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Ric was great from first contact to last. He was very professional and I was very pleased with the quote I was given. The work looks great and I finally feel like I have the nicest home in the neighborhood. The hardest part of the whole project was waiting for the weather to cooperate so he could do the job. I would recommend
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
in a heart beat.
- Kerrie M.

Excellent experience! Ric was very professional and timely with his estimate. Work was done 2 days after booking the service. We didn't have time to remove the window screens ahead of time and it was no problem adding that work to our service.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
did a great job of cleaning the exterior of the house, the sidewalk and the driveway. What a difference before and after their pressure washing--the siding looks great and our driveway looks so much lighter and cleaner than the neighbors! We'd used a different provider in the past, but our experience was not nearly as good. We will definitely use
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked

- Dave H.

Explained the process and the estimated time of completion. Once the job was done I was asked to inspect the house for satisfaction. I was really satisfied with the work done and the efficiency of the staff. I would use this service again.
- lavunda S.

We’d urge people to be cautious and watchful.
We’d had the exterior of the house painted twice previously, by companies other than
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
, and, in both cases, got what we believed to be substandard results because the contractor had bid too low and was cutting corners by the end of the job. Mr.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
’s estimate came in at about the same amount as those two previous jobs and was significantly below two other estimates we received this summer. We told him so and allowed him to look at the job again. His second bid was 10% higher than the first but was still low enough to be worrisome given past experience. We eventually accepted his bid but we were prepared to unilaterally reduce the scope of work to help ensure a quality result on the scope that remained.
We never made it that far.
We engaged
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
late in the summer, by which time he was booked through September. When he first contacted us to set a firm date, we were told “first week in October”. Then that slipped to “second week”. Then “Friday of second week”. Then “Monday of third week”. Then Tuesday at 9. Then Tuesday at 10 because members of his crew were having “personal issues”. Finally, at 11:15, a two-man crew arrived up to start power washing. Less than three hours later, they were gone for the day due to equipment failure.
Which was a good thing because, in the two hours they were actually engaged in the job, they did a lot of damage to the house. Three-quarters of the windows screens they came near with the power washer had been shredded; no effort to remove or move them and no request that we do so. Significant sections of the wood had been gouged and/or feathered by too-high pressure applied at too-close a distance – they were removing far more than just dirt and paint. (Granted, it’s old wood on an old house but the extent of the damage should have told them they were using the wrong tool for the job.) An entire side of one
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
was completely missed. No cleanup.
So we fired them.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
offered to make it right and to continue the job but we weren’t willing to take the
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
of more damage, especially because we believed his budget was too tight to satisfactorily complete the job AND pay for the $100's (maybe $1000's) in damage his crew had already done.
That he did not have a
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
to finish leaves open the possibility that he might have saved the day and ended up doing a magnificent job.
- Peter B.

I contacted
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
, co-owner of
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
to schedule an appointment for an estimate of the work I wanted them to perform. I was amazed at the amount of time
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
spent with me, her knowledge of the business and suggestions she had to complete the job.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
took pictures of the residence to show to her husband,
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
, owner of the business. This assisted them when preparing the amount of work and time it would take to complete the job. I received the estimate of the work to be done and was pleased with the price to do everything I wanted done. I scheduled an appointment and within a week all services were complete. Both
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
arrived on time and I was happy with the end result. My house looked brand new!!!! I would highly recommend their services to friends and family. I will definitely use their services in the future. Job well done!!!!!

- Ann M.

All the mold on the north side of the house is gone and the rest of the house looks great. Very statisfied with the job and will be scheduling them to do our deck in the spring.
- Richard R.

Excellent, the owner was very responsive to every question and returning my calls. He was also very helpful and added good points to help me pick the color and type of finish. Happy with entire process and the job they did.
- Thomas R.

Team of two arrived on time, explained what they were going to do, confirmed that was what I wanted done and got to work. For some reason this summer, maybe humidity or frequent rain but the siding and rain gutters had developed black streaks and mildew that was difficult to remove. Unfortunately it started to rain heavily as they started but they continued their work. They completed their work in spite of the rain, checked in with me before they left to make sure everything was done to my satisfaction. After it stopped raining I walked around the house and was amazed at how clean everything was. They did an excellent job, above and beyond what I expected.
- David S.


Overall experience was wonderful. An estimate was given and advised him had an event planned at our home and needed it done by a certain date. He did a phenomenal job with the power washing and staining. He kept his word and the job was completed in plenty of time for the event. I had several compliments at the event agout how nice the deck looked. I have recommended his service to other people and would utilize his services again,
- christine G.

