaced by our Old Home Republic plan. This was very different from the impression the man had left with me. We then received a bill from Old Home Republic for the $75 the first company had failed to charge us. We noticed that the bill came from
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
and not the actual company. I believe that the first company was not going to charge us because short of coming out to look at the equipment, they had not followed through or done any real work. However, Old Home Republic called them to ask them what their diagnosis was, and once that happened, the bill came. I called Old Home Republic and said I didn’t feel we should pay this because the technicians were not wearing company attire, didn’t drive a company vehicle, and had not presented us any paperwork prior to leaving our property. The Old Home Republic representative said we owed the fee nonetheless. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who refused to waive the fee. Still with no pool heater working, I researched the company who had built the pool (for the previous owner of our home) and asked for their service technician to come over and examine the heater. A couple of days later, he did so. Within 20 minutes of his arrival, this technician had our pool heater running. He noted that all he had done was ensure that all the wires in the control panel were connected, cleaned a few leaves out of the vent, and turned it on. He determined that the problem was a faulty switch, which he replaced with parts he had on his truck. His bill--$85. Old Home Republic had sent two companies to our home, one saying that the heater needed to be replaced (and would do further research and would contact us) and the other saying that he would have to do research on parts (but never contacted us and only casually mentioned that there was a squirrel’s nest but did not attribute the issue to that), and charging us $150 for these incorrect evaluations. Whereas a non-Old Home Republic technician evaluated and fixed the heater for $85. A second bill for $75 for the first pool company arrived from Old Home Republic. I contacted our attorneys with a copy of this bill and the story I have shared here. Our attorney in turn contacted Old Home Republic stating that we should not be charged the $75 service fee and in fact should be refunded the other $75 fee that the second company had charged, based on the incompetence of both pool service companies Old Home Republic had sent to our home. It is now June and we are receiving from Old Home Republic bills for the “delinquent” $75 along with notification our service could be suspended. We have not received any response from the company in reference to the correspondence submitted by our attorney, only bills for the $75. With one bill, we included a copy of the attorney’s letter as our response, but
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
’s only response is additional bills. After years of being pleased, we are very disappointed. Old Home Republic needs to remove the $75 fee for the incompetent service we received and refund us the $75 fee we paid for misdiagnosis. We have been researching Angie’s List for home-warranty options, and although we would like to stay with
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
, we are concerned that this issue has soured their ability to provide future service, and their lack of communication has left us completely in the dark.
- Dave M.

AHS called us promptly to let us know that the company "ARS Rescue Rooter" will be contacting us to set up appointment. We had to pay a $75 Service fee for something that the plumber didn't feel comfortable fixing . which is a fiberglass tub .The plumber LIED to AHS that the pipes were rusted even though he never looked inside the wall to see. We have PVC pipes! They sent another plumber from the same company to tell us the same.....I am sure they talked to each other before he came out. AHS handled my claim very poorly. I called them early the next morning to complain. I called 3 times in all. They kept waiting for the diagnosis to come in. They couldn't tell me how long they give a company to call in with a diagnosis. I had to wait over the weekend to find out while my drains kept dripping! This is a scam. I have to pay a $ 75 Service fee even though my claim was covered but because the Plumber didn't feel comfortable working with a Fiberglass tub. AHS need to check out their Contractors better. In the end AHS will give us a cash out of $220 which I have to subtract the $75 from. I already had my plumbing issues fixed through "ABACUS Plumbing" .They were great .They never said anything about my fiberglass tub. It was costly. $ 642. They also cleaned my drains for free. I will not renew this policy. Cost way to much for the Service you get.

- Nicole B.

Technician arrived within the specified window of time presented. Returned with the part needed for my problem. Technician was friendly, courteous and professional.

Serviceman was prompt (in fact early). He quickly assessed the problem and ordered the part necessary on Saturday. He returned Monday on time and took very little time to complete the repair. I am extremely happy most of the service I have received through
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
- Susan L.

I had an issue with the oven not heating. We called
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
and they dispatched a local company as soon as they were available. The service was prompt and informative. The company replaced the component once the part came through and all was within warranty, which was a$59 trip charge.
- Lorinda T.

I got the locks changed several months ago and everything went smoothly, though it was slightly more expensive than I had anticipated. Then this week, our oven had mot been preheating so
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
sent over a contractor who quickly diagnosed and
fixed the problem. While we were waiting for the test preheat, the appliance repairman also gave me some advice on a problem I had been having with my washing machine, that I think will help. I guess a Home Warranty provider is judged by the quality of its contractors, and I have been very pleased with both experiences. That is much better than some of the things I have read about other Home Warranty providers, so I consider myself lucky.
- Luke J.

Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
- Worst warranty experience EVER!
We had recently moved into a 20-year old home and received an
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
(AHS) warranty coverage package as part of the purchase. All of the kitchen appliances had been replaced within the past 12 months with Viking and Subzero appliances. We noticed that the soap dispenser in the dishwasher was not opening during the full wash cycle. We placed a service repair order with AHS on September 25, 2013. If you don't want the details (spelled out below) here is the end result: as of December 9, 2013 we gave up on AHS and purchased a replacement
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
dishwasher which has now been installed.
Here are the main "lowlights" of our AHS experience. AHS's contractor came out to diagnose the problem. He determined that a new soap dispenser was needed. The part was ordered and installed in about 2 weeks. Soap dispenser still did NOT open. AHS's contractor came out for a 3rd time and determined that the control board needed to be replaced. Another 3 weeks waiting for the part. It arrived and was installed. Soap dispenser still did NOT open. Contractor notifies AHS who decides that a 2nd soap dispenser must be ordered. Another 2 -3 weeks! Part is installed and still does NOT work. AHS decides to send a 2nd contractor. The technician arrives and determines that additional parts were needed. The technician says he will call the next day with an update. He NEVER calls. I call back 3 days later, and there is NO UPDATE available. They cannot find the parts. I call AHS and cancel the service order, and purchase at our own expense a new dishwasher (Not a Viking of course given this experience)

During this same time period our kitchen faucet begins to leak profusely. It was one of those with a high arch like a restaurant might have with a hose which had failed suddenly - although we have no idea why.

We placed a service order with AHS. Here we go again...
A technician came to the house and takes a few digital photos. He says this is a high end piece of plumbing that he is not familiar with. 5 days later he returns to take more photos. He returns a 3rd time to take out the faucet stem to ensure that he will order the right parts.The parts arrive and the technician comes to the house to install the new parts. WRONG PARTS! And these parts were ordered by the contractor AFTER taking out the faucet stem.
To add insult to injury, the technician calls a couple of days later to to tell me that he is on the way to our house. I was so excited. I asked him if he had the replacement parts for our faucet. He said "no"; he was coming to repair the leak in our ceiling. Note: WE HAD NO LEAK IN OUR CEILING. They were assigned by AHS to the wrong house.
During this time, we have NO kitchen sink water and no working dishwasher and Thanksgiving is approaching. I plead with AHS to just replace the faucet with another style. NOTHING. Just promises that everything will be addressed.
The week of Thanksgiving, we caledl our regular plumbing company who comes to our house the next day, assesses the situation, finds a faucet that meets our needs and installs it the same day. NO HELP FROM AHS!
During this time, we spent HOURS on the telephone being "stiff-armed" by telephone service staff. They were all well trained to continually apologize and tell the caller how he or she understood how we felt. Unfortunately, neither of my 2 AHS service calls were resolved by AHS or its contractors. The dishwasher repair was into its 3rd month and 6 technician visits. NEVER FIXED!
The kitchen faucet took 4 technician visits and over 5 weeks. NEVER FIXED!
We realize that AHS has to try to repair before they replace, but this is ridiculous. It feels like they go through the motions and drag things out knowing that customers will eventually give up and fix things themselves and never call again with a repair request. Somehow they get realtors or Title companies to encourage sellers to throw in home warranties to encourage the deals to close. But based on what we have seen, AHS should not be selected if you have another choice.
We will NOT renew our AHS warranty coverage when it expires. It was a total waste of the seller's money. And AHS compounded that by wasting our time by making us stay home and wait for contractors time after time - but did not ever fix the problems. The aggravation they caused was unnecessary and we would consider this whole thing an example of "among the worst ever" service experiences.
- Cynthia W.

Took too long to get the provider to begin the job, and, even if weather could have honestly been claimed to be the reason for the delay, there was no contact from the provider unless I called him or I communicated with the governing organization,
Houston Home Warranty Companies Provider Name Locked
. Did not begin the work until I was at home, after 4:00 PM, and finished about 8:00 PM (after dark).
The provider asked me if there was some place he could dump the broken concrete on my property after the job was over!! When I told him there was not, it took another hour for him to clean up the bigger portion of the debris.
Overall, not a great experience.
- Thom J.
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