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Janet J.
"On June 16, 2014, my husband and I contracted with and paid a deposit of $565.00 to
to provide architectural drafting plans for our planned home remodel. We" were initially told that a draft plan would be sent to us by the end of the week. Instead, we received a call to let us know that a drink had been spilled on the measurements the contractor had documented during a visit to our home on the 16th so a follow-up visit was scheduled and completed on the 20th. On June 25th, we began calling to check the status of the drafting plans. On June 30th, an associate with a related firm called to tell us the contractor experienced health issues. On
1st, an associate (different than the actual contractor/person who owns the business) at
sent us a first draft after which we sent an amendment and experienced delays of a week to a week and a half between the original and 2 amendments. After we sent the 2nd amendment, there was a 3 week delay in getting any response and to date, 9/11/14, we still do not have final plans from
and they will not answer phone calls or emails. We have called daily and sent numerous emails
Rated by
Paula H.
"I was contacted by
via telephone and offered a "complimentary annual inspection". They had done work at my home previously. I agreed and the inspection" took place on 7/22 by
told me that I had a leak, that there was significant water under my house and that the repair was urgent. In addition to the photograph of a leaking galvanized elbow pipe that he showed me he also showed me photos of five piers that he said were rusted and required replacement. He recommended all plastic pier bottoms instead of the very heavy wood that was on top of plastic sheeting. He also strongly recommended that all the sheeting be removed so that the area would "dry faster". He prepared an agreement for $1355 for the replacement of five piers and installation of 31 plastic pads.
said that the leaking elbow could be replaced inexpensively but that
would not guarantee that work unless I also had the entire water main replaced. The price for the job he described as including concrete demo and replacement, as well as a potential for siding demo was $2,000.
described the concrete demo to me in detail explaining how it would not match perfectly but that it could be completed in one day requiring most likely two men. He said the work would be guaranteed for a year and that it would be inspected every six months. On
arrived with a helper to do the work. The first thing he said to me was that the description of the work, the concrete demo wasn't clear and did I know about it. I asked him if he had photos and he did. I showed him the agreement, he made a phone call and when he returned I asked about it and he said there was no concrete work, none.
asked me why I wanted all the plastic pulled from under my house. It was written on the agreement that I wanted it pulled. I told him that
recommended it as a way to dry out the water under the house.
told me that it was always better to have the plastic there. I felt confused because it was not clear to me if
didn't want to do the work or if
had proposed something that was not the case as he had in the demo of nonexistent concrete. Finally, I agreed to have only the middle section of plastic removed even though I'm still confused about this matter. Frankly, I think I was better off with the plastic in place. Prior to having this work done, I had asked
if he would return and inspect the work their staff executed. He agreed and returned on
30 with his two small children. He took them under my house! Although I didn't want to challenge him in front of his children I did tell him that I was disturbed by the price and the fact that there was no concrete work to be done at all. He did not give a reply but told me how great all the work was and then revealed that the galvanized pipe, the elbow pipe that leaked was replaced with a stainless steel flex line, not a pipe! I told him that I was very dissatisfied with that and would not have agreed; I didn't pay $2000 for two feet of copper pipe and a flex line! I called
to complain and was assured that
would call me back. No call. Then the main leaked substantially. On Saturday
came and made the repair so now I have about 12 seams on the main. It has stopped leaking. I had a plumber come to do a pressure test and it held. I asked for an estimate of what that work would have cost from that company and it was less than half of what I paid. I did not get a senior discount, that is for sure.
wrote up an agreement for work that was not required; they had to know it was not required because their own staff recognized that upon arrival. They charged me an outrageous price and despite two phone calls and two emails, they have not replied to my complaint. I want half the money I paid for the main back and I want 25% senior discount on the entire outrageously priced work too. Beware, beware, beware!
Rated by
Larry M.
"This business responded promptly to all of our questions concerning the replacement of our doors and the materials best suited for their construction. To begin with let me say that" my wife and I have a number of items needing replacement in our 22 year old Double Wide. The owner came out to our house and measured our doors and windows while also discussing a large stoop or small deck needed out back. Later that afternoon he called with the two estimates, one for the doors and one for the windows, so we could decide the best route to take in their replacement. By the way, I was not charged a cent for the appraisals! We began we the replacement of the two doors. The two gentlemen sent out to do the work could not have been better.......Just one instance of how these guys went above and beyond. I bought two door knob and deadbolt sets at Lowes Home Improvement. Naturally one of the sets I purchased was incorrect which was not discovered until the job was near completion. Since I am disabled I do not drive and I knew I would have to go out that evening with my wife after she got home from work to replace the wrong lock. Then I would have to install the knob and deadbolt myself. Well, I was so very wrong! The guys took my wrong parts repackaged them, returned and exchanged them on their own time. This was nearly an hour round trip, yet they did it, drove back and installed the correct parts without me ever asking them for their much needed help. How great was this service!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much,

