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Diana M.
"Called and made an appointment. The crew showed up bright and early on 10/17/2014. Took the crew about an hour to set the tank, trench for the copper line and hook up to house gas" line. They were honest and professional. I would definitely recommend them for propane service.
Rated by
Valerie P.
" One technician came to install the remote - he was confused and had to call his boss to come in and help. While he was waiting for the boss, the first guy went down in the basement" twice to try and turn off the gas line. He was unable to do it from down there. The boss arrived and the remote was eventually installed - it was late Fri. afternoon. On Saturday morning we discovered we had no hot water. I immediately called
and they said it was not due to anything they did. So I had to call a plumber for emergency weekend service. He came and relit the pilot light on the hot water tank. He was of the opinion that it had to be related to the work done the previous day with the gas logs. He also said that he thought
should have at least come to check on Sat. am. That would have saved me the extra charge from the plumber.
was supposed to contact the plumber - I gave them his name and number. That was over a week ago - my recent phone calls to
have gone unreturned. I would not use this business again - really lousy customer service!!!
Rated by
John M.
’t have to call them or we
’t have to watch our tanks to see if it’s getting low or whatever, they are just here" every month. Then the summer special that they had this year, that was very nice. You can choose to do the pre-buy or not, it’s whatever your budget allows and whatever you want to do.

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Propane also has benefits as a home heating and home cooling material, as it is easily stored outside a home, and acts as an efficient refrigerant.

Propane Sales and Service

Propane is three-carbon alkane formed as a byproduct of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Initially produced as a gas, it can be compressed to a lightweight, stable liquid for transport and storage.

Providers who deliver propane, such as Boye's Gas Service in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., are in great demand across the U.S., thanks to wicked winter weather. (Photo submitted by member Sue P.)
Propane Sales/Services

Brutally cold winter weather in Midwestern states causing homeowners and providers to feel strain of propane shortage as prices rise and supply dwindles.

Propane Retailer reviews in Hartford


Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
failed to deliver propane as scheduled. We begged them everyday for a period of 6 weeks to refill our propane. After 2 weeks we ran out of gas and had no central heat for 4 weeks. We called countless times a day for refill and had to use electric space heaters to heat our home.
- James S.

First let me start by saying the delivery service was great. We were on automatic fill and never had an issue. The delivery drivers are personable and, unfortunately, were the only part that reflected well on the company, in my experience.
We have been using
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
2012 simply because they were the provided to the house we purchased at that time. We were fairly happy with our service until the Fall of 2013 when I started hearing about propane shortages and started seeing the price of my bill creep up. Propane shortages = higher bills, right? That was my thinking until January 2015 I received my bill and it was 1/4-1/3 higher than normal. When I saw the per
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
rate, I decided to investigate so I called around to 2 other providers and asked what their going rate was...both times is was in the mid-upper $3/
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
range. So I asked if they had charged over $4/
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
at any time during the heating season. Both providers said no, they had always been under $4/
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
. So I called
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
to ask why I had been charged $4.89/
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
...since September of 2013! (I didn't notice the higher rate in Sep because my bill was around the same amount we always paid, but when I went back to look at it I noticed why it was the same...they only put 1/2 the amount of gas in!!) Anyway, I called
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
and questioned the higher rate since I had heard consumer reports of companies taking advantage of the shortage and price gouging. I was calm and collected and only asked why the price was so high...didn't ask for a refund. The lady immediately said she was sorry and would issue a price adjustment. Wait. What? Red flag...if they weren't doing anything wrong, why issue and adjustment I didn't ask for? Of course I let her adjust it. Then I told her I would like to stop automatic delivery because I had lost trust in the company and planned to discontinue service with them. She put in the stop delivery order in January 2014.
Fast forward to August 2014. Our tank is down to 20% (low enough to move, I was told). I called
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
to come do a site survey to make sure they could reach the tank to remove it, since it was placed 20 years ago and the location is somewhat obscure. Sure they said! However, instead of a site survey, they sent the delivery man to fill the tank with 300 gallons. I was angry. My husband said he would have given up here and just remained with the company. Not me. I was too unhappy and had lost complete faith in them, particularly after this event. I called back and alerted them of the mistake. The man on the phone flippantly informed me that the lady I spoke to in January failed to put the stop delivery order on my account. I told him I did not believe that because the delivery service is fantastic and they would never let us get below 40-50% and here we had been at 20% for months. His tactic was to blame someone else for the mistake. Whatever, I know better.
By now (and many phone calls later), we're in October. I had to call to schedule an appointment to pump their mistake out of the tank before they could move it. I was informed they could not schedule the tank pick-up until after it had been pumped. I told them it was getting cold and they would need to schedule both appointments. After some attitude, they did. The gentleman came to pump out the tank and, as always, was a professional person...way better than the service folks! They picked up the tank as scheduled. My new company delivered and filled our new tank 2 days later (after the weekend).
Two weeks later our account with
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
was settled and I received a check in the mail.
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
and behold they owed us $850...but only paid us $700 because they charged $149 to pump out the tank! I called and said I didn't think I should have to pay for their mistake. The manager reviewing my account said she saw where I had requested to stop delivery in January (you know, even though the guy I talked to earlier said the ex-employee never put the stop delivery on our account....) They said their policy was to charge to pump for anything over 5%, so even if they hadn't filled the tank they still would have charged me.
I was told the tank could be moved with 20% or less propane in it. We were under 20%. If they hadn't filled the tank I would not have had to have them pump it at all! I'm still fighting this battle. Just letting you know that
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
- Are price gougers (They were charging $1+/
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
more than other companies
- They tried to place blame on an ex-employee instead of owning up to their mistake (Lying!)
- They have underhanded practices to trap their customers (I don't believe filling the tank was a mistake, I think it was a tactic)
- I made it a point to stay calm, but customer service lost their temper with me at least twice...and both times it was because they were not listening - both representatives had a notion in their head of what they thought I was saying instead of listening to what I was actually saying, and then got irritated with me when I told them that wasn't the question I was asking.
- Only 1 time have they returned my calls (not including my call to corporate...corporate returns calls). Our local office failed to return at least 4 calls when they said they would have someone call me back. This last time when the manager asked if she could call me back, I actually said to her, yes, but only if she would promise to call me back because no one from the company seemed to return calls...she's the only one who called me back. She called to tell me about the 5%
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
. I have a call into their corporate office now.
So ridiculous.
- jamie F.

