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Bobbie H.
"As one poster put it, "this isn't for the faint of heart." At first, I was quite fuzzy about what needed to happen for my family to become functional.
" 's suggestions were extremely helpful and right on target. It was somewhat overwhelming when the team came out, unpacked everything, and asked for numerous decisions from me. However, if I went at a pace that was comfortable for me, the job wouldn't have gotten done for a year, and there's a lot to be said for everything being finished in one week. The team is no-nonsense. Their prices did take a chunk out of the budget. But, they did not waste their time or my money. They utilized the time efficiently to do what we agreed was most important. At the end, a few small items remained unfinished, but those were things I could easily do on my own. There were no big surprise charges in the end. BTW,
has an incredible memory. I called her 7 months after she finished the last job to ask if she knew where an item that I couldn't find was. I was amazed that she remembered! Organization is what
does and they do it well. They are not a cleaning service, which you can hire elsewhere, less expensively. I've found that organization is more than just going through and getting rid of clutter. Putting working systems in place includes changing routines and bad habits that got me in the chaotic, disorganized mess I was in. There has been a lot work on my part, even after
left. What
did well was give me an overall, workable structure within which I can manage my stuff, family, and life.
Rated by
Monica G.
Sarasohn of
has helped me with purging and organizational tasks for nearly a dozen four-hour visits to help downsize two packrats: mother" (in the same house for almost 50 years) and daughter (never developed a purge "muscle", as
explains it). I was introduced to
through a presentation on reducing clutter that she gave at the Colorado Home and Garden show. Not only was she a confident and organized presenter but she had studied the reasons behind people's propensity to hang on to things. It was refreshing to have someone explain your behavior to you in an academic way. She knows reasons and statistics. Whether simply disorganized or full-fledged hoarding,
is a professional and adapts. But she is warm and has a sense of humor. At the first appointment,
requests that you sign a contract so that her fee structure is clear (pay-as-you-go). She is always prompt in responding to appointment requests, and prompt for appointments. She never charges for breaks but otherwise works consistently.
has no problem whatsoever in making recommendations or decisions. Purging is fraught with emotions and
is patient about changing up tactics or changing focus so that what could be a tense experience actually becomes a pleasant partnership. That's a talent and I am grateful.
Rated by
Amy V.
"My experience with
was, in a word, "variable." Both CF and one of their national competitors were invited to come to my home, design the wall unit" and closet organizers, and bid on the job. CF's competitor was priced lower and offered more. The CF salesperson did all she could to discount the price but if all other things had been equal, their competitor would have won the business. CF's design was superior to their competitor and I liked their construction philosophy (floor-based) better than the other company (wall-hung). These are the factors that won them the job, even though they were more expensive. The competitor's sales person was every bit as good as CF's. Also, the competitor came to my home with a computer and she designed a 3-D model of each unit while at my home. Very, very cool. I had to drive to CF to see the computer-generated version of their design. However, I was also able to see a wide variety of actual examples of their work in the showroom, so it was worth the drive. Both places estimated 4-6 weeks lead time prior to installation. Both places also estimated 3 days total for installation of the units. It took a month and three separate requests by me to get a certificate of insurance from CF. I had to resort to threats in order to finally get them to send me the certificate, which was required by the
where I live. This lack of responsiveness had the potential to delay installation of the units and impact a much-needed vacation. This was the beginning of my customer service woes with CF. The two men who installed the units were punctual and congenial. However, one spoke no English and the other spoke only a limited amount. They were very respectful of my home and went out of their way to protect floors, walls, etc. They worked consistently and with care. On Day One I discovered a major manufacturing error after the big wall unit had been installed. In my estimation, CF missed the
three times: no one caught the error during manufacture, no one caught it in Quality Control, and the installers missed it. This problem resulted in shelving being permanently placed over my circuit breaker box, which should have been a red flag to the installer. A big portion of the unit had to be dismantled and the correct items were manufactured overnight. The installer asked me to remove all items from my master closet for the start of Day Two, which was done. However, because of the problem with the wall unit on Day 1, they ended up behind schedule at the end of Day Two. I didn't realize this until 4:30, when the installer told me they were leaving for the day, with the master closet incomplete and all of my clothes, shoes and other belongings still piled up on my bed and all over the room. This is a one-bedroom loft so I inquired what he expected me to do about sleeping arrangements that night. He suggested I sleep on the couch. I will be the first to say that this reply almost caused my head to blow off my body. A $9,300 expenditure, a problem they caused the day before, and the result is the client should sleep on the couch??? BTW, I was told in a conversation with the salesperson during this time that the manager of the installation crew was insisting that they leave, regardless of where this left me. Customer service????? After my freakout and with the assistance of the salesperson, it was decided that the installers would stay until the hanging rods were installed so I could at least move my clothes off of the bed and sleep there. It still meant moving everything back to the bed the next day so they could finish the job, but since the only other option was sleeping on the couch, it was worth it. The owner of the company called later that evening while I was out having dinner/feeling remorse for choosing CF. He apologized for the problem and offered to bring rolling racks to my home. SO not the point. Again, customer service?? The final day went smoothly and the last closet organizer was installed with no problems. The guys left by 1pm. At my request on the previous day of freakout, the salesperson came by to look everything over. While she was here I noticed that the top half of the wall unit was not aligned with the bottom half -- it was off by approximately one inch. Correcting this would have meant bringing the installers back, tearing out the top half (for a second time) and re-installing. Frankly, I just wanted the entire experience to be over with, and no more impact on my home. The salesperson was aware of the mistake as soon as I noticed it, agreed it was a problem, and also heard me say that I'd had enough and would just learn to live with it. One would have thought that an offer to compensate me in some way for yet another problem would have arisen from this, but it didn't. Once more: customer service??? So here's the summary: I am very pleased with the quality of the units. The installers' attention to (most) detail was impeccable and I am so grateful for it, as hopefully the quality of the units will last far longer than my memory of the problems incurred. However, in general the post-sale customer service of CF leaves a lot to be desired. For this reason alone, I don't know if i would use them again. And regardless, I would strongly recommend to anyone planning this type of work that they get designs, estimates, etc. from at least two competing companies. CF won't be my "go-to" for future projects because frankly, they have not shown me that they will take care of me as a customer -- and particularly one who spent over $9,000 with them! However, I will probably still consider them as an option because of the quality of the product.