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Don't get burned by failing to read the fine print of a home remodeling contract. Check out these things every remodeling contract should contain.

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Houston roofing complaint | Contractor claims leaks are coming from plumbing, not roof.

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Homeowner claims property manager hired to oversee roofing work, drywall repair and electrical upgrades allowed contractors to do unsatisfactory and incomplete work.

Angie's Answers

Todd said it best.

An itemized list / cost breakdown, more often than not is used against the contractor when it is shared with other builders who will then beat it.

Good contractors use good people, and good people cost more.  Just the cost of having the appropriate insurance / bond can be the difference between winning a job or losing it ot a 'lower bid'.

It is the rule of three; there is Good, Cheap and Fast.  You can have any two:  Good and Cheap, won't be Fast; Good and Fast, won't be Cheap;  Cheap and Fast, won't be Good!

When comparing bids, it isn't the cheapest or the 'nicest' person you should select.   You should understand why there is a large price difference (it shows there are gaps in your design program or what you have asked for specifically, which means there may be arguments later).  If most of the bids are in line, and one is way high or way low,  you want to know why before dismissing or selecting them.

A price-only decision almost always costs more in the long run. 

Good luck!
There are two sides to this and everyone will have an opinion.  I can tell you that from a contractor's point of view a customer that is up front with me is much easier to work with and the entire experience is much more pleasurable to all parties involved.  If you treat your contractor like there's always something to hide from him expect the same in return.  A good contractor is going to take your budget into consideration and make recommendations based on that budget.  When possible, he's going to estimate the work 10-20% under your target to leave room for the unexpected.  With any remodeling work, there's always the possibility and likelihood that there will be surprises that will have to be added such as mold damage, improper existing framing, etc.  The cushion allows room for the project cost to grow without going over your budget.  If no problems are found and you decide to spend that money some of the final finishes can be upgraded or other projects added.

Another good arguement for disclosing your budget to your contractor is to save you both some time and aggrevation.  You may have a $10,000 budget and want $30,000 worth of work.  Wouldn't you like to know your desires aren't possible before you get your hopes up or spend money on design fees for plans you can't afford?  Likewise, the contractor doesn't want to put in the hours of calculating the estimate only to find out it was all for nothing or that he has to refigure for a much lower cost after pricing what you specified.

Be fair and honest with your contractor if you expect the same respect in return.  You'll get a lot more out of it with the right contractor.

Todd Shell
Todd's Home Services
San Antonio, TX

Herlonginc's answer stated that it is not the contractor's job to pay for materials and labor to do the job. I say baloney - a reputable, established contractor has the funds (or a business operations line of credit) to "carry" the job between interim or partial payments, each of which should be keyed to completion of distinct easily measured mileposts in the job, and for a homeowner I would say should be in not more than 20% increments for jobs exceeding a week or so. For shorter jobs, then an initial payment, 50% completion, and completion would be normal. His cost of carry funds is part of his cost of doing business, and is figured as part of his overhead.Bear in mind when he is buying materials and paying labor, his materials he typically pays for on a 10-30 day invoice, and his labor typically a week or two after they work, so he is not really "fronting" that much money if you are giving him weekly or biweekly interim payments, on a typical residential job.