The business is basically one person.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
. He has a friend that usually works with him, when he is able to find him. I saw him the first week. After that never saw him again. Honestly, I had NO problem with his helper. Actually, the work the helper did far outweighed the work that
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
The "sub-contracting" that is done is for one of his friends that does work.
At one point, there was the main roofer with a helper, and there was
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
. doing the main painting with his friend that was scraping for preparation. The first day that all the guys were there I had to pay
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
1/2 the money up front. He was the one that got the money for the roofer. That was requested to be cash. He also was given a check of over $1,500. TEN minutes later he made a call and left. Not long later he arrived back.
The roofer did work VERY hard. I had 4
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
of shingles on that garage. It was terrible. The front porch wasn't much better either. He said he was covered in big black ants from the rotted wood. I had to say that both of the roofs DO look fantastic. The roofer also put on a new gutter in the front of the house and it is very nicely done.
One morning when the roofer gave
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
's painter a ride to the house, I ended up calling
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
and he was soaking in a bathtub. He had fallen a couple of feet down his ladder the day before and got banged up.
Other days he would leave early or go somewhere and come back. When the painting work got held up because the roofer was the one replacing wood around the windows
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
just didn't come around. There was plenty he could do.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
is listed as "painting and home improvements". I'm not sure what home improvements he does because he didn't help the roofer when the roofer needed help and he didn't help him do any wood replacement around the windows either. No caulking was done around the new wooded windows, touch ups weren't done yet either. He wanted to wait until the roofer was completely done.
To this day, the job is still not done.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
got mad at me because it was going on the end of the second week and STILL I was waiting for the job to be done and the job was completely paid for at that point for over a week!! I snapped and ended up yelling at
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
over the phone because I just wanted the job done for God's sake!! See, at that point he was paid. No money coming work going out. While
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
was there he complained about 2 other jobs he had been on that he had to go back to. I know he did go back to the one but the other one he didn't because when he called the man told him that his daughter cut herself or something. That made
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
mad and
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
said he didn't plan on going back.
All the guys left my door open constantly. The electrical outlet was inside and the screen door didn't have spring to it. They just ignored that and left it wide open. One day when the roofer was there alone I stopped and the front door was propped all the way open. The back door was also. He had opened the front door and put the jam in the screen door so he could carry his wood out. It was open all day, feet from the
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
of a main road with woods across the street with critters.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
also knew that I had to have someone arrested because they got caught stealing from my garage but he didn't care I guess. He sub-contracted him out but never came to check on anything that he was doing. He'd call him once in awhile but that's it. The last day the roofer was on the job he papered and shingled the
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
of the roof on the left side right on top of wood that should have been replaced. When I stood at the garage door and looked up you could see it plain as day.
Right when it started raining during Hurricane
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
, which was more than a week after the paint was done, the entire house started to bubble and the paint was coming off. I called him and told him. It ended up he would not talk with me and told my husband he was not going to do any more to the house.
I did research and found out from a reputable company that looked at the paint cans
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
left, that the paint had been watered down.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
was "mixing" the paint can he told me this was how it was to be done for the priming.
He was told by the paint company to use a masonry primer. Yes, he did use the correct primer. But he was to use the primer in the straight form out of the can.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
mixed about 1/3 paint to not even 1/3 primer and the rest......water from my hose. And he only used ONE coat of THAT!!
When you paint asbestos shingles, which is highly recommended to seal in the need to be very careful to NOT have paint runs on them. If you see runs, you need to get a brush or roller and cut it in so it doesn't run. I've got runs all over my house. It goes down the side of the house, then down the concrete wall at the bottom and then went onto the concrete porch and formed a puddle. I did get a company to look at it that is a reputable painter and as soon as he saw it he could tell the paint was thinned out.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
did not spread plastic down on the ground as you are required to do.
At one point I told
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
that all I wanted was a
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
of paint and for him to stay off my property. He called me back and said we could work it out and told me to call back on a Sunday. I had my husband call instead and
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
told him that it was either faulty paint or it was because we didn't have enough insulation in our walls. (He dug deep for that one I think)
He then told my husband that he was going to get the paint company to come out and look at it. This was during the heavy rains of
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
. He called back and said it would have to wait until the rain stopped. We never heard from him again. When my husband called back after 1 1/2 weeks
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
said he should have known he wasn't going to come back or call. My husband made an offer to him for him to pay us $2,500 and we'd call it even. We, by then, had gotten yet another estimate to now FIX what
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
had done to my house. The damage was $4,885.00.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
said he'd call back with an answer. He called back in a few minutes and told Ed that he wasn't going to give us any money back. He told my husband because besides that, "you aren't even supposed to paint asbestos". Unfortunately,
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
doesn't know how to use a computer. If he had, he would have found on Google on many sites that "not only are you able to paint is highly recommended". When
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
told my husband you shouldn't paint asbestos my husband then asked him, "then why did YOU paint it". I don't think
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
had much of an answer.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
told my husband to "do what you
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
do". I am. I have now sent him a certified letter for signature and this was on my list to do second. The Post Office tried to deliver my peice of mail at 9:15 this morning. Just like I figured he'd do....he either didn't answer the door or he was sleeping from his stooper and didn't hear it. If they can't get him to claim it in 15 days it will get returned to me. Needless to say, I am already preparing my next step. Why wait until the 15 days are up. Unfortunately right now I can't tell you what I am going to do next because he does have access to this site when his girlfriend pulls it up for him.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
is then telling me that it is fair for me to pay a total of over $9,000.00 to have a not even 700 square foot house's exterior painted. This is even with some of the sides not done due to me wanting to stone it later. And I told him I'd paint the posts.
How can he honestly think that this is MY fault? I wish he would tell me. How did I make the paint not stick?
I seriously think that he has done this type of thing to so many people and they just let him get away with it. They don't know how to go through the process and don't know what to do. I feel sorry for all those people.
You the last year and a half I have lost both my parents, both my in laws and my only brother.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
has lost his parents recently too. That's why we hit it off and that's why I thought we were ok. When
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
was painting I cried because I was so happy for this to be done. I saw my Daddy sweat working on that house for 43 years and I wanted to fix it up nice to sell it. I wanted peace of mind. Instead I got set up.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
was really nice to me the whole time acting like he knew what he was doing. He talks about himself alot because I think he's trying to convince himself that he's a good worker. He was nice to me as long as the money was coming in. I bought the crew lunch and gatorade for a week and spent my own money of over $250.00. What a sucker I was. They must have went home and laughed every single night.
No more. I now can't trust anyone anymore. He has ruined any trust I ever had and there ARE good contractors out there. Unfortunately for him he isn't one of them.
The whole time he was there he complained about money and being broke and not having jobs. I don't think he gets it. When you do a GOOD job for someone is when THEY will tell people. AND AT THE SAME TIME......when you do a BAD job for someone is when THEY will tell people too.
I'm truly confused why he wonders why he's not getting any calls!!
A good painter is listed here on Angie's List. Last time I checked they had 9 rated A reports. In fact, I spoke to their paint supplier and they are VERY highly recommended and do a fantastic job. PLUS.....they don't take ANY money until the job is completely done. F, 1st in name.
Harrisburg Pressure Washing Services Provider Name Locked
got paid the whole amount because he had to cry the blues to me about paying his employes and then I'm not sure why he blew the rest.
Thanks for listening. I will update when I have any news. You can check back with me or even email me at:
Thank you!!!