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Professional Organizing reviews in Denver


This is not for the faint of heart. First, it is very expensive, and it does not cover everything -- trash hauling was $1,000 extra, and they do not clean or dust, so that had to be done as well. I got 100 hours of service for what I paid, and that did not include the kitchen, but did include almost everything else plus the garage.

I am not really a hoarder, but the house had been occupied by my family for 70 years and there was quite a lot of multigenerational junk with emotional baggage, and as I age and my knees fail, I just lost the ability to keep on top of it all. I understand that I fit a niche -- one magazine called my type of hoarder "a woman of a certain age who has suffered loss and finds herself the keeper of the family history." I cringe, but I'm glad someone has made a business of the likes of me and knows how to help.

First, the supervisor of
Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
inspects the house, then makes a plan. Before you know it (the same day you sign the contract!) your house if full of half a dozen people who move just about everything to a staging area (in my case, the garage), and move furniture from room to room. They then spent the next two weeks, an afternoon or a Saturday at a time, making me sort through all the boxes and closets in place and designate everything either trash, donate or keep and reintegrate into the house.

Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
women (they are all women) are very energetic and you will definitely get your money's worth of carrying and moving things around. They helped me hire young men to haul the trash and move the very heavy furniture, and they took my donations (dozens and dozens of bags) to charity, plus they arranged with Craigs list to be rid of a few more things.

They are patient and professional and evidently trained to deal with the inevitable meltdowns -- I took it poorly when they rearranged my office, for example. They are sometimes a little bullying, and though you are consulted on the broad strokes, they do not consult on about 70% of the organizing and just go ahead an do it -- sometimes that is great (my craft storage area is just gorgeous, and I would not have thought of it), and sometimes it is deeply distressing (I have since moved my office back the way it was,
Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
the clutter -- I had it set up that way because it worked!) There were so many people working at once it was hard for me to keep track of who was doing what -- it would surely be less overwhelming if you opted for a smaller service package at a time.

