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DJ was able to fit my schedule and budget. His work was really top notch and I'd recommend him to anybody needing cabinet work. He didn't try to charge me for the different styles and my kitchen looks really good now. He was busy when I called him and I had to wait before he could get to me but once he started, the flow continued timely until the job was done.
- Tony E.

I ordered $17,000 on new appliances with K&N (a Subzero fridge and GE Monogram Oven). Maybe I could have bought them cheaper elsewhere but wanted the installation done right the first time and thought K&N could do it given the good reviews for K&N Service.
So, here is what happened:
- The installation guys (who were very professional) got my old oven out and then told me that they cannot cut a large enough hole and say that I need to hire a cabinetmaker to make it fit.
- I told them that was fine, just take the new oven back and I would sort it out later. The fridge was installed and working so no problem there. I wanted to make sure I can modify my cabinet without massive remodeling before committing to the oven.
- They squirmed and obviously did not want to do it so I called the sales person,
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, who said that I cannot send it back - basically, the message was that I bought it, it is mine now. I pointed out that she was the one who was missed the size issue (she had checked it and believed it to be a close enough fit)
- I asked to talk with the manager. Of course he was not in.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
called and left a message at my office, not my number that I called from (even though she knew I was at home with the installers) saying that sure, they will take it back but there will be a restocking charge and I could take it up with her manager if I didn't agree. There was no, "what can we do to help" or "let us reschedule". Basically, my interpretation of their position was we have your money, not our problem, call the manager if you have a problem with that.
So, even without the message from them, I decided to keep the oven in the garage and deal with the sizing issue (even though. I would have bought a different oven if they had flagged the size issue correctly. I guess I will have to install it myself. I would rather do that than work with this company again.
I realize that everything does not work out but it costs very little little to make the customer happy. Most businesses seem to care about you but I did not come away with that impression of K&N.
- dan W.

I was preparing to sell my home and needed new kitchen
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
. I found some I liked at Home Depot and bought them. Challenge was trying to find a handyman or contractor who would install them so I could get my backsplash put in by my contractor. I literally spent 2 weeks trying to find an installer. On a Saturday evening while searching the net I came across
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, Inc and filled out the information form online of what I wanted done. At 0830 Monday a.m. I received a call from the company and they told me they could send someone out that afternoon to review with me in person exactly what I wanted done. The appt. was for 4:00. I rec'd a call around 3:30 from the rep who informed me he would be running about 30 minutes late. I really appreciated that call as I had several things going on at the time. He showed up at 4:30, we went over everything I wanted done including the cutting out of part of the countertop backsplash and reinstalling the kitchen sink. The appt. for installation was made for the very next morning. My niece was at the home during the installation and she said they were very professional, explained what they were doing and finished in a couple of hours. I had purchased the side panels for the
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
to cover the raw edges and although one
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
began to come loose after they left, my contractor taped it overnight and it was fine. If you want a quality job performed in a speedy timeframe for a VERY reasonable fee, this is the company to call. I was in a real
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
and they really bailed me out and the
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
look fabulous!
- Kelly S.

Not very professional. Made an appointment to give me an estimate in my home and did not show up. When I called he stated he had an emergency/too busy. Everyone has emergencies - but he should have at least called to cancel as I had a family member there waiting for him. When asked if he can reschedule he confessed he is too busy to take on additional work. If too busy/can't make appointments, then he should not be listed on Angies list (because that is a place where we are looking to hire people) and he should not have made the appointment with me in the first place.
- Monisha S.

Stopped by the showroom to look for cabinets for a hallway bath. Filled out a form for someone to call me for an appt. No one called for weeks. I gave them another try and called them and woman again took my name and number and again......no one called. Guess my 90" of cabinet wasn't enough for them but still should have called me back.
- Pamela R.

After 18 months of looking for a contractor we finally went with
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
. Reason being, we were literally able to "put" our hands on some of his previous work. Instead of just giving recommendations, he provided places to go! His prices were competitive, not to low, not to high. His contract was an easy read, protecting both parties. His payment terms were more than acceptable, wanting 50% / 25% / 25%, with the last 25% help until AFTER the punch list was finished. Did I mention he accepts credit cards as well? On starting the project his guys put protective paper on my living room wood floors, plastic over the bedroom carpets and plastic drapes over the doors, all to help protect from the demo. When doing the demo, they took very special care of the other flooring and did not run wheel
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
through the house, potentially hitting furniture and door jambs. We were so pleased with the bathroom that while here we had him do the woodwork and built ins in the master closet. I would recommend him!
- charles R.

