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Valerie B.
"Absolutely the best groomer we have ever used in 6 years and two states!! In 6 years of having our
poodle groomed this is the first and only time that she has" NOT come home from the groomer devastated, depressed and generally miserable for the next 2-3 days.
is by far the best groomer ever he loves animals and he has a genuine passion for what he does. We recently moved to Dunedin and needing to get our Baby groomed we saw
's business. We walked in and made an appointment. We discussed how we would like Baby groomed and told
about her being sensitive to clippers especially around her backside.
said that he would not use clippers, just scissors and that he would take extra care with her. The end result was we got our Baby groomed EXACTLY as we wanted. She had the BEST grooming experience of her life and most importantly she is happy and playful instead of coming home depressed from the groomer. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Rated by
Mark G.
"What a fantastic experience I had. When I entered the store I was immediately greeted with a friendly hello, after asking what I was looking for the gentleman helped me find a few" of my items. I asked a few more questions and the gentleman realized I needed someone with a little more expertise in fencing. Wallah...
was before me answering all of my questions, she quickly assessed my needs, grinned and asked.... are you making a grape trellising system. I said why yes and we talked about all the needs I would have. I not only got all of my fencing/trellising needs taken care of, but had a great time getting it done. Isn't it fantastic when you can have a great conversation about the project you are working on, with someone who knows what your needs are. She was enthusiastic, helpful, and I probably spent more than I would have, but she identified my needs and the job got done correctly. I asked how long she had been a sales associate at this location, only to find out that I had been dealing with the store manager.... Kudos to the
is a credit to your organization.
Rated by
Elly O.
"A few days before the kitten was to be sent to me, I received via regular mail a 'Sales Agreement' which basically stated they would have control over the kitten & I would" have to return it if things weren't to their satisfaction. This Sales Agreement was sent with little or no time to have it looked over by an attorney, signed or returned in time for the kitten to be sent. My attorney advised against signing it. I did want to complete the sale, so I did sign it & returned it. However, it was not received by me with enough time to complete it before the kitten was sent. Thus, they did not send the kitten & feel it is their right to keep $300 of my money. All that was requested of me was done. I was not given ample time to complete the sale however & they have kept $300 of my money for doing nothing in return. I am on social security, unable to work, & cannot afford to
this money. So, I have lost two [2] kittens this year. Burmese are a special breed & I've had 3 of since the early 1960s, it broke my heart when I lost mine suddenly this year, now I've been dealt another blow of not receiving one that I thought I had purchased. I did have other problems with this breeder such as not knowing which of her kittens I would be getting as well as other questions I asked were not answered. Even though this breeder has Internet access as well as e-mail, she did not want to respond via e-mail & got extremely irritated with me as she did not want to use e-mail. Thus I had questions that I did not get a response to. This breeder expected you to call her long distance, which I tried at times. I do not have long distance service on my home phone & told her that. I had to borrow a cell phone if I wanted to reach her. I was sent a few pictures via e-mail of 3 kittens together, mostly with heads down, so I never knew which of the kittens I was purchasing.

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Angie's Answers



The first answer is pretty thorough but I would like to add a few points. 

First.. the type of food you are feeding your dog may be the key.  If you are using a food that is grain, rice or corn based in the first three ingredients, please change to a food that is meat or chicken based.  Many dogs are allergic to grain, rice, wheat and corn and these things are used as primary ingredients in many well known, name brand dog foods.  Secondly, all treats that have these ingredients should be cut out.  It takes weeks to months before a food change can show results so you must be patient.  Jumping from one food to another will be counter-productive. 

Some dogs are so allergic to flea or other insect bites that one or two bites can cause a severe reaction.  Once the itching/scratching cycle begins, it is hard to stop it.  Benadryl is good but I suggest liquid form.  You can get it inexpensively at one of the dollar stores.  The pills take time to break down in the digestive system so you get better and faster results with the liquid.One tsp= 5cc and most dogs of average size can tolerate that much and more if the dog is a larger breed.  

Allergy testing is very expensive and most dogs will test positive to some things.  That does not mean that the itching is coming from those things as many things in the environment can trigger positive test results.  Breaking the cycle of itching is primary and that can be done with prednisone ( short term and last resort after benadryl and bathing), allergy shots( same deal, last resort after easier methods).   This spring and summer have been particularly hard, weather-wise.

Good luck!



Pet Store reviews in Denver


We have Siberian Huskies. We purchased 4 of these last year, (2013). We have had pretty much all of them replaced. We paid for overnight shipping originally, but when they originally shipped the order, one would not sync to the system, to become active. When we called to tell them this they apologized and offered to send out a new one but it would be here in 7-10 business days. I just paid $30 for overnight shipping it was THEIR fault for shipping a defective product and we had to wait for a new one.
The clips that attach these to the collars are horrible...if you have an animal that runs, plays or shakes its head a lot it WILL FALL OFF..If you don't have your phone with you 24/7 and have the alerts set up you may run the thing over with the lawnmower or you may
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
your yard for hours trying to find it.
They use BING, so the mapping system is not very reliable. Our 'HOME' area is really our neighbors address, so when they are standing in front of us we get messages that Scrappy is out of the
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
Zone, which would be great because we could go look for him, but it goes off even when the dogs don't run away. Oh if one does become destroyed don't tell them the dog ate it when it fell off, or that the lawnmower ate it because the clips didn't hold it on the collar, you will be told you need to purchase another one.
- Sarah M.