- Wendy L.
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7640 Appleby Rd.
Harrisburg, PA
We are a small company, with only 2 employees, which allows us to keep our prices low. we...

FKH Pressure Cleaning

105 E Allen St Apt
Mechanicsburg, PA

Flip That Lawn

469 Jamison DR
York, PA
We are a small family owned business dedicated to customer satisfaction. we have been in...

Forum Cleaning Service

808 Center Road
Womelsdorf, PA
In business since 1991. 14 fully insured employees. no subcontractors. complimentary quote....

Foust and Pauley EZ Care Landscape Design

1117 State Road
Duncannon, PA
We are an all purpose, full service landscaping company that has your 100% satisfaction on our...

Fox's Home Services LLC

270 McCall Rd
Delta, PA

Fred Smith Painting & Contracting

119 Townhouse Lane
Lancaster, PA
Self-employed, no subcontracting, all work performed by myself. billing is subject to...

Freshen-Up Cleaning

945 W Main Street
Mount Joy, PA
High-quality cleaning services in lancaster and harrisburg, pa! whether it's cleaning the...

FullBlast Pressure Washing

950 Walnut Bottom Rd
Carlisle, PA
Fullblast pressure washing has been a full time company since 2001, with many happy and loyal...

GCL Home Improvement

Red Lion, PA
Gcl home improvement is a company based in york, pa. steve is the owner, and primary home...

George Dvorak Painting

37 N Main St
Wrightsville, PA
George dvorak painting is also available as a subcontractor for work with general contractors...

George's Painting Inc

1009 Brill Way
Hagerstown, MD
Reflecting on 23 years of experience in all types of home improvement we have delivered...

GES Property Pros LLC

585 McAllister St
Hanover, PA
Ges is a complete property services company providing a broad range of services. property...

Go Green Construction

805 Taylor Rd.
Windsor, PA
Go green construction is a fully insured (naic# 84241) home improvement company registered...

Golden Contracting LLC

272 Hill Road
Robesonia, Pa

Golden Contracting LLC

272 Hill Road
Robesonia, Pa
I will occasionally sub-contract my brother-in-law if job requires two people. i bill when...


Lancaster, PA

Goode Design Painting & Wallcovering Inc

3000 Scenic View Dr
Forest Hill, MD
Goode design is a locally owned and operated company employing between 8 and 12 craftsman from...

Grime Solutions

8 Fox Hollow Ln
Carlisle, PA
Grime solutions is pennsylvania’s most trusted source for exterior cleaning services.

Groff Bldg.