If he does not have the funds to buy materials (excepting possibly deposit on special-order or luxury items, which still typically are 10-30 day invoiceable to him) and hire personnel then he is a fly-by-night operation, and he should not be bidding that size job. You should never (other than MAYBE an earnest deposit of not more than the LESSER of 10% or $5000) let the payments get ahead of the approved/inspected work progress - typically payment should be 10-20% BEHIND the progress, with at least 10% retained at the effective end of work until final inspections and completion of the final "punchlist".

That promotes rapid continuation of the work, discourages the all-too common nightmare of contractors taking on more work than they can handle so they leave your job for weeks or months to go work on someone else's job (frequently to start that someone else's new job so he can get the job), and does not leave you out a tremendous amount of cash if he does not finish and you have to hire another contractor to finish the job. Remember, if you have to hire a new contractor to finish the job, he will charge you a lot more than the original bid to finish someone else's unfinished mess.

This may seem cynical, but having started in the construction business about 50 years ago and seeing the shenanigans that a lot of contractors pull you cannot be too safe. You have to remember contractors are like any other people - I would say maybe 10% are outright crooks, another 25% or so will pull a fast one or overcharge if the opportunity presents itself, maybe 30% will do the work but not any better than they are forced to, about 25% are good conscientious reputable workmen, and the last 10% or so are really spectacular - conscientious, fair, and efficient craftsmen. This top 35% are the only ones you should have bidding in the first place. Therefore, only get bids from long-term reputable firms (so you shake out the marginal short-timers with less experience and also generally less ability to finish the job on budget and schedule), only those that have good RECENT references, and preferably with excellent word-of-mouth recommendation from people you know and trust. That way, you are starting right off with the cream of the crop, so hopefully whichever one bids low should be a good choice.

NEVER start with bids, then check the references of the low bidder - why even consider a vendor or contractor who you do not have faith in from the start ? Get references and short-list you possibles BEFORE you ask for bids.

Low bids - that is another matter - commonly the low bidder is NOT who you want, especially if he is significantly lower than several others, which might mean he is desperate for work, made a math error, or did not correctly figure the entire scope of work. You want a reasonable bid with someone you connect with and trust - that is worth a lot more in the success of the job than the absolute lowest bid.


You should always get a set of print and pull a permit when remodeling you home. It is a good thing that you want to be involved in your project. I do have some reservation about the electrical work. There is a lot at risk with doing the work yourself. If the house burns down you will never get the insurance money, unless your a certified electrician. Now of days 90% of home fires are blamed on electrical problems because the insurance company is to lazy and cheap to investigate the true problem. Also find out if the city you live in will allow you to perform the work. Make sure you coordinate your subs to have the proper time and space to perform their job. You don't want people working on top of each other. If you order all you materials make sure everything is there before you start your project. Have your subs check for proper and full items to be installed. Make sure every sub has a working set of prints. Make sure you have all the demo done before your subs show up to work. Schedule your plumber first, do any final framing or electrical work while you wait for inspection. Electrical inspection next followed by framing, insulation, and wallboard. All subs must get a final inspection on the job before you (the GC) can call in your final inspection.
The answer depends on your contract.  If you do not have a written contract, you need to begin documenting everything.  Begin by using a calendar and marking the days the contractor started, worked, you had to speak to him/her about the work, etc.

Next photograph the work you feel is sub-par.  If work has been corrected, photograph it now to have a record of its condition.  If you have any "original" or "before work began" pictures get those together, too.

If you do have written contract, see what it says about warranties, complaints, failure to finish / comply, etc.  Holding the money may end up with the contractor taking YOU to court for the funds - you cannot just hold the money.  You need to document in writing what is wrong, what you expect to happen (be specific) and when it should happen by.  A good contract will explain if and how money can be held, how the arbitration or complaint is filed, etc.

You should also invite another contractor to come in and bid the work to finish the job.  They can confirm the quality of the work and give you a price to fix / finish the job.  This gives you justification for holding the funds and an option to finish the job.

If the contractor is not willing to fix the work or listen to direction, do not allow them back in the house.  A judge will ask you why you let them continue to do work if you found it unacceptable.  Take back the key or access to the building - you can also attempt holding any materials or tools as collateral if the cost of repair is higher than the amount owed.  Again, document what you are holding, its estimated value (google or ebay search), etc.