They did a GREAT job getting to me right after I ordered through their website, I was contacted within an hour to double check for any allergies our dogs might have. They gave me an estimated time for shipping since everything is made fresh per order, and sent me confirmation of shipping so that I could track the delivery. I also received a personal email to let me know that my order should have been delivered. Our dogs just LOVED these treats....they are still searching the counter for the cake! I will definitely be ordering more treats in the future.
- william B.

I was looking for a reasonable price on a premium dry dog food. I searched everywhere in stores and online. I found
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
advertising a fantastic price plus more discount if you order automatically as needed. I decided to buy a large number of bags and schedule another one in the future. The
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
who helped me said I would be getting coupons every now and then and if I received one before the next shipment, I could call and apply. I did receive one and did apply it. I had never heard of a policy like that before! A few weeks later my dog died suddenly in the night from heart failure. I was devastated and was not looking forward to calling
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
and asking them to cancel the next shipment. Even though they had said canceling at any time was no problem, I was still apprehensive. Well I finally called and was shocked by the response I got. The person who answered the phone was very empathetic and said immediately he would cancel the next shipment. He also said I could send back the dog food AND he would send me FREE SHIPPING LABELS . I was ASTONISHED! Often when you purchase something the associates are friendly and charming but never had I ever been treated so well when returning something. I can't say enough good things about my experience with
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
. If you need the best pet food for the best price and the best customer service look no more.
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
is the company for you.
- Julie M.

I found them because they came to my door offering their services. I am a new member to Angies List and when
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
showed me their Angie's A Grade I decided to try them out. I signed up for the quarterly service which came in below other competitors prices. They came out and treated the yard and the home. I have a cemetery of dead bugs on my porch every morning!
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
- Joseph B.

I found this company through a Facebook posting from a local dog shelter asking for donations of dog beds. I looked them up and found the beds are high quality and are guaranteed. I ordered a bed to go outside for my 80lb hound and it arrived at my home in 5 days! Assembly was challenging and took both my husband and I to get it together properly but I can already see it is stronger than those cheap beds from the local pet stores. It is reinforced with metal piping! (XL and XXL sizes). Will update this review after a few weeks/months of use to see how it stands up to my dog and the weather.
- Stephanie E E.

I had a negative experience in dealing with the owner of this particular franchise. The concept of
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
is a good one and they offer a lot of interesting classes such as tricks and agility. Some of the trainers are very friendly and knowledgeable. It is unfortunate that the owner is so unfriendly and unprofessional. I wrote a kind letter asking for a response to an issue I had with the lack of explanation of payment for classes. Regrettably, the owner could not be bothered to respond. A huge disappointment since it is convenient to my home and I very much appreciated most of the employees.
- JoMarie R.

In terms of price, quality, responsiveness, and punctuality, I cannot say enough good things about Dawn and the individuals she hires. My partner and I travel a lot, sometimes for weeks, and what I want, what everyone wants in a pet sitter, is someone you can trust to care for your home, love your pets while you are away, and have the good sense and resourcefulness to act intelligently should a crisis arise. Dawn and her crew have all of that in abundance.
What I liked best about
Denver Pet Food Supply Stores Provider Name Locked
is that you see what you get. Dawn has a shop in the neighborhood so you can meet her and her crew first hand. When you walk into the store they ask you how you AND YOUR PETS are by name, and that in itself is so comforting. It is obvious that Dawn attracts and hires the best quality people--mostly young, college-educated women--who are well-spoken, well-groomed, and well-mannered. So, I knew first hand that they know my animals and that they are taking good care of them. My cats were always happy and relaxed when I returned from a trip, the place was clean, and I could just pop around the corner to pay my bill. No worries.
One of Dawn's other comforting and priceless qualities is her resourcefulness and common sense. Once we were overseas on vacation and our key did not work. Dawn texted us immediately, I contacted my neighbor and gave Dawn their contact info. Within a very short time, Dawn had contacted the neighbors and was inside our place with a new set of keys. She sent a picture of my cats to give me extra piece of mind. So, she is super resourceful and able to work things out. It really was like having another me back home to do things the way I want them done.
She and her crew really love the animals in their charge and enjoy taking care of them. As for the shop, when my cat needed high fiber food, she special ordered it. When I recommended a litter, she started carrying it. My only problem with the merchandise is that a lot of it is made in China. It would have been nice to see more American-made stuff. It is out there.
I love to keep it local. Despite the fact that I can get pet supplies more cheaply at Target or Petco, I went out of my way to shop at her store because I value small businesses and what they bring to a community. I love that Dawn is a small business owner, that she is not a subsidiary of a big impersonal corporation, and that she is not just a shop, but a valued member of our community who just happens to do what she does better than Petco ever could. She brings the personal touch.
Sadly, Dawn repaid my loyalty with gossip, pettiness, backstabbing, and a show of such ingratitude as I have never experienced before. She turned on me and my family in the most unneighborly fashion and flew her psycho-flag just long enough for me to reconsider my loyalty and to take my business elsewhere. I had overlooked her gossip and backhanded comments about others and laughed it off as one of her eccentricities--we all have them. Then I found myself on the receiving end of her sorority-girl brand of mean and, well, it's a shame. Apparently she doesn't need my business and is doing quite well without it. So, more power to her. I hope this is an isolated incident because I would hate to see Petco's Unleashed as the only option in the South End.
- Jeanne S.

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