218 Peach Bottom Rd
Willow Street, PA
30+ years building experience gets you from project concept to design, permitting, and on time...


615 Mountain House Rd
Halifax, PA


Stewartstown, PA
Family owned doing business since 1994 we are complete full service lawn maintenance company

Gutshall Lawn and Landscape

112 Woodside Dr
Mechanicsburg, PA
Just a small local company in your back yard

H & H Painting

Delta, PA
Over 20 years experience and owner operated. h & h painting prides itself in quality...

Haarer Painting

860 Cardinal Dr
Harrisburg, PA
We have been in business for 22 years. free estimates.

Handyman Services

Evelyn, pa
Full service home improvment no job to big or small!

Handyman Matters of Harrisburg

1860 Meadow Ridge Dr.
Hummelstown, PA
Additional contact names - erin woods. additional email -, see web...

Handyman Services Of New Cumberland

518 2Nd Street East
New Cumberland, PA
We are a small business. we have 15 years experience. we specialize in quality work with a...

handyman specialist

292 n muddycreek rd
Most jobs are payed when completed.unless material is involve.then advance payment is ask to...

HandyPro of York

1355 Cherry Hills Road
York, PA
Handypro offers handyman and home modifications for those who wish to stay in their homes to...


Hanover, PA

Harvey Contractors LLC

210 Hunter Creek Dr
York, PA
We are a family owned and operated home improvements and handyman service company. we pride...

Heath Bowlin Innovations

108 Iron Valley Drive
Lebanon, PA
Full service painting and decorating company. large portfolio of faux and decorative...


160 S Progress Ave Ste 1B
Harrisburg, PA
Affordable height for the homeowner. great rates. flexible scheduling. delivery and return...


Elizabethtown, PA

Hershey Home Services

9 Brookside Ave.
Hershey, PA
Complete home service company.

Hershey Miller Painting Co, LLC

220 Crescent Ave
Ellwood City, PA
Painting contractor: at hmp, we want to be your painting company of choice. we work hard to...


Lancaster, PA


Lancaster, PA
Your home is your most valuable financial investment. at home one, we believe in taking care...


Dillsburg, PA
Since 1997 hydro tech environmental wash system has been keeping south central pennsylvania...

Imes Construction LLC

8980 Carlisle Rd
Wellsville, PA
I am a general contractor that does most of his own work and uses a handful of subs for bigger...

Integrity Painting

265 Farmhouse Ln
Palmyra, PA

Integrity Renovation

606 Auction Rd
Manheim, PA
We are a small company based in manheim pa tailored specifically to address the smaller...


1966 Church rd
York, PA
Fully insured. 25 yrs experience.


730 Stackstown Rd
Bainbridge, PA
Member of the better business bureau. founded in march of 1989 and incorporated in 2002. a...

J.C. & R. Custom Painting & General HI

York, PA
Hello we are a small company of 9 employees based out of the york county area. with all...

James Dougherty Home Improvement

45 Mare Rd
Carlisle, PA
we do most home improvements. we warranty all labor. we are liscensed and insured. we have...

James Robert Development Corp.

930 Red Rose Ct
Lancaster, PA
We are james robert development corp. james robert development corp. is dedicated to...


Newville, PA
Restorations, preservation and painting contractor. with our technical know-how,...

Jaylen Associates, Inc.

3 Braderic View Dr.
Lancaster, PA
Over 30 years experience in home maintenance. *quality . *integrity . *service. refrences...

JC General Services

31 E. Main Street, Box 163
New Kingstown, PA
Residential general contractor

Jean's Way

Elizabethtown, PA
Payment due upon completion of work.

Jefferson's Custom Cleaning Services

1952 Manada St
Harrisburg, PA
We service residential and commercial properties with the highest quality cleaning.

JKC Landscape

PO Box 466
Richland, PA
Jkc landscape is a fully insured, quality driven landscape & lawncare provider. always...

JMF Contracting

Po Box 192
Windsor, PA
Jmf contracting is a full-service home improvement and remodeling contracting company with a...

JnD Construction

438 Barlow Greenmount Rd
Gettysburg, PA
General and sub-contractor, payment options: cash, check (personal or business), and credit...

Joanne M. McGee Cleaning and Janitorial Service In

200 Schneider Dr.
Lebanon, PA
Joanne m mcgee cleaning and janitorial service inc. has been serving central pennsylvania for...

Joe's Power Washing

285 Reinholds Road
Denver, PA
Your most trusted source for pressure washing in south central pa. we offer both residential...


17 Clayton Ave
Lancaster, PA
25 yrs. in business, fully insured, 7 employees. all aspects of masonry which include new and...

John Manning Painting Remodeling

2870 Travis Court
York, PA
I have an efficient two-man crew, and i provide free estimates. for my larger jobs, i require...

John's Painting & Repairs

724 Franlyn Drive
Dallastown, PA
Serving the york, pa and surrounding area since 2006, family owned & operated, 25 years of...