Finally, in writing you should fire the contractor and state the exact reason(s).  Document everything; if it is done in person after they leave make notes of what was said, agreed upon and disputed.  If you are satisfied that what you have paid is fair compensation for the work done, make sure this is noted in the letter firing the contractor.  If you feel money is owed, you will need to file a small claim in your local court.  Include the documentation you made, notes, letters, etc. when you file your claim so the judge will have a copy of everything.  Don't forget to contact the BBB.

Do not wait for the court date; go ahead and hire the other contractor and have the work completed.  Bring this invoice to court with you (file it before the court date if you can).  Bring photos of the finished work (again, file it with the court before the date if possible).  You must show what good quality work looks like vs the poor quality work.

Otherwise it will be a your word against the contractor and you will most likely lose, (the contract is a promise to pay for work) or even if you "win" you will most likely split the difference between the argued amount of money.  Also be prepared for the contractor to file a small court claim against you.  Same process as above, except now you will respond to the summons with a copy of your stuff to defend your reason for holding funds instead of asking for money back.

Good luck!
Yes, you can ask for these items.  Second Century Homes answered your question well - most contractors do not do a break down to prevent haggling on items that shouldn't be part of the discussion.  People sometimes forget to allow the builder to make money. . .  Builders also want the entire job, not the nickle and dime menu selected items - you may find the contractor says "Thanks, but no thanks" if you ask them to remove portions of the work.

The real question is why do you need this break down?  If you are thinking you will do the demo yourself to save money, you can certainly tell your contractor this - but I would be willing to bet once you buy or rent the tools, haul the trash to the correct disposal dump (many trash dumps will not take home building materials anymore) and clean up / prep for the new work - you will have spent more and delayed the project more than just letting the professionals do it. Plus, do not be surprised when they still have to do additional demo work that you didn't know would be needed to complete the job, etc.

Also keep in mind that cutting portions of the work out of the job to do later is not a money saving move.  You will find that the cost for the individual items go up when done seperately - the contractor has to come back multiple times, has to set the equipment back up, possibly pull seperate permits, schedule the work crew / subs, etc.

If you are asking for the break down to compare bids, then again, tell the contractors what numbers you want to see.  If you are doing it because you feel the total price is too high, have a discussion with your contractor; they may be able to suggest ways to save costs, etc.  Ultimately if you know the materail costs, and have the total figure, you can do a pretty good estimate of the percentage for labor and profit in the job.

It is your project and your contract, so you can ask for anything you want on the quote - just be clear on why you want the information so the contractor can work with you.

Good luck!

Mobile Home Remodeling reviews in Dallas


I had many issues that were not
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's fault that got us off to a late start. But he stayed with me thru my ups and
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
. Finally we made in together and things were running great until I had my 3rd Power Surge! When
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
's crew was moving the dryer and the lights dimmed and brightened. He called me immediately and the job was stopped. The next day he was here with me along with his crew explaining everything to the electrician and the power company. Finally every thing was fixed and away they went. I felt very comfortable working with and around all of his crew. They are very professional and know their work. I could call
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
any time within reason, and he always called me back in a timely manner. Something that you can count on with
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
. He also keeps on top of his crew and they work well alone. I really am Loving the work they in my home and can't wait to show it off. I will definitely have them back. I would recommend them for any job. They do fantastic work. One problem....they refused to follow me to Arkansas to work on my home there!!
- Joan T.

Friendly workers, cleans up after themselves. They also have been helpful working around our crazy work schedules. If it's outside work they start on it even if we are not there yet.

Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
purchased a house a few years ago which was under some definite distress and waived inspection so I was expecting some issues.
However, the day after I purchased the house I received a code violation that my huge retaining wall needed to be inspected by an engineer.
Rich showed up and did determine that the wall was about to fall, and i don't doubt that it was..
He drafted me new plans which were carried out by a professional excavator and ended up costing me about 12,000 dollars.. without these plans it would not have been possible to get the job done.
Rich helped me go back and forth with code to get the project finally approved.. there were some real sticklers in the code office which you could tell just wanted to put in their 2 cents and Rich was able to "put them in their place" in a professional and prompt manner and allowed us to get the project going.
Rich is not only a home inspector, but a legit engineer who understands the real math behind these problems and can tell you exactly what needs to happen in order to hold the weight and other factors which most of us would never understand. Many people can come inspect your home and tell you whats wrong, but not many of them have the certification to give you stamped plans to get the process actually completed.
I would use Rich again in a heartbeat if I have other problems.
What prompted me to write this review years later was that I have some structural issues in a new house I bought and Rich was very informative to me over the phone and really helped me get a project going.. and he had no reason to do this other than he is a good guy.
So I just want to come here and encourage you all to give him a shot if you need a home inspection and plans.
- ryan C.

Showed up on time --- kept with in agreed upon financial limits, cleaned up work area after job complete. Owner of the company did the work himself along with help from daughter, both looked professional and were very pleasant and professional to work with. He did not try to up sell anything, he did exactly what he said he was going to do; we both agreed to adding a extra hand rail for my mother after the job was started so there was an extra added expense of $45.00 --- but I was advised of a possible increased cost before the job was done. THE JOB WAS EXCELLENT!!! Steps are sturdy and secure and look great --- very pleased. Already planning on hiring him again in the fall to do some remodel work in our kitchen.
- James R.

Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
are great to work with. They are honest, experienced & stand by their work. While they don't have a brick & mortar building, they operate as if they do. They are on time for appointments & will call if running late or early. They have never run late for any of my appointments. They even came over when I had an emergency. They are RVIA,
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Master Certified Technicians. Their rates are comparable with the
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
in this area. And they come to you! They work on *
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Parts & Accessories, *A/C and Heating, *Appliance Repair and Replacement, *Awnings, Electrical Repair and Diagnosis, *Refrigerators, *Roof Repair and Maintenance, *Routine Maintenance, *Water Heaters, *Winterization.
We had already purchased the AC unit & just needed to move it from one 5th wheel to another. The breaker box had been jury rigged by another company who were nothing but charlatans. They have since been banned from the Air Force base.
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
no longer services RVs at Desert Eagle
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Park on
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
Air Force base because of the current threat level. Their truck has to be searched each time they come on the base. It is time consuming & costs them lost revenue because of the time it takes to do the
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked

- Royce K.

Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
was trustworthy, honest and delivered on his promises. Because of the sheer size of the project he would occasionally forget a detail, but when reminded he would remedy it fast. Despite the fact this was a massive project he was meticulous in maintaining the work area and carefully cleaned up each day to prevent dust, clutter, and residue from escaping elsewhere into the house.
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
represents the best of any contractor I have worked with over many years. When using subs he was there supervising, he insured they did quality work and most importantly performed the work when promised to not negatively impact the project timeline.
He is careful with his clients time and money. When surprises occurred such as an uneven floor, he consulted with the homeowner, laid out options and then fixed it fast drawing on his huge stable of quality subcontractors.
Dallas Modular Home Remodeling Companies Provider Name Locked
has performed similarly for a half dozen close friends. In each case their experience and mine were the same.
- Christopher W.

The roof went on real fast. We found out through having to get it repaired the panels weren't installed properly with 1 x 4 laths just cheap 7/16th OSB. When serviceman walked on it they crushed the metal rib as it had no support. Buyer beware has been known to violate building codes. Before we knew. He was to insulate roof and no insulation anywhere when old roof removed and redone.
- Barbara N.

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Charles Wyles Contractors

7457 Woodhaven Rd
North Richland Hills

Chip Jones Remodeling

5072 Lake Vista Dr
The Colony

CJ Flooring and Remodeling Services

5000 Whitestone Lane

Classic Home Theater

412 Moss Hill Ln

Clearwood Contracting

308 Temple Hall Hwy

Clog Busters Plumbing

809 Lloyd Rd
Little Elm

CNM Remodeling

4628 W Northgate Dr.

comres remodeling

2055 fleur de lis ct.

