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Judith G.
"They started by using a jackhammer to remove the tile in the entry, kitchen, and bathrooms and damaged walls in the process. They did not even sweep the floors. They left for almost" a week with bags of broken tile and debris in the bedroom, bathroom, and entry. Some bags were left for weeks. Did not sweep and remove debris daily (but quickly removed some excess materials, even if I paid for them). Partner told me I should have moved out for the duration and all contractors work this way. Although promised work would be continuous until completion, it was a start and stop job. Did not know if they were coming or not. Most days, when someone showed up, work hours averaged 6.5, including lunch break. (Our condo work hours are 8:30 to 4:30, eight hours) Both men argued with me the crown molding was finished even though there was an obvious gap in a join. It was finally repaired when I refused to give them a check for the work, and the crown molding ended up being a good job. Tub failed first inspection because it lacked any support. (it was installed with a partner present). Extremely poor job of bathroom double door installation & required a total reinstall, including new hardware, after they left. Most painting very sloppy with paint in some seams of new wood floor, and drips all over. Painting in living room, done by a sub contractor was much better. As requested, I purchased 5 gallons of paint and 5 gallons of tinted primer and only used about 1/4 of the tinted primer, which could not be returned. Bathroom ceiling and one wall in bathroom blistered. Some flooring planks are not totally flush as they should be and one plank near doorway is depressed. Kitchen and bathroom tile needs to be re-grouted. Damage to walls, kitchen cabinets,
range, etc., etc... Some were corrected, others not. There were so many problems, I could write a book.
Rated by
Steve S.
"I received quotes from several installers and
was the only person to show up on time, offer suggestions, and provide a store that" carried the product I was interested in. Before the job he measured each room to provide an accurate estimate of the quantity to order. What we chose for our new flooring turned out to be back ordered until initially December, then January, then early February. This was nobody's fault except the distributor (and a lack of action by the store). We were informed of the delivery date one week before delivery, and
was able to fit our installation into his schedule with the short notice. Wood flooring has to acclimate to the house for 1-2 days before installation. The material was picked up the day it was delivered at the warehouse and brought to my house where it rested for 2 full days before installation. He initially quoted 3-4 days to complete the job and finished in just under three full days. The old hardwood was glued to the concrete subfloor 'very' well and had to be chiseled out in small pieces. This was unexpected and added to the job timeline. As a side note, this is a very loud process, so if you live in a condo with neighbors, be considerate and give them a heads-up... Previously I lived in places where this level of noise would not be tolerated, so double check on this before going too far into the process. That said,
and his guys tried to finish this part of the job as fast as possible - probably for their sake just as much as my neighbor's... They moved the refrigerator and
to install wood fully underneath - something the old floor wasn't. They were also able to install the new flooring under the air handlers, even with the base resting directly on the concrete subfloor. Pay attention to this as many people will not install the new material under appliances.
was here every day working alongside his crew (3-4 other guys) from 9-5. He and his crew stopped working on the job only for a short lunch and to show me any problems or to ask a question. There was no break in service from job start to job completion. After each work day they cleaned up, hauled away the old materials (inside the house and from the front yard), and left our house as livable as could be during their work. We decided to stay in the house each night during their work, though getting a hotel or staying with friends would probably be a better option. It would save them time from having to move furniture back each day and would be less stress on the homeowner as well. Our concrete subfloor was not true and level in spots, which necessitated use of a special glue. This was an extra charge from the initial quote (about $1200 extra...) That was the only surprise of the job. The type of wood flooring installed has an oil-wax coating applied after the whole floor is installed. Unknown to everyone, one coat was not sufficient, but
volunteered to return and apply the second coat for no additional charge. Overall I would not hesitate to recommend them. His quote was not the lowest, but certainly not the highest. I firmly believe you pay for what you get, and his results were worth every penny. Just finding a contractor that shows up on time, everyday, in South Florida is hard enough, and to get quality results is even harder to find.
Rated by
Blair C.
"After exploring a kitchen redesign with some of the more popular home improvement stores, we contracted with
. We found them to be flexible and creative in" their design creation, much more so than the home improvement stores. Compared to the home improvement stores, we found that we received better quality materials and workmanship, and a superior value for the money spent. Since they are skilled at all sorts of interior remodeling, since this job was complete, we have used them to install wood flooring in our bedroom and are considering them for a larger sitting room addition to the master bedroom of our house. We would recommend
without hesitation for any home remodeling job.

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The owner of this Colorado home chose to have red oak installed in several rooms in his house, including the living room. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Al A.)

Hardwood Flooring

There are few home improvement choices that add as much character and warmth — not to mention resale value — as hardwood flooring. But before hiring a flooring contractor to install or repair hardwood flooring, it’s important to know both its advantages and disadvantages.