Lancaster, PA
We would like to provide you with the painting services that you need, and we will be pleased...

JT's Services

Hanover, PA
Jt's services is a maintenance service for any help needed around your house such as yard...


230 S Front St
Lemoyne, PA
We are a family and close friends company that prefers less employees for greater quality...

Just Repairs

265 Deerfield Rd.
Camp Hill, PA
Since 1998 we have provided excellent service to our customers. we do not advertise. we charge...

Kaiser Painting

219 Merriweather Drive
Chambersburg, PA
Family-owned & owner-operated since 1988. because the owner personally completes every single...

Kauffman Property Services

136 Nicholas Rd
Lancaster, PA

Keefer Roofing

1 main
Palmyra, PA
Keefer inc has been serving lebanon and dauphin counties with quality service since 1928. we...


Hummelstown, PA


Lancaster, PA

Kevin's Carpet Care

1311 bruceville rd
Keymar, MD
We are an insured, owner operated company that does not sub contact.

Keystone Mobile Wash

725 Locust Point Rd
York, PA
A home is your biggest investment. our goal is protecting that asset. keystone mobile wash is...

KJ's Professional Lawn Care LLC

120 Wilson Ave
York, PA
Kj’s professional lawn care llc is the areas finest and most professional ...

Kohlers Painting & Pressure Washing

PO Box 121
New Providence, PA
We are a family owned business with 3 employees that has been in the business for 5 years and...


Middletown, PA
Full service painting and deck refinishing contractor

Kroah Remodeling

5222 Woodlawn Drive
Harrisburg, PA
I am a small business with no employees, to keep the cost down for my customers. i have a...

Krumrine construction inc

Thomasville, PA
Krumrine construction inc is a family owned business for over 18 years with over 28 years...

Lancaster Painting Company

311 Albright Ave.
Lancaster, PA
Lancaster painting company (lpc) is a small company consisting of 2 partners and two...


214 4TH ST
New Cumberland, PA

Lawn Munchers Property Services

1316 North 17th Street
Harrisburg, PA
To request a free estimate contact 717-525-7516 or visit our website at...

Leed Brothers Handy Repair Service

Reinholds, PA
Contact us via email at or phone (484)-269-6992 travis (owner) or ...

Lehman's Building Maintenance & Renovation

2401 N. 6th St.
Harrisburg, PA
Licence contractor and insurance (erie)

Liberty SoftWash

204 St Charles Way
York, PA
Roof cleaning by a&e provides a safe and effective, non pressure system to clean ugly roof...

Lil Ladies Homeservices

6970 BULL RD
Dover, PA
Our business consist of only two people. we operate on a no money down - payment made on day...

linzy painting

116 n roeswod ct
Wernersville, PA
Specializing in refinishing aluminum siding family owned and operated free estimates

Linzy Painting

116 N Roeswod Ct
Wernersville, PA


Etters, PA
Locust grove landscape is family owned and opperated. we started in 2004 and have worked very...

Lou Lavetan Sparklewash of York

335 Harvest Fleld Ln
York, PA

M.A. Rullo Carpentry

885 S. Spruce Street
Annville, PA
Lebanon based general contractor working only the most reputable sub-contractors to provide...

M.R. Gutters

2 Starlite DR
Spring Grove, PA
Family owned and operated. more than 20 years experience in construction.

Mabius Masonry

7 Barrick dr
Duncannon, PA
Small family owned masonry business,proudly serving central pa area for over almost 30 years...

Mac The Handyman

2202 Mummasburg Rd
Gettysburg, PA
Mac the handyman is a sole proprietorship that specializes in "honey-do-lists", kitchens,...

Magic Touch Painting

Lancaster, PA


York, PA

Mark Stone Home Improvement

82 Linda Dr
Mechanicsburg, PA
You can trust our craftsmen to refresh, repair, or remodel your home. our professionals have...

Master Painters

10 Oakshire Dr
Hummelstown, PA
Commercial and residential fully insured pa registered and fully bondable

Masterworks Studio, LLC

18 Hazelwood Path
Mechanicsburg, PA
Masterworks studio, llc is a mechanicsburg-based painting and decorating company offering...

Matesich's Quality Works

8 Summer Drive
Dillsburg, PA
A professional handyman service operating in dillsburg and serving the greater harrisburg...

Matincheck's Paints & Floors

1748 N Deodate Rd
Elizabethtown, Pa

MC Painting

Ridge Avenue
Philadelphia, PA
Mc painting (lancaster) is a small painting business with a single owner. we offer...

McCarrey's Services & Home repairs

1102 E King Street
York, PA

McQueen's Lawn Service

Po Box 35
Millersville, PA
We are a small, family owned business with several years of experience. we pride ourselves on...

Michael Claffy

4319 South Victoria Way
Harrisburg, PA
352.875.4477 please call for quality service. owner operated full service remodeling and/or...