Consider it Built Retrofit

2702 Weatherford Hwy

Construction Concepts

7319 Hines Pl

Construction Pro

4200 Keys Drive
The Colony

Cornerstone Builders & Remodeling

11891 Virginia City Lane

Country Courtesy Care ( Handyman)

2015 Hillcrest ST Ste 1069

Coverall Management Group

704 Bridle Drive

Crandall's Custom Carpentry

1800 Floral Dr

Cross Construction and Remodeling

1908 Covington Ln

CRW Exterior Solutions

1105 Trinity Trail
Fort Worth

Custom Carpentry by Mike Marquart

912 Old Garner Road

Custom Dreams Remodeling

1000 Crestview Dr

Cutting Edge Contractors

501 W Main St


619 E 2ND ST

D & I Landscape Construction

3202 Cockrell Ave.
Fort Worth


131 Brook Ct


4021 J Rendon Road

D.A. & Son painting and remodeling

2600 clears springs dr

Dar Electric LLC

P. O. Box 122511
Fort Worth

Davidson Reconstruction Inc

317 Banks Dr

DeTray/Adams Construction

4412 Bobbie Ann dr.

Dial One Service

911 Carlsbad




3969 County Road 276

Dream Construction

401 Harriett St

Dreamworks Home Improvement LLC

6968 Clarkridge Dr

Dunrite Handyman & Remodeling

2736 Briscoe Dr.
Fort Worth

Dwight Mullen Construction

1027 FM 1434

Elite Home Improvement

P.O. Box 704101

elite united construction

18208 Preston Rd

Esparza Painting Services

3301 Knights Haven ln

Evander's Construction

1115 Lakewood Dr

F & A Construction

2503 El Capitan

Factory Flooring Liquidators

1500 N. Interstate 35 E.

Farar Construction & Maintenance, LLC

1804 Glenwick Dr.
Fort Worth

Father & Sons Construction

306 W Buffalo St



Firefighters Handyman Service LLC

1219 Spruce Dr.

Fishers Remodeling & Handyman

116 Vanderbilt Lane

Flume Construction

P.O.Box 1290

Four Seasons Commercial Services, Inc.

4125 Hildring West
Fort Worth

Frank's Handyman Service LLC

935 McDonald St
Pilot Point



Front-Tier Services

P.O. Box 821397

Gem Group LLC

5021 Wild Oats Drive
Fort Worth

Gem Home Remodeling

9400 N Macarthur Blvd. #124-402

Geringer Construction

2233 Chasefield dr

GK Home Services


Glynn A. Morris, Inc.

9623 Liptonshire Dr

GMF Roofing

5014 Stagecoach Ln.

Gone Stumpin'