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Contractors say homeowners with this trait are the most satisfied with home improvement projects.

There are as many opinions as there are options when shopping for hardwood flooring, says Pfeiffer. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Jeff A. of Boston)
Hardwood Flooring Sales/Installation/Refinishing

Hardwood floors these days come with an overwhelming number of options. Know how to make pick the best one for your home with this breakdown of all the options.

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Hardwood Flooring Sales/Installation/Refinishing

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hardwood floors refinish
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Angie's Answers

From the wall street journal online:

"Etiquette and tipping experts agree that tipping a contractor and his employees isn't expected because contractors offer to do a job for you at a specific price. Any extra money they would want would be built into their bid. Also, it's a business relationship rather than one where they are performing a personal service for you like a waiter or a maid. But if the employees do extra jobs around the house, then experts say it is appropriate to tip a cash amount equivalent to the task; "tip gifts" such as cookies and drinks can count. "The key to tipping is whether or not it was outside the scope of what was normally expected," says Mark Brenner, author of "Tipping for Success!"

My opinion is that a little bit of courtesy (snacks, drinks, expression of appreciation etc.) goes a long way and upon completion of their work you feel compelled by a job well done to offer a little extra in the form of a tip - go for it, but do not feel obligated. 
Agreed.  If you have existing cracking in porcelain you need to know the cause first.  I don't know of any reputable contractor that would dare install tile over existing tile.  Also, any manufacturer warranties for defects would be null due to improper installation.  Did the contractor offer this solution or did you ask for it?  The mear fact that he is agreeing to or offering it tells me you need to leave this guy for someone who knows what they are talking about before he does only half the job which will have to be redone in the near future, costing you more in the long run.

I get so many calls from customers that were talked into a "cheaper" way to do something only to find the work very sub-par.  The sad part is they are out the money they spent in the first place along with the additional amount I have to charge just to undo what the first contractor did before I can do it right.  This floor could end up costing you double what it should if it's not done right.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services

Hardwood Flooring reviews in Fort Lauderdale


I visited the showroom and meet
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
. The showroom was clean, organized, with a large display of samples.
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
is very knowlegable in regards to flooring. I decidced on two products,
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
suggested that I take the samples home with me. I had the measurements with me. A price was agreed upon and an appointment to measure the job.
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
brother showed up on time to measure and an appointment made to install the flooring. The installers were here on time and completed the job in one day. The installers were curteous and did a great job. I can't think of any
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
'ts, it was all a
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
- Roy C.

What a great team of guys! They came on time and did an amazing job. Our floors were original to our 60 year old house and they look like new. They were courteous, on time, neat and thorough. We are very pleased with our "new" floors!
- Keith & Pam R.

We purchased our apt. 3 years ago and have not done any remodeling work. Our apt. was such very 80's; outdated. He started the job in early
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
. while we were still living in NYC and he did 75% of the work while we were away. He is trust worthy. We gave him the keys to our building and apt and my father in law came in once a week to check up. Our neighbors didn't complain except for once when they had to come in on one Sunday. Once we moved to FL, he needed about 3 weeks, working 2-3 days a week to finish up the last 25% of the job. I would recommend
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
with any general contract work. They do the job and you can trust them. They do not do detail work so if you are looking for a very neat work, then you should hire a non-general contractor. He has great suggestions esp. coming from New
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and living in apts, so it was great to work with him for our first experience home remodeling project.
- David M.

This was a very bad experience. The person who installed our floors actually used a sub standard solvent to take off the excess gluing he used in order to place down the floor and now I have burn
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
where they actually permanently damaged the veneer. I have since attempted to contact these people and nothing has been done to either replace or refund my money.

Workers came on time and worked full days. They even stopped to help me with little things on their own, like help us cut out the tile and counter to fit our new range in a space which was 27 inches wide and needed to be 30 inches. All his workers were very neat, considerate, and cleaned up after their work. His brother who layed most of the flooring was so very nice and did little extras, like suggest which way the floor could be laid in the living room to make it look bigger and much nicer. He took the extra time at no charge,to do this layout. This is what was so nice about dealing with
Fort Lauderdale Wood Flooring Experts Provider Name Locked
and his crew. When little things came up that needed a little extra attention, as it does in an older house they worked it out. I can not say enough good things about this company. The job was done on time and looks GREAT!!!
- Paul E.

The materials that this company used was very good. The men that did the work for this company they were very bad. The wood floor is coming up and they will not come back and fix the floor. When I call them, they are very rude to me.

I was not pleased with this company at all. No one would assume responsibility for anything. It took them way too long to get the materials. I was told it had been ordered, but never sent, and then when they sent it, it was the wrong product.

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