Here's the short version: We hired
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
on the recommendation of a friend of our realtor. We needed the work done fast so we didn't really shop the job around. It started out well enough, but the inevitable delays dragged on and on. Some delays were surely unavoidable, others were directly a result of someone doing something wrong or failing to show up, or both. A job that was supposed to take "no more than six weeks" took almost four months, and more if you count the ongoing follow-up visits. In the end, we were treated respectfully throughout, the work was adequate but not outstanding, and we love our house.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
was responsive to our needs, easy to reach, and entirely trustworthy, from a human standpoint. But in the end, a general contractor can really only be judged on the quality of his trades, and in this case, the trades ranged from solid to awful. (Actual grade probably C+ or B-.)

Here's a longer version: It has taken me a while to write this in order to distance myself from what was a very difficult experience for my wife and me, in order to look at it all objectively.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, the owner, met us in May, just before we closed on our house, to discuss potential remodel options. We liked his ideas and he seemed trustworthy, and was highly recommended. We went with him. For whatever reason, we did not hear a single word from him in the ensuing five months, save for one email when things were getting really hairy.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, his son, was the point man.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
is a good guy - very friendly, very respectful and clearly cares about his work and his clients. It was just a little strange that we thought we hired
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
and got
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
. Ultimately, I don't think it mattered, but it felt like a bit of a bait and switch. But
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
treated us well - continues to, in fact - and I cannot complain too much on that end.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
worked hard with us to come up with a plan. It was a very complex job and required a lot of tweaks and creative thinking. I'll say now that we had never engaged in anything even close to this and quite literally had no idea what we were doing.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
was very patient with us and held our hands through a lot of very challenging decisions. His architect
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
up some plans, and that saved us, because his designs made so much more sense than what we were initially thinking. We're grateful for that.
The demo started in June and all seemed to be going smoothly. We made it clear from the beginning that the timeline was the most important part of the job. We were moving out of our current residence on a set date, and said all along that we needed to move in with the work completed. The timeline we were given would have allowed for about a two-week cushion. "No problem," we were told, time and again.
I don't recall exactly when things started to go wrong, but as we approached our move-out deadline, it became clear that the work was not going to be done in time. And yet, at every turn, we were promised it would 'definitely' get done. We held out hope until the very end, and by the time the original deadline passed, the house was utterly unlivable. No-shows, half-days, general lollygagging... all of this contributed to the delays. As our frustration mounted, it seemed the work only got done slower. This is all a part of the experience, I realize that now. But that was before things really started to go wrong.
I have to reserve a special diatribe for
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
's chosen plumber. He was awful - condescending, incompetent, lazy, worthless. There must have a been a full week where no other work got done because everyone was waiting on him, and he continued to no-show, and assign blame elsewhere. Or he would show up without any tools, and would leave again for several hours at a time. He lost the faucet we picked out for the tub. Once we had moved in to the house (while work was ongoing; we had no choice), he left the garbage disposal unconnected so a sink full of dishwater gushed onto the new laminate floors. He installed the shower head in the new marble tile so it aimed at my chest. He admitted he had never installed a washing machine before. One night - yes, night - he showed up with a younger fellow who was to help him, but then left him there to work, but with no tools, and went to do god know's what. FOUR HOURS later he returned, as his
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
was twiddling his thumbs in our living room, and may or may not have completed his work. This was at 10 PM. He was not finishing up some last-minute stuff. He was back again and again after that. Man, I could go on... Simply unbelievable.
Just the plumbing could be enough to write off this whole experience as a disaster. To his credit,
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
admitted that it was a mess. But if we're paying $55k, we should be getting the best they can find. It is unacceptable to give us some cut-rate a**hole to do such a substantial job. It's a KITCHEN and a BATHROOM. Maybe a respectable plumber would be a good investment. Almost unforgivable, and I'm getting upset just thinking about it.
Alas, there were other issues. The house came with the original wiring from the 20s, so there was a lot of work that needed to be done on that end. More than we expected, in fact.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
worked hard to present the job to the city in such a way that would not require us to rewire the house, even though we were upgrading the breaker box. Somewhere along the way,
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