The service works out fine. I used them every month and am on a schedule with them. I think they are fair with their costs. They are reliable and they take care of what they need to. My interaction with them was fine.
- West M.

Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
at Noblesville always took good care of us.
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
corporate moved our account from Noblesville to other cities farther away for their own reasons with out telling us. Never had good service since. Their accounting was bad and then they got new computers and it got worse. Our account was always paid in full and on time, but because even they are confused about which office has our account, one year a
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
office in one city reposed our tank and gas in the middle of winter. We called the last office they said serviced our account but they had not taken it. We paid that office, but
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
had moved our account to another office, AGAIN, with out telling us and that office could not see in their accounting system that we had paid at our previously assigned office. Except for the first two years we were with Noblesville,
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
service has gotten worse. We have not said anything till now when we have had a whole new set of problems with them. No central person to talk to. Even their national rep tried to solve our problems and became just another
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
of obstacles. Please understand... they only have to interact with us ONCE A YEAR! I can not even imagine what it is like to deal with them on a month to month basis.
- Carole D.

I was on the budget plan and transferred my business from Farm and Home when Suburban bought the company. On the first chilly weekend of last winter, (after I had paid on my budget plan for 3 months without a delivery) the oil ran out. I called, they sent over a technician to relight the furnace and 5 gallons of fuel. Repeated this 5 times without a delivery over the next week, and 7 times further over the next year. I did not renew my contract. I am changing my heating system to propane with another supplier, and was trying to leave as little oil in the tank as possible for the change-over, Without contract, warning or consent, they just delivered a full tank of oil and a huge bill. Now lets talk about their accounts department. Sending letters of demand for services paid for in advance. Billing twice for the same delivery. Sending undecipherable bills. Rude, demanding phone calls
- Deborah B.

They did an excellent job. Very friendly and professional. No
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
fees / charges and performed the work as promised and on-time. This was a new construction install. Upon initial pressure up there was a leak and had to call construction plumber back to repair and they replaced a valve - unfortunately that did not fix the problem when Action came back to do the install for the 2nd time. Again there was still a leak so plumber back again (this time Action had left their own pressure gauge so that I could visualize proper repair)…Action back out for the 3rd time and that was the charm. Throughout this week long ordeal (verge of trying to close) they were courteous, cooperative, professional and timely…they knew this wasn't my issue and just helped me get the problem resolved. They're a family owned local company and that's something I like to use when possible. I stopped by their shop in Cedar Park and they have a nice selection of items for grills (to include new ones) for repair and accessories. Friendly office staff and more than willing to assist and answer questions.

- Jeff S.

.This is the worst company I have ever tried to do business with. I had 100 gallons of propane put in the tank in 2012. This also provided free leasing for two years. This year I got a bill for $59.13 for the 2014 lease. Since I have never used any of the propane, and have no intention of using any of the propane, I called them and left a message. I left a message for them last year when I received a bill in error so I expected they would call me back, as they did last year. I did not get a call back but I got another bill. I called again and told them I wanted the tank picked up. The young woman explained there would be a fee for picking it up and also a pump-out fee. She said the person picking up the tank would pump out the propane before the tank was transported. She said they would also pay me back for the propane in the tank. The man arrived as scheduled to pick up the tank. When it became obvious he was taking the tank without pumping out the propane, I told him what I had been told by the representative in the office. He said there was no way to pump it out until he got to the yard. Then I got several statements which each showed different things. One gave me credit for the propane, one charged for the pick up of the tank, one for the pumping out of the tank and also pro-rated rent. The time kept going on for the rent, even though I had tried promptly to get this taken care of. Even though I had gotten all of the statements, I never got the check so I kept calling. A young lady in the office told me it had to go to "corporate". Her
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
of voice implied that "corporate" was the enemy. I kept calling and finally in
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
was able to talk to a lady who said she was a supervisor. I told her about receiving the first bill and leaving a message. She said they had changed the phone systems and then found out that messages left during the time I left a message could not be retrieved. She also said she would refund the rent charge. Even so, I did not get the check. I kept calling and finally was referred to a man, who said he would take care of getting me the check. I finally did receive a check on September 4, 2014. It was postmarked August 29, 2014. The check was dated May 15, 2015, and was good for 120 days. I barely got it in time to deposit it. However, it did not include the amount for the rental which was to have been refunded. The check was mailed by AmeriGas,
Hartford Propane Dealers Provider Name Locked
Box 965, Valley Forge, PA. It had been returned to them at the end of May and they made no effort to contact me. So, they still owe me money for the rental. This has been a horrible, time-consuming experience.
- Barbara B.

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