They do make an effort not to toss things out without permission, but I found minor things in the trash (shoe insoles, for example) that I really preferred to keep. Plus, they move so fast, and it is all so overwhelming, that I "agreed" to toss things because it was just easier, only later to realize something was gone. This is a good thing, if you have a serious clutter problem (you can replace almost everything tossed if you really need it), but it can be disconcerting.

They make you go through everything -- all the backs of drawers of memorabilia and junk and dirt. This, too, is a good thing (there were cupboards I seriously would have died without looking in because they were dirty and I didn't want anything in there). On the other hand, especially with a family home like mine, there are a lot of memories dragged out and rummaged through, and this, too, is exhausting. Some of the women specialized -- because I have many books, I got a young girl who specialized in libraries.

They label everything, and they have odd (to me) priorities, like spending expensive time folding laundry, but they are open to requests to reprioritize. Everyone was very personable and listened to me, and I was happy not only for their help but for their company as I walked down memory lane.

It will take me weeks to figure out where everything ended up, but my house is now clean and airy and free of literally trucks full of junk. I am pleased, and my knees are recovering. But, as I said, the biggest package of 100 hours is not for the faint of heart and some may want to clean up a single room or closet at a time. In any case, I am glad I hired
Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
, and think of it as a once in a lifetime exercise that, though painful, had to be done and makes my life much better.

They will come back, for additional fees, of course, to help you maintain the nice organization. I'm not ready for that, but I'll keep in in mind.
- tracey T.

I called the company about a week before the move and made arrangements. The estimate provided was general in nature, but adequate. It was unclear from my conversation with the company if they understood I would pack some things and they would need to pack the rest. The leader of the three men crew called when they were leaving the company office to let me know when they would arrive in the day of the move. The crew showed up when they said they would, and quickly got to work. They packed everything in a professional manner and loaded it on the truck. At the destination they unloaded everything and placed the furniture where I told them to. They allowed me to unpack the wardrobe boxes so they could take them back and not charge me for them. They did break one table in the move. They told me someone would contact me to arrange for repair, though nobody has ever contacted me. Though minor in the big picture it showed a lack of professionalism on their part. In addition, they had me sign a comment that would lead one to believe the breakage was prior to the move. Though I would use them again, I believe they could have done a better and more professional job. There has been no follow-up by the company as to my satisfaction with the work. That surprises me.
- Stephen G.

Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
provided a consultation on a selection of paint colors to meet a specific need in one room, while coordinating with other rooms with different decorating limitations that were visually connected. After helping with some good suggestions, we spent some time on minor furniture re-positioning that improved the flow of the room, and suggestions for other areas we may be decorating in the future. Overall a positive experience. She left us with written recommendations on the paint, and followed up with an email covering a couple of items she had promised to research and get back to us.
- Neal J.

I had been stacking stuff all over the place in my garage to the point where I had to step over stuff just to get from one end to the other. I never would have been motivated to clean and organize it on my own. I got rid of a lot of stuff I didn't need, and now I can get to the stuff I do need. We had a call before the appointment to discuss the project. She brought several organizers with her based on information from that call. I like to garden, so
Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
came up with the idea of creating a work area along one side of the garage for potting plants and storing gardening supplies. I plan on hiring her again this Winter to help with a project inside the house!
- Susan Y.

Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
has performed most of the above-listed services for me over the last five years. He arrives on time and does an excellent job, works hard and efficiently.
- Carla F.

Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
is one of the most professional and friendly people I have ever met. She is able to effectively advise on ''big picture'' stuff (
Denver Professional Organizers Provider Name Locked
Shui, room arrangements, etc.), but most impressively she is able to roll up her sleeves and get the system working from the inside out. I intend to continue working with her for the forseeable future. Great!

The closets in my house are relatively small. The storage units designed gave us more storage space for not only clothes but also shelves. They also had areas designed for shoes.
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Denver, Colorado
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