Goodrum Renovation and Home Remodel

409 HWY 180 W
Mineral Wells

Gordons Remodeling & New Construction

1421 Marble Canyon Dr

Grand Pro Investments, LLC

PO Box 541088
Grand Prairie

Grayson Xavier Construction

925 Brown Trail

GRP Services

Po box702333

GSG Windows and Doors, LLC

301 N Las Vegas Trail
Fort Worth

H & H Enterprises

PO Box 1201

H & P Construction

RR 2 Box 394

H & S Construction

8942 Adams Circle

H3 Contracting

PO Box 473

Handy Joe

6800 Heritage Pkwy

Handy Man Rodriguez

P.O. Box 861441

handyman 4 all

13352 maham rd 18102

Handyman Richard

DFW-Mid Cities

Hart Construction

314 N Pecan St

Hawk Construction inc

1501 s loop 288


3606 Bobtown Road

Hickman Custom Homes

6312 Misty Trail

Historic Builders

PO Box 2236




North Richland Hills

Hulen Modern Dentistry

4833 S Hulen St
Fort Worth

iConcrete Plus

11911 Greenville Ave

Imagine Redesign

Parker Road

IMS Home Remodeling & Installs

2601 Belmeade Dr

Inside Out Dallas Roofing Repair

5706 E. Mockingbird Ln

Integrity Building and Remodeling

230 Tremont Rd


416 2ND ST

Isom Home Improvement and Repair

724 Via Del Sur

J & L Design

PO BOX 450

J R Morgan Contracting


James Thornell and Associates

3419 Westminster Ave

Jamie Dobbs

Horseshoe Bay

Jeff Polley

po box 202

JH Development

2770 N HWY 360
Grand Prairie

JM Construction

1805 S Carrier Pkwy
Grand Prairie

JMC Contractors

P.O. Box 91

Jonesco Construction

4287 Belt Line Rd

JP's General Remodeling

8105 Pickard Dr.

Jr's remodeling and repairs

736 mallard dr.
Fort Worth

Junk King - Dallas

13659 Jupiter Rd

Just Rite Plumbing

PO Box 3088


801 Hebron Pkwy

JWJ Roofing & Construction

3978 Business Park Dr

K & S Paint Services

203 Mathis Street

kameleon construction

North Richland Hills

Kennedale Mansfield Plumbing

5817 E FM 4

Kevin Devoto

1900 Preston

KP Plumbing / Home Repair

4304 Deering Dr.
Fort Worth



Lonestar Handyman Services

13481 Garden Grove

Longhorn Integrators Inc.

322 Eagles Crest

Loviolette Enterprises

120 Faldyn St

Lucky Construction

PO Box 2064
Cedar Hill

Luis Painting & Remodeling

308 Stoneybrook Dr.

Macal Trim Tile and More

601 Ridgeline Dr

Manning Construction

4462 County Road 446


P.O Box 92143

Martin & Son Roofing and Construction

12504 White Oak Dr.

Marvel Construction LLC

1508 E. Tennie Street

Mayfield's Roofing and Remodeling

1514 Wilson Rd.

MB Services

900 Becker Dr

MC Remodeling & Restoration

211 King Ranch Court
Fort Worth

McBride Construction

817 Red Bud Dr

Meadows Construction

636 Harbor Dr


3317 finley rd

Metroplex Roof and Fence

6801 S I-35 E

MgM Painting and Remodeling

6705 Beaty St
Fort Worth

Midas Painting & Drywall

3804 William Dehaes Dr Apt 1706

Mighty Construction

5348 Lynda ct
North Richland Hills

Mike Stone Contractor

911 W 6th Street

MJG Services, LLC

612 S Parkridge Dr

MML Renovations

7913 Hidden Path

Modern Restorations

1449 Nimitz Way



Modular Building Associates

PO Box 2468

Moore's Make Ready

201 Ellicott Dr


9607 Custer Rd ste 718

Mr. Handyman of SW Tarrant County

4150 International Plaza
Fort Worth

MT Home Repair

North Richland Hills

My Junk Removal Solutions

5966 Greenwood Dr.
Little Elm

Nadine Floors Company

1105 E. Parker Rd


632 Alameda Rd

New Creation Construction LLC

2830 S Hulen St
Fort Worth

New Era Construction

9100 Teasley Ln 34E

Newcom Contracting

1700 Harmon Hills
Dripping Springs

NT COnstruction

6075 Maple Shade Ln

Old World Remodeling

8106 Foxcatcher Ct

Oleander Construction

20530 Benwest Ct

Optimum Construction

3901 Arlington Highlands Blvd.

Palafox Roofing Systems

133 Sports Pkwy Ste E

Parker's Home Improvement

810 W 13th St

Paw Paw's Handyman Service

852 Boeovsky St

Pit to Palace Cleaning LLC

323 NW Hillery St

Ponchos company

3405ryan ave

Property Perceptions, LLC

6603 Vintage Dr.

Quisenberry Construction

13829 Wing Way Drive

R&M Enterprises

7208 Bloxom Park Rd

R2 Construction Inc.

737 Caddo Rd.

Rain Leak Doctors

620 Fawn Measow Trail

RC Painting & Construction

4014 N Hall

Reber Woodworking

1305 Fir St

Red Head Rehabs

12004 Hatteras St

Red Horse Building & Design, Inc.

791 N. Hwy 77

Remarkable Renovations

PO Box 181738

Rent my dad

511 Nita lane


8105 Cedar Lake Lane
Fort Worth


200 Caprock dr.

Residential Handyman Services

9028 Hampton Ct.

Revelation Construction Services

4561 Butterfly Way

Richard Blum Handyman Service

2428 oakwood ter.
Haltom City

Richard's Remodel

3109 Peachtree Lane

Richardson Construction

2706 State Highway 361 Apt 304

Rincon's Custom Carpentry

7710 Meadowview Dr.

Roacho Enterprises

4520 Harpers Ferry Dr
Grand Prairie

Robert Enloe


Rockin' D Services

164 Wood Farm Rd

Rogers Construction

460 Davenport

Roofing by Genesis Home Remodeling

4815 Colonial Ave

RV Services of Texas

1990 S Burleson Blvd

RW HomeImprovement

PO Box 542461
Grand Prairie

RWW Construction Mgt.