Michael Law Painting

193 Forest Cir
Palmyra, PA
Full service painting, wallpaper, staining business. interior or exterior services at...

Michael Murphy Painting

875 E Canal Rd
Dover, PA
Self employed, fully insured, epa certified home and farm painting and other small home...

Mike's Powerwash

1207 Lampeter Rd
Lancaster, PA
Mike's powerwash offers quality work at a good price. owner works on all jobs with employees....

Miller's Chimney & Landscaping Services

111 John St
Westminster, MD
Miller's has been servicing the maryland/pa area for over 30 years now. we are licensed,...


Etters, PA

Mooney's Painting

144 Amber Cir
New Holland, PA

morret construction

2 albert lane
Dillsburg, pa

Mow & Grow Lawn Care

201 Barley Lane
Palmyra, PA

Mr Windows Cleaning Services

6197 Main St
East Petersburg, PA
Owner operated. residential, commercial and industrial window cleaning, pressure washing and...

Mr Handyman of the East Shore

6059 Allentown Blvd
Harrisburg, PA
Busy schedules can make both major and minor home repairs hard to get to. now your growing "to...

Mr Handyman of the West Shore

3504 Delwood Dr
Mechanicsburg, PA
Additional contact name - teresa mcgee. additional email -

Murlin's Painting & Home Services

4604 Coventry Rd
Harrisburg, PA
Murlin's painting & home services

Musser Home Improvements LLC

5036 Newport Rd
Kinzers, PA
We are a small company. we are fully insured and licensed in pa. we have over 14 years...

Myers Construction

28 Gwen Cir
Marietta, PA
Billing by the hour or complete projects.


Mechanicsburg, PA

Nusbaum Painting Company

1251 bollinger rd
Hanover, Pe

Odd Jobz Cleaning

1370 Furnace Hill Road
Stevens, PA
We clean windows and exteriors for homes and offices.


Harrisburg, PA

One stop property maintenance

110 south forge road
Palmyra, PA
General property maintenance

Outside of the Box

1 South Frederick St
Mechanicsburg, PA
All of our installations carry a 2 year labor warranty. we accept checks. we also accept visa,...

PA Plumbing Solutions

slate hill
Camp Hill, PA
Im a small company and plan to stay that way! im not like most plumbing companies that have...

Paint Medix

2153 Columbia Ave
Lancaster, PA
Paint medix, inc. is a full service premier paint and wall covering company providing all...

Painting by Eric

Harrisburg, pa
All work dome by owner. no subcontractors. free estimates.

Pam's Painting

610 Fisher Dr
York, PA
Self-motivated master finish painter providing a high level of professionalism within the...

Par One Construction Inc

98 Hoffman Rd
East Berlin, PA
As one of only three roofers in york pa to be certified as a gaf master elite roofer you can...

Patrick Arentz General Services

1734 Tract Rd
Fairfield, PA
License: # pa002802. state registered contractor maryland id # 0002349843. facebook:...

Patriot Services RCI, LLC

10 Neighbors Lane
York, Pa
We are a family run business since 1997 specializing in power washing and deck care. we do not...

Pauley's Construction and Maintenance

1117 State Road
Duncannon, PA
We are a full service landscaping business. if you want the most professional looking...

Penn State Painting

2107 S View Rd
Lancaster, PA
Penn state painting is a group of professional painters who understand preparation is key to...

Perfect Painting

1 haskell dr
Lancaster, PA
Free estimates timely response quality work

Polished Crete Works

Camp Hill, PA


Manchester, PA

Pringle Electric and Building Services

394 S, Main Street
Pleasant Gap, PA
Your local electrical contractor for central pa. keeping your home, business, or shop safe and...


161 S 32nd St
Camp Hill, PA

Pro-Form Painting LLC

21 S. Spruce Street
Lititz, PA
- we are a family owned and operation painting contractor. - paint our own contracts as well...

Project Dragonfly

307 W Main St
Mechanicsburg, PA
(pa contractor id # 029405) project dragonfly is a multifaceted contracting business. we can...


601 Bucks Valley Rd
Newport, PA
Additional dba - pro lawn.

Property Service

116 reo ave
Lancaster, PA
This is a small family business, very professional, we do sub contracting and residential,...

Quality Carpet Care

181 Lincoln St
York, PA
Terms payment at time of serivce.


York, PA


Gettysburg, PA

Randall Givler

1391 Sheep Hill Rd
East Earl, PA
Owner operator. uses subs. cost determined by job. no travel charges.

Randy's Home Improvements

442 Beaver St.
East Berlin, PA
“randy cool’s home improvements” specializes in interior and exterior painting. we use...

Ray Bernardini

617 Erford Rd
Camp Hill, PA

Ray Tosh and Associates

8 Old Mill Drive
York, PA


PO Box 86
Robesonia, PA
3 employees. occasionally uses subs. cost is determined by the job. no travel charges. no...