convinced us that it would be too expensive to rewire everything. I know they were looking out for us, and our budget. It's hard to fault them there. But it would have been the smart thing to assume we were rewiring it all from the beginning, from a safety standpoint, a value standpoint and because if not then, when? We found out halfway through that the city was going to require a rewire, which delayed things for weeks because of the extra drywall, painting, etc. I'm glad we did it, I just wish
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
could have anticipated that we would have needed to do it regardless.
During the patchup work from the rewiring, someone hit a gas line in a wall. They ended up having to punch holes in already painted walls to find out where it was. We had already moved in by then. It was a mess, and obviously a dangerous situation. This is something else I blame on the plumber. We said from Day 1 that we wanted the antiquated gas lines removed completely. Not only did it take him forever to do it, he did a half-a** job when he finally got to it. He should have capped the gas line at the source, not a patchwork removal. We're lucky this didn't turn out worse.
There's more. The lights in the bathroom were installed crookedly and had to be redone. After they were redone, the lights did not clear the frame of the bathroom mirror, and the workers thought it would be OK to cut half-moon cutouts to make the frame fit. Also redone. The tiling in the bathroom is a little disappointing. It looks nice enough, but upon closer inspection there are numerous errors and what seems like sloppy work. It may have been hard tile to work with, but I believe it could have been installed better. The cabinets were well made but poorly measured. One of the drawers did not clear the
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
. They had to re-do it - twice. The painting of the cabinets was not great either. There are several little flaws, not really enough to get them back out to re-do it (we've had enough by now), but enough to shake your head. The granite counters have some sort of glue gunk on them that is difficult to remove and they don't seem terribly well installed either, but we can live with them.
Overall, the job was not very well organized. We had several antique doors that we wanted to re-use, but the door frames were not constructed in a way that would allow the old doors to fit (
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
took the blame for that and comp'd us new doors and knobs.) The trim we picked out for the kitchen sink didn't fit because the sink itself would not allow for it (forgivable, as
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
picked out the sink for us, and got a great price on it.) Other parts that were ordered were lost or didn't fit. Trades people came at inopportune times, and often left without doing any work because the previous trade was delayed (or, in the frequent case of the plumber, didn't show up.) Obviously this is the challenging part of being a contractor, but we were less than impressed with the execution of this crucial aspect.
When the time came to reconcile all the charges,
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
did not try to put anything past us. He owned up to all the screw-ups, all the delays and the atrocious plumber. He allowed us to line-item
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
any charge that we thought was unfair, like costs associated with the various errors. A couple of mistakes worked out in our favor; we got a bigger air conditioner than we paid for, and an extra cabinet. We got a
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
deal on the interior painting, and the walls inside look very nice. After the gas leak, when dust was spread all over our bed and belongings,
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
put us up in a hotel for a couple nights. He also replaced without question an exterior window that was cracked during the work. Not sure when it happened, but he replaced it without a challenge.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
is honest. They are capable of doing good work, and their employees are polite and trustworthy.
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
was easy to get ahold of, by phone, text or email, and promptly responded whenever we had a problem. He still does (and there are still minor problems). We're grateful for that.
My biggest complaint, aside from all that's listed above, is that with a job as big as ours we should be able to expect the contractor's unbroken attention with the best help they can possibly offer. Too many times, we did not get that. Too much was promised; if they had been forthright about timing and what they could - and couldn't - accomplish, it would have been a more positive experience all around.
I would recommend them for their honesty. I am not convinced of their ability to seamlessly handle such a big job, but at the very least I know they are not going to screw me over.
- Luke J.

They were great on everything. Price was good, quality was good, collaboration was good. The best part with
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
, in our experience was the follow up. They stand 100% behind their work which, if you ask us, is the most important thing in hiring a contractor. Nobody gets everything perfect the first time but
Houston Cabinet Makers Provider Name Locked
has always been there to fix any problems that came up even many months after the project was finished.
- Jarka P.

I've dealt with numerous contractors in Houston since about 1984. This is, perhaps, the best I've ever found. The owner is incredibly responsive and attentive to your project. The pricing is quite good, the quality of workmanship excellent and the installation equally good. I would use them again in a heartbeat! What more can a homeowner ask for?
- Philip C.

This company is completely unresponsive and has no sense of urgency even when they know that you are living in a home that has considerable damage. If you value your time, don't waste your time with this company, unless you are okay with doing the work at their convenience - not yours.

- Tiffany W.
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