8105 Lake Tahoe Trail
Fort Worth

S & D Remodeling

209 Ranch Trail Suite C

S & S Construction

10002 County Road 1238

S.A.Y.E.R. Remodeling

9723 Laneyvale Ave

Safety First Walk In Tubs

8512 Brookridge Dr
North Richland Hills

Sawyers Electrical LLC

8116 Rancho De La Osa Ln

Scott Burden

1414 redbud Lane

Seamonsters Creations

508 Fossil LAke Ct

Shannco Services

2251 Ravenwood Dr

Sharkey Construction

908 Colorado Dr

SHI Design

1701 N Greenville Ave

Spektrum Home Services

719 Donnybrook

Spencer Development

5306 Firewood Dr

Stapleton Handyman Services

6148 bandera ave.

Star Roofing and Construction

2364 Highway 287 N Ste 107

Starr Construction

PO Box 803682

Stone Quarries Direct

4100 Stadium Drive


4401 westgrove Drive

Stringer Construction

648 Northward Drive
Royse City

Studio B Design Group

3013 Princeton Dr

T & M Builders LLC

0-75 Pine Ave



Tech Remodel Inc

543 PO Box

Tex-Pro Roofing and Remodeling

2666 quinn st
Fort Worth

Texas Building Pros

6125 Airport Freeway
Haltom City

Texas Design & Remodel

2309 Dyers Oak Dr.

Texas Eco Innovations

1500 Colonnade Dr

Texas Painting and remodeling

Centrally Located
Fort Worth

Texas Renovation Services

910 S. Crowley Rd. Ste 9-303

Texas Service Group Inc

5016 eldorado dr
North Richland Hills

Texas State Property Services

2829 Sonora Ln

The HR Group

7407 83rd St

The Property Adjustment Specialists

1905 Nueces Trail

Titan Contractors

2100 N Hwy 360
Grand Prairie

TLC Construction & Remodel

1227 Usher Street

TMC Contractors

1501 C.R. 913

Tomahawk Roofing Company

105 Windridge Trail

Top Notch HMR (Home Maintenance & Repair)

13447 N Central Expy Ste. 1622

Top Priority Construction

13770 Noel Rd

Top To Bottom Roofing, Remodeling & Painting

3000 N Stemmons Frwy

Total Access Designs

107 Lemley Dr.

Total Remodeling

14263 Hwy 377 S
Fort Worth

Tri County Services

14610 Carr Cir

Trident Construction

2511 Glen Meadows

Triple R & B Contractors

2721 Misty Harbor Dr
Little Elm

Truly Noble Services

2909 Broadway Blvd

Trusted Restore

12407 N MOPAC

Umanzor Painting and More

1719 Quinlan ct.

Unique By Design

PO Box 271
Van Alstyne

Unique Drywall

1448 Hess Rd
Mineral Wells

United General Services

1324 Mariposa Dr

USA Cabinet Company LLC

5201 Mitchelldale St

Veteran Hands, Inc

801 Haggard St

Victor Aguilar Jr Construction

1142 Stacks Rd

Wall Construction, LLC.

801 Augusta Suite 3
Red Oak

Wallbeds N More

790 S. Main St

Walter Barber

2401 Ohio Dr

WaterMark Design Build Remodel

15950 Dallas Parkway #400

We Can Do This Construction

3220 Old Sherman Rd

Webb Custom Woodworking

823 Green Pastures Dr
Cedar Hill

West Custom Home

632 NW Renfro St

Williams Renovation & Building Company LLC

2822 Lost Creek Court

World Class Construction

511 Inspiration Dr

Xtreme Remodeling TX

124 rose ln # 105

Yellow Jacket Construction

237 NE Moody St

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