Refreshingly Clean

Lancaster, PA
We are a independently owned business consisting of owner who actively participates in home...

Reichardt Remodeling

112 Serendipity Dr
Birdsboro, PA
Free estimates. self employed remodeler work alone. i do small jobs up to additions. i have...


2430 Springwood Rd
York, PA
I am an individual starting my own residential maintenance service. i have my insurance and...

Rich Johnson Construction

1300 Stillhouse Ln
Etters, PA

rick boyd drywall services

71 Penn Dr
Conestoga, PA
I have been doing drywall for 25+ years. i do residential & commercial construction. i work...

RightMan Handyman

Red Lion, PA
All aspects of home improvement, inside and outside. bachelors in graphic design - print...

Rineer Contracting

15 Wilson Ave
Leola, pa
We are a 2 man crew that can provide plenty of help around your house. everything can be...

robbys landscaping

2148 green st flr2
Harrisburg, pa
Profection is the only way to go, great service customers are number one we focus on what you...

Robert Stanley Asphalt Maintenance

1520 Harrisburg Ave
Mount Joy, PA
Please visit and...

Robert Tranauskas Independent Contractor

3985 State Route 209
Elizabethville, PA
Robert tranauskas independent contractor is a full service home improvement company. we...

RS Caudill Contracting

423 W Main St
Mechanicsburg, PA
Additional services - home renovations, room additions, painting, decks pt & composite,...

Rubys Construction

320 Evergreen St
New Cumberland, PA

Ruell's Lawn Care, LLC

403 Deerfield Rd
Camp Hill, PA
Over 15 years in the business. we blow mulch!! full service landscape business. our work is...

Russell's Lawn Care & Home Services

1257 Manor Blvd
Lancaster, PA
We are a family business that is fully insured that offers quality and affordable lawn care...

S&D Construction

10 Donrene Rd.
Mt Wolf, PA
S&d construction is owned and operated by harry"dink" riggin and his wife sherry riggin.we...

S&L Landscape and Lawn Care

Wilson Ave
York, PA

S.F.Professional Painting

82 Linda dr
Mechanicsburg, PA
S.f. professional painting 82 linda dr mechanicsburg telephone 717 554-0577 s.f....


Denver, PA


Reinholds, PA

Servpro of Gettysburg

3045 York Rd
Gettysburg, PA
Your home is a reflection of you and makes an impression on all those who enter. you invest...

Shreveco Building & Remodeling

616 Sylvan Pl
Harrisburg, PA
Shreve co provides full service building, remodeling and restoration construction and...

Signature Painting

Dillsburg, PA
Signature painting is a family-owned small business that was created by owner and operator...

Signor Painting & Home Repair

10 Dartmouth street lower apt.
Harrisburg, PA

Smiley Construction

61 Blacksnake Rd
Duncannon, PA
We do many things from servicing restaurants, to small businesses, to residential remodeling,...

Smith Exteriors

505 Carol St
New Cumberland, PA
Owner operated

Smith's suddenly suds window cleaning & more

3 Walmar manor
Dillsburg, PA
We are a a family owned company. we except checks, atm and credit cards, we also offer payment...

Snyders Handyman Svc.

8145 Spruce drive
Harrisburg, pa
General handyman services

Sparkle Wash of York

2575 Stanford Drive
York, PA
We provide free estimates; typically our washing methods differ from our competitors by the...

Spencer Painting and Deck Care

33 Dickinson Dr.
Hanover, PA
Professional quality workmanship and excellent customer service. dependable and friendly...

Spoutco Home Improvements

1130 W King St
York, PA
We except cash, check and credit cards. we offer many different payment options to accomodate...

Squeegee Klean

1422 S George St
York, PA
Additional email - additional phone number - (717) 465-2822.

Stamey Painting and Services

1621 Waggoners Gap Rd
Carlisle, PA
Owner-operated. uses subs for trade-work. cost is determined by the job or hourly. no travel...

Stellar Repair and Maintenance Services

505 Gettysburg Pike
Mechanicsburg, PA
Stellar repair and maintenance services is a privately owned company based in mechanicsburg...

Steve Gentile Home Repair & Remodeling Inc

Mechanicsburg, PA
Handymen, home repair, home maintenance, masonry, carpentry, painter, electrical, kitchen and...


Harrisburg, PA

Stone Lion Inc

161 Buckwalter Rd
Lancaster, PA
A home or business repair and remodel service.

Stonestreet Contracting

5518 N Annapolis Dr
Mount Airy, MD
Additional e-mail -

Streamline Power Washing LLC

Lebanon, PA
Streamline power washing is independently owned and family operated company. we take pride in...

Stubbs Inc Cleaning Services

301 N. Third Street
Reading, PA
Stubbs inc. cleaning services in reading, pennsylvania, has been family owned and operated...

Student Painters

14005 Simone Dr
Shelby Township, MI
Additional dba names -, triple a student painters, student painters & a a a...


Wilmington, DE


Harrisburg, PA

T.J. Wilcox Painting

338 Churchtown Rd.
Narvon, PA
T. j. wilcox painting is a full service painting and restoration company. we are fully...

T.J.s Cleaning Services

Hanover, PA
T.j.s cleaning services is a full cleaning service for residential, commercial, and new...

Tad Painting

Mechanicsburg, pa

Tad Painting

Mechanicsburg, pa

tate services

Lancaster, PA
We have over 30 yrs of experience. no job is to small. we don't cut corners,on work or...

TDS Painting

1140 Miller Rd
Dauphin, PA
I am a schoold teacher running a summer business of pressure washing. i usually work alone...

Team Lewis Landscaping

PO Box 334
Harrisburg, PA
Team lewis is a premier landscape contractor, a leader in the green industry, brings a new...

TGCC, The General Contracting Company

2811 Fairview Rd
Camp Hill, PA


220 FOX DR
Mechanicsburg, PA
5 employees. use occasional subs for labor. cost is determined by the job. travel charges may...

The Christian Handyman

26 N Second St
Mc Sherrystown, PA
My business of 18 years has been home repairs and imporvements. i am a registered contractor...

The Grounds Guys of York

1 Marianne Dr
York, PA

The Handy Man Can

400 1st St
Weatherly, PA
Visit our website & view our past job's at:, all our contact info is...

The Master's Hand

Lancaster, PA
Family-owned and operated business.

The Outdoor Advantage LLC.

300 Clubhouse Rd
Hunt Valley, MD
300 clubhouse rd #225 hunt valley, md 21031

The Pressure Washing Guy

P.O. Box 745
Hershey, PA
Personalized, full-service power washing company. locally owned and operated (hershey, pa). ...


Ephrata, PA
See website for more services.

Thomas Paving, Seal Coating, Pressure Wash SnowSer

256 Juniper Drive
Etters, PA
We provide free estimates. residential & commercial. we provide discounts for multiple jobs in...

TNT Dynomite Painting & Renovations Inc

PO Box 32
Millersville, PA
Tnt dynomite painting and renovations is a painting and renovations company. we insure your...

TNT Enterprises

303 Oakridge Dr
Mountville, PA
Handywoman. feel secure with your handywoman-retired law officer. i take pride in my work &...

Tomlinson Construction

31 3rd Street
Akron, pa
Small to midsized residential and commercial remodeling and new construction company.


22 Evans Ave
Wyomissing, PA
Privately owned & operated since 2006, truclean provides custom tailored services to...

University Painters

Landis Ave
Millersville, PA
My name is jonathan frank and i own and operate the university painters location in...

V&H Painting

2335 Middle St
York, PA
V&h painting is a women owned and operated business. we are a small company with three very...

Veterans Cleaning Solutions

2070 Lexington Ave
Middletown, PA

Victor General Contracting

11 Blueberry Lane
Nesquehoning, PA
General contracting, providing services to the public since 1995.


Carlisle, PA
We are a family owned and operated company since 1980. we are a state licensed contractor and...

WaterBlade Pressure Washing

1902 Deerfield Drive
Dover, PA
Professional pressure washing service for residential and commercial customers. the equipment...

WaterDog Restoration

840 Detters Mill Road
Dover, PA
Waterdog restoration is a family owned property maintenance service that specializes in...

Webb's Painting & Home Improvement

5 Broadway
Stewartstown, PA
Webb's painting & home improvement is a privately owned business with professional commitment...

Whites Service Co

61 Clover Hill Rd
Dallastown, PA
White's service company, inc is proud to service your heating, air conditioning, refrigeration...

Window Gang

5112 Mountain Ridge Ln
Harrisburg, PA
Window gang is your #1 choice for exterior cleaning services. we offer window and gutter...

1422 South George St
York, PA
Window cleaning

1 Michelle Lynn Drive
Lancaster, PA
Window cleaners

Winning Colors

Denver, PA
I am a small business that provides many services related to the painting trade. i am the...

X'press Yourself Painting

621 Grandview Ave
Camp Hill, PA
3 employees, owner operated, local company to harrisburg and camp hill pa. over 14 years of...

Xtreme Home Improvement

34 Valley Dr
Annville, PA
We are a company that has a number of employees with many years of experiance of the highest...

Xtreme Pro Clean

6360 Creekbend Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA
We are a small family owned business offering professional, quality cleaning services at...

Yarnall Home Imporvements LLC

30 Morgan Spg Dr
Morgantown, PA

york county mobile homes inc.

2777 myers rd.
Spring Grove, PA
We have been in all aspects of the manufactured home industry since 1971.(same family) we are...


Shrewsbury, PA
Family owned and operated since 1989, craftsmanship guaranteed and warranties avaible upon...


115 Edgemont Ln
Newmanstown, PA

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